Repeating the false claim about how Ti and Do met

“In Houston, Applewhite apparently had a near death experience, according to his sister. He met a nurse named Bonnie Nettles while being treated. Nettles allegedly told Applewhite that he had been spared”.

The above was claimed in an article in Men’s Health,

The sister seems to be the only source of the claim about a “near-death experience”. What brought on this supposed “near-death experience”? It seems to go along with the unsourced claims that he was “hearing voices” and had “sought treatment” for these supposed “voices”. Or the claim that he was a “mental patient” and that Ti was his “nurse” at the “mental” facility.

As I’ve already documented, Rob Balch-by no means a Heaven’s Gate “apologist”-did some extensive research and told me years ago that the real story of how they met is the same story Do told the students on one of the 1994 audio tapes. Marshall was visiting a sick friend in the (non-mental) hospital and Bonnie came into the room to administer a prescription.

So, at the very least the claim by Marshall’s sister that he met “Bonnie Nettles while being treated” is highly suspect. And if that’s the case then what do we make of the “near-death” experience claim? How does one get “treated” for a near-death experience? It sounds like something that one would go to a psychiatric facility for but since Bonnie didn’t work in that type of hospital I find it highly unlikely that they met while he was getting “treated” for the alleged “near-death” experience. Do regular hospitals “treat” near-death experiences? And what did Marshall supposedly almost die from? Is there any proof that he was ever admitted to a hospital “near death”? Is there any proof that he was ever admitted to any kind of hospital during the time leading up to meeting Ti?

Just like the alleged “psychotic episode” that Bonnie was his “nurse” for there’s no proof to any of this other than some things that people said.

“I heard that he had a psychotic episode”.

“I heard that he got fired for an affair with a male student”.

“I heard that he was hearing voices and sought treatment”.

“I heard that she was a nurse at the psych facility where he sought treatment for his near-death experience….I mean his homosexual desires….I mean the voices, it was definitely the voices”.

Ti and Do didn’t defend themselves from these garbage rumors for a reason. They were task conscious and only wanted the focus to be on the Information that They were sharing with the world. But the world, for the most part, has no interest in going beyond human. The world wants dirt and gossip and salaciousness. Ti and Do came here to save humans from their extremely limited existence and for the most part the world mocked Them and told lies to try to discredit Them. The lies continue to this day.

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TELAH’s blatant lie about the audio tapes that RKK and OSC retrieved from the San Diego County storage lockers and RKK’s e-mails to TELAH in 1997

TELAH sent RKK and I an e-mail in late 1997 in which they made the following statement,

“Please discontinue any reproduction and dispersal of audio tapes in any form. Please give all of us the time to work out the best solution in this matter. We promise they will be made available when the right decision is arrived at. Ti and Do and the class did not feel the urgency that you feel about this or they would have taken care of it prior to their departure. As you well know, the class gave us the responsibility to take care of all of their possessions that were in storage”.

Reading this self-serving garbage after all these years still makes me want to vomit. This horribly manipulative and condescending e-mail fails to mention that Marc only got the tapes after repeatedly promising RKK that they would be made available. As has been thoroughly documented before, the way that the Kings took “responsibility” for the “possessions that were in storage” was to give everything from the FedEx package that was sent to them by the class to RKK including the keys to the storage lockers. Since the Kings gave their instructions to RKK they weren’t able to cite anything specific that the class had instructed them to do, they simply claimed that it was all their “responsibility” even though they had no interest in that “responsibility” when they were scared of the FBI immediately after the class left.

“We also have a 20 foot yellow truck in a separate storage unit, and we did think that RKK would be a good choice to retrieve it”.

And of course the infamous line that I have quoted dozens of times in which the class made it quite clear (to anyone who isn’t a total idiot) that they wanted the audio tapes to be distributed,

“It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”.

Considering that the tapes were stacked up right next to the door of the storage locker and the above instruction how could anyone believe that the class had not “taken care of it prior to their departure”?! The Kings (and others) are deliberately ignoring the instruction from the class to “disseminate the information” that was in the storage locker. RKK looked around the locker,

“There were about 6 or 7 boxes of audio cassettes and several other boxes of extra Beyond Human video tapes……OSC and agreed that we should just take the tapes and some other supplies he could use in reproducing the big blue book…….For the most part there were (sic) just a lot of camping stuff and other household items”.

