TELAH is afraid of the truth about what they’ve done

In two recent instances I have received reports that TELAH, which is run by Mark and Sarah King, has told individuals that they shouldn’t be talking to me. I myself have encouraged individuals to contact the Kings and ask them about the audio tapes made by the class from 1982 to 1997. I would never tell anyone that they shouldn’t talk to TELAH or Sawyer or anyone for that matter. I’ve given my take on why I don’t believe that the Kings are still “members” of the group known as Heaven’s Gate and I’ve done the same when it comes to Sawyer and his claims that he’s on a “mission” and “task” for Ti, Do and the Next Level. I have and will continue to tell individuals that if they want to know the truth about Ti, Do, the class and the Next Level then they need to examine the information that they left behind. Neither TELAH or Sawyer are Representatives of the class, Ti, Do or the Next Level.

The Kings contacted an individual who had been in contact with me and disingenuously claimed that “someone” had told them that this individual had had contact with me. The “someone” was the comments section of this blog in which the individual asked me to contact them. Instead of acknowledging that they’d learned of this from the comments section TELAH had to play one of their dishonest (and glaringly transparent) games by claiming that a nebulous “someone” told them this. To me this was a pathetic attempt to try to sow the seeds of paranoia. The only ones who were fooled here were TELAH, fooled by their own stupidity which they apparently thought was cleverness. Deceitful individuals are never as clever as they think that they are.

TELAH told another individual recently that they shouldn’t contact me. For the record, I am largely uncomfortable with being in contact with individuals in regards to Heaven’s Gate. In order to provide the information that the class left behind I do have some contact with individuals but I have stopped it at various times for a variety of  reasons but largely it’s that I don’t want anyone looking to me for any kind of answers about what Ti and Do taught.

If TELAH has been telling the truth for all these years and has nothing to hide then why would they tell people that they shouldn’t have any contact with me? Once again, I encourage people to contact TELAH and ask them why all of the audio tapes aren’t available.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that TELAH has been lying about what happened after the class left for over twenty years and they know that I know the full truth about what they’ve done since they received their FedEx package from the class. Instead of acknowledging their lies they continue to add more lies and then try to censor individuals from talking to anyone else about what has happened since the class left. If they find out someone had contact with me they apparently get “rude”. They have appointed themselves the “gatekeepers” of all things Heaven’s Gate and refuse to even acknowledge RKKODY’s existence.

When Mark was desperate for the address of their business to be removed from it was RKKODY he had to go to because Mark didn’t know how to do it. Mark wasn’t the one with “computer skills” who was asked to upload the last words of the class to the website. To this day Mark has not acknowledged that this happened much less that he has not thanked RKK for uploading those materials and for removing the Phoenix address from the website as per his demand. Instead of thanking him for all that he did to carry out the class’ last instructions Mark and Sarah teamed up with Rio and went on Art Bell to attack what RKK was doing.

Of course this all occurred after Mark talked to a lawyer and AFTER Mark said “there’s tens of millions (dollars) here”. Where was all of the Kings enthusiasm for “getting the information out. Period” (from Mark’s Art Bell appearance as “Phillip”) when the media spotlight was most intense right after the class left? Oh, that’s right, they gave all of their letters and keys to the storage lockers to RKK in a parking lot at 7 a.m. and wanted nothing to do with any of the tasks that were offered to them. It’s funny how their tune changed after talking to the lawyer and even more funny that after that Sarah started accusing RKK of “interfering” with their “task”.

This situation with the suppressed information of Ti and Do is such a clear indicator of how far we can fall regardless of how much time was spent with Them. Individuals can very easily confuse their own personal desires with what Ti and Do desired. TELAH apparently wants us to believe that the class spent fifteen years making those tapes and placed them in a storage locker with instructions to “disseminate our information” in order that Mark would later adhere to Ti and Do’s will by lying to RKK to manipulate him into giving Mark the tapes so that Mark and Sarah can hide the tapes away for twenty-three years. This of course only makes sense to the TELAH Foundation and their warped reality where they are the tireless martyrs of all things Heaven’s Gate.

I’m going to be blunt here. A great many of the former members of the class disgust me with their dishonest behavior and the way that they justify their behavior by saying that everything that they’re doing is for Ti and Do. Instead of drawing attention to Ti and Do’s information they use their time in the class to draw attention to themselves and how special they think that they are. TELAH, Rio and Sawyer have all faulted RKK for the way that he was carrying out the tasks that were assigned to him (Rio even going so far as to say that RKK “was not assigned a task by Do”) and I strongly suspect that it has something to do with petty jealousies although they would of course deny that like Sawyer’s claim that”I did no such thing” as far as “fault-finding”.

For TELAH this has always been a personal issue. When Dave G was digitizing the still suppressed audio tapes he told me that Mark was adamant that I not be allowed access to them. God forbid that I might upload them to the Internet like the other 218 tapes that RKK made copies of in 1997. Or even worse, that I might send them out on a CD-ROM for free. Or still worse that me the unworthy one might actually listen to the tapes. At one point Mark was telling individuals that for all he knew I might not have ever even been in the class. At other times he has made sure to draw attention to it “only” having been three months that I was in the class which I have always been up front about.

