There is only one source of credible Next Level information on this planet and it’s the information that the class left behind

Both sawyer and Mark King have accused each other of not being “credible” sources of Next Level information. As I’ve said before, what if they’re both right? On more than one occasion in the past Sawyer stated that we “have all the information we need” in regards to the majority of the class’ audio tapes being suppressed. Before I go further I need to state again that it was JHN who stood up to Mark King and gave Sawyer a thumb drive with fifty gigs of the class’ audio tapes on it and Sawyer sent a drive to me. Sawyer previously accused me of not thanking him ( I did in another post ) for this so I am thanking him again. Sawyer had also claimed that if the class really wanted the tapes distributed they would have “done more” or something to that effect to make sure that happened.

What if the class did plenty to make these tapes available and it was the former members who screwed everything up in that regard? After all, Rio didn’t consult a single other individual who had been in the class before he alerted the authorities which resulted in a lock being placed on the storage space before RKK and OSC were able to retrieve any more tapes from there. And now the Kings have had these tapes for twenty-four years and they are still trying to prevent them from being released. Maybe in some ways the entire thing was a test of former members to see if they could carry out the instructions as asked and in a Next Level manner.

For reasons that still baffle me to this day RKK was the only individual ( until JHN recently stood up to Mark and sent Sawyer a thumb drive ) who received a FedEx package from the class who seemed to care if the class’ audio tapes were made available. I’ve cited the specific instruction way too many times in the letter to MRC/SRF about the “items of value” in the storage locker being given to those who “feel inclined to disseminate our information”. It still makes no sense to me that Sawyer considered these tapes to not be information that “we need” in regards to the Next Level truth that Ti and Do brought into this world. Based on his actions he must consider his book and his livestreams “information that we need” as he continues to claim that he is “serving Ti and Do” by doing these things.

Where did the class state that Sawyer is the arbiter of what is or is not “information we need” in regards to the Next Level? RKK is just about the only former member I’ve encountered who stated that he didn’t “feel qualified” to be imparting NL information and he seemed to feel that it wasn’t necessary for him to do so considering how the class left so much behind with instructions to “disseminate” it. Rio demonstrated that he was more interested in giving interviews calling himself the “sole surviving member” and in writing his own book. The Kings would rather give interviews praising themselves for all that they have supposedly done for Ti and Do and “archiving” ( suppressing actually ) the information. And Sawyer, by his actions, has demonstrated that he is most interested in giving his take on Next Level information which is supposedly “serving Ti and Do”. I don’t agree that making a plug for your own book by claiming that the Book that the class left for us may be “too hard to digest” is serving Ti and Do. I don’t believe that finding fault with RKK for giving the tapes to Mark when he was taking Mark at his word is serving Ti and Do. I don’t believe that “Ti” gave Sawyer his “task”.

“As the world becomes more aware of our presence and the information we are leaving behind”-LVVODY

“only through a REP, or information left behind by a REP, can an individual learn what it takes to become a new creature that is acceptable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”-SMMODY

“Once we leave, then base your decisions using the criteria of the information we’ve left behind for you”.-DRRODY

“I hope you can find such things as “’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate” to clarify the overall picture. Cling to, adhere to, and trust in them-they are your only way out of here”-SRRODY

Sawyer has accused me of “standing for Carlan”. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m here for personal reasons, I have been unwilling to make the “ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith”. The only way that I know to “stand for Ti and Do” is to honor Their last wishes and “disseminate” Their information. Except for Sawyer sending me the thumb drive that JHN sent to him I have received no help from other former members of the class in this regard ( except of course RKK who did more to distribute that information than anyone on the planet after the class left ). The task of disseminating Ti and Do’s information has been met with resistance or largely indifference from former members of the class. Interestingly it has been individuals who were never in the class who have been very helpful in this endeavor. Thank you to all of those who place value on the information that the class left behind and who have helped to draw attention to and disseminate that information. As the class stated, it’s “the only way out of here”.

