Sawyer and TELAH’s continuing disrespect of OSC, RKK and the efforts to distribute the Class’ Information

In a recent article from Australia,, TELAH is once again described as “two survivors” of Heaven’s Gate. The TELAH reps state that they “supply tapes and the book and take care of getting information of the Next Level out to various universities, newsagencies and documentary sources that inquire”. What they fail to mention yet again is that they tried to prevent RKK and I from distributing the CD-ROMs with some of the HG audio tapes on them to Universities. Mark King threatened Rob Balch of the University of Montana with some kind of legal action if he didn’t give him the CD-ROM that RKK and I sent to Professor Balch. What they again fail to mention is that RKK was given the masters to the Exit videos with instructions to distribute them. They fail to mention that RKK was sent the disks with the Final Press Release and Exit Statements by Students with instructions to upload them to They fail to mention that JHNODY was sent the masters to the Beyond Human series or that OSC was asked to register the HG Book with the Library of Congress. They fail to mention giving all of their correspondence from the class and the keys to the storage lockers to RKK and that RKK and OSC retrieved the audio tapes from storage. Mark King fails to mention that he begged RKK for the tapes and promised RKK to make the tapes available. To this day the Kings have not presented ANYTHING from the class to back up any of their claims. I’ve put the class’ letters to RKK and TELAH and others online, TELAH has only made claim after claim while offering not one shred of documentation from the class.

Sawyer has recently started to play some of the audio tapes on his livestreams and of course needs to follow up playing them with his never-ending commentary. He is now stating that it is his “pleasure” to make the “direct teachings freely available”. I don’t listen to most of the broadcast but as far as I can tell he doesn’t acknowledge that this information has been “freely available” for over twenty years, far longer than the self-appointed “mission” and “task” for Ti and Do that he has been doing. He has spent some fifteen years promoting his blogtalk radio, his blog, his book and his youtube channel and now he seems to want to take credit for making Ti and Do’s “direct teachings freely available”.

Sawyer did not retrieve these tapes from storage, OSC and RKK did. Sawyer did not spend one second on copying, encoding or distributing these tapes and in fact he tried to fault RKK for giving the tapes to Mark when Mark promised RKK that they’d be made available. Now after almost fifteen years of saying what he has to say about Ti, Do and the Class Sawyer is going to kiss his own butt for what a “pleasure” it is to make the “direct teachings of Ti and Do freely available”?! They’ve been “freely available” in CD-ROM form for twenty-two years and on a file sharing site since before Sawyer declared to the world that he had a “task” to do “for Ti and Do”. In one of the comments on his channel Sawyer discusses how some of the information was “new” to him because he was not at the meeting. This is the same guy who repeatedly claimed that we “have all the information we need” in regards to what the Class left behind.

Sawyer would make this statement when I would point out that the majority of the audio tape collection is being suppressed. Based on his actions Sawyer did not think that the information on the suppressed audio tapes is something that “we need” but all of the information on his personal blog, youtube channel and in his book is information that we need. Now he’s admitting that there is information that is “new” to him and I’ve been pointing out for years that there were numerous audio tapes that were made after Sawyer left the class.

Where is the respect for what OSC and RKK did to preserve this information? If it wasn’t for what RKK did Sawyer wouldn’t have any tapes to make “freely available” but instead of showing RKK any respect Sawyer went out of his way to let me know that “if he were RKK” he would have made a better choice in regards to the audio tapes. And as I’ve already pointed out RKK asked for Sawyer’s help back in 1997 and Sawyer declined. Why did Sawyer decide that after fifteen years of being unable to shut up about his “19 years of fully dedicated service” and how “brave” and “courageous” he thinks he is for standing up for Ti and Do that it is now his “pleasure” to make the “direct teachings of Ti and Do freely available”?

From my perspective TELAH and Sawyer are most interested in praising themselves. Since RKK left no former members of HG have offered any help in distributing the class’ information. TELAH has actively tried to prevent anyone but themselves from distributing the Class’ information by copyrighting all of the materials. Sawyer now wants to take credit for making information “freely available” that has been freely available for many, many years. Look at the volume of what Sawyer has put on the Internet and the vast majority of it is things that came from him, not from Ti and Do. Why would he not draw attention to the file sharing site where I uploaded the available tapes or the CD-ROMs that are still available for free? Perhaps it’s because of his personal issues with me and that he wants to take credit for making the information available? Really look at what Sawyer has done for the past fifteen years. Was his priority ever distributing the “direct teachings of Ti and Do” or has it always been to have his say about said teachings? He can’t even let these audio tapes stand on their own without adding his personal commentary to them.

