Why is the TELAH Foundation still suppressing the class’ information?

There are some who have claimed that Mark and Sarah of TELAH are doing the “instruction they think they received” and “they think they are protecting Ti and Do by not releasing tapes”. The problem with the former point is that TELAH does NOT have any of the instructions that they received from the class as they gave them all to RKKODY in late March of 1997. I have put these instructions online so TELAH can now consult them at any time. There’s NOTHING in those instructions about copyrighting the class’ information. There was a request to “divide the items of value” from the storage lockers among those “who feel inclined to disseminate our information”. As has been exhaustively documented, RKK and OSC retrieved hundreds of audio tapes from the storage lockers and later Marc manipulated RKK into giving them to him and RKK only did so after Marc REPEATEDLY promised that they would be made available. After twenty-four years the tapes (other than the ones that RKK and I digitized) have only been made available to HBOMAX and ABC after they paid TELAH a licensing fee.

So, TELAH are clearly NOT doing “the instruction they think they received” as everything that they’ve done with the audio tapes goes directly against the class’ instruction for the items in the storage lockers. Did Marc receive “instruction” to lie to RKK about making the audio tapes available? Did he receive instruction to contact the three Universities that RKK and I gave some audio tapes to and threaten them with legal action if they didn’t return his “property”? Did he receive instruction to only allow large media companies who paid him a licensing fee to be the ones who get to listen to the class’ audio tapes? How is going directly against the class’ “desire” that the “items of value” in the storage lockers be “divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information” a way of “protecting Ti and Do” ?

RKK felt that it was really about protecting themselves as there is material on those tapes that is potentially “embarrassing” to Marc and Sarah King, such as a tape that deals with Marc getting kicked out of the class by Do. And another tape that mentions “MRC/SRF’s bitterness” in the description. The claim that the KIngs think that they are “protecting Ti and Do” is a cover for the fact that they are protecting themselves as Marc has yet to admit in the numerous e-mail interviews that he’s given that he had to be asked to leave the class.

JHN once told RKK that letting others listen to the tapes would be like throwing “pearls before swine”. And yet the class went through the trouble of stacking them right next to the door and gave the aforementioned instructions concerning the “items of value” in the storage lockers. Marc even suggested to RKK that myself and GNR ( another former class member ) may not have “enough” Next Level Mind to listen to the tapes. The class didn’t give any “instruction” about who should or should not be allowed to listen to the audio tapes. Do the people at HBOMAX and ABC have “enough” Next Level Mind or did they have enough money to pay the licensing fee? Marc even promised RKK and I in 1997 that the tapes would be released “when the right decision is arrived at” which was just more lies from TELAH.

The only thing that TELAH is “protecting” is their version of the Heaven’s Gate narrative. In twenty-four years they have never mentioned RKK and his integral role in receiving the masters to the Exit videos, running the HG website and in retrieving the audio tapes. They never mention that they gave all of their paperwork and tasks from the class to RKK when they were scared of the FBI. They never mention that ONLY after talking to an entertainment lawyer did they want their “tasks” back and they even had the gall to accuse RKK of “interfering” with their tasks after their change of heart. Instead of thanking him for taking over the tasks that they didn’t want and removing the TELAH address from the website, as Marc demanded, TELAH chose to attack RKK. At one point they even sent out an e-mail to a number of us former members about how RKK was “under an influence” and that’s why he wasn’t going along with them.

And let’s not forget the time that Marc told RKK in 1997 that “there’s tens of millions here” in reference to the class’ materials and that TELAH’s desire to do their “tasks” only came AFTER talking to the high-priced entertainment lawyer. Marc didn’t want RKK ( or anyone ) to distribute the class’ book ( the one with a Common Law Copyright that allows ANYONE to reproduce it ) because he wanted a deal with a “big publisher”. TELAH copyrighted the book and even trademarked the name Heaven’s Gate despite receiving NO instructions from the class to do so.