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Why does Sawyer keep telling individuals that they have to stay here and just who is “talking to Do”?

I actually listened to a little bit of Sawyer’s recent livestream and for the umpteenth time he gave his spiel about how we need to stay in this world and if one thinks that they have overcome the world and they’re ready to leave they’re “wrong”. In the invitation to follow Him out of here Do never said that one has to have finished their overcoming in order to “make the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith”. Also, Do never said that one should consult or listen to a former member of the class when it comes to making this decision.

“We know what we’re saying — we know it requires a “leap of faith.” But it’s deliberate — designed for those who would rather take that leap than stay in this world.

We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance. Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act”.

We know that Do addressed individuals in His Exit video that had never heard of Him in regards to this invitation. He didn’t say that these individuals had to have completed their overcoming in order to “leave this world of your own choice”. He didn’t say that dropouts of the class are qualified to tell others whether or not they should make this decision.

Rio wrongly claimed that it was ‘misinformation” that the invitation to leave was targeted to the “general public” despite Do specifically addressing those who had never heard of Him. Mark King claimed on Art Bell that the “gate is closed” and Sawyer had repeatedly claimed that we “need our vehicles” and has stated that the Exit was “for them”, the members of the class.

Compare what these former members who have never expressed any interest in leaving this world with GLNODY’s Exit Statement,

“Once He is gone, there is nothing left here on the face of the Earth for me, no reason to stay a moment longer. Furthermore, I know that my graft to Them would be jeopardized if I linger here once They have departed. I know my classmates/siblings feel the same as I do and will be choosing to go when Do goes. I want to stay with my Next Level family. Choosing to exit this borrowed human vehicle or body and go home to the Next Level is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my loyalty, commitment, love, trust, and faith in Ti and Do and the Next Level. It is my chance to prove to the Next Level that there is nothing here in this world that I want”.

Do stated, “you cannot stay here and follow us”. This statement creates a contradiction for Sawyer and any others who claim that they are here “serving Ti and Do”. It’s very convenient that Sawyer takes this position that individuals need to stay here when he has stated that he “doesn’t look forward” to leaving his vehicle. If Sawyer wants to stay here that’s fine but why does he feel the need to tell others that they also need to stay here? If the Exit was “for them” then what about JST, GBB, RKK, OSC and Robert Nichols who had never been in the class? When did Do rescind His invitation and state that we need to stay here?

The class said,

“We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance”,

they didn’t say that one should consult with or listen to a dropout of the class for “guidance”.

Sawyer claimed on his livestream that he “talks to Do” in regards to choosing when he livestreams. Mark King recently claimed that he and Sarah “talk to Him every day”. Does this mean that they’re getting answers from Do? How do we know that they are actually talking to Do? Because they said so? Where did the class state that they were leaving anyone behind who would “talk to Do”? Rio made similar claims back in ’97 that he was receiving information from Do. All of these individuals who have claimed some kind of contact with Do and the Next Level have tried to discourage individuals from following Do out of this world. So, maybe they’re not talking to Do at all. Maybe they’re being manipulated by the forces in opposition to the Next Level but their collective pride and ego won’t allow them to see that, they need to believe that they’re here on a special “mission” and “task” for the Next Level in order to justify their PERSONAL decisions to remain in this world.

“consider what happened at Masada around 73 A.D. A devout Jewish sect, after holding out against a siege by the Romans, to the best of their ability, and seeing that the murder, rape, and torture of their community was inevitable, determined that it was permissible for them to evacuate their bodies by a more dignified, and less agonizing method”-Our Position Against Suicide

“You would ask me, “What if God wants you to live your life out.” I can’t imagine that this is the case. That is logic based upon the “Luciferian” definition of “life” — that “I” am this vehicle. There is no life here in the human world. This planet has become the planet of the walking dead. The human plants walk, talk, take careers, procreate, and so forth, but there is no life in them. It is all just a counterfeit illusion crafted by the forces in opposition to the Next Level. This has become the planet of pain — deep inside there is no joy in the humans, although they superficially convince themselves they are happy”.-GLNODY

How long does Sawyer think that “we” need to stay here in this Luciferian hell? Why does he care about what others do? Particularly a decision to leave this world which has nothing to with him although he has decided that since he is a “credible” source of NL information he has to give his OPINION on anything to do with the class. Do “we” need to stay here so we can keep listening to his rambling livestreams? Or read his book since the Book that the class wrote may be “too hard to digest”?

