Reza Aslan’s B.S. theory about Heaven’s Gate and the ridiculous attempts to equate the class with Trump supporters

The following is from an article in Vanity Fair ( about HG,

“In 1985 Nettles succumbed to cancer. How can a body turn into an alien if the body no longer exists? “When Nettles dies, it undermines the entire point of the bodily transformation,” Aslan says in the series. “And now it’s a spiritual transformation. We are going to leave our bodies behind.” He speculates that the group would not have ended in mass suicide if she’d lived. Just as the members of Heaven’s Gate looked to Applewhite for direction, so Applewhite looked to Nettles. Once he stopped receiving her guidance, the group changed in fundamental, extreme ways.

Such cognitive dissonance is happening now in the QAnon community. Its leader, the anonymous Q, had predicted a red wave—but then Trump lost the election”.

I’ve already conclusively demonstrated in previous posts that years prior to 1985 the class was no longer talking about a “bodily transformation” and that they had in fact upgraded that understanding. See this, and

It’s all there on audio tapes made from 1982 until 1985 when Ti left that the class was discussing separating the “mind from the vehicle”. I have cited dozens of examples of this. Aslan cites NOTHING other than his own statement that “now it’s a spiritual transformation”. No, it had had been a “spiritual transformation” since 1981. These audio tapes have been available online for almost fifteen years and yet Aslan doesn’t cite a single thing from them to back up his claim that the class was suffering from “cognitive dissonance” in regards to the change in understanding of what a human vehicle is and how a NL mind is grown in one.

As I’ve stated previously Aslan’s entire argument is based on his false assertion that the class changed their philosophy about transforming the soul/mind rather than the human vehicle as a direct consequence of Ti’s “death”. He cites NOTHING specific to back up his claim that “Once he (Do) stopped receiving her guidance, the group changed in fundamental, extreme ways”.

I thought that scholarship was supposed to be about citing specific examples to back up a hypothesis, not simply stating a hypothesis as if it’s fact without any data. What “fundamental and extreme ways” did the “group change”? He cites none. When specifically after Ti left did Do change it from a “bodily” transformation to a “spiritual” one? Aslan cites nothing. This is simply a hypothesis of Aslan’s with NOTHING in the class’ actual teachings to back it up. In other words, it’s just a man’s opinion. And even though he has a PhD he can still have an ill-informed opinion. The label of “expert” or “scholar” doesn’t exempt him from spewing b.s. This is yet another example of an individual constructing a box and trying to force the class to fit into it.

Considering how blatantly false Aslan’s claims are how seriously should one take his attempt to equate the class with Trump supporters, “Such cognitive dissonance is happening now in the QAnon community. Its leader, the anonymous Q, had predicted a red wave—but then Trump lost the election”.

To me this is the same type of garbage that Lalich spews, a pathetic attempt to make their arguments seem timely and relevant as they equate groups with the class who were and are nothing like the class.

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First off the gate still being open is NOT dangerous as Suicide is not the path for people now as it clearly shows in the documents “Our Position Against Suicide” and in Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims” on the Heaven’s Gate web site and talks about the tasks now in Jwnody’s document, “Away Team from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure”

I really wish that Sawyer hadn’t made these statements recently that he has made so many times before. After seeing him not too long ago in the HBOMAX series I reached out to tell him that I have not always behaved in a respectful manner towards him and that to me it seems like we are from the same family. But here yet again, I feel that he is interpreting what Ti, Do and the class said for others and not letting individuals interpret it for themselves.

First, he states that “suicide is not the path for people now”. Of course it’s not. Did not Do say that “suicide is separating from the Kingdom of God when the Kingdom of God has offered life to you”. So again we see Sawyer using the term “suicide” to only mean “human suicide”. Here’s what STM had to say about the difference between “human suicide” and “evacuate”(ing) a vehicle:

“When it is becoming a burden on me and others, and whenever my choices are so restricted that growth is impossible, or ridiculously difficult, it is part of the design to evacuate it like a tree sheds a leaf. In contrast, human suicide (identifying as the body and trying to “end it all” for the purpose of avoiding the growth pains of lessons) gets you nowhere”.-STM

Also, there’s nothing in STM’s paper or in “Our Position Against Suicide” that “clearly shows” that “suicide is not the path for people now” as there is no discussion of what individuals who choose to stay here should be doing. And again Sawyer is not using the term “suicide” the way that the class did so his statement becomes very confusing and self-contradictory. The Our Position document starts with,

“We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time”.