The only thing that TELAH is “protecting” are their copyrights to the class’ materials. As soon as RKK left they filed a lawsuit against his vehicle’s daughter to take control of the website, almost as if they were just waiting for him to go. The lawsuit claimed that TELAH was to be “the sole provider of Heaven’s Gate information” or some such made-up garbage. Since they have not had their instructions from the class since they gave them to RKK in 1997 I’ve always wondered what kind of proof that they provided to back up their claim. Once at a new religions conference the Kings apparently had a “box” that supposedly contained “instructions” from the class but as far as I know no one’s ever been allowed to see what was in the box nor have they made any of these supposed “instructions” public. They keep making all kinds of claims about how all of the class’ materials were “left” to them but after twenty-four years they have yet to provide a single document from the class to back that up. I have placed their letters along with the instructions to RKK online. TELAH has done nothing except giving e-mail only interviews in which they consistently lie about what happened after the class left. They even tried to tell RKK and I that we were “wrong to assume that all of the instructions came in the FedEx package” and claimed that they received “phone calls” and “other communications” from the class.

So, did these “other communications” somehow contradict what was in the FedEx package? The FedEx package would have been the last set of instructions that they received. It’s strange that they didn’t mention ANY of these other communications when RKK was meeting with them immediately after the class left. Only later, when he and I were “interfering” with their task did they suddenly remember these supposed “phone calls” and “communications”.

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TELAH is attempting to suppress RKK and the class’ videos from 1994

Some of the videos from the Marsh Apple youtube channel have disappeared so TELAH has filed for infringement of copyright with YT. The videos have been online for awhile now and have been downloaded and some are getting re-uploaded here


The files that start with VTS are of the July 26, 1994 meeting in Chicago.

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To the individual in Ireland who asked about the Right to Know CD-ROMs

I lost your e-mail it appears or at least I couldn’t find it when I was just looking, would you plz e-mail me again if you still want the CDs.

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Steve Hassan’s anti-cult crusade has everything to do with his time in the Moonies and nothing to do with Heaven’s Gate

In the Cult of Cults documentary the section that included part of the interview with myself was lead off by some statements by Steve Hassan. Hassan was talking about individuals who were in a “vulnerable” time in their lives and then someone comes to the door, “Knock knock, have you ever thought about the Bible”? or something to that effect. Then the filming did a clunky segue to me talking about how I first met the class a year after I “dropped out of college”.

There was never any “knock, knock” as the class didn’t go door to door in 1994 nor in 1975/76. They held public meetings that were free of charge. They didn’t approach individuals sitting by themselves on college campuses like Hassan describes his first experience meeting members of the Unification Church,

 “I was 19, and it was the beginning of the spring semester at college when three women, dressed like students, asked if they could sit at my table in the cafeteria. They were kind of flirting with me. I thought I was going to get a date”.

There are absolutely no reports of members of the class EVER using a “recruitment tactic” like the one that Hassan describes.

“At some point they said they were part of a student movement, trying to make the world a better place. I said, “Are you part of some sort of religious group?” They said no. They also didn’t say they were celibate and that Reverend Moon was going to match people and tell them when they could have sex. If they had, I would have said: “You’re crazy, leave me alone.” I say this to highlight the point about deception: people don’t knowingly join cults”.

The class was up front about the fact that they were celibate. If the Rev. Moon was “telling them when they could have sex” then they obviously weren’t celibate so it’s deception after deception with the Moonies apparently. Where is the evidence of this deception in the class? How many former members of the class have come forward claiming that they were “deceived” about what they were getting into? Ti and Do were always adamant that their way would “cost everything that you have, including your humanness”.

Hassan worked on “de-programming” Dick Joslyn because Dick apparently decided seven years after leaving the class that he was “brainwashed”. This is the only former member of the class that I know of that Hassan has ever spoken to. Hassan told Dick that he was a “strong person” and that he “saw through it”. What exactly did Dick “see through”? And why has virtually no other individual come forth from the class to claim that they were “brainwashed”?

In my opinion Dick used the class’ exit to get himself some air time. He was on Jenny Jones two days in a row and gave many interviews. He was even quoted after RKK’s exit in February of ’98 calling him a “tortured soul”. How the hell would Dick know that? I was living with RKK for several months in 1997 and I don’t recall him having a lot of contact with Dick although I do know that there was some. Maybe the “tortured soul” was actually Dick himself and he was projecting that onto RKK.