Maybe sawyer wants others to stay here simply because he doesn’t want to make “the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith” and he arrogantly thinks that his fear should be everyone else’s fear so he can more easily justify his personal decision to stay in this “realized hell”.

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The class did not copyright any of Their materials, Mark and Sarah King of the TELAH Foundation did that on their own

The facts about the TELAH Foundation are as follows:

Mark King was kicked out of the class by Do in 1987 because he wouldn’t take Do’s instruction to change check partners. Mark’s partner was SRF ( Sarah King ).

There are audio tapes that discuss the King’s “bitterness” towards the class.

They were never asked by Do and the class to copyright anything.

They have never shown any of their instructions from the class to anyone because they gave said instructions to RKK when Mark met RKK and OSC in a parking lot in Phoenix in late March of 1997.

RKK and OSC went to the storage locker in San Diego County where the class had the audio tapes and other items stored. Mark King gave RKK and OSC the keys to the lockers along with all of their instructions from the FedEx package that the class sent them thereby relinquishing their tasks to RKK and OSC.

Mark and Sarah King only became interested in their “task” after meeting with an entertainment lawyer. Mark told RKK that the lawyer wanted an entity setup that would copyright all of the class’ materials and that there were “tens of millions at stake”.

Mark King met with RKK in April of 1997 and begged RKK for the 486 audio tapes that RKK and OSC retrieved from the storage lockers. RKK very reluctantly gave Mark the tapes and made Mark repeatedly promise that the tapes would be made available. Mark blatantly lied to RKK and has never kept true to those promises. Deceit was a major offense in the class. The only reason that RKK gave the tapes to Mark was because he had already decided that he was leaving this world to join the class.

Sawyer has had the audacity to claim that “if I were RKKODY I wouldn’t have given Mark the tapes” even though Sawyer was busy with his pregnant partner at the time, was not sent a FedEx package by the class, was not planning on leaving this world and when RKK called Sawyer in the summer of 1997 asking for help with distributing the class’ information ( I was there when the phone call was made ) Sawyer declined to help. Apparently Sawyer’s being shown “two spirits by Ti” has given him the gift of hindsight and in his infinite hindsight he would have made a better decision than RKK and not given Mark the tapes. Even though Sawyer did nothing to help us digitize tapes one through 218 and did nothing to help us distribute said tapes he knows that “if” he were RKKODY he would have made a better decision. To this day Sawyer claims that his criticism of RKK’s decision to take Mark at his word was in “no way” an attempt at “finding fault” with him. This is one of many reasons why I do not believe in Sawyer’s self-appointed “task” that he “knows Ti” gave to him.

TELAH told RKK and I in an e-mail in 1998 that the tapes would be released “when the right decision is arrived at”. To this day they have done nothing to release the tapes. They also claimed in the 1998 e-mail that RKK and me distributing the class’ information was somehow “slowing down” the process of releasing the the tapes that TELAH was withholding. When Mark King recently threatened Sawyer and myself with “$91 million” in fines he again claimed that my releasing this information is somehow impeding this process and that it needs to be done “legally”. I believe that “legally” means that one must pay a licensing fee to the TELAH Foundation in order to listen to Ti and Do instructing the class in the ways, thinking and behavior of the Next Level. The makers of the Cult of Cults documentary were given access to the audio tapes for a licensing fee.

OSC was asked to register the HG Book with the Library of Congress, not TELAH.

Mark and Sarah King were described in the list of FedEx package recipients as “former members currently handling TELAH’s mail”.