It goes on to address the specific idea of “willful exit of the body”,

“It has always been our way to examine all possibilities, and be mentally prepared for whatever may come our way. For example, consider what happened at Masada around 73 A.D. A devout Jewish sect, after holding out against a siege by the Romans, to the best of their ability, and seeing that the murder, rape, and torture of their community was inevitable, determined that it was permissible for them to evacuate their bodies by a more dignified, and less agonizing method. We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of willful exit of the body under such conditions), and have mentally prepared ourselves for this possibility (as can be seen in a few of our statements). However, this act certainly does not need serious consideration at this time, and hopefully will not in the future.

The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered“.

So, once again, Sawyer is not using the same terms that the class were using. Sawyer uses “suicide” to mean ANYONE who willfully ends the vehicle’s existence and that no one should be doing it “now”. Mark King said back in 1997 that anyone taking that action would be engaging in a “fruitless act” and that “your task is to stay here and grow forward”. However, since he made that statement both RKK and OSC took that step of the “ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith” and I don’t believe for one second that it was a “fruitless act”. Maybe it would be a “fruitless act” for Mark to take that step since he clearly has no interest in leaving this corrupt human world but he doesn’t get to determine that for others.

Just like Sawyer doesn’t get to determine what the “path for people now” is. I get it. The “mass suicide”” is the most controversial thing that the class did. Apparently people have asked Sawyer about it and as I’ve stated before it makes no sense to me that an individual would put someone in that uncomfortable position by asking questions about that subject. They apparently didn’t read what the class had to say about it.

“We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance. Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act”.

They didn’t say, “We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go and ask a former class member what they think of it”. So, I do think it’s ridiculous that individuals have come to Sawyer asking about “suicide” and some of them may have been playing a game and trying to entrap Sawyer into making a “pro-suicide” statement. In any case the individuals who have supposedly asked Sawyer about this seem to me to be asking for someone to talk them out of it because why would they tell someone else? The class didn’t tell us to ask Sawyer, They told us to ask the “Highest Source that we can imagine”. That Highest Source is not on this planet.

It sounds like some individuals online have said that it’s “dangerous” that Sawyer had said that the Gate is still “open”. What I think is “dangerous” is that a former class member is answering that question. No one on this planet is qualified to definitively say that the Gate to Heaven is open or closed. Particularly no one’s in a position to say how that applies to others. The only individual that I can decide the Gate is open or closed for is myself.

I feel that Sawyer has set himself up for people coming to him about this because of all of his claims about a “task” that Ti and Do gave him in a “dream”. He is the only former class member I know of besides Rio who has claimed some kind of contact/direct connection with Ti and Do since the class left. Only he and Rio have written books that claim to somewhat continue or clarify Their teachings/information. Sawyer even suggested that his book fulfills a prophecy in Revelation and that the Book that the class left may be too hard “to digest” with the clear implication being that his book may be more easily “digest(ible)”.

“And so it is our task to give them a chance to leave this place by getting this information out.” -JWN

“So They are giving us now the chance to leave this place by GETTING THIS INFORMATION OUT! That’s Standing in their Defense, said in another way.

DO is the Gate. The only way to pass through that Gate is to connect with him and seek to know his Mind and to work for Him by Standing for him. It’s not about suicide. It’s about working for them as they don’t need any of us so we do have to prove to them we want the tasks they have for us and the first one is to Stand in defense of TI and DO and that requires learning all we can about what they said and did”.-Sawyer

Why does Sawyer need to keep saying, “It’s not about suicide”? Yes, it’s not about “suicide” so why do you keep bringing it up? Just leave it alone. It’s like he feels that he keeps needing to do some PSA against suicide. Maybe if Sawyer didn’t keep doing things online to attract attention he wouldn’t be approached by individuals who are trying to discuss “suicide”. When we held our one public meeting in Berkeley there was a woman who wanted to talk to me after the meeting. It became clear to me that she wasn’t really interested in what Do was saying but was really focusing on “suicide” and the whole thing made me pretty uncomfortable.