Back to Hassan who claims that,

“he willingly broke laws to raise funds” for the Unification Church. No one from the class has ever made that statement. Nor has anyone who was in the class described anything remotely like this,

“These new people picked me up on a Friday evening and drove me to a very expensive mansion, which turned out to be one of their headquarters. As we were driving through the gate, they said: “By the way we’re having a joint workshop with the Unification Church.” I said nobody had told me about a workshop, or a church. They did the classic mind control technique – they turned it around and made it my issue. “What’s the matter?” they said. “Are you closed-minded”?

Or this,

“I was put in a dormitory and couldn’t sleep. I was planning to get out of there the next day, but morning came and I was told I had missed the van. They said I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t stay, and talked me into a 40-day separation”

Or this,

“I was being told to think about what country I wanted to run when we took over the world”.

Or this,

“I was with the Moonies for two-and-a-half years. I worked 21 hours a day, seven days a week – in prayer for between one and three hours. Then I would spend the rest of the day doing PR or lectures for the group, recruiting and fundraising. Everyone on my team was told they had to raise a minimum of $100 a day, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to sleep, and as a good leader, if they couldn’t sleep, then I couldn’t either. When I crashed a van into the back of a tractor trailer, I had gone three days without sleep”.

All of these experiences lead Hassan to his crusade,

“I didn’t do anything for three months after the deprogramming. I just tried to work out who I was and what I believed. After three months, I realised (sic) I wanted to go public and expose it, which I have been doing ever since, writing books about how these groups work, and working as a therapist to protect people”.

According to Steve,

“cult leaders are usually motivated by power and profit and, often, the sexual favors they inveigle from members”.

Who from the class has come forward to say anything like the above about Ti and Do? Here’s an interesting article about the Rev. Moon’s ties to the CIA and George Herbert Walker Bush,


So what, if any, similarities are there between the class and the Moonies? Other than being labeled as “cults”? Where are Ti and Do’s ties to the CIA and fascistic organizations? Where’s the sleep deprivation that Hassan describes in his time with the Moonies? Where’s the reports of young women targeting a lone man and flirting with him in order to recruit him? Where’s the deceptive fund-raising practices?

Hassan, like Lalich, is on a crusade,

“I felt so guilty and ashamed of all the things that I had done in the Moonies – the trauma that I experienced – and that I recruited so many other people into the cult, I just wanted to right the wrong,” he said.

Like Lalich wanting to “figure out what the heck happened to me” Hassan feels that he needs to “right the wrong” and apparently that includes attacking the class even though he’s only spoken to one former member of the group. Hassan, like Lalich, has capitalized on the public’s interest in the class to promote their particular anti-cult agendas. Those book sales and payments for de-programming sessions are a nice “fringe benefit” for their crusades. In a sad joke they both get paraded before the cameras as if they were some kind of experts on the class and yet they’ve only spoken (to my knowledge) to the one former member ( among over one hundred) who felt that he was “brainwashed”. Talk about cherry picking your evidence to confirm your bias. Who has yet to come forward to confirm Dick Joslyn’s claims of being “brainwashed” during their time in the class? Why don’t Lalich and Hassan talk about the dozens of us who have or had positive things to say about our time in the class? Maybe because that wouldn’t fit with their pre-programmed agenda that every experience in a group that gets labeled as a “cult” has to be like their very negative experiences. Whatever “happened” to Lalich and Hassan is NOTHING like what I and many others in the class experienced. None of us have come forward and insisted that their experiences must have been like ours so why do they insist that we had the same type of experience that they had?

How much money did Lalich make with her book that was supposedly about the “Bounded Choice” that we had in the class? How much did Hassan get paid by Dick Joslyn to “confirm” that Dick was “brainwashed”? How much did Ti and Do get paid for teaching members of the class the ways, thinking and behavior of the Next Level? Hint, one of these numbers is zero.

I think that like the DWP that Lalich was a part of the Unification Church can be seen as an utterly failed version of the class. They were doomed to failure because they were lead by corrupted humans. Moon claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus but did his behavior match that of Jesus’?

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Since my book is entirely too big for anyone to wrap their heads around, I plan to create a document that can simply list all the primary forms of evidence that TI and DO were the promised return.

