mtheorye, reddit user claiming they were in Heaven’s Gate but they’re obviously lying

This individual is using HG to play a game and generate attention for themselves on the Internet.

“My sister was 12 but not chosen, She was the most popular girl in school and did not fit into the ody role as well as i did with my weird short hair and Star Trek obsession. They spent two years isolating and brain washing me. I did believe some of what they said I just refused to pledge when asked I said “I need to think about it” and never ever ever went back. I spent the next 16 years wondering until I found out the truth”.

She claims that they “spent two years…brain washing me” but she never gives any specific dates or places where any of the supposed “brain washing” happened. After numerous exchanges with this woman she now states that she was at “one meeting” but hasn’t given any date or place. She hasn’t explained how “two years” of “brainwashing” happened at “one meeting”.

“Heavens gate cult in the late 90s targeted me because I was obsessed with Star Trek. My best friend growing up, her family was part of it. I spent almost two years with them Before I was brought to a meeting. It was fucking scary as hell. They all killed themselves a few years after. No one believed me for 16 years. That part fucked with me the most”.

So far this individual hasn’t offered many specifics about their supposed experience, just this late 90s vagueness. So, they “targeted” her in the late 90s and she “spent almost two years with them” but then they “killed themselves a few years later”? If they “targeted” her in the late 90s, and she then “spent two years with them before I was brought to a meeting” and they then “killed themselves a few years later”, well then we have a math problem considering that the class left in late March of 1997.

On reddit this individual called members of the class “pedos” and called me a “pedo” when I accused her of lying about all of this. Children were not allowed in the group so her claim that she was “targeted” by the group when she was ten years old is highly suspicious. She also claims that the group was using “ody” names when she encountered them. Ody names were only used within the class. At the meeting that I went to in Madison, WI on July 23, 1994 there was no “log book” that I signed into ( another claim by this person) nor were ody names used. They called themselves Oliver, Check, Matt, Aaron, Iris, Sue etc. I didn’t learn about the ody names until I actually joined up with the class near Worcester, Mass. three weeks later. Do talked about the ody names in Do’s Final Exit and how they were something that was being revealed to the public for the first time.

This all got started because this individual posted on reddit under the topic, “Holy fuck, I’m in a cult”. They are very rambling and misleading in that they seem to be saying that they were “in the cult” but now she seems to have back-pedaled and is actually saying that she went to ONE MEETING but she has yet to reveal where or when this meeting was, she just vaguely claimed that she was “targeted in the late 90s” by the “Heaven’s Gate cult”. If she knows how old she was when all of this supposedly happened she can easily start giving us some more specific dates than the “late 90s”. The last public meetings were held in mid-August of 1994 so her claim of the “late 90s” is highly suspect like everything that she states.

“I just refused to pledge when asked”. There were no “pledges” that were “asked”. I went to a follow up meeting in Madison on July 23, ’94 and was repeatedly asked if this was what I wanted to do. There was no such thing as a “pledge”.

If this individual was supposedly around ten years old when they went to this “meeting” we have to ask, “where were their parents”? She’s not exactly clear who she went to the meeting with, supposedly some “family” that was allegedly associated with HG. And she claims to have “photos” with the “cult” but has provided none. And she cites the “log book” as “proof” of her being “in” the group but she hasn’t really explained where this log book is, how and if she obtained it and how it is going to prove anything about her story.

The woman continued her exchanges with me and claimed she would have answered my questions if I hadn’t “spam attacked” her and then said she’d “report” me and that she’d “call the police” if I didn’t stop “harassing” her. The only specific she ever gave in her story was the “late 90s”. The class moved into the Rancho Santa Fe house sometime in late 1996. People who worked with them in that area were interviewed. No one ever described anything like this person on reddit did. The redditer never mentioned the Rancho Santa Fe property. Something about a “dirty room” with “a bunch of chairs” that was supposedly a “church” but always vague descriptions and never site specific. There’s a claim that a “best friend growing up” had a “family that was a part of it” but this is hard to reconcile because families didn’t join as a unit. There were individuals who did have familial relations who did join but it was as individuals and of course, there were no children in the group. The only exception is an individual RKK  told me about who had a vehicle that was either sixteen or seventeen when she went on the road during the first wave in 1975 and she stayed for five years.

The redditer never says anything that anyone else has ever reported about their encounters with the class whether they were part of the class or not. You can read books by scholars about them and there won’t be anything like this person describes. Oh, and she of course told me that I was “still brainwashed” but her brain still couldn’t say much of anything specific or coherent about her experience, just that I “didn’t know” what she had been “put through by hgc”. No, I don’t, and neither do you because they never put you “through anything”.

It’s interesting that this individual never came forward before now. They have a story that is like no other when it comes to the class and yet they decided to keep it to themselves until seeing the recent reddit post titled, “holy fuck, I’m in a cult”?! There was some weird stuff in her original post about how she supposedly didn’t watch the news when the “mass suicide” happened in 1997 and how she didn’t realize all of this until watching some history channel doc at some point. The whole thing sounds like a contrived excuse just for the eventuality that someone would ask her why she never came forward before.

Also, there’s this, “No one believed me for 16 years. That part fucked with me the most”. This also feels to me like a planned defense in case she is asked why no one has heard this story before. See, she tried to tell it but poor her, “no one believed” her, now get out your digital hankies and weep for this poor, misunderstood soul who was so “fucked with” because no one “believed” her incredible story. Of course this “woman” may not even be a woman, it could be a fifteen-year old boy or a thirty-year old man hanging out in their parent’s basement having fun messing with redditers. I dare say it probably would not be the first time.

And speaking of parents she brings up her “mom” a couple of times, something about screaming at her mom when she was watching the History Channel doc because she realized that “Applewood” was the same guy from the video that some “older scary women” had her watch when she went to the “meeting”, the one in the “late 90s”. This also feels like part of a planned defense. See, she never even realized any of this because she had PTSD and when she saw “Applewood” on the TV screen it brought all of that horrible trauma back and after “16 years wondering” she finally “found the truth”.

So, where was “mom” when her daughter was “being targeted” by this “cult” of “pedos”? Conveniently neither this woman nor her “mom” realized that this “cult of pedos” was the HG group that committed “mass suicide” in 1997 and it took viewing a History Channel Doc “16 years” later to put all of the pieces together. Sixteen years after 1997 would be 2013. Did she realize all of this five years ago  but never said a peep until now on reddit? She’s known the “truth” about these “pedos” for five years but she never told the story on the Internet until now?