JHN was given the masters to the Beyond Human series which TELAH has copyrighted.

RKK was given the masters to the Exit videos with instructions to “distribute” them, not TELAH.

RKK was given the disks with the last statements of the class along with instructions to upload them and was asked to “assist with your computer skills”, not TELAH.

Mark King now claims that RKK “failed” at everything he was “asked to do”. He fails to mention that RKK was successful in removing the TELAH address from after Mark frantically called him at 3 a.m. demanding that he do so. He also claims that RKK never had any “originals” of the tapes. He further claims that it was RKK’s fault that not all of the tapes were retrieved from storage even though Mark and Sarah refused to go to the locker themselves and gave the keys and paperwork to RKK and OSC. And they fail to mention that it was their ally Rio who alerted the authorities without checking with anyone from the class ( even though RKK had tried calling him ) which resulted in the Sheriff’s Office placing a lock on the storage space. How interesting that Rio and the Kings attacked RKK in 1997 and tried to convince others that RKK was under an “influence”.

Deceit was considered a MAJOR offense in the class. Mark claims that he and Sarah “talk to Do every day” and yet they are still lying about what happened after the class left. Whoever they are “talking” to it isn’t Do. Whoever is telling them to keep lying and praising themselves is not a Member of the Next Level. Whoever is telling them that JHN has “turned against the Next Level” because he finally stood up to them and released the audio tapes is not from the Next Level. All of their lies and self-serving behavior clearly indicate to me that Mark and Sarah King are pawns of the forces that are in opposition to Ti, Do and the Next Level.

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Those who are quick to accuse others of harboring influences

Shortly after the class left RKK met with RIO and he was pretty disturbed by what transpired during that meeting. Rio was taking the position that RKK was harboring an influence and Rio had the objective view on the situation. This quickly began to include the Kings as Mark e-mailed myself, STW and JHN in the summer of 1997 trying to convince us that RKK was hosting an “influence”. The e-mail felt incredibly manipulative and self-serving and disturbed me quite a bit at the time. These are the first instances I can recall of former class members pointing the finger at someone else who they claimed was harboring an influence.

What if in fact it was an influence that caused RIO to leave the class but his ego couldn’t accept that so he let himself be conned into thinking that he was the “sole surviving member” and “messenger” of the class who was a “master of soul development”? What if Mark King fell under influences of greed and righteousness and that’s why he took control of the class’ information and tried to prevent others from distributing that information which went directly against the class’ desires? I feel that RKK and I tried to use NL conduct at the time and when we would question what we were doing by saying “we could be wrong” in e-mails to Mark and Sarah King the response we got was, “don’t ignore those signals, all of us can’t be wrong all of the time”. In essence we were told that by using the NL principal of “I could be wrong” it meant that we were “wrong”. And yet we NEVER heard a ” we could be wrong” from them. This was the point at which I realized that there was no point in showing the Kings any NL respect as they had taken that respect and thrown it back in our faces.

,When Rio and Mark went on the Art Bell Show in August of 1997 Rio claimed that RKK was “going directly against Do’s wishes” and “wasn’t given a task by Do” and “it was my task to put it on the Internet”, what if it it wasn’t the NL that was “inspiring” him to say those things? What if the influences “dove in” immediately after the class left and started disrupting things? Maybe it was influences who caused Rio to not bother to return RKK’s calls beginning on March 25th when the news hadn’t even broken yet. Maybe it was influences that caused Rio to not contact any former class members, even though he had a list of them, and go to the Rancho Santa Fe house with his employer and call 911 without letting anyone else on the list know that he was doing so.