The above is from Sawyer’s most recent blog entry. To his first statement, “since my book is entirely too big for anyone to wrap their heads around”, I would counter with, it’s a good thing that the class left us a much shorter book that is MUCH more filled with Next Level Mind than Sawyer’s book is. I would also counter his egotistical claim about his book being “too big for anyone to wrap their heads around” with, I don’t need to read his book to know that Ti and Do were the promised return and neither does anyone else. I don’t need to try to “wrap my head around” Sawyer’s book because the class already did EVERYTHING that they could to demonstrate that Ti and Do are the “promised return”. The “primary forms of evidence” of who Ti and Do are can be found in the information that the class left behind. This is from the HG Book,

In the first of these two statements, Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure, posted on September 25-26, 1995, we felt like we had instruction to address the religious world, primarily the Christians, in relationship to their expectation of Jesus’ return. One of the greatest struggles we’ve had from the beginning is the terminology – if we try to correct the vision of the Christians and talk their language, we’re seen as a religious cult on an ego trip – if we try to state our information in language more relevant to our actual situation, the masses see us as attempting to make the “Trekkie” vernacular into religion.

And here from Undercover Jesus,

Evidence that we speak the truth is:

A.That our information and our actions match recorded accounts of the presence, conduct, mission, and departure of our previous visitations from the Level Above Human offering membership in that Kingdom.

And MUCH, MUCH more important than Sawyer’s book or his livestreams or his blog or anything that he produces is this simple fact as stated by Do in Beyond Human, Session One,

“It takes a gift from the Kingdom of Heaven to even get you with their Representative”.

Without that gift one can read as many books as they want and it’s not going to get them any closer to Ti, Do and the Next Level. The ONLY way that an individual can even begin to comprehend Ti and Do’s mission is if the Next Level has taken an interest in them and has given them, “the eyes to see and the ears to hear”. Once given that gift one should examine the “primary forms of evidence that Ti and Do were the promised return” which can be found in the book, the audio tapes and the videos that the class left behind.

In the Beyond Human series one can listen to Do’s thoughts on,

Jesus’ awakening and purpose

The “Gift” of recognition

How Jesus’ mission differed from this one

Counterfeit Second Comings

Jesus’ Information Paramount

Jesus’ promised return

Faith vs. Proof

Recognizing the Representatives

and much, much more.

The book includes several pages of Bible quotes which I consider to be “primary forms of evidence that Ti and Do were the promised return”. There’s papers by the students about the difference between modern day religions and Ti and Do’s classroom. It is full of information that may be “too big for anyone-check that, some-to wrap their heads around” but the class did everything that they could to reach out to the world and share the Next Level’s Truth. And it greatly offends me when Sawyer comes along and arrogantly talks about the class’ book being “too difficult to digest” in the context of his book being supposedly more “digestible”. His 999 page tome strikes me as the exact opposite of “digestible”. The class was trying as hard as they could to address the general public as is evidenced here,

“As we experienced time and again, and as you will witness throughout this anthology, it is nearly impossible to take advanced, non-human concepts and force them into comprehensible human language – the available “word processing” options of contemporary language are so extremely limiting. But it is part of our task that we try. And so it is our hope that the reader will look beyond the awkwardness of the words we choose, that is, we hope you get to the intended meaning of the thought that lies behind them”.

Sawyer can NEVER improve upon what the class has already stated about Ti and Do’s mission. The Next Level saw to it that they presented all the “evidence” that the human world needs to make a decision about whether or not they accept Ti and Do as Representatives of the Next Level.

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The letter from the class to the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property

Note: This letter was included in the FedEx package that was sent to MRC/SRF ( aka Marc and Sarah King ) with the following instruction,

“Please drop the letter in the mail addressed to our landlord, Sam, as soon as you feel comfortable that he will not get the letter before you have a chance to get to the address listed in the ‘Location’ document”.

In his manuscript RKK discusses the letter and MRC/SRF’s reaction to it,

“they were also concerned about a letter they were (to) send to the landlord of the house where (sic) the class had rented. MRC told me that they had a copy of the letter that the class for Sam and has asked MRC/SRF to send (it) once the bodies were found. The letter contained their names and my name. They wanted to remove their names and my name from that letter before they sent it off. I had some real mixed feelings at that time, as it seemed that they were changing something the class had purposely done, yet I also had mixed emotions about my name on the letter that might the authorities to me and I think that neither MRC/SRF wanted that link. I think that ultimately my response was to tell them they had to do what they felt was right to do. I learned later that they did remove their names and my name because they felt that Sam would surely show the Sheriff and that would be a direct link to us”.