There’s only one way to “learn all we can about what they said and did” and that’s to examine the information that the class (not former class members) left behind. Some former members have conspired to hide much of that information away despite all the class’ efforts to leave it for the benefit of the world. All that we have to go on is what they left for us. We don’t have any updates to their thinking. They didn’t ask anyone to stay behind to be their messenger and tell us what “the path for people now” is.

Everyone on this planet will have to take a stand for whatever it is that they believe in. This human civilization program will not run indefinitely. The world feels more polarized than ever and the class talked about that before they left and it’s only gotten worse in the interim. All souls of this civilization who have received a Next Level deposit are here now. Who knows, maybe even some new deposits have been planted since the class left. The information that the class left behind is a gift to all who can recognize it as such.

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More on the claim that Ti was a ‘hypocrite”

One person on reddit even referred to Ti as a “monster”. There are still many claims that the class members were not “allowed” to see the vehicle’s families. I’ll address that shortly. Considering that at least some members of the class were writing to their vehicle’s families I still don’t understand all of this fuss about Ti writing letters to Terrie. It again feels like people who are reaching, searching for something to find fault with in regards to Ti. If she hadn’t sent any letters to Terrie individuals would have found fault with her. If that’s what someone wants to do is find fault, if that’s their focus then they will most likely find it.

Like I said, Ti and Do have repeatedly been accused of not allowing class members to see their vehicle’s family.

In 1983 there were multiple tapes in which the subject of “visits” with the vehicular family members was discussed.

Tape 62 9/11/83 How to handle a visit

Tape 63 9/13/83 Purpose is to relieve anxiety. Would not visit if faced with legal problems.

Tape 64 9/18/83 Parents and children are main concern. Primary task-relieve parent’s guilt if any.

There’s those “monsters” Ti and Do discussing how they want the class members to “relieve parent’s guilt” and to “relieve anxiety”. Ti never visited Terrie and yet here we clearly see that “visits” were being discussed with menbers of the class in 1983 so where’s the supposed hypocrisy?And those “monsters” Ti and Do were concerned with the “anxiety” and “guilt” that vehicular family members may be feeling.

I’m still waiting on some kind of evidence-not Terrie’s “interpretation”-that Ti had “regrets” about the class and “wanted out” of it. Maybe Terrie should put the letters online so that we can judge for ourselves if Ti was speaking “in code” and if she was then maybe there is more than one “interpretation” of that “code”. So far everything in those letters is being filtered through Terrie’s words and maybe she is projecting what she wants onto them. It’s awful convenient that Terrie saw these “regrets” from Ti about the class when she had always wanted her “mother” back. Terrie complained about how she should have been there when Ti’s vehicle was breaking down but if Ti wanted her there then she would have asked her to come.

The bottom line is that Ti didn’t want Terrie there. Terrie doesn’t get to blame Do for that. And it very well could have been for Terrie’s sake that Ti didn’t want her there. Terrie’s mother left a long time before that vehicle broke down. I know that some will think that that is a cold and heartless viewpoint but I know that Ti and Do were anything but cold and heartless. As I stated before, Terrie, even if she didn’t understand what Ti and Do were doing, could have accepted it. She could have accepted that it was what Ti wanted to do.

She apparently (according to RKK) could have even joined the class if she was willing to go through the growth pains of overcoming her humanness. But she didn’t want that Next Level relationship with Ti, she apparently wanted that human relationship with her mother. The two are not compatible. The bottom line of bottom lines is that Ti chose her Next Level task over that vehicle’s role of being a human mother. If Terrie wants to blame anyone for that she can blame Ti and her Older Member who sent her on the task.

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On the many false and misleading claims about Ti, Do and the class