After Dave G let me know that something was wrong with xf from Canada I told Sawyer and Sawyer initially told me that I was “under an influence” as he couldn’t accept that all of the time that we had dedicated to xf’s online fakes had been for naught. It turns both of us had been under a prideful influence that let us think that we were providing all kinds of “service” to the NL when in fact we were being manipulated by influences hosted by xf. Just recently Sawyer was quick to claim that I had an “influence of competition” because I stated that “to my knowledge” he hadn’t done anything to make the tapes public. He also accused me of “letting the influence take jabs at him”. He further claimed that I hadn’t given him credit for letting everyone know who gave me the thumb drive with the tapes on it even though I already had in a post. And now one of his followers accused me of being a “booger” which is another term for an influence.

Us former members of the class are a bit of a sorry lot. Some of us are still trying to suppress Ti and Do’s information after the class has been gone nearly twenty-five years. Some of us are attracting followers online and believe that Ti showed us “two spirits” as some kind of omen of a Next Level “task” and “mission”. Some of us have almost completely lost control of our vehicle but will rant online about how everyone needs to study the information that was left behind and that’s it when it comes to the Teachings of Ti and Do. Some of us feel like hypocrites because we claim to be still allowed to recognize Ti and Do as Members of the Next Level but we still linger in this “realized hell” for almost twenty-five years after our Older Member has left and extended and invitation to follow Him out of this ever-increasingly corrupt and probably very soon to be recycled world.

Everyone on this planet hosts influences. I give into them on a daily basis. Was it an “influence” that caused me to state that I didn’t think that Sawyer had done anything to make the tapes publicly available? Maybe. I think that Sawyer and I have bounced influences off off each other numerous times over the years. I have NOT behaved as member of the Next Level would for the vast majority of the time. I have not achieved membership in the Next Level. I’m not qualified to impart Next Level information particularly when They left so much information behind and Their last wishes were that that information be disseminated. I don’t have an Older Member here to offer me correction. I, like everyone else on this planet, am in the dark when it comes to NL ways, behavior and thinking. By far the most pure and undiluted Next Level Mind on the planet is contained in the writings and audio tapes that the class left behind. There is actual NL Mind contained within that Information, by reading the Book and listening to the audio tapes one can actually draw in some of that Mind. Every other source is going to be diluted, compromised and distorted. The forces in opposition to the NL have done everything that they can to suppress that information to the point where they have former members of the class behaving as if copyrighting and suppressing that information is serving Ti and Do.

And maybe those who are so quick to point out others’ influences are hosting influences themselves. Influences feed off of our fears, our sense of righteousness, our pride. Sawyer tells me to “stick to what Ti and Do taught us to be critical about instead of making things up from your own mind”. Wouldn’t the “best way to stick to what Ti and Do taught” be to listen to Ti and Do? Now, we’ve hit a little snag with making that NL Mind on those tapes available for all who want it and I will be working on making that happen. In the mean time there is still all the other information that the class left behind. Since Ti and Do aren’t here who is going to tell us what They “taught”? They didn’t leave anyone here in Their stead to carry on those Teachings. Is Sawyer saying that he is going to be the arbiter of what They taught? That sounds like a really slippery slope to me. I’ve already seen Rio make claims of being the “sole surviving member” and “master of Soul development” while writing his own book in which he horribly distorted Ti and Do’s Teachings. Example, he discussed how an individual will “create” their own soul. I’ve seen the Kings and Sawyer call each other not “credible” sources of NL information and I say agree, agree. No one on this planet is a “credible” source of NL Information but there is “credible” Next Level info here thanks to Ti, Do and the class.

The bottom line of all of this is that I don’t accept that Sawyer is qualified to tell me or anyone “what Ti and Do taught”, he wasn’t asked by Them to do that, he decided on his own that that is his task. I sometimes think that this is the crux of our conflicts, he thinks that he has a “task” for the NL and I don’t. The NL task that I had of overcoming a human vehicle I failed at. So I am definitely NOT a credible source of Next Level information. But I have my hands on some credible Next Level information and I will do what I am allowed to do to make that available to anyone who wants it.

When I put the audio tapes online I thought that I was done with this blog. Then came the threats of $91 million in fines and 4shared ( which everyone hated anyway so maybe it is a good thing ) getting shut down. And now for the umpteenth time a conflict with Sawyer and a follower of his that I’ve had just as much responsibility for perpetuating as anyone.