The “woman” claims that, “My sister was 12 but not chosen, She was the most popular girl in school and did not fit into the ody role as well as i did with my weird short hair and Star Trek obsession”. So, where and when did the “sister” encounter the class? If the “sister” was “not chosen”, how did that work exactly? Did members of the class tell her she was “not chosen”? Where? At a “meeting”? Did the “sister” ever tell the “mom” about not being “chosen”? Did “mom” ever call the police or maybe the F.B.I. about the “cult” that was “targeting” her daughters? Why haven’t we ever heard the story from this “mom” and “sister” before? Are they ready to come forward now? I’ve had filmmakers contact me recently who wanted to do an interview. I bet they’d like to hear from this woman and her Mom and sister. Mom watched a documentary with her daughter that caused her daughter to go into a PTSD induced screaming fit but “mom” has never been compelled to come forward with this amazingly unique story about one of the most notorious “cults” in history?! It must have been very difficult to keep that bottled up for all these years. Thank goodness that reddit gives us a platform to expose all of this. She also accused me of using a “throw away” which I don’t even really understand. Some reddit thing about throw away accounts.

If, big if, there is any truth to any of her rambling allegations then maybe, maybe it’s possible that she may be confusing some kind of interactions with some individuals who may have been part of the group at one time but were not anymore or maybe for some reason they were individuals who were posing as HG? The latter is highly unlikely I know.

She discusses this “family” of her best friend that she spent two years with before they “brought her to a meeting”, a meeting that she still won’t state where and when it was. In any case if there was a “family” with children then they were definitely not in the class. Any “brainwashing” done by this “family” would have been done on their own initiative and wouldn’t have come from the class. She’s never specific about which members of this “family” had been in the class.

After the public meetings were over in 1994 only two new members that I know of were allowed into the class. Stephen Hill who left after about two months and DVVODY who had been his wife prior to their joining. It was well publicized that they left their five CHILDREN with family and friends in Cincinnati. They found the class online, not at a meeting.

So, by her own admission it was this family of the best friend who did the brainwashing and they are the ones who supposedly brought her to the meeting where she was shown a video and signed in and out of a log book. There’s no evidence of any public meetings after Aug. of 1994 and the meetings we had in the class were for the class only. This ten-year old child would have never been brought to an internal class meeting. Even if any of this is true being “in the Heaven’s Gate cult” is far, far different than living near some ex-members of the class and going to one meeting where you watch a video.

I’ve done a tiny bit of investigation and I’ve found the woman who was making the reddit posts; she has an instagram ( and an e-mail ( that use her unique reddit handle and there’s even an article in a local paper about her ( As of this past January she was described in the article as an artist based in a Midwestern city. According to the article the woman moved to Minnesota from California with her family in 1991, the same state she was living in this past January. This is a state that the class never lived in or even remotely close to although they did do two public meetings there in 1994. The woman stated in the article that she “did not grow up here” in reference to Minnesota. Based on her statements on reddit she seemed to be saying that she was about ten in the “late 90s” when she was “targeted by Heaven’s Gate” so that would have meant that she was about five years old in 1991. I don’t know many people who would consider living somewhere since they were five years old as a place they “did not grow up in”. If she didn’t grow up there then even if we’re really conservative and say she was ten in 1991 it means she was a teenager in the late 90s and it completely destroys her already sketchy timeline of being ten when she was “targeted”. As yet I haven’t found a DOB so I can’t quite determine her age but it’s probably moot as she never gave any specific dates for her experiences and that was obviously for a reason. Not that I didn’t already know that she was lying but it was nice to find this article that gave a year for her move with her family to a state that she “did not grow up in”. This woman is either incredibly stupid or incredibly unbalanced or some toxic combination of the two. Here’s where I out her on reddit:     She shouldn’t have called my friends a “bunch of pedos” and she has some serious karmic reckoning coming.

It’s quite clear that reddit was a mistake and these blogs may mostly be a mistake too. And it’s a mistake for me to think that if individuals are confronted with their lies that they will own up to them. This individual has some serious issues with needing attention or maybe they have a loathing for the class and they don’t even have a reason, they’re just compelled, almost by an unseen force, to loathe the group and they’re willing to make up a bunch of lies to justify that hate. Who knows? Maybe they’re someone who has played games with me online before, back for more shenanigans. The Internet, for the most part, is used for some pretty awful and deceitful purposes because everyone gets to hide and make up whatever they want to. At some point, maybe when this civilization is recycled, maybe not, individuals won’t be able to hide from what they’ve said and done. I hope that humanity is ready for its judgment because it will come eventually.


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Some questions for the TELAH Foundation and their true origin story

Journalists who have interviewed the TELAH Foundation should have been asking some of these questions years ago.

Who uploaded the Final Press Release and Exit Statements by Students to

How many individuals were given the Internet account information for the class websites?

Who went to the storage lockers in San Diego and retrieved the audio tapes and other items from them?

Who retrieved the class’ cars from the San Diego Airport parking lot?

Why did Do ask Mark King of TELAH to leave the class (HG)? And why has Mark King never acknowledged that he had to be asked to leave the class by Do?

Why did RKKODY have the letters that the class sent to Mark and Sarah King of TELAH?

Why does TELAH claim in interviews that they are “surviving members” of the class when they were very specifically described as “former classmembers handling TELAH’s mail” in a document prepared by the class and sent out in each of the FedEx packs?

Why did Mark King repeatedly assure RKK that he would make the audio tapes available over twenty years ago when he has still done nothing to release said tapes?

Why did TELAH copyright the Heaven’s Gate Book when the class had already placed a Common Law Copyright on it?

Why is Chuck Humphrey (aka RKK) mentioned in the class’ letter to the ISP for but Mark and Sarah King of TELAH are not mentioned at all?

Why has TELAH never produced the letters that the class sent to them in March of 1997?

Why has TELAH never mentioned that Sarah King’s initial reaction to the “mass suicide” was to repeatedly exclaim, “How could they do this to us”?

Why did TELAH copyright all of the class’ information when they NEVER received any instruction to do so?

Why did TELAH wait until AFTER RKK left this world in February of 1997 to file a lawsuit in order to take control of

Why did Mark King ask RKK to take the TELAH address in Phoenix off of in late March of 1997?

Why was a letter that I sent to the Phoenix address of TELAH in late March of 1997 returned to sender?

Why did Mark King go on the Art Bell show in August of 1997 and proclaim that “the gate is closed”?

Why was under RKK’s control from August of 1997 when it came back online until he left in February of 1998?

Why has TELAH never once in any of their interviews mentioned RKK or OSC?

And lastly, why has Mark King never acknowledged the following as per RKK’s manuscript?,

“When we met at the Mexican restaurant a week earlier MRC (Mark King) was saying that TOM ( the lawyer Mark was talking to) wanted to form some kind of entity to be able to get all the rights to Heaven’s Gate stuff including copyrights on all the web pages and their logos etc. HE SAID THERE CAN BE 10’s OF MILLIONS AT STAKE “(emphasis mine).