And what about that “promise” to make the tapes “available when the right decision is arrived at”? Apparently that “right decision” means that only HBOMAX and ABC are allowed to hear those tapes and only if they pay a licensing fee to TELAH. Nowhere in ANY of the instructions that the class sent to TELAH were they ever asked to copyright any of the class’ materials.

This is from a July 30th, 1997 e-mail from RKK to TELAH,

“…if you want me to stop distributing this book and the other information from the class then show me documentation that:

  1. It is the classes’ desire to work ONLY with a big publisher to distribute the book, and
  2. Let me see the agreement you signed with the publisher asking that you don’t distribute what the class asked you to distribute.

I may be the only one here who want (sic) to preserve the information and get it out, and if I am alone in this, then I will have to answer to the Next Level, not to the County of San Diego, not to Rio , and not to a big publisher,

I have demonstrated my allegiance and commitment to the Next Level by my actions in May. It was not my fault I was not able to leave, but as long as I am still here I will not roll over to your demands, or the demands of anyone who seeks to keep me from distributing what the class wanted distributed”.

Marc King, you are a dirty liar and manipulator. You have been lying for almost twenty-four years now and you lie every time that you give one of your cowardly e-mail only interviews. Ti, Do and the Next Level know about all of your deceptions and self-serving manipulations. You can still do the right thing and release the tapes that RKK gave to you on the condition that you release them to the public. Anything else is talk and when you talk all that you do is lie because you are NOT drawing your inspiration from Ti and Do, you’re drawing it from the forces in OPPOSITION to Them.

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A note from Do to the class

I believe that this is from 1994 but I don’t know for certain.

To ALL From LNKS 0517 3:00 pm

1 There’s possibly more relationship between thought and spirit and breath, than we are aware of. Sometimes our subconscious impulse of a “sigh” and a “deep breath” is a means of evacuating negative breath/thought and replacing it with more neutral “plasma” to convert the thought. This could have some meaning as to why we feel so much better when we take a deep breath before a fresh try or start at almost anything. It wouldn’t hurt us to increase our frequency of deep breaths, and expulsion of negative breath/thought, particularly when we are aware of it.

When our thoughts, our breath, is more frequently void of fear or any other labels for negativity, it seems that we can even take positive physical as well as positive mental nourishment from that breath. To do breathing exercises as the Eastern Religions or philosophies do can expel negativity, but it isn’t replaced with a high enough caliber of positive knowledge in order to seat enough significant change. In order to turn over or recycle our “medium” for thought, it can help us to sustain a lifted chest, a high breast-plate, and attempt to establish a habit of keeping our lungs filled with a larger amount of fresh breath. This doesn’t have to be noticed by anyone, even though I’m sure as practice it, we will become aware more of when others are recycling their air. If you think about it, most creatures, when they are depressed, have pretty sunken chests, stooped shoulders, and seldom recycle their air. Maybe we can take a lesson from this.

2. Regarding the format for CSR’s:

Because of the habit some have slipped into of saying, “To the best of my knowledge I have not….” at the beginning of the first section of their CSR, and them letting it stand for all of the listed elements, it destroys the realness or validity in each statement. Therefore we are making it a procedure to begin each item on the “I have not” portion of the CSR note with the phrase, “To the best of my knowledge, I’m not aware that I have….” (sic) As Do has found in many of the CSR’s–by the time the phrase has been skipped a number of times, the meaning becomes distorted.

0517 4:00 pm LNKS-LVV/JHN

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The Final Statement of Te and Do

[I could be wrong but I believe that RKK had this and passed it on to me]

Tuesday, Feb. 26, ’91

The enclosed material gives a running account of our background and the materials we printed in relationship to our mission. A few additional things need to now be said or clarified before our final offering.

When we and our students completed our 10 months of meetings around the country and we received the instruction ( from our Heavenly Father ) to separate from the world ( the first snatching away ) in order to assist the students in their overcoming or their metamorphosis ( the first Resurrection ) we didn’t clearly understand the difference between what we had called “Members of the Next Level” ( Members of our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom ) and other individuals who circulated in the Heavens. In other words, we tended to see all physical creatures who circulate outside the confines of earth’s atmosphere or gravity, or who travel in space/time or spacecrafts, as from the “Next Level” or our Heavenly Father’s world. Reports we hears of activities aboard spacecrafts such as aliens having sex with humans or the “aliens” being clearly male and female in appearance seemed to us to be inaccurate or gross misinterpretations. Even though we knew of so-called “space alien” bases in the earth’s surface, in caves and large underground facilities, we still somehow felt that Lucifer (Satan) and his crew of “angels” were confined to the earth in a discarnate condition and that all who were permitted to circulate in space (who traveled in spacecrafts or UFOs) were from the “Next Level” or “Our Heavenly Father’s House”.