Let’s all show a little more respect to OSC and RKK for retrieving these tapes and all that RKK did to make them available.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception

During the brief time that I was in the class Do had us read the book named in the title of this post by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. I’d recommend reading it in its entirety  but here’s some items that I found interesting:

“Christianity, as it will subsequently evolve from Paul, has by now severed virtually all connection with its roots, and can no longer be said to have anything to do with Jesus, only with Paul’s image of Jesus”.

“James emerges as the custodian of the original body of teachings, the exponent of doctrinal purity and rigorous adherence to the Law. The last thing he would have had in mind was founding a ‘new religion’. Paul is doing precisely that. Paul’s Jesus is a full-fledged god, whose biography, miracle for miracle, comes to match those of the rival deities with whom he is competing for devotees-one sells gods, after all, on the same marketing principles that obtain for soap or pet food”.

“the mainstream of the new movement gradually coalesced during the next three centuries, around Paul and his teachings”.

“life is the calamity for man, not death. Death gives freedom to our souls, and lets them depart to their own pure home where they will know nothing of any calamity, but while they are confined within a mortal body and share its miseries, in strict truth they are dead. For association of the divine with the mortal is most improbable. Certainly the soul can do a great deal when imprisoned in the body; it makes the body its own organ of sense, moving it invisibly and and impelling it in its actions further than mortal nature can reach. But when, freed from the weight that drags it down to earth and is hung about it, the soul returns to its own place, then in truth it partakes of a blessed power and an utterly unfettered strength, remaining as invisible to human eyes as God Himself. Not even while it is in the body can it be viewed; it enters undetected and departs unseen, having itself one imperishable nature, but causing a change in the body, for whatever the soul touches loves and blossoms, whatever it deserts withers and dies: such is the superabundance it has of immortality”.


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There is no competition between former members of Heaven’s Gate, there are no “best” former members

As I’d stated previously I had to stop listening to Sawyer’s livestreams after he was talking about his and DST’s (a former classmate of ours) penis sizes. I’ve been corresponding a little bit with an individual who participates periodically in the livechat during Sawyer’s streams. This individual has started to transcribe some of the audio tapes which is a great idea considering how poor the audio quality is on many of the available tapes.

I made the mistake of looking at the livechat comments after Sawyer’s most recent livetstream aired and another individual who seems to follow Sawyer’s streams regularly referred to Sawyer as “the best former member” of the class. If this individual is making this type of comment then to me it’s quite clear that they are focusing way too much on Sawyer and not nearly enough on Ti and Do’s information. This individual also stated that, “I think as time has passed more people are willing to listen to people like Sawyer”. Again, they are focusing on Sawyer and not on Ti and Do and the information that they left behind. Sawyer is not an Older Member. Sawyer is not a link to the Next Level. Just because he claims to have “contacts” with Ti and Do and the class does not make it so. I challenge anyone to find anything in what Ti and Do said that would legitimize Sawyer’s claims that he is here on a “mission” and “task” for Them. The class asked some former members to perform tasks for them in their last letters. The main focus of those tasks was to “disseminate” their “information”.

Sawyer, like every other former member of the group was not “left behind” to carry on what they did. However, since Sawyer has declared that he is here on a “task” and “mission” for Ti and Do and regularly brings up his “19 years of fully dedicated service” he has developed a following and he is at least partly responsible for that. XF, who used to regularly follow Sawyer, talked about the “true blue believers” in HG as if  A) such a thing exists and B) he was actually capable of determining such a thing. Who’s a “true blue believer”? Do we get a shirt that says True Blue Heaven’s Gater on it? Do we make an HG jacket and get an HG tattoo like Austin (xf) did so we can advertise to the world how “true blue” we are?

There’s been an insidious elitism that I’ve seen among some individuals who come to Ti and Do’s information. When I first met the class I remember talking to CHK, STM and OLL on Library Mall in Madison, WI and I specifically remember CHK telling myself and the person I was with that individuals can start to think that they’re “special” when they come into Next Level information. Her point I think was that we’re not special and that it’s dangerous to think like that. We only come into Next Level information by Their grace. We haven’t “discovered” anything (as Rio claimed), the Next Level reveals Their truth to us through the Older Members that are assigned the task of bringing newborns into Their world.