The above paragraph provides us with the birth of the TELAH Foundation. A lawyer filled Mark’s greedy head with the inane idea that “10s of millions” are “at stake” and this is why the TELAH Foundation was initially created. The class did not come up with the idea for a foundation that would copyright all of their materials, they already had a Common Law Copyright on the HG Book that allows anyone to reproduce it as long as it remains unchanged. I could be wrong but I feel that we can apply the principal of that Common Law Copyright to all of the materials that the class left behind. All of this information should be available to anyone who wants it and anyone should be able to reproduce it. I have been saying this same thing relentlessly for over twenty years and so far no other former class members have demonstrated that they care (Sawyer straight up “does not care”) that TELAH is actively and knowingly going directly against the desires of the class to “get our information out”. TELAH is the enemy of the class as far as I’m concerned and it’s a sick irony that they present themselves as the “martyr” to the Heaven’s Gate cause.



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Document that was only included in 1st edition of HG Book, never before published online

This will also be a work in progress as it is a bit long to transcribe.

Poster Background Information       March 22, 1994

UFOs, Space Aliens, and their final fight for earth’s spoils

[Some things Do has talked about: ideas that were relative to the most recent poster (UFO-Space Alien). This information is for your digestion and understanding.]

  1. In the same way that Bob Lazar speaks of how by controlling gravity it can pull objects in space to you, the heavens have physical properties like a hologram and can be switched off. What we call gravity is pretty much the key to moving around within the hologram from object to object.
  2. Do can see that the soul that took the body named Jesus when it was in its late 20s was on a mission from the “space race” (for lack of a batter term) that is more advanced in all aspects-ethical, etc. than any other “space race” (of course, it was also the first “space race” that we know anything about). All who are mammalian (in other words, are reproductive) including all other space races-are experiments/products of that race. This is just another way of expressing that thought.
  3. We are talking about UFOs, space races, and the fight for souls-though not just a fight for souls, for in part it is a fight for the creatures and the garden . Since we are minds from where the hologram is designed, we have no concern-because of the physical nature of the hologram and the physical creatures in the hologram, we have nothing to fear.
  4. All mammalian (meaning reproductive) races, for their own survival, need vehicles, and many, if not all, are dependent on certain biological qualities-certain spoils-of this planet.
  5. The Next Level is depositing souls they have saved from a previous time, who are still “believers”. That may be all they’re doing, even though we have talked about how, at this time, they may be making “deposits” of mind in some that please them. The only deposit that means something is the deposit of the soul who has been saved (from a previous nurturing)-those the Next Level has been pleased with.
  6. (In response to a questions) Do doesn’t know where these souls that are being deposited “grew up” (whether on this planet or another place), but the hardest test in their development is here-they (we) are going through hell to reach heaven.
  7. The hologram is going to be turned off. Do doesn’t think the other alien groups believe in the hologram-they think they are for real. The Montauk information says that when they travel to the future, there’s nothing here past 2012 (or so), and the “Down East Diamonds” fellow said the end was no later than 2003. We heard that the pope had recently prophesied that somewhere in the first decade after the year 2000 the end would come. (He realizes it might be even sooner because of the miscalculations in the calendar). Our departure doesn’t wait for that time. This idea of just “turning off the hologram” is more dramatic than “spading under”. The hologram doesn’t exist, except for the time that it is playing.
  8. We received a letter from someone who had some trouble with our answer to his question about miracles (in our last letter). He had asked whether or not we would perform miracles of any kind. In other words, he asked for a sign. The prophecy said “no sign other than the sign of Jonah”. The ‘sign on Jonah” is symbolic. Everyone thought Jonah was dead, but he was saved. Only those who succeed at this at this incarnating-taking over their bodies, and not losing their consciousness-when they rise out of this human kingdom-will be the ones to be witnesses. (In other words, you have to go through it-to witness the sign of Jonah. Only Jonah witnessed this experience).

[When working on the last poster, Do explained several things that we’re trying to put down for you. The following are notes from that discussion].

