The bottom line: the Heaven’s Gate group did not mention the word “copyright” once in their letters to the Kings and others but they did state “disseminate our information” multiple times

The folks at TELAH have spoken about how the audio tapes need to be dispersed “legally” as if “disseminating” the class’ information is somehow an “illegal” activity. Of course, the ONLY thing that makes it illegal is the fact that the Kings copyrighted all of the class’ “Intellectual Property” in the name of the TELAH Foundation which did not exist when the class was here, it was TELAH Services as set up by the class and IT HELD NO COPYRIGHTS. As has been stated innumerable times the ONLY copyright that the class held was the Common Law Copyright on the book. The class did not ask ANYONE to copyright anything.

To this day the Kings have never made any of the letters that the class sent to them public, instead they have claimed that there were “other instructions” that supposedly justify all that they have done to take control of all of the class’ Intellectual Property. And yet that Judge in San Diego County hit them with filing a “frivolous” petition when they tried to claim that all of the class’ “assets” belonged to them. This included an assertion that the Kings owned the class’ Intellectual Property. Apparently the Judge didn’t buy it. They also very stupidly tried to claim that everything in the house belonged to them even though the class specifically said it was for the landlord.

It’s true that they did receive some of the class’ IP in a settlement with San Diego County and what exactly they received is still unknown. What is known is that in 1997 Right To Know registered the initial 218 audio tapes with the Library of Congress and we had given many of the CDs with the tapes on them away as well as three sets of the cassettes to Universities. Mark King tried to prevent us from doing that, he even called at least one of the Universities and demanded the return of his “property”. It’s also known and can be proven that JHN was given the masters to the Beyond Human series and the Kings copyrighted them without even telling him.

Why would the class put a TOA copyright on the BH series only so that the TELAH Foundation would copyright it AFTER they left over five years later? Why would they put a Common Law Copyright on the book if they wanted the Kings to copyright it? Why would they ask OSC to “register” the book with the L.O.C. if they wanted the KIngs to copyright it? Why would they put the audio tapes in a storage locker with instructions to “divide” the “items of value” among those who “feel inclined to disseminate our information” if they wanted the Kings to copyright them and threaten anyone who “disseminates” them with legal action?

The ONLY reason that the Kings think that the class’ materials belong to them is because they hired lawyers and filed copyrights, not because the class “left” everything to them. And just what were their motivations for wanting control of the class’ “assets”?

From Chapter 5 of RKK’s manuscript titled, The Lawyers

“When we met at the Mexican restaurant only a week earlier MRC was saying that TOM ( the lawyer ) wanted to form some kind of entity to be able to get all the rights to Heaven’s Gate stuff INCLUDING COPYRIGHTS ( emphasis mine ) on all the web pages and their logos, etc. He said there can me ( sic ) 10’s of millions at stake”.

I’ve brought this up many times before and of course Mark will deny that he ever said anything like that but it does fit in with everything that’s happened. The Kings and their lawyer in 1997 came up with the idea of incorporating TELAH Services as the TELAH Foundation so they could take control of all of the class’ Intellectual Property and the class had NOTHING to do with that. The idea came from a lawyer and that’s why things have become such a mess, Mark was stupid enough to believe that there’s “10’s of millions at stake” and since it never materialized he has taken his bitterness out on anyone who tries to “disseminate” what he believes to be his “property”. The same “property” that he has licensed to HBOMAX and ABC for supposedly no cost. But he won’t allow it to be on free file sharing sites.

This is why they wanted RKK and I to stop distributing the book, videos and audio tapes,because they were copyrighting all of it and if too much of it was already out there then it may call those copyrights into question and be considered fair use I believe. This is why the copyright strikes did not start until I put the tapes that JHN provided on 4shared and the google drives. Tapes 1-218 plus six from 1994 were on the 4shared site for over ten years and it was advertised on the blog and yet TELAH did nothing until more tapes were added in 2021. They have only copyrighted tapes 1-486 and it appears that only tapes in the range from 219-486 were removed by the strikes.

Why aren’t the tapes above 486 copyrighted? When and how did the Kings obtain the tapes above # 486? Was it from the settlement with San Diego County in 1999? Why didn’t they copyright anything that they got in that settlement? What exactly were the terms of that settlement?