It wasn’t until the last few years that Te was able to clarify that issue for Do, along with other issues that were easier for her to see after having returned to her “Next Level physical body” and station. Some points to clarify that topic are as follows:

  1. Our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom is “Headquarters” for all of the literal Heavens, universe, or whatever labels might be placed on all that exists.
  2. The Chief of Chiefs, the Creator of Creators, resides in that same Kinmgom and reigns as King or Head of that “Headquarters”.
  3. He is above gender, for He is whole and complete as Adam was before Eve. Male and female are two halves of a whole. The use of “He” is for lack of an appropriate pronoun. When His mind sufficiently fills a servant or “vessel”, which is the case in a completed metamorphosis, (Sanctified or Glorified body), that vessel or individual is no longer male or female and after time the gender characteristics disappear or begin to atrophy.
  4. Therefore all “space aliens”, heavenly creatures, or angels which have gender characteristics or behave as males and females are not from Headquarters or our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom. They are simply advanced human equivalents who often think of themselves as gods because of their ignorance.
  5. It might be good to remember that members of our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom or the “Next Level” wear or put on bodies as they would suits of clothes that can last for long periods of time. When one “suit” is exchanged for another, no death or sleep state or loss of consciousness is experienced.
  6. The only was that any creature from Earth or any other part of the Heavens can inherit a “Next Level” body is after overcoming not only gender, but ALL other humanness or human equivalent characteristics, behavior and addictions. This is possible only after “self” is literally destroyed and literally replaced with sufficient Mind and Ways of our Heavenly Father.

The UFO community describes or has labeled these non-gender creatures as “greys” and out of ignorance sees them as possessing a “hive” mentality. Of course they have a hive mentality, for they have more years than they can count, desired to have no mind of their own or no separateness, but rather to be filled only with “His” mind in order to be better servants and not get off track.

Thy will, not mine.

Luke 22:42 Father, if thou art willing,, remove this cup from me, yet not my will, but thine be done.

John 6:38 For I have come down from Heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of Him who sent me.

If you know me, you know the Father.

John 14:7 If you had known me, you would have known my Father also: from now on you know Him, and have seen Him.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me.

The Father and I are one.

John 10:30 I and the Father are one.

(This is preceded by John 10:27-29 My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me and I give eternal life to them, and they shall never perish; and no one shall snatch them our of my hand. My father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; and no one shall snatch them out of my Father’s hand).

John 14:11 Believe me that I am in the Father, do not believe me; but if I do them, though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the father is in me, and I in the father.

This is the time to mention that these students have now sufficiently completed their metamorphosis (attaining their glorified bodies), having little remaining gender identity, though those physical characteristics have only begun to disappear or atrophy.

In other words their minds are filled sufficiently with their Heavenly Father’s Mind, that should they for some reason lose their present bodies and take up the “suit” or body of the Next Level, they would be viable (mind and body being sufficiently compatible) and not need to lose their consciousness.

This is not to say they have to leave their present physical vehicles (bodies), for should circumstances permit them to retain these vehicles, they will eventually become full-fledged “greys”.

They too have a “hive mentality” as Te and Do do, hopefully so filled with only the Mind of our Heavenly Father that separate identity is all but non-existent. Where we differ–we lack. Where we speak and “He” is not speaking or acting through us–we falter, showing our youth, our immaturity, our lack of control in the ways of His Kingdom.

Te and Do feel that instruction has now come for the final act of this mission. That is to once more share this truth for a short period of time. We feel that the Next Level, or our Father’s Kingdom, has prepared other souls to take bodies through this transition (metamorphosis, second Resurrection). We are instructed to help them overcome their seed-bearing characteristics and become the rightful inheritors of “Next Level” bodies (Glorified)–changing into non-seed bearing minds and bodies.–clean enough from separateness so that He might reside in them–becoming a part of His Body in service to His Kingdom–never needing to go to sleep again–never needing to be separate from Him again.