S, R, T & T,

First off, we wanted to say how much we appreciated your friendship. It’s very unusual for us to have more than a brief association with human, but maybe it was because your roots are not in the US and your belief is non-Christian. Anyway, when we first leased your house we know your belief and trust in us was put to the test. As the months went by, we fulfilled all our obligations and we think we more than met your expectations. We feel that the Next Level arranged this circumstance with you and that we hope you’re up to an even greater test. The test for you now is that our task here on earth is over and it’s time for us to go home–to return to the Kingdom of Heaven from where we came.

As you will remember Sam, we told you that these containers ( bodies ) were merely tools for us to use for our task and that we borrowed them since the early to mid-seventies ( more or less 22 to 24 years ago ) and have been using them ever since. It’s now time for us to exit this world and leave out borrowed bodies behind. Since we come from the world above human that created all that is including these human containers, each of us had the right to take one and use it, and each of us also has the right to lay it down. By the time you receive this letter we will be left a few days ago.

Since when we came into this world we borrowed these containers for the task we were given to do, it’s necessary that we leave them behind upon our return so that this world will know that we came, offered the Kingdom of Heaven to them, and left. We could have very easily been picked up unnoticed by a space craft and quietly slipped away with no one the wiser, but the design for our end is that it’s necessary for the world to have proof of our existence and judge us as they will. As you know so well. most of it will be full of misinformation and negative, but there may be a few who might have their eyes opened a little and see some of the truth behind our action. What this amounts to, Sam and F, is that we left these “containers” ( the bodies we were using ) in your house and soon the authorities and news media will be all over your property wanting to know every scrap of information ( past and present ) about us. All that you read and hear will most certainly be negative, but the K’s who know us and who see us as “angels” from heaven, can try and set their twisted record straight if you want to. All of our containers had a past before we borrowed them and so the media will dig up all the garbage they can find, especially about Teacher Do ( who you know as Father Jonathan ). To the world and the way humans are programmed, your house will appear as a crime scene where a group of cult members lived and “committed suicide”. Nothing could be further from the truth for we merely left behind the tools that we needed for this earthly task, and since each container had served its intended purpose, it was discarded when it was no longer needed–just like you would discard a worm out suit of clothes. The ignorant world will want to know who we are and why we would do such a “stupid act” and so ( sic ) numerous books, movie and TV scripts will probably be quickly written to profit from the media hyped “tragic event”. If you want to benefit financially from what you know about us and the media notoriety you will have, feel free to do so. Our “Heaven’s Gate” book that you have a copy of will probably become a “best seller”.

In preparation for our exit, we wanted your house to be as nice as possible, so we have spent a lot of time cleaning up the grounds. We cleaned up the back fence area bu hauling off about three truck loads of old yard trimmings. We also pruned and fertilized the fruit trees, pulled a million weeds, weed whacked the grass around the fruit trees and shrubs, fixed a lot of broken and damaged sprinklers to where they all work, dug ditches around the fruit trees for holding water, trimmed the hedges and shrubs, and a lot more. The grounds look nice.

The authorities may want to confiscate or hold for estate purposes, TV’s, bunks and other equipment that belongs to us. As far as we’re concerned we would like for you to have what is left in the house if the authorities will allow it.

Note: Despite having this letter with the above statements and the following from their own letter,

” It is likely that the items currently in the residence will not be easily available to you– so we did mention to our landlord, Sam, who might have better luck with the authorities in claiming some of those items that he could have whatever valuables are there-which likely will amount to a few TV’s. some bunks, a few household items, and perhaps a laptop computer or two”

the Kings still filed a lawsuit against San Diego County for the items that were in the house.


I feel that it was a nice dose of karma that the Kings got hit with for filing a “frivolous lawsuit” for going directly against the class’ instruction regarding the items in the house.