It’s always so many questions and so many lies from the Kings. And they just keep telling them over and over again. I’m really tired of this merry-go-round. It’s not a pleasant ride.

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Just a reminder, there’s all these audio tapes

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The authorities may want to confiscate or hold for estate purposes, TV’s, bunks and other equipment that belongs to us. As far as we’re concerned we would like for you to have what is left in the house if the authorities will allow it.

The above is from the class’ letter to Sam, the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property. And despite the class telling the Kings the same thing in the letter to them Mark and Sarah chose to try to sue San Diego County for all of the class’ property, including what was in the house. I wonder why the Judge hit them with filing a “frivolous” petition? And she did that without most likely seeing the letter to the landlord or the letters to the Kings, unless the Kings presented fabricated letters which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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RKK and the Kings, OSC and Rio, from RKK’s manuscript, Chapters One and Two

This will be continually added to until it is complete.

Here are all the times that RKK discusses the Kings and OSC in his unpublished manuscript.

Chapter 1

The FedEx Packages

“I called a former classmate who was known in the group as MRC and who was on the list of those who also received the same package and asked if he got a package. He told me that another ex-class member, whose class name was OSC, was there and picked up a package for himself but that they hadn’t really had a change ( sic ) to examine the contents that close ( sic ). I then called another ex-classmate, SRF, at her home and told her then ( sic ) the class had left their vehicles. I could be wrong, but she seemed like she really didn’t believe me until she talked with MRC. After awhile I guess MRC came home and showed the package to SRF and then we talked again by phone.

By this time both MRC and SRF seemed concerned that the TELAH address was on he ( sic ) web. They had offered to assist the class in the past by setting up this address. In addition to their concern about the mail address being advertised on the Web site, they were also concerned about a letter they were to send to the landlord of the house where ( sic ) the class had rented. MRC told me that they had a copy pf the letter the class had prepared for Sam and had asked MRC/SRF to send once the bodies were found. The letter contained their names and my name. They wanted to remove their names and my name from that letter before they sent it off. I had some real mixed feelings at that time, as it seemed that they were changing something the class had purposely done, yet I also had mixed emotions about my name on the letter that might attract the authorities to me and I think that neither MRC/SRF wanted that link.

I think that ultimately my response was to tell them they had to do what they felt was right to do. I learned later that they did remove their names and my name because they felt that Sam would surely show the sheriff and that would be a direct link to us.

Chapter 2

Before the news hit

By then I was feeling that I made a terrible mistake by waiting over 24 hours before doing anything. It wasn’t until the next day that I took a flight from Denver to Phoenix which arrived on the afternoon of the 26th where I met OSC at the airport. OSC had also felt an urgency to get out to San Diego and go to the house in Rancho Santa Fe, so even though we were going to meet with MRC and SRF, we decided not to at that time but chose instead to hop on another plane to San Diego that same afternoon.

We took a flight that put us in San Diego about 6:30 p.m. that evening and OSC rented a car then ( sic ) we headed out towards Rancho Santa Fe. We made a quick stop to ( sic ) a store where we bought a video camcorder so that we could tape the scene before the authorities had any chance to contaminate or change the scene. We obviously didn’t trust that whoever was called would not somehow alter the scene in some way as to try to make up their own scenario as to what really happened. I later learned my suspicions were unfounded and in fact I was surprised to learn that the sheriff’s department did an excellent job in who ( sic ) they handled their investigation.

As we were driving up Interstate 5 towards the house we had to travel through slow rush hour traffic. We were about ten minutes from the house when we turned on the radio and listened to the first accounts of the event. Needless to say we had no further reason to continue for the last thing either of us wanted was to encounter the police or the reporters, so we turned off the Interstate into a hotel looking for a phone. The only lobby phones we found were being used by a couple reporters calling in their story. They had no idea we had more of the story they would ever hope to get and were standing in line waiting to use the phone.

Rather than wait or try to use the phone next to the reported ( sic ) and be overheard, we left the hotel and searched for another phone so we could call MRC and SRF and let them know we had to abort our mission. Once we found a phone and talked to MRC/SRF, we all agreed that the best thing to do now was to return to Phoenix.

It was late when we got back to Phoenix, and went ( sic ) to OSC’s apartment. He had a sofa-bed he let me use so I laid down for what I thought was going to be a few hours rest. Both of our vehcles were really exhausted and when I hit the bunk I went out like a light.