TELAH has been used by the forces in opposition to the Next Level since the class left. They have gone directly against the wishes of the class by suppressing the majority of the audio tapes, copyrighting the materials produced by the class and actively trying to prevent others from distributing them and by lying and continuing to lie about what has happened since the class left.

Mark was kicked out of the class by Do because he couldn’t accept the lesson of “I could be wrong”. Since the class has left he has taken his inability to accept that lesson to what I consider to be a pathological level. He could come clean at any time and simply release the rest of the audio tapes. I know that they’ve been digitized. It’s not hard to upload them to a file sharing site so everyone can have access to them. The only reason that Mark King won’t do this is because he cannot admit that he is wrong for anything that he has done.

He would rather continue to spin lie after lie about how TELAH are the surviving “members” of the class who have worked tirelessly to carry out the “tasks” that were assigned to them. Rather than actually doing what the class wanted and allowing the free distribution of their materials TELAH prefers to give online interviews praising themselves. Like I stated, the ego-driven behavior of many former members of the class truly does disgust me.





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Sawyer’s Contradictions, Part II

“The Second and LAST of the two descriptions of “speaking words inspired by God,” said as, to prophesy, will be shown to take place AFTER the Two Witnesses and their Elder graduate students have left their incarnate presence”,

Where did Ti and Do and the class state that there would be individuals “speaking words inspired by God” after they and the class left planet earth? I am not asking where Sawyer claims that this is being stated in Revelation. Where, in ANY of the information that the class left behind, does it say anything like what Sawyer is saying above?! Sawyer is delusional. He is claiming that he is “speaking words inspired by God” and he is claiming that this is “shown to take place After” Ti and Do and the class left. “Shown” where and by whom? I’ve seen nothing like this in the HG Book or any of the other materials that the class left behind. It’s not up to me to disprove Sawyer’s extraordinary claims, it’s up to him to prove them using the ACTUAL words of Ti and Do. Not the instructions that he claims to get from dreams. I have issued these challenges to Sawyer and his followers numerous times. No one seems able to cite anything in the information that the class left behind to support Sawyer’s self-aggrandizing claims. Long winded, prevaricating explanations from Sawyer himself do not constitute information from Ti and Do and the class.

“This LAST time period of information delivery also pertains to, and is shown in the timing as, the opening of seals 4=7 that is also described as the Backside of the Book, shown in Revelations chapter 5, referring to the final revealing of The Mystery of God as spoken by the Prophet Daniel”.

So, Sawyer seems to believe that he is part of the “LAST time period of information delivery” and then a bunch of psychobabble about the “Backside of the Book” which is apparently his book. Again, where did Ti and Do EVER say that the “LAST time period of information delivery” would come after They left. Do told the class on a tape that “this is your last chance in this civilization to advance”. They also repeatedly mentioned their “information” in the last letters that they sent out to former class members but they didn’t say anything about “This LAST time period” or the “Backside of the Book” or the “final revealing of The Mystery of God” nor did they say anything about Sawyer staying behind to be the prophet of all of these things.

So, what’s more likely, that Ti and Do decided to contact Sawyer via his dreams and instructed him to write a book that was going to fulfill the prophecies in Revelation OR that Sawyer, to justify his decision to dropout of the class and stay on planet earth to have a human family, allowed himself into being conned into thinking that he needs to stay here “for the sake of prospective new candidates of the Next Level?

“These FIRST and LAST provisions of the truth that together set the records straight and reveal what has been shrouded in mystery, a Kingdom of God strategy that becomes the criteria for all who hear about it to decide to believe in or not, together with our actions, behaviors and ways, that determines which Souls and Spirits will go on further in their schooling, when they can be brought back at a future time after the current civilization is spaded under and the waste is recycled”.

So, Sawyer is apparently part of the “LAST provisions of the truth” and his writings “set the records straight and reveal what has been shrouded in mystery”?! Wow, that must make him pretty important to Ti, Do and the Next Level. And yet, when the class left and asked some former members to help with some tasks Sawyer is not even mentioned in any of the letters.

I have to ask, is Sawyer primarily interested in the actual truth (information) that Ti and Do brought into this world or is he more interested in convincing the world of his role in providing the “LAST provisions of truth”? He has put out some sixteen years of material and the vast, vast majority of it is NOT the actual information that Ti, Do and the class left behind.

What I’ve seen almost from the beginning of his self-appointed mission is an individual who wants attention and recognition (“19 years of fully dedicated service”) for their association with the class. He uses his time spent in the class to pass himself off as the authority on the class currently on planet earth. His sycophantic followers can’t seem to stop focusing on him as if he was the Older Member who was assigned the task of helping individuals make the transition from the human level to the Level Above Human. Sawyer FLUNKED OUT of Ti and Do’s classroom. He doesn’t know how to make the transition, Ti and Do knew how to make that transition as They had done it before. The Next Level assigned Ti and Do the very specific task of providing the truth about the Next Level and what it takes to get there. Listening to one of Their dropouts will ONLY give one diluted and distorted information. Why are individuals treating a dropout of the classroom as if he were a graduate?