There’s no such thing as a “best former member” of the class. We should not be focusing on those of who have chosen to stay behind because we are unwilling to make “the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith”. There is no competition here and there never has been. Maybe the “best” former members were JST, RKK, OSC and GBB who all left their lives in this world for the sake of the Next Level. Focusing on former members will only give one diluted and corrupted Next Level information.

Sawyer has questioned RKK’s handling of the audio tapes even though he had no interest in helping RKK when RKK asked him for help over twenty years ago. Sawyer didn’t spend one second on copying, digitizing and distributing the audio tapes but in his infinite hindsight he has decided to question what RKK did with the tapes when RKK was planning on leaving this world to follow Do. Sawyer denies ever trying to find fault with RKK even though it’s still there for all to see on his blog. There’s been at least three other instances where Sawyer has denied things that he’s stated after he’s been called out. Apparently Sawyer says so much and offers so many unsolicited opinions that he can’t keep track of it all so when he gets called out he defaults to denial. And even when it is pointed out where he made certain statements he will then conveniently claim that it was “taken out of context”.

Sawyer has speculated on things that the class has said when he has no business doing so. No one is in a position to speculate on the Final Press Release and how long the “brief window” is open. It’s awful convenient that Sawyer has expressed no interest in following Do off of planet earth and that he has a “mission” here on planet earth for Ti and Do. Rio and TELAH have expressed similar sentiments. Perhaps all of them are afraid to even contemplate following in Do’s footsteps and they need to make up Next Level “tasks” for themselves to legitimize these fears. “Oh no, I don’t need to consider that because Ti and Do came to me in a dream and said that they could use me”. Like I said, how convenient.

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The Secret Teachings of Jesus

This was not a book that was read in the class as far as I know but one of these Gnostic Gospels, the Gospel of Thomas, was something that we did read and I feel that much of the information in these books did come from the Next Level Representative when He was here 2,000 years ago. I of course could be wrong about this. I’ve selected some quotes that I feel are particularly interesting.

From the Secret Book of James:

“no one among you will ever enter the kingdom of heaven because I commanded it, but rather because you yourselves are filled”.

“So be filled with spirit but lacking in human reason, for human reason is only human reason”

“But if you are afflicted and persecuted by Satan, and do the Father’s will, I say this: the Father will love you, and make you my equal, and think of you as having become loved ones, through the Father’s forethought, by your free choice”.

“Consider how long the world has existed before you, and how long it will last after you. Then you will discover that your life lasts but a single day, and your suffering but a single hour. For what is truly good will never be a part of this world”

“So seek after death as the dead seek after life, for what the dead seek becomes plain to them. Then what concern could they have”?

“no one will be saved among those who fear death. For the kingdom of death belongs to those who put themselves to death”.

“Do your best to be saved without any urging. Rather, spur yourselves on”

“The Father does not need me, for a father does not need a child. Rather, a child needs a father”

“is is easier for a holy person to sink into filth, and for an enlightened person to sink into darkness, than for you to reign”.

“For the Father knows about desire, and what the flesh needs: the flesh does not long for the soul”

“Do you think that many have found the kingdom of heaven”?

“Do not let the Kingdom of Heaven become a desert within you. Do not be proud because of the light that brings enlightenment”

From the Gospel of Thomas:

“The dead are not alive, and the living will not die”

“Do not lie or do what you dislike, since all things are clear before heaven”.

“When you see one who was not born of a woman, bow down and worship. That is your Father”.

“I shall give you what no eye has seen what no ear has heard what no hand has touched and what has never arisen in a human mind”.

“As for you, be on guard against the world”

“when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female will not be female”

“If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the kingdom”

“If the flesh came into being because of spirit, it is amazing, but if spirit came into being because of the body, it is even more amazing”

“The Pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys to knowledge and hidden them. They have no entered, nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so”.

“a servant cannot serve two lords”

“Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass is worth more than the world”

“An enemy came at night and sowed weeds among the good seed”

“For at harvesttime(sic) the weeds will be conspicuous and will be pulled up and burned”

“Blessed is the one who has suffered, that one has found life”

“Business people and merchants will not enter the realm of my Father”.

“Many are standing by the door, but those who are alone will enter the wedding chamber”

“They are dressed in rich clothing, but they cannot understand truth. A woman in the crowd said to him, “Blessed are the womb that bore you and the breasts that fed you. ” He said to her, “Blessed are those who have heard the word of the Father and have truly kept it. For the time will come when you will say, “Blessed are the womb that has not conceived and the breasts that have not produced milk”.