  1. “Marshall Applewhite (Do) became “increasingly paranoid” about the F.B.I”. This claim has been repeated numerous times. What hasn’t been mentioned is that the F.B.I. (or at least some individual agents) were trying to track the group down. Frank Lyford told us in the HBOMAX documentary that OLL’s vehicle’s ( David Cabot Van Sinderen’s) father had “contacts” at the FBI and in fact was travelling the country with FBI agents looking for David. It’s interesting that the claims of “increasingly paranoid” are never coupled with the fact that the FBI or at least individual FBI agents were involved in trying to track the group.
  2. “Do had a “psychotic” episode and was checked into a mental institution where Ti was his nurse”. Ti was never a nurse in a psychiatric facility and Do was never checked into a mental institution. Variations on this include that Do started “hearing voices” which led to the mental institution and/or that he had a near-death experience. I think it’s likely that people started spreading these rumors as a reaction to Herff’s life seeming to fall apart. No one could understand why he was throwing his respectable life away and spending time with Ti so they made things up to make it understandable for themselves.
  3. “Ti was a hypocrite because she wrote letters to Terrie Nettles and the students weren’t allowed to contact their families”. Except for the fact that the students did write to their families. There were even some visits.
  4. Herff was fired for an “affair with a male student”. This is really annoying to even have to address this but it’s not true. Rob Balch told me that Herff was fired from St. Thomas due to the fallout from his breaking off a relationship with a woman. The woman attempted suicide and her father had a position at the University and her father instigated the firing.
  5. Ti “abandoned” her daughter Terrie according to an individual on reddit. Terrie was twenty years old when Ti left. As far as I’m concerned Terrie’s entire interview for the HBOMAX documentary was an attempt to make people feel sorry for her. After thirty-five years she could have chosen to look at things differently, even if she didn’t understand what Ti did she could have accepted it. She could have accepted that it was what Ti wanted to do. But she’d rather blame Do than accept the fact that Ti chose of her own volition to leave that life as her mother. At this point it feels to me like a bunch of self-indulgent emotional grandstanding from Terrie.

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How TELAH stole RKK’s videos of the class

The footage of the 1994 meetings that was recently shown on the HBOMAX documentary belonged to RKKODY. When I lived with him in 1997 he had the footage on both Hi-8 and SVHS tapes. He had shot much of this footage while in the class and he licensed some of this footage to the BBC in 1997. After RKK left in February of 1998 I was given some of the SVHS tapes by his vehicle’s daughter. Since I didn’t have an SVHS player I couldn’t really do anything with the tapes and after speaking to a filmmaker named Sergio Myers I lent them to him as he said he had the equipment to duplicate them. Later when I asked for the tapes back Sergio lied to me and claimed that “Chuck” (RKK) had given him the tapes and said something about how they were “with Rio” and “in storage”.

What I think actually happened was that Sergio got threatened with legal action by the Kings and he gave them the tapes as that’s who licensed the footage for the HBOMAX doc. I still have the list of tapes that I lent out in good faith:

Billings, MT Do deposit (This was a meeting between Do and the class). I remember that the video cut out on this tape shortly into it but the audio was fine.

Eureka, CA 6/11/94 WKNODY came out of this meeting. She is in the video.

God’s Fetuses Test for radio I think that this is the footage of RKK, YVN and SWY with Neale Donald Walsh as one of the hosts.

Interlude w/Rob Balch 7/2/94 The class met with Rob when they were doing the public meetings in 1994.

Spokane, WA 6/25/94

Eureka Radio Show

Garberville 6/10/94 I believe that this was a public meeting. The HG Book will tell us.

There were other videos that I remember watching. The public meeting in Milwaukee as well as one or maybe two in Chicago. Also a Portland, Maine meeting. The list was prepared by RKK’s vehicles daughter so I’m not sure why it doesn’t list those tapes. I do know that the Kings have them now as they licensed the footage for the HBOMAX documentary.

I can’t remember exactly but I believe that RKK had these videos in his possession already when the class left. According to his manuscript he and OSC collected from the storage lockers all of the audio tapes and there were some “extra Beyond Human tapes” and “some other supplies he (OSC) could use in reproducing the book” but no mention of the videos from 1994. He first mentions them after discussing a meeting he had in TN with the ISP for I think that RKK had converted much of the original HI-8 footage into these SVHS tapes.

“At this time I had collected the videos made while we were travelling on the road in the class during the 1994 road trip. Both Rio (NEO) and I were on the camera crew so I felt like these tapes could be used to raise some money that could then be used to duplicate some of the audio tapes from the class”.-RKKODY’s manuscript

Since obtaining these tapes in 1998 by most likely threatening Sergio Myers with legal action the Kings have only allowed the snippets that were in the HBOMAX documentary to get out. If it wasn’t for RKK they wouldn’t even have these tapes, video or audio and they have thanked him by NEVER mentioning his name. It’s a disgrace the way that the Kings have dishonored RKK. RKK and GNR even used to visit MRC/SRF when they were all out of the class. They were friends of a sort.