Rio claimed that he was a “graduate” and the “sole surviving member” of the class room even though he was described as a “former class member” by the class themselves. Sawyer claims that Ti and Do want him to keep talking about Them “in my own way” and yet the class’ final instructions were to “disseminate the information”. There’s NOTHING in any of their final letters about  messenger or spokesperson being left behind. There’s nothing about how they want anyone to stay behind “for the sake of prospective candidates”.

To all of Sawyer’s followers: you are looking to the wrong source for information about what it takes to make the transition from the human world into the Next Level. Sawyer is not an Older Member. Ti and Do did not assign him any tasks when they left. When RKK asked for Sawyer’s help with carrying out the class’ final desires Sawyer declined. Sawyer failed in his transition to the Next Level and now for some reason those of you who seem to hang on his every word seem to think that he has some kind of special insight into Ti and Do’s (not Sawyer’s) mission. You are choosing to be blinded because many of you like the special and exclusive feeling that you get from listening to someone who you think has a connection to the Level that created all that is. The only reason that all of you are listening to Sawyer is because he is telling you to do so. Ti and Do have NOT told us that we should be listening to former class members to learn what it takes to catch the eye of the Next Level.

Just because an individual claims that they are on a special “task” for the Next Level does not make it so. Rio and Mark and Sarah King of TELAH have made similar claims and yet they have NOTHING from Ti, Do or the class to back up any of it. Sawyer’s right in that the forces in opposition to the Next Level do target former class members. However, he seems to think those forces are in opposition to anything that he says because whatever he says is apparently in accordance with what Ti and Do said.

The ONLY way to examine what Ti and Do said is to actually look at what They said instead of accepting the words of an individuals who flunked out of Their classroom. It was Ti and Do’s class room, not Sawyer’s. An individual who spent 1/38th the time of Sawyer in that classroom did not flunk out so can we please stop harping on how much time Sawyer spent in the class and “how well” he knew Do. If Sawyer knew Do so well then why has he chosen to stay here for twenty-three years after Do extended an invitation to follow Him our of here?

Instead of focusing on Sawyer let’s focus on Ti, Do and the class that left with Do. We know that they had a much better connection with-and dedication to-the Next Level than any of us who are here. Let’s stop looking down at who is on planet earth and start looking up at those who left this world for the sake of the Next Level. This isn’t about me or Sawyer or TELAH and it never should have gotten to this point where former members are willfully defying the class’ last wishes.

The Next Level doesn’t need any of us, they don’t need Sawyer’s book to Biblically “proof(sic)” themselves to humans. We need them. We need the truth that They brought into this world. We don’t need the words of one of their self-important dropouts. Maybe it’s Sawyer who needs his followers so he can continue to justify his choice to stay here for so long after the Older Member has left.

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Sawyer’s numerous contradictions, Part I

“Paul did not have an assigned task from Jesus and never quoted him or taught much of what he taught”.

The above is another quote from Sawyer. What “assigned task” did Sawyer get from the NL Reps when They were here? His assigned task, like all of ours, was to complete our overcoming of humanness under their tutelage. How do we know what Ti and Do taught? It’s a really simple answer, we look at what they said, not what someone else says that they said. Sawyer has NO proof that he is doing an “assigned task” for Ti and Do. RKK was assigned tasks by Do and the class in March of 1997 as were others. Some chose to abandon those tasks.

The vast majority of these quotes are from Sawyer’s defense of his book in a blog entry.

“Do indicated that people “hardly stood a chance” of seeing the truth through the varied misinterpretations of scripture and those who portray themselves as teachers, guides and facilitators to Godliness”.

How does this not describe Sawyer and his constantly bringing up his “19 years of fully dedicated service” and his being a “provider of truth”?

“Being part of a group that refers to themselves as on a path to God has nothing to do with the relationship each could choose to form and maintain with an Older Member in the Next Level by projecting their asking far into the most distant stars (heavens) to ask how to become a prospective candidate for Membership”.

Exactly, so why should individuals with that same longing need to read Sawyer’s book and listen to his livestreams?

“This time in 2017, as a part of this LAST “harvest” WAVE, includes what I believe is this “Little Book” that is also described in Rev 5:1 prophecy as the “backside” or “after” and/or the historic background “behind” (what was provided by Jehovah/Father and Moses/Jesus)”.

Where in ANYTHING that the class left behind did they state that the “LAST harvest WAVE” would include a book written by a dropout of the class that happens to be the “little book” mentioned in Revelation? And where did the class talk about the “Last harvest wave”. They did discuss first and second raptures referring to the first “wave” in 1975/76 and the second in 1994. JWNODY discussed the “seventh, and we suspect final, public involvement” in a paper that she wrote in 1996 but I have yet to find anything about the “last harvest wave” and how it will tie into the writing of a book by a former class member.

“This Little Book was said to become available and spoken about (prophesied) during the time of the 7th Angel’s Trumpet Sounding that was scheduled to occur after the Two Witnesses and Crew have exited their incarnations and their Soul bodies invisibly ascended back into their heavenly abodes on Next Level Spacecrafts, from whence they came”.