Back to the letter,

The big screen TV cost $5,800 and the smaller one in the den/bar was around $1,200, so feel free to keep or sell them. Hopefully, the TV’s and other equipment we left in the house, plus the $7,000 deposit we have with you will take care of our financial obligations for April and May. We hope our story alone will be worth something. The Next Level will be in the house watching all that happens and will assist you with your task. Our vehicles ( bodies ) will probably be taken to the morgue and may or may not be claimed by their human families. It will probably be chaos around your house for awhile with not only the cops, FBI, and media, but the snoopy, looky-lou public who may wany souvenirs might be more of a problem. If the public thinks that your house was actually occupied by a God ( Father Jonathan ) and angels from God’s Kingdom, who knows, they may want to but it from you and turn it into some sort of shrine.

The truth about the Kingdom of Heaven and the facts about us are in our Heaven’s Gate book and on our website http://www.heavensgate.com. In preparation for our exit, we have produced and added to our website some materials to give the world a chance to know the truth from the Kingdom of God’d point of view as opposed to what they will hear and read from the media. With this in mind we have sent out a press release nationwide and have enclosed a copy for you. We have also prepared and sent out a few copies of a 1 1/2 hour video tape of Do ( you know him as Father Jonathan ) explaining what our task has been, why we can no longer stay here, and the fact that it is necessary for us to leave now in order that we be out of harm’s way before the serious spading under of this planet is set in motion by the Next Level.

All our current bills have been paid, but since we won’t be here to pay the remaining ones that come in we would be grateful if you would take care of them for us, and so we’ve enclosed $1.500 that should be more than enough. Thanks for the use of your house and your friendship. All that has and will happen can be a positive if you view it from the right perspective. Also know that the Next Level picked you for this task because they felt you could handle it. You won’t be alone, so just ask the Next Level for help as you tell the world about us, and you will have it.

Thanks for everything,

Logan & June

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Maybe Janja Lalich and Steve Hassan should take up their ‘cult issues’ with the groups that they were part of and leave the class-which they do not understand-alone

Part One: Janja Lalich

Both J Lalich and Steve Hassan seem to be on a crusade, an anti-cult crusade. The word cult is rooted in the word culture so compelling arguments can be made that there are a myriad of “cult(ures)” on planet earth. Perhaps the anti-cult crusaders have become their own type of cult. I have been told by an anonymous source that Steve Hassan has almost a “cult-like” following, many individuals who seem to look up to him almost as if he was some kind of guru.

Cult deprogramming has used tactics that many have accused cults of using. Do two wrongs ever make a “right”? Here’s an interesting article about the innovator of cult de-programming and his heavy-handed tactics including tying a fourteen year-old boy to a chair and depriving him of sleep because he listened to too much heavy metal music and his idiot parents hired the scumbag to torture their own child,


When does a cult become a culture or a religion? Do spoke about how “cults”, once they’ve been around for awhile and start to buy property and become more established, can become religions. It’s one of those purely human designations and rather arbitrary. Is it a numbers game? Once they have so many members and so much money then do they get to be called a religion? Is Islam a religion but the Nation of Islam a cult? Who gets to make these distinctions? Sociologists who have been labeled “cult experts” because they were part of an abusive Marxist/feminist group? How does one obtain the title of “cult expert”? Is there a board that certifies these supposed experts or do they get called that by the media because the media has rather arbitrarily given them that title?

I have stated more than once that Lalich would not have had a PhD dissertation and book to write if it wasn’t for the class. In order to make her dissertation relevant she capitalized on the events of March of 1997 and tried to force her experience in the DWP onto the experience of those in the class. So, let’s examine the DWP versus the class and see what, if any, similarities there are between the two.

Lalich has stated that the DWP was a Marxist/feminist group. The class did not embrace Marxism or feminism. They did not go for ANY political philosophy and they were about overcoming all gender and sexual consciousness. The DWP did not have overcoming gender/sexual consciousness as part of their tenets. Lalich describes her time in the DWP thus,

 “No vacation, no sleep, bad food, and constant criticism. We spent most of our time criticizing each other and breaking people down.”

I haven’t heard any former members of the class describe their experiences in the way that Lalich does about her own experience. I had plenty of sleep, we all went down by 10:30 p.m. and were up by 6:30 a.m. for a healthy eight hours. The food was fine. I never felt like “we spent our time criticizing each other and breaking people down”. Maybe some other former members would disagree but I haven’t heard anything like this yet from anyone who was in the class.