I am sorry to Ti and Do for lingering in this world for so long and for failing to control this vehicle. I am sorry for all the influences that I have hosted and continued to host. I am sorry for all of the conflicts with Sawyer. I’ve known for over a dozen years that I simply should not have any contact with him and yet I keep doing it. We have very different ideas about many, many things and there’s no point in continuing to argue, it just detracts from all that Ti, Do and the class accomplished. I am sorry for the times that I have been prideful, self-righteous, overly angry and the numerous other behaviors that I should know better than to indulge in. I am sorry that I am such a poor example of Next Level behavior.

There’s no one to put one’s faith in except for Ti and Do. They are the assigned Links to the Next Level for anyone on planet Earth. Some of Their Mind is still on this planet. I feel that that Mind is the “only way out of here”.

“until the garden is recycled, you still have time to “file for adoption”. If you study and try to apply what They taught, even if you don’t leave when we do, even if you lose your flesh body while you are trying to grow closer to the Level Above Human, you will not be abandoned…..I hope that you can find such things as “95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate” to clarify the overall picture. Cling to, adhere to, and trust in them-they are your only way out of here”

SRRODY’s A Testament

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Sawyer’s followers and naively going to Sawyer for one’s “interest in Ti and Do”

The below claim was made by the individual who thinks that they know how to assess a “Next Level asset” and how to “crush mammalian behavior patterns”:

“Nobody listens to Sawyer for Sawyer, just like nobody goes to the HG website for Sarah and Mark. It is their interest in Ti and Do that brings AND keeps them coming back for more”. 

But if they aren’t listening to “Sawyer for Sawyer” then why are they listening to Sawyer? Oh, they’re listening to Sawyer for “their interest in Ti and Do”. And who told these naive individuals to listen to Sawyer if they’re “interest(ed) in Ti and Do”? Sawyer did. Where exactly did Ti and Do tell us to listen to a dropout of the class if we are “interest(ed) in Ti and Do”? Nowhere. Do did tell us that “accurate knowledge concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while Representatives are incarnate”. And SMMODY stated that ” only through a REP, or information left behind by a REP, can an individual learn what it takes to become a new creature that is acceptable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Apparently, according to this follower of Sawyer, pointing out things like this is “whiny” and evidence that I’m “jealous of anyone getting any kind of rub”. Why are any former members even getting “any kind of rub” and who told anyone to pay attention to dropouts of the class? Where did these followers of Sawyer get the idea that they should look to him for Next Level information? Oh, that’s right, because Sawyer’s been singing that tune since 2003 or so. What about “only through a Rep or information left behind by a Rep?” So, we get to pick and choose where we satisfy our “interest in Ti and Do”?

Why are so many choosing to ignore what Do and the class said about Their information? Maybe they like the good feelings they get from communing about their “interest in Ti and Do”. Maybe they like the ego boost they get from thinking that they are “assets” to the Next Level or at least listening to someone that they believe is an “asset” to Them. And who is the sole source for all of these ideas that a former member who has chosen to stay on earth for twenty-four years after the Older Member left is an “asset” of the Next Level?

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I didn’t appreciate Do when He was here

If I had appreciated who Do is I wouldn’t have left the class so easily. I had some lapses and let an influence convince me that since I had the lapses it was a done deal, I had to go. I spent a day and a half thinking like that and felt horribly divided and then I left. I must still not completely appreciate who Do is because if I did I would have left this place. I sometimes feel like I’ve barely begun to really recognize how extraordinary Ti and Do are. How They pulled off what They did in nurturing all of those individuals and getting them into the Next Level is something that I still can’t really comprehend.