Again, where did the class say anything about the “7th angel’s Trumpet Sounding that was scheduled to occur after the Two Witnesses and Crew have exited their incarnations”? JWNODY spoke of the “seventh…..public involvement” but she didn’t mention a wave, a trumpet or that the wave and trumpet were to occur after they left.

“TI and DO didn’t teach from the Bible, nor quoted chapter and verse that I heard in my nineteen years their student [again with the nineteen years}, yet had an uncanny, thorough, direct to the point, non-academic, base understanding of it’s core contents, that I only came to recognize mostly after I left their “classroom” in 1994 and began to study the scriptural records that with a lot of asking of TI and DO for help and encouragement via dreams they were in, led to the focus for this book”.

Again, where in ANYTHING that Ti and Do said and the information that the class left behind did they state that they were going to give “help and encouragement via dreams” and that one should write a book based on that?

“I know much could still be tweaked and realized but I think it’s adequate to show the possibilities to anyone who seeks for the whole truth. I don’t pretend this work is needed by anyone to have a relationship with the Next Level”.

So, what he has produced is “adequate to show the possibilities to anyone who seeks the whole truth” but “I don’t pretend this work is needed”?! But if his book is for those “who seek(s) the whole truth” then why would we settle for partial truth? Sawyer is once again talking ouy of both sides of his mouth. He has claimed above that his book is part of the “last harvest wave” of the Next Level and was prophesied in Revelation and is the “backside evidence” of who Ti and Do are. His claim that he doesn’t “pretend this work is needed” seems disingenuous to me and he’s only saying it because he thinks that he should say it. His words and actions do not back up that statement from my perspective.

“Those most targeted by the Luciferians are those that were students of those Older Members while they were incarnate, which includes me, which is why it’s important to examine the material for oneself. I am open to such criticism but the ones mounting such criticism will also be targeted to make things up as the intention of the Luciferian Space Aliens is to do anything and everything they can do to distract, distort, dilute and confuse what the Older Members said, did and why. This seems to include getting those who had the personal experience to not express that experience. These attacks have been ongoing and will get worse for everyone that comes in this direction. We each need to seek the help of our Older Members to ward off attacks of this nature and should anything be said that is justifiable evidence of getting off track from what the Older Members intended, we then just need to make appropriate corrections”.

Here we have Sawyer in his full martyr and self-important mode. We should “examine the material for oneself” (which is all that needs to be said here) but then he goes on about how he’s under “attacks” and they “will get worse for everyone that comes in this direction”. Which “direction” is he talking about here? The direction that he himself has chosen of telling the world that he has “contacts” with Ti and Do ‘in the form of an open phone line”? The direction of mentioning his “experience” in the same sentence where he claims, “I got it all from Ti and Do”? Who is the “our” as in “our Older Members”? It sounds like there’s a group and Sawyer is claiming that Ti and Do are the Older Members of this group. But did not Do state in His Final Exit video that, “you cannot stay here and follow us”?

We don’t get to decide if Ti and Do are our Older Members. They decide whether or not we are in “good standing” with them. There is no “us” and “our” on planet earth when it comes to Ti and Do. There are numerous individuals who have had experience with Ti and Do. There are others who did not know them in this incarnation but who seem to have some form of resonance with the information that was left behind. I’ve already pointed out on numerous occasions what the advice was from members of the class to those who choose to remain behind after they left.

It’s interesting that Sawyer uses the phrase “make things up” as he once accused me of “making up lies” about him when I directly quoted something that he said and he actually had the gall to tell me that I “owe Ti and Do” for doing this. Once he realized that he had actually said it he quickly changed his tune to me having “taken it out of context”. I think it’s pretty dangerous to start telling individuals what they “owe Ti and Do”. Ti and Do know what we owe them, Sawyer isn’t in a position to tell ANYONE what they owe Ti and Do. I hope that he’s prepared to explain to Ti and Do why he thinks that he’s in a position to tell former class members what they owe Ti and Do.

“the intention of the Luciferian Space Aliens is to do anything and everything they can do to distract, distort, dilute and confuse what the Older Members said, did and why. This seems to include getting those who had the personal experience to not express that experience”.

Here again is Sawyer equating attacks on what Ti and Do actually said and taught with his “personal experience”. Once again, here’s what STMODY had to say about “experience” in the HG book,

“From experience, I have realized that this vehicle’s objectivity is not “worth a toot” and that trusting its, judgment, opinion, or memory doesn’t work (isn’t accurate). My Older Members taught me everything worth knowing”

But Sawyer said, “I got it all from Ti and Do but I also got from experience” so which is it? Do we trust what Ti and Do said or do we trust a dropout of the class who mentions his experience in the same sentence as claiming that he “got it all from Ti and Do”?

STM’s “experience” taught him that his experience is “not worth a toot”.  Sawyer claims that “the intention of the Luciferian Space Aliens……seems to include getting those who had the personal experience to not express that experience”. So, one of Ti and Do’s students who left with them is saying that his experience was nothing compared to what Ti and Do taught and a dropout of the class on a self-appointed mission is claiming that the “Luciferian space aliens” are trying to keep him from (presumably through my attacks on what he says) “express(ing) that experience”.