It wasn’t two hours later, about 3 AM, when OSC woke me up and said MRC was on the phone. I answered the call and MRC seemed upset and nervous about the TELAH address still being on the Heaven’s Gate website. TELAH is the name the class used to distribute their materials and the address was a rented box where ( sic ) MRC and SRF had set up some months prior for the class to use.

In the FedEx pak they sent me I was given the Internet access codes and a letter asking me to help upload some new files to their web sites. I was really not feeling up to digging into the Internet at that hour especially since my vehicle was lacking rest and I was having a lot of trouble making my brain work.

I went back to bed after trying to explain to MRC that I would try to get it done in the morning. Well, I felt bad that they were so nervous and wanted to do what I could to help them, so I get ( sic ) of bed and stayed up for another hour to make the changes to the index pages for their web site, but the site was so busy I was unable to access the server and could not make the update MRC had wanted.

I guess I didn’t get much accomplished and tried to get more sleep, but couldn’t. I got up about 5:30 AM and showered. Both OSC and I had arranged to meet with MRC and SRF before they went to work that morning. We all knew there would be hoards of reporters waiting for MRC and SRF because the TEALH address was still on the web.

Shortly before 7:00 AM OSC and I met with MRC and SRF in a strip mall parking lot where we sat in the back of their car while they transferred all of the things they received from the class to our keeping. The Class had given MRC and SRF the “purser” task. This was the name they used to describe the bookkeeping task. They sent a few letters to MRC and SRF outlining the things they were asking them to handle. MRC and SRF handed over all of their paperwork they got from the class along with two sets of keys to all of the cars and trucks the class had parked in a San Diego airport parking lot. The class had taken great care to make sure we could gain access to all of their effects, including some cars, trucks and two storage lockers in San Diego that contained the majority of personal items, computers and some other things.

Next up: Chapter three

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A note from the class to MRC/SRF dated 3/22/97


We added these 3 @ the last minute-

They are “Rights” sympathizers + a Waco author-

Anyway, these 3 got videotapes + hard copy of press release, Earth Exit Statements, + transcripts from last fall’s videos.


Your friends

The “videotapes” are the Exit videos that were copyrighted by the Kings. The “last fall’s videos” are the two “Recycled” tapes which were also copyrighted by Mark and Sarah King. These transcripts are still available for download and have been ( mostly ) since 1997 and yet they contain copyrighted material. If the class wanted the Kings to copyright the Recycled videos why were the transcripts put on and available for download? And if the class wanted the Kings to copyright the Exit videos why would they send some of them to the above mentioned individuals?

So many questions and never any forthcoming answers from Mark and Sarah King.

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Jessica Webb-Lamphere claims she was in Heaven’s Gate as a child, her book is a fabrication

She posted on reddit years ago claiming she was in HG “as a child”. I found numerous holes in her story and pointed them out and she continued to maintain that she’d been in the group. Apparently she’s even written a book about it now.

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Once again Heaven’s Gate CD-ROMs with supposedly copyrighted material are being sold ( not by me ) on the Internet

And don’t forget the clothing with a Trademarked logo ( also not sold by me )

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The actual words of the class regarding their final instructions

“We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about”.

“These tapes can be sent to the media or wherever you would feel appropriate”.

“disseminating information about what actually happened here”

“we’d like these funds to be available to those who still support the class and want to help get our information out”

“It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”

” we did mention to our landlord, Sam, who might have better luck with the authorities in claiming some of those items, since he owns the house, that he could have whatever valuables are there”

“RKK, you have the original master, we thought you would know best how to duplicate the tapes and where to distribute them for widest coverage”

“(former classmembers currently handling TELAH’s mail )

Mark and Sarah King”

“We asked OSC to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress”

” Enclosed is a key to our storage units which we prefer remain confidential to you and whomever on the list above would be most helpful to you-we suspect RKK and OSC would likely be a big help”

“(former classmember who left class in late February of 1997)

Rik Ford ( Rio Diangelo ) ( a.k.a. NEO )”

“We also have a 20 foot yellow truck in a separate storage unit, and we did think that RKK would be a good choice to retrieve it-it’s big enough to haul all of what’s in storage, we believe”.