  1. Do wanted the poster to have the overview of coming from the point of view of UFOs, space alien races, and the fight or battle for the spoils, because the garden “program”is about to be rebooted-canceled and restarted. What is happening now is the last worthwhile function of the planet’s “civilization program”-which is to be a staging for souls who were brought here for the purpose of incarnating in human bodies, to make the transition from human to Next Level.
  2. (Trying to bottom-line things, Do was thinking of something like:) Two individuals, in the early 1970s, incarnated into (took over) two human bodies, that had been “picked” and “prepped” for them, started looking for the team that had the assignment of the first stage of the mission, which was a small team, to also take over bodies and be taken through the incarnating process. When one “takes over a body”, it means you have it under control to a certain degree so that it ceases to perform as a reproductive mammal. And also you take over a body to the degree that you know for a fact you were brought for that express purpose, and the incarnating (control) is sufficient to sustain loyalty and function as a crew member in that project. Sustaining loyalty is more important than sustaining all (every procedure of Next Level behavior. Because different ones, depending on the package they took over, will to different degrees have control in place. But they have to have in place the loyalty to the ones who have taken them through that “incarnating”. The ones from the first group who survived in their loyalty, are ready to help others,-who have previously received nourishment from (known) the Next Level-incarnate into their bodies for the time that remains. No one else is here to offer that-no one else knows this or has accomplished this.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Then it became time to begin Stage 2:seeking the remaining souls who were saved, who had previous contact with the real Kingdom of Heaven, through Representatives from the real Kingdom of Heaven (who are no longer mammalian, and of the “race” who created all other races); or another of saying it, looking for those souls here for the express purpose of moving into bodies, guided by those who’ve done it-and those who sustain their loyalty will go into that Kingdom.                                                                                                                                                                         When you incarnate into a body, and you have taken it over, and your loyalty is established (your faithfulness is established), then you are hooked up with-or in place to receive-eternal life, or life for all eternity. As long as that loyalty is sustained, you have the potential for eternal life. But faithfulness has to go hand-in-hand with behavior. Behavior is nothing without faithfulness, though faithfulness is something, even when you don’t have the behavior down pat-though you can’t believe and not do. But belief is not in the doing, but in the faithfulness to those Representatives. If you trust in Him-our midwife-the behavior follows. If a soul loses faithfulness (belief in their Rep), then the behavior gets that soul nowhere, and they’ll eventually fall out of the behavior because their lifeline is broken, and the soul falls back to an advanced form of mammalian life.
  3. “Mammalian” behavior is a good indicator of what isn’t Next Level.
  4. What is going on on the planet among the humans is a manifestation of the interests of the space aliens. The humans are just carrying out the interests of the space aliens-it’s what they “tune into”, like tuning into a radio frequency, but more than that, because humans haven’t chosen which channel to tune into. The space aliens came in with such strength-filling the airwaves with their propaganda, and the “plants” respond according to the spirits in the plant and the strength (programming) of the plant itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      As far as the Next Level is concerned, the significant time is right before the playing field is wiped clean and prepared for the new field. The souls they’ve saved who have had some association with the Creator’s Kingdom are brought in-when the civilization is the most rotten-to incarnate. Those who are brought in, and connect, and their loyalty to that Kingdom is sustained, will leave with that Kingdom. This rottenness offers the most accelerated opportunity for change or “birthing” into the Next Level.
  5. Luciferians are made up of those who had once received “life”, who were once in the overcoming process. Did the Next Level let some rise to a certain point of technical skill (non-Earth bound) and ability without knowing the truth, or did they rise to that level of truth, learn the technology, then their loyalty was lost? Obviously, the latter is true. Alien groups may be abducting and breeding with humans, educating those “containers” to their concept of what is, in order to prepare them for better use (or service)-which by Next Level standards is all perverse and worthless. The human kingdom is meant as a stepping stone, yet the alien groups refuse to see it that way. This isn’t to say that they cannot have in their service human plants, both on the Earth’s surface and off.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Do can’t see what the aliens are interested in except to make a base for their activities, trying to take advantage of the Next Level presence here, because that presence can give them knowledge. In other words, they can tap that presence. For example, that presence has allowed medicine to determine that genes do this and that, that eliminating certain genes does this, or that genes are the time clock of the vehicle’s aging.
  6. One thing that is the key to this is understanding what the “soul” is. The souls that were saved-have life in them-were brought back to do this. If souls came up from the animal kingdom, Do believes that only the Next Level has charge of them-no one else, Could it be that a soul doesn’t become a soul until it is under the keeping of the Next Level and has some Next Level knowledge or “life” in it? This means that if any individuals in the alien races have souls, they had to get them from the Next Level, by having gone through a degree of changeover-and then went awry and turned away from the Next Level. This would mean that all human plants are simply “plants”-containers-with programming from outside the civilization. Humans are just programmed containers-with a time-capsuled program. And like the prison guard that stands there with a megaphone, “Everyone one line up”, the space-alien races with their ‘megaphones” are filling the air waves-telling the humans what to do, They separate the ones who are more advanced or skilled. The rotten plants begin “overpowering” the good ones. They let the plants be motivated by lusts-the garment, tobacco, alcohol, etc., (all industries being based on the lusts of the plant), and they keep programming the plants to have lower standards. Fifty years ago, humans had higher standards. Space races don’t care, they have the humans thinking they are becoming more intelligent, but it boomerangs-AIDS, etc. When human containers have no Next Level type respect for each other, all systems of order go awry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The space races may have areas where they base, but they still have to come to Earth to rob vehicles. The Next Level sees to it that there are missing qualities in their world that they have to have from Earth. The aliens try to advance the plants to significant longevity (so that they might have a better “new” bodies or longer lasting bodies of their slaves)., by taking advantage of Next Level knowledge. (The plants are honored to serve in whatever way, because they see it as advancement). Improving the plants-improving the environment, improving the genetic package, and improving space travel-is a Catch 22, because the aliens can’t do it while continuing with mammalian behavior. Since the reproductive processes are stunted in space, the space races rob bodies from here in order to move into them, since their bodies wear out. So they are trying to develop higher-quality human containers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Re: the reptilian race, Do is highly suspicious that they might be what is spoken of in legends as the ones who did the most against the Next Level effort in this civilization. The reptilians are even lower than the mammalian races. They displeased the Next Level so much that they were confined to that biological world, and Do doesn’t think they can get out of that strata.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Aliens mainly use this planet for bodies, genetic development, the same way that humans use domesticated animals. They can rob souls by convincing a soul (one the Next Level has “saved”) to come to their side-destroying their loyalty to the Next Level-keeping them preoccupied with lusts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    So loyalty is the key more than behavior, but behavior has to accompany loyalty because the one you’re with won’t put up with bad behavior, and your service is limited until your behavior improves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              There’s going to be a new Heaven (a generation of space aliens replaced by new ones), and a new Earth (one recycled for service for a new civilization). In other words, a new hologram program after the rebooting.
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Misinformation on Reddit about Heaven’s Gate

For some strange reason the class (HG) has become a topic in reddit message boards. A somewhat recent comment claimed that the “majority” of the class’ materials, including the website, were given to Mark and Sarah King because “Do” considered them to be “good caretakers”. This is a thoroughly misinformed statement that is easily debunked by the letters that the class left behind. Another thread is about an individual that is claiming that they were “chosen” to be in the group when they were a child. Not a single thing that they say sounds even remotely truthful but the individual claims that they can “prove it” with pictures and some kind of “log book”.

The individual on reddit claiming that they were in HG when they were a child is a total fraudster and liar.

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The audio tape log prepared by the class

This audio tape log covers the tapes made from 4/13/85 to 1/5/89. Unfortunately the majority of these tapes are STILL being suppressed by the TELAH Foundation which was not formed by the class but rather was formed by Mark and Sarah King after the class left in late March of 1997. Mark King has threatened individuals whom we gave the CD-ROMs of the audio tapes to with legal action. We gave two of these CDs to Robert Balch of the University of Montana and Mark threatened him with legal action unless he gave the CDs that RKK and I made from the class’ analog tapes back to him. Mark also tried to threaten two other Universities with legal action if they didn’t return his “property”. Yes, Mark actually referred to the CDs that he did not make that were made from audio tapes that he was too cowardly to retrieve from the storage lockers as his “property”. And he tried to bully the Universities that RKK and I gave them to into giving then to him because he has arrogantly and ignorantly decided that they belong to him. We copyrighted those CDs under the name Right To Know and Mark has NO legal basis to his claim that they belong to him. They belong to the world as the class intended, not to a cowardly excuse for a man who isn’t even willing to admit that Do had to kick him out of the class.

This will be a work in progress as it will be a bit of a laborious endeavor.

The term “Links” refers to Ti and Do as they are the class’ “Links” to the Next Level

Tape #214. Date-4/13/85. Place-Dallas/Benedict. Time-155 min.


Q & A ends at 335 side B. Links strata; not limited to different levels. Links assigned to this civilization. Where we came from. Those on this task who lost control. Butterflies & innocence. Innocence+purest state. A New Dose ends @339 on 215. Strong test period. Haley’s comet. Vehicles of different molecular structure. We are the human’s closest ties to the Next Level.

Tape#215. Dates-4/29/85 and 5/03/85. Place-Dallas/Benedict. Time-78 mins.