Lalich also states that,

“She worked 20 hour days, acting as a “foot soldier” for various local politicians”.

Also something that I didn’t experience in the class and that I’ve never heard from any former members.

She goes on,

“Members lived in a constant state of turmoil; verbal and emotional abuse were second nature. Important members who tried to leave the cult were tracked down, threatened, and even beaten. Sometimes, cult members would try to damage ex-members’ reputations by telling their bosses at their jobs that they’re pedophiles”.

No one from the class who left was EVER,  

“tracked down, threatened, and even beaten”.

nor were they accused of being “pedophiles”.

“There were a number of times I wanted to leave, or I thought about escaping, but I absolutely couldn’t figure it out,” 

You can ask anyone who left the class that there was no need to think about “escaping” because if you wanted to leave the door was always open. In fact, at one point Do offered anyone who wanted to leave $2,000 if they wanted to recover their lives in the world. Compare this to Lalich’s story about visiting her mother,

 “Lalich borrowed money and flew to Milwaukee against the DWP’s wishes. “They called me every day, twice a day, asking, ‘When are you coming back?’”

In 1988 Do suggested to a student, Michael Conyers aka RTHODY, that he go on a visit with his family. Michael never came back from the visit and became one of the-if not the-most critical former members of the group. But in all his criticisms he never claimed that anyone from the class called him to ask when he was coming back, much less multiple times a day.

And let’s compare the leader of the DWP to Ti and Do,

“Dixon was a domineering, alcoholic former professor who sat around reading spy novels while DWP members—derisively called “petit bourgeois” when they questioned her teachings—cleaned her house, opened her sodas and emptied her ashtrays”

No one has ever accused Ti and Do of being “alcoholic” nor any of the other things that Lalich used to describe her former leader. She is projecting her experience with Dixon onto myself and others and she has very little to no data to back up anything that she says. To my knowledge she has only spoken to one former member of the class, Dick Joslyn , who is the only former member I know of who was stupid enough to go to a cult de-programmer (Hassan) and whine about how he was “brainwashed”. How strange that a guy who pays ( I wonder how much he paid, at least Ti and Do didn’t charge him for his “brainwashing” ) a supposed cult expert to find out if he was brainwashed or not will get his bias confirmed.

“Yes Dick, you were brainwashed. Now, we take cash, check or credit/debit card”.

Lalich has stated that she wants “to figure out what the heck happened to me” in regards to her experience with the DWP. She mistakenly believes that what “happened” to her is the same as what “happened” to members of the class. Beyond the practice of adopting a new name there is nothing in common between the DWP and the class. Marlene Dixon was nothing like Ti and Do other than being the leader of a group that has been labeled a cult. Members of the class were allowed to leave whenever they wanted to, I estimate that at least one hundred individuals left the group and some left multiple times. No one tried to talk me out of leaving and when Sawyer left after nineteen years Do told the students to not try to talk him out of his decision to leave.

To me it is quite clear that the similarities between the DWP and the class are superficial at best. Lalich needed to make her dissertation timely so she used the class to further her personal agenda. It doesn’t hurt that she got a book deal out of it and gets put on camera periodically as a “renowned cult expert”. I wonder how much HBOMAX paid her for her supposedly “expert” commentary. They paid me with a salad.

Lalich confirmed her biases by only talking to Dick Joslyn (if there’s others she hasn’t been forthcoming about talking to them) and has deliberately ignored what many other former members have said about their experiences in the class. She has also ignored academics like Rob Balch (arguably the foremost HG scholar) who has stated unequivocally that he saw no evidence of “brainwashing” or “coercion” in the class.

I think that one way to look at the DWP is to view it as perhaps an utterly failed version of the class. It had some lofty ideals but was lead by what seems to be a highly corrupted human. Her tactics were very aggressive and heavy-handed. Ti and Do were not human and they were not aggressive. They did not display any of the behaviors that Marlene Dixon has been accused of by Lalich.

Lalich has exploited the class to further her career and has deliberately left out the viewpoints of individuals who were in the group that don’t dovetail with her preconceived agenda. She has not and never will be an “expert” on what the class did while they were here. She should stick to the DWP and leave the class out of her personal anti-cult crusade. But she won’t because she’s invested her livelihood in finding fault with something of which she has chosen to be woefully ignorant.