I believe that a careful examination of the information that the class left behind will reveal numerous contradictions between what Sawyer is preaching and what Ti and Do taught. Sawyer’s followers conveniently and naively overlook these things and I think it’s due to this feeling of exclusivity that they seem to get from listening to someone who has conned them into believing that he is on a special “mission” and “task” for the Next Level.

I feel that the Next Level allowed Sawyer and myself to be conned by xf (Austin) of Canada in order that we learn a lesson. Sawyer, apparently, felt impelled to continue on with the mission that he claims that he was assigned by Ti and Do in dreams. Sawyer has accused me of being “against the new believers”. I am not against those who claim to be believers in Ti and Do. I have been providing Ti and Do’s information-often at my own expense, both literally and figuratively-for over twenty years. I believe that I have been steadfast in defending Ti and Do’s information as being paramount to anything that anyone else has to say about the class room that They lead. What I am against are those individuals, like Sawyer, who use their experience in the class to elevate themselves into a position where they equate what they have to say with what Ti and Do had to say.


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those who will try to bring those of us who provide the truth down as we see being demonstrated here

This is an addition to the previous post. In the above portion of Sawyer’s defense of his book he seems to be saying that there is an “us” who is “provide(ing) the truth”. RKK did everything that he could to provide Ti and Do’s truth to the world but I don’t think that’s who Sawyer is talking about here. Who, besides Sawyer is the “us”? TELAH, the former classmembers who are suppressing most of the audio tapes that the class produced? That doesn’t seem right either. Is the “us” he is talking about himself and those who buy into what he has to say about Ti and Do and regurgitate it as if it is the truth that Ti and Do brought into this world? This seems more likely.

How do we become a “provider of truth”? Is a provider of truth whoever Sawyer says is one? Do we get an ID card that says “truth provider” on it? I am joking but only in part. This is the arrogance and exclusivity that others who have looked to Sawyer have demonstrated in the past. Austin with his talk of “true blue believers” and others who describe Sawyer as a “senior member” of the HG group. As I’ve pointed out repeatedly numerous individuals spent nearly as much time in the class as Sawyer and do not seem to recognize Ti and Do as Older Members in the Next Level any more so why is there even any talk of “senior” members? Lucifer and the supposed third of the heavens that he took with him were actual members of the Next Level and have been engaging in open rebellion against their creators for ages now. Should we listen to them because they were once “senior members” in a class?

So, Sawyer seems to equate any criticism of what he is doing as an attack on “those of us who provide the truth”. As I’ve asked many times before, just whose truth is it that we’re talking about? In this particular instance an individual (not myself) was being critical of Sawyer’s book, not the book that the class produced, published and asked to be distributed. Where in ANY of the wealth of information that the class left behind did they state that they were entrusting any former members with the task of providing the truth? Oh, that’s right, they asked RKK to copy and distribute the Exit videos. They asked OSC to register the HG Book with the Library of Congress. They gave JHN the masters to the Beyond Human series. They asked that “items of value” in the storage locker be “divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate OUR (emphasis mine) information”.

But nowhere do they state that certain individuals will be “providing the truth” and nowhere do they state that the method of providing the truth will be to write one’s own book about Biblical prophecies. Nowhere do they state that they will be contacting dropouts of the class in dreams and assigning tasks to them. Rio claimed in his interview with LA Weekly that “I am here to provide you the truth”. Once again, whose truth are we talking about here? The truth found in Rio’s awful book The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate or the truth in the book that the class produced?

What has Sawyer done to provide Ti and Do’s truth vs. his own version of the truth? How many blog entries and videos has he made talking about Ti and Do “in his own way” vs. drawing attention to the actual words of Ti, Do and the active class members who left with them? Where did Ti and Do ever state that a class member’s “experience” is worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as the truth that they brought into this world?

The sheer arrogance of Sawyer announcing that any criticism of the mysterious “us” in the title of this post is somehow an attack on “the truth” is apparently okay with his followers. After all, he “knows Do better than anyone around” according to one of his followers who seems to lap up everything that he says as if it came from Do himself. When did this become a competition to see who knows Do the best and who was or wasn’t a senior member? Why and when did this become about those who flunked out of the class? Why are so many former members so arrogant as to think that Ti and Do are behind everything that they claim that they’re doing in their names?

Why indeed. Perhaps this is a test for every last individual that the Next Level has taken an interest in. Do you accept the Older Members who came here with a very specific and stated mission or do you accept those who have chosen to stay here “for individual reasons” who claim that they are “providing the truth”?

I don’t see Ti and Do working through Sawyer. I see an individual who has decided to justify his individual choice to stay here long after they left by claiming it is all in the name of “the truth”.



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My book is following Do’s lead as best I know how and is also supported in prophecy as coming out at this time and anticipates those who will try to bring those of us who provide the truth down as we see being demonstrated here that is a choice to continue.