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Every former member of Ti and Do’s classroom is here because they flunked out and are unwilling to accept Do’s invitation to follow Him and leave this world

No one on this planet is qualified to teach others “Next Level ways”. The Teachers came, announced who They are, gathered Their flock, taught them the ways and thinking of the Next Level and in the case of Do and thirty-nine of His students made a very public Exit from this ‘realized hell”. Do’s invitation to follow Him was for anyone who recognized it as applying to them. By far the most accurate information on how to make the transition from the human level to the Next Level is the information that the class very carefully and deliberately left behind. To suppress that information is a crime against Ti, Do and the Next Level. Those who flunked out are not qualified to tell you how “Ti and Do would behave” and they are not qualified to tell you how to make that transition as they have not done it. It is suiting the Next Level’s purposes to allow this temporal/holographic human civilization program to continue running. Each individual will be judged by the Next Level as to whether or not they will be allowed to continue a relationship with Them when this world is recycled. No one is guaranteed a continuance of that relationship. We all have our “bag of snakes” when it comes to overcoming the human world and the amount of things that I haven’t overcome could fill several warehouses. Looking to dropouts of Ti and Do’s classroom for tips on how to overcome the world is a fruitless endeavor. Only the Next Level Mind that is contained in all of the valuable information that Ti, Do and the class left behind can teach one the ways of the NL. That information is a gift to the world from Ti and Do and was never intended to be copyrighted and made into some selfish individual’s “property”. That information should be free to all and not subject to copyright laws and licensing fees. Anyone who copyrights this information is going directly against Do and the class’ wishes. Anyone who suppresses this information for their own selfish purposes is going directly against Their wishes.

It should have never gotten to this point where arrogant former members are threatening litigation against those who have tried to make Ti and Do’s information available to the world. The TELAH’ Foundation’s behavior has not changed for over twenty-four years, they are still demanding apologies and threatening anyone who listens to Ti and Do on the audio tapes with legal actions. Their actions only serve their egos and the forces in opposition to the Next Level. Deceit and using intimidation tactics are NOT Next Level traits. Sometimes those who claim that all that they are doing is for the Next Level are the ones who are committing some of the worst crimes against Them. I have no fear of lying and cowardly individuals who hide behind legal threats. The Next Level sees and knows all about what has transpired since 1997. And all will be judged according to what they have actually said and done, not what they make up lies about in an attempt to fool others. The only ones that these individuals are fooling is themselves.

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Mark King of TELAH claims that it is “theft” to disseminate Ti and Do’s information

Mark King claims that JHN giving the class’ audio tapes to Sawyer and SWY giving them to me and my making them publicly available is “theft” and if we don’t agree with that then we will “see you in court”. Theft implies property so Mark is claiming-as he did to the three Universities that RKK and I gave some audio tapes to in 1997-that the class audio tapes are his property. And yet the class NEVER stated that any of the information that They left behind belonged to anyone. The Book had a Common Law Copyright which allows ANYONE to reproduce it. Nothing else was copyrighted.They asked that Their information be “disseminated”. END OF STORY.

It is only “theft” in Mark’s delusional and arrogant Universe that he lives in with his wife. The only individuals who believe any of the lies that he spins are he and his wife. He makes threats when he doesn’t get his way and can never admit that he is wrong. He only gives e-mail interviews and is constantly trying to control the narrative about what happened after the class left with TELAH always as the tireless martyrs of the class. He refuses to admit that he had to be asked to leave the class by Do but he claims that he “talks to Do every day”.

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Excerpts from RKK’s manuscript with details about what happened after the class left

In the following RKK describes his interactions with Mark and Sarah King after they had all received the FedEx packages from the class.

” both MRC and SRF seemed concerned that the TELAH address was on the Web. They had offered to assist the class in the past by setting up this address. In addition to their concern about the mail address being advertised on the Web site they were also concerned about a letter they were to send to the landlord of the house where ( sic ) the class had rented. MRC told me that they had a copy pf the letter the class had prepared for Sam and had asked MRC/SRF to send once the bodies were found. The letter contained their names and my name. They wanted to remove their names and my name from that letter before they sent it off. I had some real mixed feelings at the time as it seemed that they were changing something the class had purposely done. I also had mixed emotions about my name being on the letter that might attract the authorities to me and I think that neither MRC/SRF wanted that link.