“Again, perhaps you could get some help from RKK and OSC in handling the truck and storage”

One word that isn’t mentioned in any of the instructions from the class is “copyright”. Nor is there any mention of turning TELAH Services into a Foundation that should copyright all of the class’ Intellectual Property. Nor is the word Trademark ever mentioned. And yet the Kings have claimed that part of their “task” is to “protect the copyrights and Trademark”. Copyrights and a Trademark that didn’t exist until TELAH was incorporated as a foundation by the Kings AFTER the class left.

The ONLY mentions of Intellectual Property in the letters to the Kings are the above about OSC registering the book with the L.O.C and the “two videotapes of Do and the class” and in regards to those tapes,

“RKK has the original master in his packet”.

The Beyond Human series that TELAH has copyrighted and the Recycled videos that they have also copyrighted are not mentioned in any of the letters to the Kings. The BH series masters were given to JHN and TELAH copyrighted them without even telling him.

And even though he lived in L.A. why wasn’t Rio mentioned as one who would be a “help” with the storage lockers?

And why did the class put this Common Law Copyright on the HG book if they wanted the Kings to turn TELAH Services into a foundation that would copyright it?

This book is protected by Common Law copyright.  Permission is
hereby granted to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, as 
long as the content is unchanged, i.e., nothing added to it or 
taken away from it as long as it is for non-commercial purposes.

Is not adding a copyright that states the TELAH Foundation, adding to or changing the original “content” of the book?

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e-mail and ask the Kings why it’s being treated like a crime to listen to Ti and Do

And ask them why the producers at HBOMAX and ABC were allowed to listen to them on the audio tapes.

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The Evolutionary Level Above Human cannot be Incorporated

It is such a sad irony that the Kings tried to “incorporate” The Evolutionary Level Above Human. The Next Level will never be a part of this world. Its Members only co-exist with this world when They are sent here to nurture those Souls/Minds that are ready to make the transition from here to There. It still makes me laugh to see,

The Evolutionary Level Above Human, Inc.

and that the “organization” is solely used to suppress the class’ Information and to make legal threats against those who try to “disseminate” that Information as the class very specifically asked to be done. Perhaps it’s inevitable that this would happen. Those who really could have fought the Kings like RKK ( which is why those cowards waited until he was gone to sue his “estate” ) left because they wanted to accept Do’s invitation to leave. OSC left in 2000 too. Everyone who is left clearly wants to be here and we all have gotten corrupted in varying ways by staying here so long after the class left.

This entire twenty-five year nightmare is just an indicator of how all of us who flunked out of the class are really, truly lost without our Older Member. The class left such simple instructions that their information be
“disseminated” and instead, almost immediately, much of it was taken control of by self-serving individuals and hidden away from any and all who wanted to hear it. It was a test of those who chose to remain behind and many have failed.

I’ve failed. I’ve lowered myself so many times in these ongoing conflicts with former members and with others who weren’t part of the class. I have not been a good example of Next Level ways, behavior and thinking. In twenty-five years I’ve given into this vehicle more than I’ve exerted any control over it. The Next Level invested a lot in letting me take on this task of taking over a human vehicle and I did not deliver on my end. I have no one to blame but myself for that.

Make no mistake. This world is part of hell. It is a very primitive place and its purpose has pretty much run its course. The class left when they did for a reason. For years I was surprised that this place was still allowed to go on but it has obviously suited the Next Level’s purposes to do so. The forces in opposition to Them seem to be initiating their own distorted and self-serving “endgame”. Do talked about how the civilization was at its most “rotten” right at the end. That seems to have escalated since the class left and an exponential rise seems to have happened in the last two and a half years.

The “battle” is for the allegiance of the souls here on earth. Everyone is making choices and aligning with something, even if it’s just their own egos. Some are investing in this or that political or religious figure or type of philosophy or their romantic partner and on and on. All will pledge their allegiance to something whether it be in word or deed. Nothing is predetermined and no one is guaranteed anything, particularly from the Next Level. They may save one or thousands or none of us.

Do spoke about the End of the Age. All who have had any kind of relationship with the Next Level are here now, and and all could be redeemed. We are all being tested. Daily. By our words and actions who is our allegiance to? Do our actions match our words or are we merely paying lip service? Only the Next Level can decide that. And they are watching.

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