“Miserable is the body that depends on another body, and miserable is the soul that depends on the two of them”

“If you have money, do not lend it at interest. Rather, give it to someone who will not return it”.

“Let one who finds the world, and becomes wealthy, renounce the world”

“Woe to the flesh that depends on the soul! Woe to the soul that depends on the flesh!”

The Book of Thomas

“If what can be seen is obscure to you, how can you comprehend what cannot be seen”?

“All the bodies of humans and animals are irrational from birth……..Beings that come from above, however, do not live like the creatures you can see. Rather, they derive their life from their own root, and their crop provides nourishment for them. …..Whatever is subject to change will perish and be lost, and has no more hope of life, because this body is an animal body. Just as animal bodies perish, so also will these figures perish. Are they not the result of copulation, like animal bodies? If this kind of body, too, is the result of copulation, how can it give birth to anything different from the animals”?

“this visible light shines upon you not to keep you here, but to make you leave. When all the chosen ones lay aside their animal nature, this light will withdraw to the realm of its being, and its being will welcome it because of its fine service”.

“O bitter fire burning within human bodies, in the marrow of their bones, burning within them night and day, raging within human limbs, making minds drunk and souls deranged, arousing men and women day and night, arousing them secretly and visibly”.

“Everyone who seeks truth from true wisdom will fashion wings in order to fly away and escape from the passion that inflames human spirits. The seeker will fashion wings in order to escape from every spirit that can be seen”.

“The wise person is perfect in all wisdom, but to the fool, good and evil are one and the same”.

“Some people have wings but run after what they can see, what is far from truth. For the fire that leads them will give an illusion of truth. For the fire that leads them will give an illusion of truth, and will shine on them with transitory beauty”.

“This fire has bound these people with its chains, and tied all their limbs with the bitter bond of desire for visible things, which change, and decay, and fluctuate impulsively. Such people are always dragged downward. When they are put to death, they join all the filthy animals”.

“There is but little time before what you can see will pass away”.

“They are drawn to the beauty of the body, as if it would not perish. Their minds turn to themselves, their thoughts are on their own pursuits, but the fire will consume them”.

“For while they were still embodied they did not find the way they would need to follow on the day of judgment”.

“You base your hope upon this world, your god is this life. You are destroying your souls”!

“When you leave bodily pains and passions, you will receive rest from the Good One”

“Watch and pray that you may not be born in the flesh, but that you may leave the bitter bondage of this life”

“Blessed are you who know beforehand about what may entrap you, and who flee what is alien to you. Blessed are you who are mocked and despised because of the love your Lord has for you”.

The Secret Book of John

“The One is a sovereign that has nothing over it. It is God and Father of all, the Invisible One is over all, that is imperishable, that is pure light no eye can see. It is the invisible Spirit. One should not think of it as a god, or like a god. For it is greater than a god, because it has nothing over it and no lord above it. It does not exist within anything that is inferior to it, since everything exists only within it”.

“it is not a part of the worlds or of time, for whatever is part of a world was once produced by something else”.

“The one who exists first does not need anything from one who is later. On the contrary, the later one looks up to the first one in its light”.

“we would not understand what is immeasurable, were it not for one who has come from the Father and has told us these things”.

“He is wicked because of the Mindlessness that is in him. For he said, ‘I am God, and there is no other God besides me’, since he did not know from where his own strength had come”.

“The snake instructed them to eat of wickedness, pregnancy, lust, and destruction so that Adam would be of use to the snake”.

“To this day copulation has persisted because of the first ruler. He planted the lust for reproduction within the woman who was with Adam. Through copulation the first ruler produced duplicate bodies, and he breathed some of his contrary spirit into them”.

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TELAH’s arrogance

Some of this has been addressed before so as always I apologize for any repetition.

When RKK and I were communicating with TELAH via e-mail in 1997 it became quite clear to me that we were dealing individuals who were incredibly arrogant and who refused to acknowledge their actions. At one point RKK and I were told, “All of us can’t be all wrong all of the time. The class trusted us with this task for a reason”. The “us” here are apparently the married couple, Mark and Sarah King and possibly OSC and Rio. The only way that I can interpret the above is that since “the class trusted us” then it is not possible for TELAH to be “wrong”. TELAH can use this logic to justify anything that they do. RKK was the only one “trusted” with uploading the last items that the class produced and yet I never heard him say anything so disgustingly self-serving and arrogant.