Contents-A new dose (cont.) ends @339. Dark corners. Humans drawing energy from us. Links picking us for this task. Love. Duties of Grads, a task with Grads. Checking with Older Member, Q car. Class members being Older Members. Experience. Desire & accomplishment. Handicaps. Craving cleanliness. I am going to do it. Carrying consciousness into the dark corners. Is it really worth it?

Tape#215B. Date-5/9/85. Place-Dallas. Time-46 Mins.

Contents- Re-establishing committals.

Tape #216. Date-5/11/85. Place-Dallas. Time-50 Mins.

Contents-Detail & accuracy. Thinking how Older Member thinks. Detailed thinking. Exactness. Take a chance on a positive. The Next Level wants keenness in your new vehicle. Don’t go to extremes. Sloppiness cancels out speed. Need to move. You can really drain yourself if you don’t stay where you should. Know areas can be corrected. Our affect (sic) on the world. Next Level Members exert strength and will.

Tape # 217. Dates-5/13/85, 5/26/85, 5/27/85. Place-Dallas. Time-48 mins. Contents-What are dark corners? Don’t send dark corner lists to Links. Really vulnerable spots. When you are alone with the 3 of you. Total assests(sic)/one warning. How well have you done your task. This tape was dc’d. No more baiting. Changing attitude for following procedures.




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Sawyer’s dreams and claims of contacts with the class

Sawyer’s self-appointed mission for the Next Level supposedly came to him in some dreams that he had many years ago. He believes that he receives approval from Ti and Do for what he does in his dreams. In a description of his dreams in his blog he claims that he had a dream  “of Ti approving of my writing right after 9/11”. His blog entry from April of 2015 goes into great detail about his dreams and his belief that they are “contacts” from the Next Level,

“I’ve pushed past my fears of getting reinvolved (sic) which took years and began to be public with my experiences for the last 10 years, escalating more and more with a number of what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams and in a sense of a(sic) open phone line”.  As I’ve stated previously Sawyer initially denied making these statements and told me that I was “making up lies” about him and I must have confused what he said with something that Rio said when I took him to task for claiming that he has “contacts” with the class in the form of an “open phone line”. As far as I know he has yet to apologize for this and as I’ve mentioned he doubled-down on his self-righteousness and victimhood by claiming (after he realized that he actually did say these things) that it was all “taken out of context”?!

“But I’m very clear that in the not too distant future some major changes will take place that will make the 9/11 attack that brought endlenss(sic) war with no tangible enemy (the red horse) and endless financial crisis weights and balancing (the black horse) that will make it very unwise to be seen as soliciting new cult members (which I am not, but that’s never believed fully by those who know nothing about Ti and Do’s efforts), yet I must continue and when the internet becomes too restrictive in so doing (if that is what takes place eventually) then I know I must go on the road with the information, even church to church which can sound like a noble effort to some and to me in times past – you know that martyr/zealot syndrome that I don’t want to do, but I would not be able to just live out my vehicles days keeping what I know about Ti and Do bottled up”.

“I’m prepared to lose my life to this task, (though I doubt anyone takes it seriously enough to want to do away with the likes of me), yet at the same time I know I can offer Do more but feel for the moment I’m still doing what he’d have me do”.

Sawyer claims he is “prepared to lose my life to this task” and yet years ago he reached out  and sent me an unsolicited personal message (that he now denies having ever sent, how convenient) in which he gave me a hard time for wrestling with being in this world. He is “prepared to lose” his life but he has never indicated that he has any interest in voluntarily leaving this world as Do and the class did so saying that he is prepared to “lose” his life sounds like a bunch of empty words to me. He talks about going on the “road with the information”. Didn’t the class do that in 1975-76 and again in 1994? Do spoke in His Exit video about how the class has put their information out world wide many times. And what “information” would Sawyer take “on the road”? Would it be Ti and Do’s information or would it be Sawyer’s information and Sawyer’s book?

It’s interesting that Sawyer brings up the “martyr/zealot syndrome”. I’ve pointed out in the past where he describes what he is doing as being “brave” and here he talks about how some “major changes” will take place “that will make it very unwise to be seen as soliciting new cult members” but despite these “major changes” in the “not too distant future” Sawyer feels that he “must continue”. He wrote all of this in April of 2015. What he has done since then is more of the same, lots of videos and blog entries and now a book and his numerous live streams with his question and answer sessions with his followers.

“I would not be able to just live out my vehicles days keeping what I know about Ti and Do bottled up”. Here once again is the crux of Sawyer’s self-appointed mission for the Next Level. Instead of saying “keeping Ti and Do’s information bottled up” he says “keeping what I KNOW (emphasis mine) about Ti and Do bottled up”. This is why Sawyer “doesn’t care” that the majority of the audio tapes are being suppressed because it’s never been about Ti and Do’s information for him, for Sawyer it’s always been about what “I know about Ti and Do” and how he can’t keep that “bottled up”. For Sawyer it’s always been about how “brave” he is and how he is the “most outspoken supporter of the class”(yes he did rescind that statement but only after I called him out on it). For Sawyer it’s always been about needing attention and recognition for his “19 years of fully dedicated service” (if I see that phrase one more time in his writings I may vomit) and he seems to get much of that recognition that he seems to need so badly from his followers. Of course Sawyer will deny all of this and claim that he is the victim of more “accusations” from CRL and he may even claim again that I “owe Ti and Do” for making up all of these “lies” about him.

How much time did Sawyer spend digitizing the audio tapes left behind by the class(the answer is none) as opposed to how much time he spent overlaying his flute music on said audio tapes? (more than none). How much time has Sawyer spent on distributing the class’ information versus time spent on giving his take on said information? How much time has he spent talking about his book as opposed to the book that the class left behind? How much time has he spent thanking RKKODY for preserving some of the audio tapes rather than faulting RKKODY for giving some of the tapes to TELAH? How much time has Sawyer spent giving his take on Next Level Information rather than referring individuals to the information that the class left behind?

“I know I can offer Do more but feel for the moment I’m still doing what he’d have me do”. So, Do approves of what Sawyer is doing. Sawyer said it so it must be true. Even though Sawyer has said other things that he later denied ever saying he somehow knows that what he is doing is what Do would “have me do”. Sawyer, as far as I can tell, has never changed his tune about this. He is on a “task” for Ti and Do and he regularly gets “approval” from Them for what he is doing. This apparently includes his book, live streams and virtually everything that he has done that he claims is in the name of Ti and Do. Was it Ti and Do who told him to find fault with RKK? Was it Ti and Do who told him not to “care” about the suppressed audio tapes? Was it Ti and Do who told him to add his flute music to their audio tapes?

“The whole story about Ti and Do is just too broad  and too deep and too many layers of a picture for any one presentation to do it justice. It’s a book  or a series of books but for reasons I would need to write another book about, I have not completed even one book on the subject”.