So rather than let the world see these videos or listen to the audio tapes the Kings would rather get paid to license tiny fragments of them to HBOMAX. If I wouldn’t have lent these tapes to Sergio Myers I would have found a way years ago to make them publicly available, ideally for free on a file sharing site. Mark and Sarah King are the enemies of disseminating Ti, Do and the class’ information. Their actions over the past twenty plus years are clear evidence of this. If any of what I am saying is untrue then Mark King could have sued me for libel a hundred times over by now. He knows that I know the truth about what he has and hasn’t done and that’s why he tells people that I “cause trouble”. If telling the truth about a cowardly liar who takes credit for things that he has no business taking credit for is “trouble” then I embrace said trouble wholeheartedly.

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Bounded Choice by Lalich is one of the stupidest theories that I’ve ever heard

Janja Lalich claims that the members of Heaven’s Gate were so “brainwashed” that they had “bounded choice” whatever the hell that even means. I think a compelling argument can be made that everyone on this planet is “bounded” by their genetic and experiential programming and the choices that we have are within a certain menu. No one can stay on this planet forever, the human vehicle is “bound” to decay and perish. It can’t choose to live forever due to its “bounds”. We can choose from fifty different kinds of toothpaste and thousands of different TV programs but there are “bound”aries to those choices too. Is Lalich claiming that only those individuals who are a part of “cults” are the victims of “bounded choice”?

I challenge Lalich to find another group that has been labeled a cult that allowed individuals to come and go as freely as the class did. Try to leave the cult of the military and they’ll send you to prison. Somewhere around one hundred individuals left the class between 1976 and 1996. And that doesn’t include those who left and came back and stayed until the class graduated. RKKODY came and left five times. In the mere three months that I was in the group five individuals left before I did. When I left there was no “maybe you want to talk to Do about this” or ANY attempt to get me to stay. At one time the class offered money to anyone who wanted to leave and recover what they had left behind in the world.

But of course Lalich will claim that they were so “brainwashed” that their choice was “bounded” and they really had no choice at all. But if the “brainwashing” was so intense then how did all of those who had been in the group for anywhere from ten to nineteen years make the choice to leave? I thought that their choices were “bounded” by their intense indoctrination into the group? How could so many long-standing members of the group make the choice to leave if her claims about the manipulation, coercion and brainwashing are true?

And truthfully what does the Democratic Workers Party (the group Lalich was in in the 70s) have to do with the class? How many members of the DWP said that their avowed goal was to go beyond human? How many members of the DWP were celibate? How many of them did not partake in alcohol and drug use? As far as I can tell the only connection between the two is Lalich herself. According to wikipedia, “She (Lalich) claims that ex-members (of the DWP) were harassed and attacked and that she felt increasingly threatened”. How many former members of the class have made similar claims? Zero. And yet Lalich based her dissertation on the supposed similarities between these groups.

Did Lalich latch onto Heaven’s Gate because it had recently been in the news and she figured that it would give her dissertation some more attention and clout? No one else besides her has ever tried to say that the class resembled the DWP. Did she confirm all of her biases when she researched the class? Does she like the attention she gets when she goes on camera as a supposed expert on the class and what they were about? Was her comment that Ti and Do “took acid” based on some kind of evidence? How many similarities are there really between a Marxist-Leninist thoroughly political organization and the infamous UFO cult? It all seems to me like a lot of reaching by someone who is still upset that they joined a group in the 1970s and they want the whole world to know it.

The members of the class aren’t the ones who “threatened” Lalich. Her issues are with the DWP, not the class. She just used the class to make her dissertation seem more relevant at the time. She ignored all of the evidence that there was no manipulation and coercion in the class and all her dissertation did was confirm her own biases. Scholarship my butt. It’s a sick joke every time she appears on camera as some kind of supposed expert on Heaven’s Gate. Like most humans Lalich uses the class to advance her own agenda. If it wasn’t for the class would she even have had a book deal based on her dissertation? Would as many people have been interested in anything that she had to say if it was just about the DWP? People can’t understand why the class did what they did so they construct a box and try to force them to fit into it.

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Some of the contents of the tape log from 1985

Tape 192 1/20/85

NL minds in other human vehicles. Where is the mind not in the vehicle? Houses-vehicles.

193 1/20/85 Mind limited by its house.

194 1/23/85 How identity gets to new vehicle.

196 2/03/85 Minds old enough to keep vehicle under control. No proof except what we have come to know.