I’ve already thoroughly documented how TELAH wanted nothing to do with the “task” when the media heat was most intense and turned said task over to RKK. In light of the FACT that they did this it’s pretty incredible that they would come back later and say things like, “As you well know, the class gave us the responsibility of (sic) all their possessions that were in storage”. As myself, RKK and the Next Level “well know (s)” Mark and Sarah King gave RKK the keys to the storage lockers, demanded that he remove the Phoenix address for TELAH from and it was RKK and OSC who flew to San Diego and removed the audio tapes from the storage locker. Mark only obtained the tapes by begging RKK to give them to him and lying to RKK by assuring him that they would be made available. In the e-mail which was dated 11-16-97 RKK and I were told that, “We promise they (the audio tapes) will be made available when the right decision is arrived at”. Nearly twenty-two years later and TELAH has done NOTHING to make the tapes publicly available. In fact, I had a website years ago that had a recording of one of the tapes on it and it was shut down due to a “copyright violation” and since TELAH has copyrighted the tapes it had to be the cowardly and disingenuous Mark King who had it shut down.

“Please understand that the tasks given to us by the class will be carried out. We will not forsake their requests”. Um, what about “their request” that “any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”. I’ve been disseminating the class’ information for over twenty years. I have offered Mark King $ to help copy and distribute the tapes that he is suppressing and that he stole from RKK (telling a lie to get what you want is stealing as far as I’m concerned) and Mark told me that I had to “apologize” to him because of all the $ that he was stupid enough to spend on lawyers. This is another indication that Mark’s priority is his ego and not carrying out the “tasks” that he was initially not interested in doing. RKK had even asked them at one point shortly after the Exit if they would distribute the farewell videos through the TELAH address in Phoenix and they said no, they didn’t want their address online. Later they attacked RKK for daring to charge $10 per tape which was about the cost to duplicate and distribute them. Obviously demand for the tapes skyrocketed after the news hit so to me it’s pretty unreasonable to expect RKK to give the tapes away for free like the class did when the volume to distribute was so much higher. Besides, “”RKK, you have the original master (for the Exit videos), we thought you would know best how to duplicate the tapes and where to distribute them for widest coverage”.

So TELAH didn’t want to help distribute the tapes but they wanted to fault RKK for doing a task that the class “trusted” him with “carrying out”. If TELAH doesn’t see the disgusting hypocrisy in their actions then they are choosing to be blind.

It’s rather convenient that Mark and Sarah only became interested in their “tasks” after talking to a lawyer who filled Mark’s head with the idea that “there can be 10’s of millions of dollars at stake”. This was why they tried to prevent us from distributing the HG Book in 1997, Mark supposedly had some deal with a “big publisher” and our distribution of the book was supposedly going to hamper that deal. Apparently Mark never read the Common Law Copyright that the class put on the book that allowed ANYONE to “reproduce this book, or portions thereof, as long as the content is unchanged”. TELAH changed this to a copyright by the TELAH Foundation. Would not changing the Common Law Copyright be a change in the “content” of the book? At the very least is it not a change to what the class intended in regards to the distribution thereof? On Art Bell Rio Diangelo accused RKK of “bootlegging” the book but how can something under a Common Law Copyright be “bootlegged”? In all of the numerous interviews that he gave about how special that he thinks he is Rio never bothered to explain this glaring discrepancy.

Make no mistake, TELAH were not “left behind” and they have done more to distort, dilute, corrupt and suppress Ti and Do’s information than just about anyone on the planet. They have lied to former members of the group and to the public many, many times. They have not offered one shred of proof or anything specific to back up any of their claims. Their primary interest is in praising themselves. At any time they can come clean and admit to what actually happened and the lies that they’ve told. As I’ve stated before, if I was making all of this up they would have sued me for libel and/or slander (I always forget the difference between the two) long ago. And as I’ve also stated before I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they try to explain how all of their lies and egotism were in service to the Next Level.

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The Final Exit Statement of GLNODY

I would like to thank GLNODY for this statement and his dedication to Ti and Do. From his Exit Statement:

We have already put our information out world-wide several times. The Next Level saw to it that any who were deserving of being saved from recycling were made aware of our presence here.