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Control Status Report

This is a document from the class. I’m not sure of the date but I think that it may be from 1994.

To ALL From LNKS 0426 7:00 am

The following are two examples of good CSR’s. Do thought it might help some to write theirs if they see some examples.

Example # 1

0423 9:50 am

Te and Do

To the best of my knowledge, I have not:

1 Knowingly taken any action without using my check partner.

2 Knowingly trusted my own judgment or used my own mind.

3 Knowingly permitted impatience.

4 Nor have I knowingly participated in any forms of deceit or sensuality.

Over the past week or two, I feel I’ve felt better–feel as if I’ve gained a new perspective and more of your objectivity. I feel I’ve gotten a lot of help as a result of my asking and I’d like to thank you for it. I feel that I’m contributing to the crew and have appreciated how we all work together.

I feel I have not dealt with that influence of separateness and shut the door when any thoughts knock on my door. And as I’ve said, I wasn’t aware of how much I was listening to until it was exposed. My remedy is to stay keen and to continually ask for your help in being aware of what thoughts are not yours. I think I never stop being grateful for being with you and for your help with knowing how to rise above all that would separate me from leaving here.

I think I’ve become aware of an influence that would have me be sensitive. I think you’ve brought this to my attention before and I want to have the right kind of sensitivity–to have your sensitivity. I feel at times I’ve dealt with an influence of impatience. I feel I used to deal with it at my OOC task and it takes the form of thinking things are not moving along as quickly as they should. My remedy is to stay keen to it and to not want things to move more quickly than is appropriate. I ask for your help in giving me your patience and your timing.

This task continually provides me lessons that I’m grateful for. I find (myself) at times responding with disappointment and discouragement with realizing how well Lucifer is well (sic) in place here. After visiting some that have seemed to have found their answers in what the Ashtar Command has to offer or in the current new age thinking I almost feel sick when we’re finished talking with them–that they are blinded to the truth, that they’ve bought a counterfeit and there is no recognition. It seems so apparent how they’ve been carefully programmed and how it’s all been prepared for this time. I trust though that the Next Level is guiding us where we need to be and I cannot judge how some respond. I look forward to seeing how the Next Level will conclude this task and if some of these might realize how far they have gotten off track in what they thought the truth was.

Thank you again for your help and help me to have your keenness to know how I can be a better instrument for your mind. Help give me the strength to keep moving forward and to be a keen partner and crew member. Give me your judgment and objectivity, your tolerance and your patience. Give me the eagerness to change and to see where I’m off track. And help me recognize and put into motion the ways I can be closer to you.

Thank you

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Quotes from the Mt. Cross meeting

“It’s very interesting how our information… we don’t ever get any absolute information, we don’t ever get anything that’s true but we get some that’s true for the moment. It’s always updated. We always find after we get something that we’re excited about understanding then a short time later we get something new and it out-dates that and makes it obsolete. But what we’re so excited about is the new information that is true for the time that it’s true”.

“For years and years TI and I thought that reincarnation applied to every Soul and that Souls even came up from domesticated animals and if those Souls only wanted to be with human beings and didn’t like being with their pack anymore. Let’s say if a dog was in a human family and the dog didn’t like the other dogs and considered himself a human and only liked to please his human masters then we thought: well that soul might move right up to the human family and take a human vehicle and stand in line for it.

Now I have a different understanding of that now and I’m still adjusting to the new understanding of it because it has so many implications and this new understanding is, a soul, what we call a soul what we’re going to use the term ‘soul’ for is something that happens to an individual that has received a little chip or little deposit from the Next Level that begins then to form a different container for information than a vehicle had before.

A human vehicle its mechanism its genetic background its environment when the vehicle expresses its genetic background, it’s education then what it is expressing is an audible manifestation of the spirit of the vehicle. Now I’m using spirit in the term that you’re probably accustomed to hearing (the word) Soul used. And believe it or not I’m trying to use the word spirit in a term that isn’t spiritual and that’s kinda funny to play with but let’s just redefine the term ‘spirit’ and I find is the most accurate definition of ‘spirit’ is that my spirit or your spirit is the manifestation of what my package is.