198 2/10/85 Being open to destroying vehicle’s confidence. More than one headquarters overseeing vehicle development.

199 2/10/85 99% of sightings not computable, only recallable. It would disrupt if humans could see. We are only permitted to see on levels of speculation.

200 2/13, 14/85 Our minds from space or graduates from whole different civilization of this garden. A task force to “pollute” the air with frequency and knowledge. Shock of our departure may cause a whole new beginning. Only a part of Link’s mind is here.

202 2/16/85 Forming NL vehicle. NL minds intensity. You are preparing a NL vehicle. The gestation period.

203 2/23/85 NL doesn’t judge the development of our NL bodies, they look to links for our needs. Vehicle may get actual nourishment in the lab, we tend to the programming. Building the facility for mind to occupy. Previous knowledge goes into mind. All of our mind is with us.

204 2/26/85 Not letting vehicle get away with feeling hurt when receiving correction. Need to defend is vehicular.

205 3/01, 05/85 Deceit and dishonesty: lying, hiding. I do not want to put anything into my NL mind that is not NL. NL is not made up of mammals.

206 3/08/85 Stuff of new vehicle made in the lab. Realism of NL bodies.

207 3/10/85 we are working to have our first vehicles ‘made in the Next Level’. Making new vehicle viable.

209 3/20/85 Picking up early stages of characteristics of new vehicle. The amount of our minds on this task.

211 2/16/85 the NL mind, the human mind and the human vehicle.

213 4/09/85 Using the primitive vehicle. Jesus’ glorified vehicle. Graduate vehicle.

214 4/13, 29/85 Links assigned to this civilization. Where we came from. Those on this task who lost control. Vehicle of different molecular structure. We are the human’s closest ties to the Next Level.

215 4/29/85 Links picking us for this task.

216 5/11/85 Next Level wants keenness in your new vehicle.

Ti left her vehicle on June 19th, 1985

219 6/21, 28/85 Our vehicles are getting so tuned, a tiny chemical affects nerves. Recognize the fog, you should know what it is doing to your vehicle.

220 6/30 and 7/4/85 Te’s dream. Do’s energy level. We are like children going into our new vehicles and yet we are more adult than we have ever been. Do’s instruction to move closer.

221 7/4 and 7/85 Your new vehicle won’t have a slot for “can’t do”. Your vehicle stepped out of time at the age it was when it left the world.

222 7/14 and 17/85 Vehicles where reproduction is from pure energy and knowledge. Our prior vehicles domestic servants.

224 and 225 7/28 and 8/2, 9/85 Do stays happy; Do’s response to vehicles vibrate, genetics and chemistry. The mind of the species we’re moving into is pure and holy.

226 8/16 and 31/85 You can’t take an Older Member for granted. Te and Do before this planet-our Teachers have tended this planet for some time. We also have been here before. For some time (earth time) Do’s association with haveus will continue.

More to come.

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More examples of the classes’ updated understanding prior to Ti leaving in 1985

Tape 142 8/13/84 Putting vehicle in its place.

Tape 145 8/22/84 Vehicle not acting its age.

Tape 152 9/08/84 Mind has to come into vehicle slowly…..Vehicle losing confidence.

Tape 153 9/16/84 differentiating between vehicle and Next Level Mind.

Tape 154 9/16/84 The things that can be tuned into: vehicles: genetic structure including strains with similar weakness.

Tape 156 9/22/84 Adapting WHILE IN THESE VEHICLES (emphasis mine)..When you see weaknesses in vehicle

Tape 160 9/30/84 human vehicle wants to be different. Next Level mind wants to be the same.

Tape 161 10/05 and 07/84 Scanners to find out vehicle’s needs.

Tape 162 10/07/84 Mind/vehicle incompatibility…Building up vehicle to receive a stronger frequency

Tape 167 10/19/84 Cycles of vehicle. Two reasons for vehicle showing weakness…..Vehicle’s response to spacecraft.

Tape 172 11/04/84 Blocking vehicular responses….MIND OVERRIDING VEHICLE (emphasis mine)

Tape 175 11/11/84 Forcing the vehicle to see the Truth.

Tape 177 11/21/84 Identity, experiential strain, vehicle with right faculties for lessons. (NL mind entering vehicle). Making the vehicle’s mind jump forward.