The title of this post is from a quote of Sawyer’s when he was fencing online with an individual (not myself) about his book and his self-appointed mission. He is claiming that his book is “following Do’s lead” and yet where and when did Do state that individuals should write a book about prophecies in Revelations after he is gone? I’ve already pointed out what Do thought of the prophecies in Revelation on numerous occasions. And again we see Sawyer claiming that the publication of his book is “supported in prophecy”.

In his online fencing Sawyer gave very long-winded defenses to being called a “heretic” by this individual. I personally don’t like the term but as I’ve made clear I don’t believe in Sawyer’s claims that he is on a “mission” or “task” for Ti, Do and the Next Level. And I find it interesting that he spends so much time and energy trying to prove to the world how important he thinks the things that he is doing are. Is he doing all of this for the noble cause of drawing attention to Ti and Do or is he actually doing it to draw attention to himself and his “nineteen years of fully dedicated service”? In sheer terms of volume he has probably produced more words about his belief in what he’s doing than all the materials that the class produced during their time on Earth.

Sawyer needs to prove, using the actual words of Ti and Do, how his book is “following Do’s lead”. For the umpteenth time I am asking Sawyer and his followers to provide proof from the class that Sawyer is “following Do’s lead”. Sawyer’s dreams are NOT proof that Ti and Do approve of what he’s doing. I’ve posted all the final letters available that the class wrote. There’s lots of references to disseminating their (not Sawyer’s) information but there is NO mention of writing a book about Biblical prophecies being a way to “follow Do’s lead”. There’s no mention of discussing the penis size of Sawyer’s vehicle versus that of DST’s vehicle. There’s no mention of writing your own book because the HG book may be “too hard to digest” for the public. There’s no mention that anyone should stay behind for over twenty years for “the sake of prospective new candidates”.

Sawyer has accused me of “being a broken record” for always bringing up how the audio tapes of Ti and Do are far superior to anything that he has to say about Them. Perhaps it is Sawyer who keeps playing this same tune that all that he does is “following Do’s lead”. So, is that true of everything that he’s done for the past fifteen plus years? Adding his own flute music to an audio tape of Ti and Do-which obviously distracts from the words-is “following Do’s lead? Downplaying the suppression of the majority of Ti and Do’s audio tapes is “following Do’s lead”? Was he following Do’s lead when he said the following,

“While we are at it, there is also the book Do and Crew published that I have and that I was present when we published and I took that book to bookstores to sell them in Dallas where we lived that is named, “The Transfiguration Diet” that is an amazing diet I am largely using to treat my Lyme disease successfully”

Notice how many times he says I. “I was present when published” and “I took the book to publishers”. What he fails to mention is that the class did not draw attention to this diet book when they left. Where was Sawyer when RKK was putting out the information that the class asked to be disseminated after they left?

Perhaps this entire mission of Sawyer’s is an ego trap that he fell into willingly. Instead of contemplating leaving to follow Ti and Do he conveniently has dreams that are supposedly of Ti and Do telling him to “give his life”. And even more conveniently he interprets these dreams to mean that he should stay here and keep reminding us of his mission and how important what he has to say about Ti and Do is.

Lots of individuals in human history have insisted that they are on “missions from God”. After Jesus left 2,000 years ago a guy named Paul insisted that Jesus appeared to him and gave him a mission even though he never knew Jesus. Now it seems like some of those who actually knew that same Mind are insisting that they are “following” that individual still even though Do himself said, “you cannot stay here and follow us”.

If Sawyer is claiming that all that he does is in Ti and Do’s name then where is the evidence for this claim from Ti and Do themselves? I’ve been waiting for years for an answer to this and none has been given.




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Investigating Sawyer’s claim that the Heaven’s Gate book was too “difficult to digest”

Sawyer has justified the existence of his book about his own interpretations of Biblical prophecies by claiming that the book that the class (HG) put out may have been “too difficult to digest”. So, even though the HG book was an anthology that included over twenty years of writings by Ti, Do and the class-writings specifically designed for the public-Sawyer has made a judgment that his book is necessary because the class put out a book that may have been (un)”digest”(ible)?!

JWNODY addressed this very issue of trying to interact with the public in the Hg book,

“Our dilemma was multifaceted: How do we present the information in a credible fashion, when to most, our Truth is definitely stranger than any fiction? How do we avoid being seen as religious, in order to not “turn off” those who rightfully despise the hypocrisy of what religions have become? At the same time, how do we acknowledge our past associations with this civilization which are primarily recorded in your Bible, so as to offer those who are waiting for prophecy to be fulfilled, enough clues to put it together? As you read our various presentations, you will see our many attempts to “speak in tongues” – to speak in several languages and to several stratas (sic) simultaneously”.

And again,

“The statement entitled “Undercover ‘Jesus’ Surfaces Before Departure” was posted to the World Wide Web and to 95 UseNET newsgroups on the Internet, potentially reaching millions simultaneously. And in keeping with our policy of “speaking in tongues,” on October 11, 1995, we posted a higher, more generic translation, entitled “’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate”.    