This is from Sawyer’s first blog entry in April of 2009. Based on this it sounds like Sawyer is saying that he could provide the “whole story about Ti and Do” but that he needs to write a “book or a series of books” to do that. Nine years later he apparently still feels that he can provide the “whole story” as he has one book done and another on the way. It reminds me a bit of Rio claiming that he knows “everything worth knowing” about the class.

“Also, for more information one can contact Sawyer on this blog of course but also most every Thursday evening from 11pm to 1am EST on internet radio site: where I welcome callers and chatters and listeners alike and where I share everything under the sun related to Ti and Do from the 19 years I spent as their dedicated student.

Additionally one can find on that blogtalkradio site a blog of articles I’ve written that explain things about Jesus, Moses, Space Aliens and why I left the Heaven’s Gate group and have since returned to being a witness to the information they bore.

Additionally I have posted articles on under the userid swyody the name given to me by Ti and Do while I was their student in their graduation classroom from 1975 to 1994″.

Only after all of this does Sawyer mention the information that the class left behind. As is still the case his priority is relating “everything under the sun related to Ti and Do from the 19 years I spent as their dedicated student”. He still throws that “19 years I spent as their dedicated student” out seemingly every chance that he gets. What we don’t hear from him are any qualifying statements. Nowhere in this first blog entry does he state that the most accurate information about Ti and Do and the Next Level is the information that the class left behind. In fact, I have yet to hear Sawyer state that anywhere in anything that he’s written or said.

“I began to have supernatural types of experiences and eventually was drawn to their service again though I knew I had to do so while remaning (sic) a supporter of my family. Ti in a dream approved of my writing and woke me up one night to see a spirit gliding by me and then another hoving (sic) over me. Do in a dream approved of my using music as a way to connect and in another answered my question of whether or not I needed to also “lay down mylife (sic)” to which he responded, “you need to give your life”. I believe that left it up to me thus I am attempting to give”.

Nowhere in any of Ti and Do’s teachings will you find Them stating that one can be in Their “service” while being a “supporter of my family”.

From The Jews and Christians Promote Lies-Unknowingly,

“No one who knows me or my Father would, PARTICULARLY AT THIS TIME (emphasis theirs), desire to continue preaching marriage, family”

But Sawyer seems to be convinced that “Ti in a dream approved of my writing” and “Do in a dream approved of my using music” so he clearly believes that all that he has done in their name meets with their approval. It’s rather convenient that he interpreted “you need to give your life” to mean whatever it wanted to to him. Sawyer clearly wants to stay here and he has received “approval” from Ti and Do for doing so and he gets the best of both worlds, he gets to be in “service” to Ti and Do and he gets to support his family. I challenge anyone to find anything in what Ti and Do said that would back up Sawyer’s claim that he gets to be in Ti and Do’s service while “remaining a supporter of my family”.

“Having gone to the public in 1997 to speak favorably about Ti and Do while the world in general was reeling with horror and dismay over what had occurred took some courage”.

Here again is Sawyer patting himself on the back for his supposed “courage”. Why doesn’t he talk about the courage it took for those who were in the class who chose to lay down their lives in this world? Why doesn’t he talk about the courage it took for those five others (including RKK who tried to leave twice) who left this world to follow Do? Sawyer is so blinded by his ego and his desire for recognition that he refuses to be held accountable for anything that he does. He almost behaves as if any questioning of what he is doing is somehow a questioning of Ti and Do. Like Rio and the Kings Sawyer has confused his own desires with those of Ti and Do. We were NEVER assigned tasks in the class  by a dream. There’s a an audio tape where Do discusses this very idea. But I’m sure Sawyer will have some long-winded and nonsensical “reasoning” for why he is the one special guy who gets “approval” from Ti and Do in his dreams.

Sawyer betrays where his real allegiance is  with his own words. His allegiance is to this world and himself and his own take on the teachings of Ti and Do He has bought an easy out that convinces him that all that he does is approved by and in service to Ti and Do while he gets to stay here and support his family. His allegiance is to his “19 years of fully dedicated service” and to his belief in how “brave” he is and how much “courage” he has for standing up for Ti and Do. Where was all that “courage” when RKK asked for help in distributing Ti and Do’s information in 1997? Where was all that “courage” when he attacked RKK (who had the courage to leave twice) for the debacle with the audio tapes? Someone who had no interest in helping distribute the class’ info when the media heat was most intense in 1997 and who attacks the individual who did the most to distribute the class’ info after they left does not have ANY “courage” in my book. That individual is a spineless coward who “owes Ti and Do” and RKKODY for the things that he has said and done supposedly in the name of the Next Level. I wouldn’t want to be Sawyer when he tries to explain that he did all of this for Ti and Do. Yes Sawyer, you told the world how “brave” and full of “courage” you are in order to praise Ti and Do. Yes Sawyer, you chose to stay here and support your family while you were in service to Ti and Do. Yes Sawyer, holding you accountable for things that you’ve said is “making up lies about you”.



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Sawyer’s attack on RKKODY’s efforts

The following is from one of Sawyer’s blog entries,

“I recall Gnrody telling me on the phone that right after the exit event, Sarah said to Gnrody something to the affect of, “how could they do this to us”. If I were Rkkody and heard that and knew that Mark had turned over the task to retrieve the contents of storage and had blacked out their names on one or more of those letters they received from the Class, (I don’t recall why some were blacked out while another wasn’t), I would be quite suspicious of their choices thereafter”.


“Why did Rkkody give the audio tape masters back to Mark, even the masters pre Ti’s exit that he had copied by then? Why didn’t he copy them all first since he was suspicious of Mark and Sarah’s intentions to do the right thing, as I understand it”.

Sawyer tried to claim after making these statements that he was in no way trying to find fault with RKK and yet here it is in his own words, he is questioning why RKK gave the audio tapes to Mark. Unfortunately RKK is not here to defend himself against Sawyer’s pathetic and petty attempt to find fault with what he did over twenty years ago. I can’t be certain of the time line but at some point after RKK and OSC retrieved the audio tapes from the storage lockers RKK had a meeting with Mark in which Mark pleaded with him to give him the tapes. RKK very reluctantly gave them to Mark after Mark repeatedly claimed that he would make the tapes available. I think that it’s highly possible that this meeting took place before RKK attempted to leave in early May of 1997. Based on his unpublished auto-biography RKK had become extremely frustrated with Mark after Mark had started talking to a lawyer, “I was washing my hands of this entire thing and told MRC I would be mailing him the keys (to the storage units in San Diego) and he could give everything to the county of San Diego if that would make him happy”.

RKK received a lot of grief from the Kings, Rio and OSC for his efforts to try to distribute the class’ information. He and JST were making a plan to leave this world in order to follow Do. I could be wrong but RKK may have been trying to take the higher side with Mark when he gave him the tapes as Mark repeatedly assured him that the tapes would be distributed. As I’ve said I can’t be certain but this meeting may have taken place while RKK was already planning on leaving this world and as he had stated in his frustration he was, “washing my hands of the entire thing”.