In other words my genetic background, what I’ve learned in my environment the education that I’ve been through that there’s an invisible kind of plasma, and I don’t want to get spiritual here but there’s an invisible manifestation of me that forms, that is actual substance though we can’t discern it scientifically only because of human limitations. I’m sure the Next Level can easily discern it scientifically but that spirit then when a human body or vehicle dies that spirit then leaves that body and that spirit is the sum total of information and judgment and whatever that individual was at the time the vehicle left or the vehicle collapsed and then that spirit can be in what we call the ‘discarnate world’ and that spirit can then invade other vehicles if other vehicles will permit it to invade it will invade other vehicles. And in that sense even theoretically that possibility exists that spirits of animals which would be the invisible manifestation of what they were, their intelligence, their judgment those spirits also leave those animals so the invisible is filled with spirits”.

“Now, ‘spirit’ is a term that we’re now using for the invisible being that exits a vehicle when the vehicle drops.

Except there’s another whole category and that category is when the workers of the Next Level are assigned a task, periodically to choose certain human vehicles and they will then give them physically some little chip or deposit — now I don’t pretend to be able to describe what it is that they give to them, I wouldn’t assume to know that. I’m not meant to know that. Well, if I am I’ve failed because I certainly don’t understand it. And this little thing that they were given makes them have a little recognition for someone else who has that object and they feel a kinship with someone else who has that chip.

When they feel or when they hear an expression of Next Level information then they have a recognition they say ‘goodness I’ve heard this before’ or ‘I’ve know this all my life!’ or whatever their way of expressing that they recognize that because that little gift was given to them. Now here are a bunch of people sitting out here that I’m assuming all have that little chip of recognition or you wouldn’t be sitting here”

“Now I do not know the criteria that the Next Level would use in giving that chip of recognition to vehicles. And it’s not up to me to question that criteria because that’s not my task. My task is to come and work with those who have that chip. And help them in their change.

Now what TI and I have always felt the truth was that the Next Level — now I say that I felt that this way and I have not yet seen evidence that makes me feel differently but TI and I always felt that the Next Level did not give someone a chip of recognition who was incapable of change – incapable of making the transition from human to Next Level”.

“Now one other aspect I must mention is that some Souls now when you have received that chip then that chip has with it the capacity of starting what we’ll call a container for Next Level mind in other words something can be built in the area of that vehicle and that spirit that is Next Level mind and something is being built and we’ll call the container that is present after the Next Level has given the chip, we’ll call that the Soul”.

“Now the Mind of the Next Level came from the Next Level. I mean it is present in the Next Level. Those individuals who are in the Next Level possess varying amounts and degrees of Next Level mind. My Older Member possesses more of that than I possess. My Older Member and my Older Member’s Older Member must feel that I possess enough of it to help you to possess more of it. Now the more of it that you possess is like this container you have can only hold so much stuff so I have to abort programming, abort the essence of what I was, my genetic emanation, manifestation my learned Mind. I have to abort it piece by piece in order to accept more Next Level mind in”.

“I feel honored to accept it because it is the very Mind of my Creator that has been channeled down through levels and generations from Older Members to Younger Members it is the Mind of the Creator now I have a little bit of it compared to some that are Older Members in the Next Level”.

Jwnody: And once the deposit is made, do we have the soul beginning?

DO: “Yes, the beginning. You have a little soul that has the capacity to grow because the Soul is going to contain Next Level mind so the more it grows—its like you have two containers happening here or you’ve got the spirit of this individual that’s trying to abort in order to make room for the soul to contain more Next Level mind”.

“even when you’re in the Kingdom of Heaven an Older Member has the free will to go awry. Anytime an Older Member thinks he’s not dependent on his Older Member he is on the threshold of going awry. Now get that again any time any individual in the Next Level in the Kingdom of Heaven thinks they’re not totally dependent on the one that is assigned to nourish them, they’re on the threshold of going awry. When they think that they have gotten so big that they can do something on their own and they can go and create – the higher you go in the Next Level the easier that is to do. It’s our understanding, and it may be wrong but those who we call Luciferians – they weren’t humans – they were ones who had been brought into the Next Level and learned a lot of Next Level knowledge and Next Level skills and Next Level ways that to humans would seem utterly phenomenal, just beyond belief and yet as they chose to not acknowledge their necessary total need for their Older Member, only looking to their Older Member – only seeking to please their Older Member, but once self comes back in — as long as you’ve got free will you’ve always got that possibility of ‘self’ coming right back in and saying: I’m tired of looking to someone else or I’ve leaned a lot of this – I can – I have a contribution to make and your Older Member says well if that’s what you want to do, have at it. And your Older Member will say that. Many times in the classroom people will tell me what they want to do. Students will tell me what they want to do and I’ll say ‘have at it’ and they’ll learn a little while later ‘why did you say have at it?’ and I’ll say because I wasn’t about to tell you no you couldn’t do it because I sense that what you  wanted to do was do that. And I knew that if you’re made of good stuff that you would do it a little while and think that’s not the right thing to do, what should I be doing?”