Tape 178 11/22/84 Minds awakening in another vehicle. Minds influence and effect on vehicle…..Vehicle’s mind learning from NL mind. Progression of vehicle’s mind.

Tape 179 11/24/84 distinguishing between thoughts from vehicle and strain. The gifts we’re giving to the minds of our vehicles. Capacity of vehicle to house NL mind.

Tape 182 12/06/84 Limitations of human mind and vehicles intercepted by NL minds….WHEN WE TOOK THESE VEHICLES (emphasis mine).

Tape 185 12/16/84 Seeing past the vehicle’s delivery.

Tape 186 NL mind and vehicle’s mind. Awakening of vehicle’s mind in next vehicle….Minds effect on the vehicle….Vehicle’s mind has learned to expect things from the NL mind.

Tape 187 12/29/84 PICKING OUR VEHICLES FOR THIS TASK (emphasis mine).

Tape 188 12/29, 30/84 Human vehicle mind/Next Level minds.

Tape 189 12/30/84 using the little weak voice to clam down the vehicle.

Tape 192 1/20/85 NL minds in other human vehicles….Where is the mind not in the vehicle?

Tape 196 2/03/85 Minds old enough to keep vehicle under control.

Tape 201 2/16/85 When our vehicle is down.

I initially thought that Ben Zeller had not bought into the narrative put forth by the other religious scholar (first name Reva I believe) but after watching the HBOMAX documentary again I saw that Ben also believes that some kind of radical change in the class’ thinking came about as a result of Ti’s vehicle breaking down. Supposedly, in direct response to Ti leaving, Do changed the understanding that rather than physically converting a human vehicle into a Next Level vehicle the class was actually changing over the content of their minds which were occupying human vehicles.

This was Do’s supposed “cognitive dissonance” but the entire argument is based on the claim that this change in thinking happened in 1985 after Ti was gone. Ti’s vehicle broke down and Do changed the group’s philosophy to incorporate that according to these two scholars. Do I need to keep citing examples from the tape log to demonstrate that this argument is a bunch of made-up garbage? Once again, what is the source of this blatantly false claim? Where is the “scholarship” here?

The only sources that I can see are the two scholars themselves, they needed to fit something into their narrative that Do was suffering from “cognitive dissonance” so they fabricated a claim that He changed the class’ teachings (in regards to the human vehicle) in 1985 as a result of this supposed condition that He was suffering from in the wake of Ti’s leaving this world.

This is just one example of why I largely despise the human world. Even those who are supposedly well-educated are mostly interested in having themselves heard rather than being on any kind of a quest for the truth. Their egos and belief in their own brains are their gods. People can’t understand why the class did what they did so they have to manufacture theories that will supposedly explain away all of the “aberrant” and “cognitively dissonant” behavior.

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Ti’s letters to Terrie Nettles and what Terrie didn’t tell us in the interview

Quite a bit has been made about the letters that Terrie Nettles received from Ti. Apparently Terrie had some kind of issue with being told to “conform to society” by Ti in one of the letters because the class didn’t do that. An individual on reddit claimed that Ti was a “hypocrite” for telling Terrie that and that she should have “offered her salvation”. I was told by RKK that Terrie had wanted to be part of the class but was told by Ti that she wouldn’t get any special treatment so if that’s true then Terrie was “offered salvation” but apparently she didn’t want it as she never joined the class. If that’s the case then did Terrie really want what Ti and Do offered or did she really want her mother back?

Terrie claims that Ti “wanted out” and was speaking “in code” in the letters for wanting to get out. But did Ti want out of the class that she was teaching or did she want out of something else? Maybe Ti wanted to be out of that vehicle, out of this temporal and corruptible world and maybe Terrie wanted her mom back so she projected her own desires onto Ti, hence, the supposed “code” that Ti was speaking in for getting “out” of the class.

Apparently Ti is a “hypocrite” for sending these letters as no one was supposedly “allowed” to communicate with family members. Except that they did. Individuals did send letters to their families. There were even some who visited families. After I was in the group for a few weeks I was instructed to call family members. According to Sawyer Ti called Terrie on the phone once and never visited her in person. Maybe the letters were for Terrie, to try to relieve her anxiety as Sawyer suggested. Since Terrie didn’t want to join the class maybe advising her to “conform to society” was the best advice that Ti felt to give her.