In the introduction to the Section 1 of the HG book we find the class addressing the very issue of trying to make their material “digest”(ible),

“As we experienced time and again, and as you will witness throughout this anthology, it is nearly impossible to take advanced, non-human concepts and force them into comprehensible human language – the available “word processing” options of contemporary language are so extremely limiting. But it is part of our task that we try. And so it is our hope that the reader will look beyond the awkwardness of the words we choose, that is, we hope you get to the intended meaning of the thought that lies behind them”.

“We have put into Heavensgate just about everything we have to say, as far as we are capable”.-Do from Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human.

So, even though Do himself stated that “just about everything we have to say” was on the HG website Sawyer has decided that he needed to spend the past fifteen years doing innumerable blog entries, said book and now years worth of rambling livestreams all supposedly because Ti and Do don’t want him to stop talking about them in his “own way”?!

And of course the audio tapes that included fifteen years of Ti and Do, and later Do, instructing the class in the ways of the Next Level were not “information that we need” according to Sawyer’s judgment. This is why I have been so critical of what Sawyer has been saying over the years. He elevates what he says to be on par with and dare I say even more important than what Ti and Do said. I have yet to hear him state that the most accurate information about Ti, Do and the class is the information put out by Ti, Do and the class. Instead, he mentions his “experience” in the same breath as stating that he “got it all from Ti and Do”.

What’s more important: the actual words of Ti, Do and the class or the words of an individual who dropped out of the class? A careful examination of the information left behind by the Heaven’s Gate group should provide the answer to that question.


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Investigating the claim that TELAH was given “the majority” of the possessions of the Heaven’s Gate group

In a post on reddit an individual who is apparently a relative of either Mark or Sarah King of TELAH has claimed that “the majority” of the possessions of the Class (Heaven’s Gate) were given to the Kings. A careful examination of the letters that the class left behind and what actually happened after the Class left will reveal this claim to be completely and utterly false.

In regard to the vehicles (automobiles), the Kings chose not to go to San Diego to retrieve them. As per RKK’s (aka Chuck Humphrey’s) manuscript, “MRC and SRF handed over all of their paperwork they got from the class along with two sets of keys to all of the cars and trucks the class had parked in a San Diego airport parking lot”. In the letter to the Kings the class stated, “It’s up to you how the vehicles are distributed but the following suggestions were ok’d by Links (Do)”. As was stated previously the Kings chose NOT to be involved in “how the vehicles are distributed” as they gave all the keys and paperwork from the class to RKK. Furthermore, the class suggested that, “The white Lincoln Continental (LC-car) to RKK” and “The silver Mazda van (M-van) and tan Oldsmobile (O-car) to OSC”.

It was suggested that the Kings get the “White Ford van (X-van) and dark blue Mercury Sable (S-car)”. Also, “The large yellow moving truck can be found at our storage place. Again, perhaps you could get some help from RKK or OSC in handling the truck and storage”. In reference to the “I-van (white handicap van) the class stated, “Maybe OSC or RKK could help you with its disposition”.

So, of the seven vehicles that the class left behind two went to OSC (only one was retrieved), one went to RKK and two went to the Kings which were never retrieved. So, yes, these vehicles were all left to the Kings but the class wanted RKK and OSC to have half of these autos and they suggested that the I-van “could be sold for something” and they suggested that “RKK and OSC” could help with it as well as the “large yellow moving truck”.

One, the Kings chose to turn over all responsibility for these vehicles to RKK. Two, only RKK and OSC went to San Diego to retrieve two of the vehicles, to my knowledge the County of San Diego seized the remaining vehicles. Technically we could say that since four of the seven vehicles were left to the Kings that would constitute a “majority”  but considering that the Kings chose to give all the keys and paperwork to RKK it would appear that in 1997 the Kings didn’t want any of these vehicles left to them. They chose to stay in Phoenix rather than travel to San Diego to retrieve these items that they now so proudly claim were all “left” to their care.

I’ve already pointed out how only RKK (and a Romanian ISP) were sent the disks with the Earth Exit Statements and Final Press Release on them. Also, RKK was sent the masters of the Exit videos. JHNODY was sent the masters to the Beyond Human Series and OSC was “asked to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress”. Furthermore, in the letter to the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property the class stated, “As far as we’re concerned we would like for you to have what is left in the house if the authorities allow it”. Interestingly, the Kings filed a lawsuit against San Diego County to try to take possession of these items even though the class specifically mentioned in their letter to the Kings in regards to the landlord, “…since he owns the house, that he could have whatever valuables are there”.

The above is an article about the property dispute. To me the most interesting item in the article is the following,

“In February, the Kings–who left the celibate cult 20 years ago so they could marry–produced letters from cult members, along with a map and a pass code to an Escondido storage locker, to show that the group had intended the couple to take possession of the property”.

Apparently the part of the letter mentioning how the landlord could have the items in the house was not included which opens up a larger mystery ;  what “letters” did the Kings show San Diego County when they gave all of their letters and paperwork to RKK in March of 1997? According to the letter to the Kings they “attached a map” to the paperwork that “pinpoints” where the storage lockers were. I haven’t seen the map and I don’t remember if RKK had a copy or not. I am highly doubtful that the Kings showed the real letter from the class to San Diego County in light if the fact that the real letter had the aforementioned statement about the landlord which would have nullified their claim that the class wanted them to have everything in the house. Also, they gave all their letters to RKK.