In Part Two I’ll delve into Steve Hassan, the anti-cult crusader who thinks that his abusive two and a half years in the Moonies make him some kind of expert on the class.

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Transgifuration Monastery Pamphlet. Circa 1987

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1994 footage shot by RKKODY and Rio appears on a youtube channel


Some of RKK’s footage from 1994 has been uploaded to the above channel. This footage (and much other stuff that is still being suppressed by TELAH) was on seven VHS tapes that was given to me by RKK’s vehicle’s daughter in February of 1994. Since I didn’t have the equipment to dupe the tapes Sergio Myers, who made the Day After documentary, offered to make me copies and return the originals. When I asked for these tapes back Sergio claimed that “RKK” had given him the tapes (an outright lie) and that they were “with Rio” and “in storage”. I never saw the tapes again but Marc King of TELAH licensed the footage to HBOMAX and was working with ABC to license some footage to them as well. I am 100% convinced that Marc threatened Sergio with some kind of legal action when he found out that Sergio had RKK’s property, I still have no idea how Marc found that out but since Sergio mentioned “Rio” in his e-mail to me in 1998 I assume that Rio was involved in stealing these tapes. Like everything else that TELAH has stolen from the class these have been hidden away and only large media companies with big budgets are allowed to view them as long as they pay Marc a licensing fee. RKK talks about these tapes in his unpublished manuscript and he was “confused” as to why Rio seemed to have no interest at the time (1997) in the tapes.

It appears that TELAH has a leak somewhere. I hope that all of RKK’s tapes get into the public domain. It’s what he would have wanted. And I hope that Marc King comes to his senses and releases all of the class’ information that he has been actively suppressing ( and trying to prevent others from distributing) for over twenty-three years.

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Repeating the false claim about how Ti and Do met

“In Houston, Applewhite apparently had a near death experience, according to his sister. He met a nurse named Bonnie Nettles while being treated. Nettles allegedly told Applewhite that he had been spared”.

The above was claimed in an article in Men’s Health, https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a34817569/marshall-applewhite-do-heavens-gate/

The sister seems to be the only source of the claim about a “near-death experience”. What brought on this supposed “near-death experience”? It seems to go along with the unsourced claims that he was “hearing voices” and had “sought treatment” for these supposed “voices”. Or the claim that he was a “mental patient” and that Ti was his “nurse” at the “mental” facility.

As I’ve already documented, Rob Balch-by no means a Heaven’s Gate “apologist”-did some extensive research and told me years ago that the real story of how they met is the same story Do told the students on one of the 1994 audio tapes. Marshall was visiting a sick friend in the (non-mental) hospital and Bonnie came into the room to administer a prescription.

So, at the very least the claim by Marshall’s sister that he met “Bonnie Nettles while being treated” is highly suspect. And if that’s the case then what do we make of the “near-death” experience claim? How does one get “treated” for a near-death experience? It sounds like something that one would go to a psychiatric facility for but since Bonnie didn’t work in that type of hospital I find it highly unlikely that they met while he was getting “treated” for the alleged “near-death” experience. Do regular hospitals “treat” near-death experiences? And what did Marshall supposedly almost die from? Is there any proof that he was ever admitted to a hospital “near death”? Is there any proof that he was ever admitted to any kind of hospital during the time leading up to meeting Ti?

Just like the alleged “psychotic episode” that Bonnie was his “nurse” for there’s no proof to any of this other than some things that people said.

“I heard that he had a psychotic episode”.

“I heard that he got fired for an affair with a male student”.

“I heard that he was hearing voices and sought treatment”.

“I heard that she was a nurse at the psych facility where he sought treatment for his near-death experience….I mean his homosexual desires….I mean the voices, it was definitely the voices”.

Ti and Do didn’t defend themselves from these garbage rumors for a reason. They were task conscious and only wanted the focus to be on the Information that They were sharing with the world. But the world, for the most part, has no interest in going beyond human. The world wants dirt and gossip and salaciousness. Ti and Do came here to save humans from their extremely limited existence and for the most part the world mocked Them and told lies to try to discredit Them. The lies continue to this day.

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