And here comes Sawyer twenty years later talking about how if “I were RKKODY” and how he would have apparently made much better choices in regards to what happened with the audio tapes. Sawyer conveniently fails to mention that RKK called him in 1997 and asked him if he wanted to help us distribute the information and Sawyer said no. And yet here he is twenty years later finding fault with RKK for giving Mark the audio tapes even though Sawyer himself has NO interest in helping with the task of distributing the class’ information nor was he offered any tasks by the class. Sawyer has also claimed that he “does not care” that TELAH is suppressing the majority of the audio tapes so it’s interesting that he would suddenly start faulting RKK for giving the tapes to Mark King. Perhaps it is Sawyer’s own petty jealousies that cause him to reach to find fault with RKK’s efforts of twenty years ago.

To add insult to his disgusting attack on RKK’s efforts back in 1997 Sawyer later claimed that, “I developed this post because Crlody accused me of finding fault with Rkkody. I did nothing of the sort”. This is another of the innumerable examples of Sawyer talking out of both sides of his mouth. How is the following statement NOT an attempt at finding fault with RKK, “If I were Rkkody and heard that and knew that Mark had turned over the task to retrieve the contents of storage and had blacked out their names on one or more of those letters they received from the Class, (I don’t recall why some were blacked out while another wasn’t), I would be quite suspicious of their choices thereafter”. Or, “Why did Rkkody give the audio tape masters back to Mark, even the masters pre Ti’s exit that he had copied by then? Why didn’t he copy them all first since he was suspicious of Mark and Sarah’s intentions to do the right thing, as I understand it”.

Why would someone who had NO interest in helping distribute the class’ information decide to find fault with the individual who did more to distribute the class’ information than anyone else after the class left? And why would they do that when the individual has been gone for twenty years and can’t defend themselves against the petty attack? Why would Sawyer attack the individual who was given the very important task of uploading the Final Press Release and the Student’s Exit Statements to Why didn’t the class send a FedEx pack to Sawyer? Why has Sawyer claimed that we “have all the information we need” in reference to the suppressed audio tapes but then he continues to make videos, do live streams and write books that he claims are all part of a “task” for Ti and Do? Sawyer once told me in a message that, “I know that Ti and Do gave me this task”.

If his task involves finding fault with RKKODY when RKK isn’t even here to defend himself then I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that his “task” did NOT come from Ti and Do. If his task involves questioning RKK’s choices in the aftermath of the class leaving when he (Sawyer) had NO interest in helping us carry out the tasks outlined by the class in their final letters then I know that his task is self-appointed and has everything to do with his own desires and nothing to do with what Ti and Do want. If his task involves making these types of statements and then backpedaling and claiming, “I developed this post because Crlody accused me of finding fault with Rkkody. I did nothing of the sort” then I know that his “task” is not coming from where he is claiming it does.

“If I were RKKODY…..I would be quite suspicious of their choices thereafter”.  First of all, RKK was “suspicious of their choices thereafter” as is evidenced by his auto-biography manuscript and things that he told me. As I’ve already stated Mark repeatedly assured RKK that the tapes would be made available and RKK tried to take the higher side and he believed that Mark would do as he said he would do. Secondly, Sawyer starting a statement with, “If I were RKKODY” and then proceeding to play the game where he would have made better choices is one of the most disgustingly arrogant and ignorant things I’ve ever heard coming from him. With the benefit of twenty years of hindsight in which we’ve seen TELAH continue to suppress the tapes Sawyer in his infinite wisdom knows that if he “were RKKODY” he would have apparently made a better choice in regards to the tapes.

But Sawyer isn’t RKKODY and he wasn’t interested in following Do out of here nor in helping to distribute the information and he didn’t retrieve the audio tapes from storage so why even say, “If I were RKKODY”? You are not RKKODY Sawyer and you did not do ANYTHING for the class in 1997 so it’s probably time for you to keep your ever-flapping mouth shut for once. You attacked someone who has demonstrated far, far more commitment to Ti and Do than you ever have and you did so in an ignorant, self-righteous and cowardly manner. You were too busy with your human life to help us distribute the information in 1997 and yet somehow in your infinite wisdom you know that “if” you “were RKKODY” you would have made a better choice. If I were Sawyer I would apologize to RKKODY and to Ti and Do ASAP for behaving like such an arrogant, ignorant and self-aggrandizing fool.

Sawyer never tried to leave this world twice to follow Ti and Do like RKK did. And yet Sawyer is going to fault him for giving the tapes to Mark even though it was RKK who had received the phone call from Do in December of ’96 asking him to open the Right To Know mailbox. Even though it was RKK and RKK alone who was tasked by Do with uploading the last documents produced by the class to Even though it was RKK who was given the masters to the Exit videos. What was Sawyer given by the class after they left? Why is he now after all these years deciding to fault what RKK did twenty years

If my memory serves me right RKK said that he copied as many of the tapes as he could. I think that there was a time element involved and he did what he could before he had to travel to meet with Mark but I really can’t be sure. His frustration with the situation with the audio tapes was apparent as per an entry from his auto-biography before he attempted to leave, “It seemed pretty clear that by now I was not going to get any help with trying to preserve the audio tapes, so it seemed there was no further reason for hanging around L.A. or planet earth for that matter”. After this chapter there appears to be a time gap of the events of 1997 in RKK’s manuscript as the next events he describes involve him waking up in the hospital in California after he was found in the hotel room in Encinitas. JSTODY’s vehicle was also found in the room having expired.

Maybe rather than asking these questions of RKK  Sawyer should answer some questions of his own. Why would he claim that “I developed this post because Crlody accused me of finding fault with Rkkody. I did nothing of the sort” when he attacks RKK with, “Why did Rkkody give the audio tape masters back to Mark, even the masters pre Ti’s exit that he had copied by then? Why didn’t he copy them all first since he was suspicious of Mark and Sarah’s intentions to do the right thing, as I understand it”. How in any sane person’s thinking are the above questions posed by Sawyer not an attempt to find fault with RKK’s actions? Sawyer’s tone is obviously accusatory. This is coming from a guy who has never read RKK’s manuscript of what happened after the class left but suddenly he is in a position to question RKK’s efforts twenty years ago when RKK isn’t even here to defend himself? And then Sawyer pathologically claims in a blog entry that he is the victim of “accusations” from me and that his questioning of RKK’s choices was “nothing of the sort” as far as an attempt to find fault?! Sawyer seems to believe two contradictory things at once in his mind. He makes statements and then writes an entire blog devoted to claiming he never made the statement as if saying something over and over again will somehow make it true.