Note: Rio came to Do with his idea that he had “something to do for the class, outside of the class”. And Do essentially said, “have at it”.

“And there are students in the class that still think that they can talk to me and get answers from me and from TI when they’re separated from us and again and again I’ve seen that the answers they got are not real”.

“Now there are ways you can ask for things – you can ask for help in this or you can ask to be stronger in overcoming this – you can ask to get past this rebellion. All these things that you can ask and if your asking was really sincere and strong the answers to that asking will be fulfilled, and that you can do when you’re separate from your Older Member – you can do that asking. But if you’re asking is somewhat etheric or somewhat less than real or some DREAM (emphasis mine) or some thought comes and answers that you’ll check immediately with your partner and those in your group and your Older Member before you act on that – what you thought was an answer. Because 9 times out of 10 it will not be right. Now the Next Level, I’m going to repeat, will present you with answers to your requests if your requests are answers for your advancement and getting closer to the Next Level”.

“What if someone way back BC some significant time had a visit from someone from The Next Level and got a Chip, had a relationship with an Older Member, learned some things and lost the vehicle. Well, according to the theory we just went through since that individual had an encounter first it received a deposit once it started a pillowcase – a container for Next Level mind once it has Next Level mind in it then we have a soul with mass. And then the Next Level can take that Soul at the time that the vehicle collapses and do what it wants with it. We usually use the term that it ‘puts it on ice’ until it’s time for it to have a chance to pick up where it left off with another representative of the Next Level to continue with its lessons.

You might find a vehicle in this classroom that is 20 years old as far as the age of the vehicle is concerned and yet it may have had more association and exerted more effort of change to get closer to the Next Level, than that Soul might have, so that others around it could be jealous of how easy that individual had it as far as making change and not having all this resistance and all this change. If that individual has really received much Next Level mind it’s going to be more restrained. It’s not going to have its feathers easily flustered and it’s not going to be self concerned – it’s going to be more concerned in how it can serve”.

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TELAH still lies

” there are four original members left” 

Marc and Sarah King made the above claim in some correspondence with an individual. What they meant to say was that there are four individuals remaining who received FedEx packages from the class. What does “original members” even mean? It starts to sound like the, “Who is more Heaven’s Gate than whom” game. What they meant to say is that there are four former members who have conspired to suppress the majority of the audio tapes produced by the class. None of these four retrieved any of the audio tapes from the storage lockers in San Diego County and none of these supposed “original members” have done anything to make these tapes available to the public much less to former members of the class. Rather than adhering to the class’ last wishes and “disseminate” their information the individuals at TELAH would prefer to call themselves “original members” even though they were referred to as “former members” in the documents in the FedEx packages.

TELAH is a sad mockery of what Ti and Do stood for. Deceit and arrogance were not traits that Ti and Do taught or exhibited. They have had twenty-three years to make these tapes available and they even promised to do so over twenty years ago. The joke about lawyers is the same for TELAH but updated for the digital world. How can you tell when TELAH is lying? They’re typing something.

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And working for them – defending them so that others can make the same choices. It’s not about getting converts like religions and govt do. It’s about becoming a messenger of their teachings

The above is from one of Sawyer’s recent tweets. When Do and the class left they did not ask anyone to stay behind and be “a messenger of their teachings”. Sawyer has previously taken a couple of lines from the letters to RKK and MRC/SRF as the “permission” for all the things that he says he is doing for Ti, Do and the class. I assume that these two sentences were in all of the letters that the class sent out but unless others come forth with their letters we’ll never know. Here they are,

“Of course this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope the that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we and what we’re about”

This is where it obviously gets tricky. After the class left Dick Joslyn (DNC) got a lot of media exposure but was he saying things on the class’ “behalf”? I do remember him at one point saying that he wouldn’t “disclaim it”. However, RKK felt that at one press conference DNC was “grandstanding” and spoke so long that no one else had much of a chance to speak. I saw DNC on Jenny Jones, they had him on two days in a row. He wore some black Nikes to “honor” the class. But I don’t recall him trying to draw attention to Their information and I think it’s possible that he liked all the attention that he was getting. And even if he didn’t say anything particularly negative at the time was what he was doing on their “behalf”?