I learned later that they did remove their names and my name because they felt that Sam would surely show the sheriff and that would be a direct link to us”.

Correction from a previous post. I had reported that RKK and OSC had gone back to the storage locker to find a lock placed on it by the San Diego Sheriff’s office. It was actually OSC alone who went back to the locker and he called RKK to tell him that he found the lock on the door.

“MRC and SRF were still nervous about putting their address back on the web site and SRF made it pretty clear that she did not want me interfering with their task of trying to retrieve the items from storage anymore. I asked MRC if they wanted to distribute the farewell videos out of their Postnet business ( which is where the TELAH address was ) and he said he did not want to do that.

I was confused. The web site had been changed to remove the TELAH address and yet MRC did not want to handle the distribution of the new tapes that the class clearly wanted to be available to people. I made a decision, rightly or wrongly, to go to Denver and set up a method of distributing the tapes through the Right To Know address that was set up earlier.

By this time Rio had gone onto national TV claiming he heard a voice tell him he should leave only a few weeks before the others exited their vehicles. When I heard that I reflected on the many times I found myself in the same situation. The reality was that my desire to be only a servant of the Next Level was not strong enough and I gave into influences that conned me into believing I would be better off by leaving the class. I know all too well that influence who masquerades as someone who would have me believe the Next Level has a special task for me to do once the others have gone. Now I don’t know what happened to Rio, only he and the Next Level knows what happened when he left, but it was odd that in the letters MRC and SRF received there was no mention of distributing some of the group’s things to him. In fact, it seemed odd to me that someone who had left just weeks before was not given one of the cars.

I didn’t really care at this point whether or not MRC and SRF concurred with what I was doing. We had somehow come to different understandings as to what the class intended in respect to handling the Web site, the storage locker contents and the audio tapes. It was becoming more and more clear that this entire exercise was simply a way the Next Level was testing us. It was a way to see if we could pit into practice anything we had learned over the time we were once involved with them. One of the most important lessons they tried to reach us was the value of working with a check partner. The check partner works when two individuals are seeking the same thing. In the class, it is effective only when both partners are seeking only to please their Older Member and have no interest in their own position of whether or not they are right or wrong”

Note: The reason that Mark was asked to leave the class was because he was check partnered with Sarah and Do said that it was time to change partners. Mark wouldn’t accept Do’s instruction and wanted to continue to be partnered with Sarah. Instead of accepting the instruction and changing partners Mark was told by Do that he had to leave the class. Sawyer was there when this happened. Sarah left the class not long after Mark and they subsequently married.

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How Mark and Sarah King deliberately ignored their instructions from the class

In the letter to the Kings describing the “purser task” there was a section about “Funds which may come in after we leave” and the class stated,

“We don’t know if you’ll be able to get any of these funds, but if it is possible, we’d like these funds to be available to those who still support the class and want to help get our information our”.

And in regard to the storage lockers here are some oft-quoted passages,

“Enclosed is a key to our storage units which we prefer remain confidential to you and whomever on the list above would be most helpful to you-we suspect RKK and OSC would likely be a big help”

“We also have a 20 foot yellow truck in a separate storage unit, and we did think RKK would be a good choice to retrieve it”

“It is our desire that any items of value retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information. Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves with this project”.

The class didn’t say to copyright or trademark the “items of value”. They didn’t say to threaten those who “disseminate our information” with legal action. Why have the Kings never made these instructions from the class public? Why have they claimed that there were “other” instructions in the form of “phone calls” and why did they not mention any of these “other” instructions when they met with RKK and OSC in a parking lot in Phoenix and handed over everything that the class had sent them in the FedEx package? Why are Sawyer, myself, JHN and anyone who downloaded the audio tapes now being threatened with millions in fines and court costs by the Kings? Why does Mark King want to shut down this blog and any sites that have the class’ information on them?

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