This has happened previously with Sawyer when he accused me of “making up lies” about him when I held him to account for claiming that he has “contacts” with the Next Level in the form of an “open phone line”. He told me that I “owe Ti and Do” for “making up these lies”. When I  pointed out in his blog where he stated these things his tune quickly changed to that he ” was taken out of context”. To this day I have not heard an apology from him for accusing me of “making up lies”. And this is the individual who has numerous followers online who look to him as a “teacher”. No thanks. I’ll look to Ti and Do as my teachers, not some dropout who refuses to be held accountable for things that he’s said and who blatantly lies by initially denying that he has said them when he is held to account and then backpedaling and claiming that it was all “taken out of context” when he realizes that he said them.

This whole sad and continuous debacle with former members of the class is an ever current reminder of how lost those of us here who claim that we believe in Ti and Do really are. It’s been quite clear to me for a long time that the forces in opposition to the Next Level dove in immediately after the class left and targeted many former class members to become their willing mouth pieces though of course this will be vehemently denied by these individuals. I’m sure that I have made the mistake of attempting to explain aspects of the teachings of Ti and Do when I have no business doing so. None of us are in any position to speculate on aspects of the information that the class left behind, including the Final Press Release, “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us. If they do, it will not be easy. The requirement is to not only believe who the Representatives are, but, to do as they and we did. You must leave everything of your humanness behind. This includes the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith — that is, the shedding of your human body. If you should choose to do this, logistically it is preferred that you make this exit somewhere in the area of the West or Southwest of the United States — but if this is not possible — it is not required. You must call on the name of TI and DO to assist you. In so doing, you will engage a communication of sorts, alerting a spacecraft to your location where you will be picked up after shedding your vehicle, and taken to another world — by members of the Kingdom of Heaven”.

I’ve already exhaustively pointed out Mark’s and Rio’s speculations on the above. RKK and I responded to what they said with,

Sawyer recently faulted RKK and I for our response twenty years ago to things that Rio and Mark said on Art Bell so at this point-and at many previous points-we are doing a tit for tat back and forth that once again will do nothing but distract individuals from the information that Ti and Do left behind. Time and again multiple former class members who have proclaimed some kind of representation of HG or of being on some kind of “mission” or “task” for the class have proven that they are more interested in what they have to say about the teachings of Ti and Do than in what Ti and Do actually said. Rio wrote a book. Now Sawyer has one with another apparently on the way and TELAH have answered many questions in interviews acting as if they are answering for and representing the class.

Once again, these blog entries should not exist. The only ones that should exist are those that are comprised of the information left behind by the class. This whole series of events with former members of the class masquerading as if they are still members or making up missions and tasks for themselves is a sad joke. The audio tapes should have been made available in 1997. TELAH should not be giving interviews in which they present themselves as surviving members of the class. Rio’s and Sawyer’s books should have never been written, they are mockeries of the information left behind by the class.

Sawyer has speculated on the Final Press Release with,

“I discourage anyone who tells me they are considering suicide. That has happened several times over the years.

I don’t believe anyone now is in the same place as those 38 students who laid down their human lives in 1997”.

First of all, why is Sawyer even answering those who write to him saying they are “considering suicide”? Could not the entire thing be some kind of trick, testing him to see his response? Why even engage with someone like that”? Did he not learn anything from our experience with Austin who faked the “deaths” of three of his online personas so he could get attention for the sick little game that he played with himself and Sawyer and I?

“I don’t believe anyone now is in the same place as those 38 students who laid down their human lives in 1997”. A caveat to this should be, “Why should I care what you believe about something that involves the class”? Did they leave Sawyer as their spokesperson? Agreed, no one now probably is in the “same place” as those “38” but what is he saying here? He’s already said that the time to “literally be on the spacecraft with Do may have passed” so it’s beginning to sound like Sawyer is saying what Mark did on Art Bell, that the “gate is closed”.

Before I go further, I am quite obviously not saying that simply leaving one’s vehicle means that you go to the Next Level to be with Ti and Do. Do addressed this in his Final Exit video. My point is simply that speculating on how long the “brief window of time” to “follow” the class is pointless and quite obviously NOT something that the Next Level would reveal to those of us who have chosen to stay behind on planet earth after They have gone. Maybe the “brief window” is between when the class left and the recycling of the civilization? Maybe not, I can only decide for myself and myself alone if that “brief window” is open. Mark King doesn’t decide. Rio doesn’t decide. Sawyer doesn’t decide. Since none of us are Representatives of the Next Level like Ti and Do were none of us are in a position to speculate on Their time frames and how long a “brief window of time” is from Their perspective.

Sawyer mentions the “38” but fails to mention that five others that we know of, four of them former class members, left their vehicles voluntarily to follow Do. These individuals may not have been in the “same place” as those thirty-eight but they left this world because they recognized Do for who He was. One of them had never even been in the class. I believe that the most recent one left in 2000. Did the brief window close then? Did it close when Mark King said it did? Maybe no one on this planet is in any kind of position to even speculate on such things and those who do may have to answer to Ti and Do for trying to do so. Maybe those who falsely accuse others of “making up lies” and try to claim that someone “owes Ti and Do” for holding them accountable for the things they’ve said are in fact the ones who, “owe Ti and Do”.

Why does Sawyer feel the need to make these statements? It sounds like he is discouraging anyone from following in Do’s footsteps. Is this because he has a mission here to write books and do live streams as part of his “task” for Ti and Do and he thinks that because he is here on said mission then everyone else should stay here too? Why does he use the word “suicide”? It’s rather convenient that because Sawyer has claimed that he is here doing a “task” for the Next Level for the past fifteen years he is now stating that the “brief window of time”, “may have passed”.

RKK always told me that he wasn’t really “qualified” to try to explain what Ti and Do taught. We would have conversations about certain subjects and sometimes relate them to Next Level information but we always tried to be adamant that getting out their information, all of their information in undiluted form was the task, not giving our take on said information. They used the phrase “getting our information out” multiple times in their last letters. They didn’t say anything about writing your own book about the Book of Revelations as it related to Ti and Do’s information.

Maybe instead of being self-righteous Sawyer should be thanking RKKODY. If it wasn’t for RKK none of the audio tapes would have come to light and Sawyer wouldn’t have had anything to add his distracting flute music to. Sawyer “doesn’t care” that most of the audio tapes are being suppressed but he does care about overlaying his flute music over Ti and Do speaking so he can get attention for being a “virtuouso flutist”. After all, Sawyer knows that he is on a “task” for Ti and Do so therefore everything that he does; his book, blog, live streams and on and on are all apparently part of this self-appointed “mission” for Ti and Do. All of you looking to Sawyer for information about Ti and Do are looking in the wrong place.

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