Once He is gone, there is nothing left here on the face of the Earth for me, no reason to stay a moment longer. Furthermore, I know that my graft to Them would be jeopardized if I linger here once They have departed. I know my classmates/siblings feel the same as I do and will be choosing to go when Do goes. I want to stay with my Next Level family. Choosing to exit this borrowed human vehicle or body and go home to the Next Level is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my loyalty, commitment, love, trust, and faith in Ti and Do and the Next Level. It is my chance to prove to the Next Level that there is nothing here in this world that I want and that I clearly know that I am the soul and the Next Level Mind which occupies it and not this biological outer garment that I am currently occupying. It is my chance to go to God, to prove that I love His World. How could I honestly say I love Him more than anything if I cling to this world at all costs and only leave here when I am forced to go when this vehicle ceases to function?

“What if God wants you to live your life out.” I can’t imagine that this is the case. That is logic based upon the “Luciferian” definition of “life” — that “I” am this vehicle. There is no life here in the human world. This planet has become the planet of the walking dead.

We feel that the mental suffering of remaining in a world where you know you do not belong is certainly as severe. The human world is a hideous hell due to all of the poor choices humans have made since the beginning of this civilization. If this is all there is with nothing to look forward to beyond this, then why choose to extend your time in this hell?

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Rio’s Statement in L.A. Weekly

One of the most egregious examples of ego-mania and the corruption of Ti and Do’s information came in Rio’s Statement which was published in L.A. Weekly in 2007. Here’s some of the gems: “I have discovered something so extraordinarily important to the world that it needs to be passed on to you in its most true and accurate form from ME”(emphasis Rio’s).

I’m not going to bother pointing out how ridiculous this statement is. Once again, look at the information that the class left behind. I can guarantee that there is NOTHING that Ti and Do said that gives ANY legitimacy to what Rio claimed in the above. In fact, I could provide quote after quote from Do that completely destroys Rio’s claim. Look for yourself, they’re not hard to find.

When discussing the lessons from a NL Rep Rio claims that, “These important lessons enable you to know how to create a Soul”. You can look through all of the information that the class left behind and you will not see a single reference to a “Soul” as something that one learns “how to create”. By contrast you will find innumerable references to the Soul being a gift from the Next Level that ONLY the Next Level can create or destroy.

“If there’s one sin that Luci participates in-and all of his followers-more than anything else, it’s wrong usage of terms”. Hmmm, sort of like Sawyer using suicide to mean willful separation from the vehicle and the above from Rio.

“I know everything worth knowing about them”. Yeah, no comment here except for WHAT ABOUT THE INFORMATION THAT THEY LEFT BEHIND!? If Rio can’t even define a Soul the way that Ti and Do did then it is impossible for him to “know everything worth knowing about them”. If Rio is making the above statement then he does not know Ti and Do at all as far as I’m concerned because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the arrogance in his words would disgust them.

“I am here to bring you the truth and to clarify information for you to examine. Also, to help with understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming,” Whose truth? Ti and Do’s truth or the truth according to Rio. And “clarify information”?! The class spent a lot of time and energy on leaving their information behind with instructions to “disseminate” it. Nowhere in any of their final letters did they ask anyone to stay behind to “clarify” their information. Like I’ve mentioned before Rio wouldn’t show anyone his letter (according to RKK) but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that nowhere in that letter did they ask Rio to stay behind to “clarify” what they stated. Nor did they task him to “put it on the Internet” as he claimed on Art Bell. Nor did they task him with suggesting that RKK’s failed Exit attempt “may have been for profit”

“Understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming”. And what has Rio done in the past ten years to help all of us mere mortals “understand the next steps”? How does he know what these “next steps” are? The guy who says things that are in direct contradiction to the Older Member who came here to teach us how to get out of here is going to help us understand what to do now that the Older Member is gone?! Nah, that’s ok Rio, I’ll put my faith and trust in the Older Members, not a dropout who can’t even get over himself enough to admit that he left the class because he was afraid to Exit when they left.

To me it seems like one area where the Luciferians have conned former class members is to convince them that they have some kind of special “task” for the Next Level and these made-up tasks all conveniently legitimize their decisions to continue to remain in this world long after the Older Member has left. As I’ve stated before I’m only here by my own choice.

The Next Level will recycle this civilization. When this will happen is on Their time-table, not ours.  Do never said that it would happen by a certain date. It makes no sense to me that the Next Level is going to let us in on Their plans for said recycling. Personally, I am often shocked that it hasn’t happened yet but that gives all of us further opportunities to demonstrate where our allegiance lies. The Next Level does not need to prove itself to us. We all still have the “unique opportunity” to catch Their eye.

“The Next Level…is not interested in creating phenomena (signs) or impressive trickery”-Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human



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