As far as the map and pass code to the storage lockers, OSC did accompany RKK to the lockers. Several possibilities emerge here as OSC did seem to ally himself with the Kings in their conflicts with RKK. OSC may have had a copy of the map and the Kings paperwork or maybe he had written down the pass codes or maybe even remembered them or maybe they just made up some numbers. In any case he had been to the storage facility and I strongly feel that it was information that he had that the Kings used in their lawsuit to claim that “the group had intended  the couple to take possession of the property”.  These supposed “letters” from the class have never been produced for the public and the Kings have never explained how I came to be in possession of the letters that the class sent them. I have been transparent and placed these letters online along with RKK’s story about what actually happened after the class left.

Again, in the letter mentioning the storage lockers the class stated, “we suspect RKK and OSC would likely be a big help”. How interesting that the class mentioned RKK and OSC three times  as being  a “help” with all of this (and RKK is again specifically mentioned a fourth time as “a good choice to retrieve” the “yellow truck”) and lo and behold the only ones who went to San Diego to retrieve the class’ property were RKK and OSC. As a further point, the class stated that “there is some exercise equipment which belongs to out landlord Sam” in the storage locker and yet if the Kings were giving supposed letters from the class to the court in San Diego this would again contradict their claims that everything in the house and storage lockers belonged to them.

Finally, I’ve already pointed out that immediately after describing how to access the storage lockers the class stated, “It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”. And it just so happened that several boxes of audio tapes produced from 1982-97 were stacked up right next to the door and it just so happens that those were the only items retrieved from the lockers before the authorities placed an additional lock and eventually confiscated the remaining items which RKK described as “camping equipment and some household items”.

Based on the above it is quite clear that the Kings were not left the “majority” of the Class’ property and considering that the Kings initially turned over their paperwork and car keys to RKK a strong case can be made that they reneged any claims to ANYTHING that the class left behind. As has been detailed already, only after the Kings met with a lawyer and Mark stated, “there can be 10’s of millions at stake” did they want to be involved. To date TELAH is still suppressing the MAJORITY of the audio tapes produced by Ti, Do and the class. TELAH had nothing to do with the retrieval, copying, digitization or distribution of the audio tapes.

Mark and Sara were told by the class, “You can do with those items whatever feels right to you”. What “felt right” to them was to turn over everything to RKK. RKK only gave Mark the audio tapes on the condition that they be made available and Mark assured him that they would be distributed. Sawyer has faulted RKK for taking Mark at his word and giving him the tapes even though RKK had decided that he was leaving the world to follow Do while Sawyer was busy with his partner having a baby. Apparently stating, “If I were RKK…” with the benefit of twenty years of hindsight and then going on to claim that you would have made a better choice than him is “in no way” an attempt to “find fault” with RKK?!

Since I know for a fact that TELAH gave their letters, keys and paperwork from the class away we have to ask ourselves what did they show to San Diego County to justify their ridiculous lawsuit? They still have not shown ANY proof from the class to justify anything that they have claimed. They only give e-mail interviews and refuse to identify themselves. They have never mentioned RKK or OSC once in any of the interviews where they can’t stop praising themselves. Mark has lied by omission repeatedly about why he left the class (Do had to ask him to leave).

Since it’s been almost twenty-three years I’ll put this out there in the interest in transparency (all of this can be found in the pictured letters in a previous post).

“The storage units are #241(use key 798 for this unit) and #147 (key 591), located at Private Storage Systems, 2421 Barham, Escondido, CA. The passcode to get through the *21484#” and “California Self Storage located at 5206 Eastgate Mall, San Diego CA 92121-2809. The unit number is F 258 and the access code is *351-3046”.

TELAH has kept the hg website up all these years and it sounds like they still do give away video tapes upon request. However, they have copyrighted all of the materials which they never received any instruction from the class to do so. They have used lies and manipulation to paint themselves as the tireless martyrs for Heaven’s Gate and they are going directly against the “desire” of the class by continuing to suppress the audio tapes. If the class wanted only them to have their “property” then how did I get the address for the storage lockers as well as the unit and key numbers and passcode?

Of course TELAH could claim I’m just making this all up and yet they have not provided one shred of evidence beyond their own claims to support anything that they state. What did TELAH show to San Diego County to bolster their claims that all the HG property belonged to them? Since they gave their letters and paperwork to RKK the letter provided to San Diego County would have been a forgery. If I had money for lawyers I would have gone after TELAH long ago and who knows if the only thing I want from them-the release of the audio tapes-would ever happen even with legal help. I know that Ti, Do, RKK, OSC and the Next Level knows what has happened here.

TELAH could come clean at any time and admit their lies and release the tapes but they would rather give interviews talking about what an “honor” it is for them to talk themselves up. Their behavior and sheer arrogance makes me want to puke.


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