Terrie claims that Do “took it all away from me”, meaning her relationship with her mother. Then she must not have much respect for Ti’s ability to make her own choices. Maybe Terrie’s ego can’t handle the fact that her mother left and wanted to be something more than a human mother. Terrie was nineteen to twenty at the time that Ti left. Terrie could have made different choices, she could have joined the class for one but she didn’t because she apparently wanted it to be on her terms. She could have accepted that this was what Ti wanted to do but instead she blames it all on Do as if Ti was incapable of choosing it on her own.

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Examples of the classes’ upgraded understanding prior to 1985 that debunks the claims of a religious scholar (Part 1)

In a previous post I discussed the scholar in the HBOMAX documentary who claimed that Do changed an understanding that the class had in response to Ti leaving her vehicle. He cited this as an example of the “cognitive dissonance” that Do and the class supposedly exemplified. This scholar claims (with no specific evidence cited whatsoever) that Do changed the understanding that the class would be transforming the human vehicle physically into a Next Level vehicle in direct response to Ti losing her human vehicle. The class actually upgraded this understanding in 1981, four years prior to Ti leaving but that doesn’t fit the false narrative being put forth that Do had to change the Heaven’s Gate “philosophy” to accommodate Ti losing the human vehicle.

Here is again the ’88 Update written by the class in regards to this change in understanding,

“Prior to 1981, their understanding was that they were working toward graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation process involved physically changing over their human vehicles (metamorphosing) into Next Level vehicles. They now believe that in reality they were in the Kingdom of Heaven before entering these human bodies. But because of the present awareness of their Next Level consciousness, they know that they are in that Kingdom now, though occupying human vehicles in order to do a task”.

The above that was written in 1988 is backed up by the following;

From the tape log for tapes 17 and 18 dated 9/27/82: Three reasons we are here: 1. Strengthen Next Level Mind 2. Deposit thoughts 3. GETTING A VEHICLE (emphasis mine)….Report slippages-how VEHICLE (emphasis mine) blocks Next Level Mind.

From tape 29 dated 11/22/82: Mind is to vehicle as human programmer is to a computer.

From tapes 25,26 and 27 dated 11/12 and 13/1982: Our vehicles carefully chosen.

Again from tape 29 dated 11/22/82: Know that the vehicle is a plant, SEPARATE FROM ME (emphasis mine)

Tape 42 dated 1/15/83: Separation of mind from vehicle

Tape 43 dated 1/19/83: program vehicle to be honored to be picked for task

Tape 61 8/30/83: Teach vehicle the greater pleasure that comes with control.

Tape 74 dated 10/30/83: Taking a vehcle

Tape 82 11/28/83: Next Level body in storage….Becoming aggressive with your vehicle.

Tape 88 1/03/84: Vehicle won’t correct self.

Tape 92 2/05/84 Separateness-romancing your vehicle.

Tape 97 2/19/84 SEPARATE MIND FROM VEHICLE (emphasis mine)… on a leash.

Tape 99 2/23/84 Sleep and CONTROLLING VEHICLE (emphasis mine)

Tape 102 3/03/84 tactics of the vehicle. Vehicle tries to put mind down

Tape 103 3/03/84 Never blame your vehicle.

Tapes 106 and 7 3/11 and 18/84 don’t let vehicle’s ignorance judge your ability

Tape 110 4/02/84 Changing perspective towards the vehicle.

Tape 114 4/13/84 symptom of vehicle’s reaction to mind

Tape 116 4/16/84 The vehicle is honored.

Tape 121 4/30/84 If vehicle tells you there is an area that is not correctable and you buy it, you’re sunk.

It should be quite clear by now that years prior to Ti leaving the class was discussing how the Next Level Mind that occupies a human vehicle is SEPARATE from said vehicle. It only took a casual perusal of the tape log to establish this, I haven’t even gone back into the tapes themselves to cite more examples. The arrogant and ignorant scholar who claimed that Do changed this understanding to accommodate Ti’s leaving her vehicle in 1985 never once cited anything specific from the class to support his hypothesis. All that I heard was an opinion from the man that was stated as if it was some kind of fact. If that’s what passes for “scholarship” in the human world then human scholarship has some serious issues with the truth. This supposed scholar should do another interview in which he completely retracts all of his statements about Do and the class because the entire basis for his criticisms of them is based on a falsehood.

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