Eventually Dick decided that he’d been “brainwashed” and went to Steve Hassan, a cult de-programmer and lo and behold Steve verified for Dick that he had been “brainwashed”. Dick became a spokesperson for a movement that stated that HIV does not cause AIDS and then he apparently passed away from complications due to AIDS.

Sawyer has used the “our behalf” comment as the apparent basis for all that he does online. He has stated that “We need to talk about Ti and Do for our own growth” and the “we” is “everyone who is making application to be in Ti and Do’s classroom”. But who gets to determine who is “making application to be in Ti and Do’s classroom” particularly when Ti and Do are gone? Both Sawyer and myself got conned by a man who pretended to be several individuals who were supposedly interested in Ti and Do’s information. From my perspective this individual wasn’t really interested in Ti and Do’s information but rather they were interested in getting attention and using Ti and Do’s truth to feel self-righteous and to judge others.

I took this incident as a very valuable lesson, the lesson of “throwing pearls before swine”. For reasons that still make no sense to me Sawyer chose to continue to give this individual his time and energy and eventually Austin (the man who lied to us for two and a half years) found some issue with Ti and Do’s teachings and disappeared, hopefully for good this time. In retrospect I feel that Austin was always acting like the Next Level needed to prove Itself to him and what he really wanted was attention and recognition for the things that he supposedly believed in. Like so many ego-driven individuals he has never understood that the opposite is true, that he needs to prove himself to the Next Level.

No one on planet earth can talk one into believing in Ti and Do. Do himself stated that this was not something that he was to “talk you into”. Since that is the case then why does Sawyer keep doing what he is doing? Why does he keep using his interpretations of Biblical prophecy to supposedly prove all of these things in Revelation? When the class left their final instructions were to “disseminate” their information, not to write one’s own book about it. Most former members of the class had NO interest in disseminating that information including Sawyer. And when Sawyer did decide that he was on a “mission” and “task” for the Next Level he was-and still is as far as I’m concerned-primarily interested in having his own say about it all. He wants his particular perspective on their exit to apply to everyone. In other words, Sawyer is trying to “talk us into” his position that all that he is doing is in the name of being a “messenger” for Ti and Do. And on that I have to call B.S.

He has gotten pretty mad at me for not accepting the things that he says, he once told me that I am “doing next to nothing to combat misinformation” ( because that’s all he, Mr. Noble, ever does apparently) and on a “lone crusade” against him. Maybe if he 100% believed in all that he says he wouldn’t get so upset by my “crusade” against him? The fundamental difference between Sawyer and myself is that he tells people to listen to him because he is a “messenger” of Ti and Do’s teachings and I tell people to NOT listen to any former members of the class for the truth about Ti and Do.

Just what is the way to get “more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about”? Is it by listening to those who chose to leave the class so that they could have a human life? I feel that RKK and I did just about everything that we could to give the public “more thorough knowledge” of who the class was and mostly all that we got was resistance from other former members and little to no help. To this day TELAH won’t release the tapes that Marc King stole from RKK. Rio never once mentioned these tapes. Sawyer has claimed in reference to the suppressed tapes that we “have all the information we need” which is the height of arrogance to me. Why does Sawyer get to determine what is the information that ” we need” in regards to Ti, Do and the class? If we don’t “need” what’s on those tapes then we must “need” what’s in his book and on his livestreams because he keeps insisting that what he is doing is all about “being a messenger of their teachings”.

The ONLY “messenger of their teachings” are the actual messengers, Ti and Do. The teachers of the class who are on at least 486 audio tapes that were kept secret while the class was here. Tapes that were very carefully placed at the entrance to a storage locker with instructions to “disseminate our information”. Inexplicably to me, Sawyer has claimed that since the letters don’t specifically mention the audio tapes then they don’t qualify as “information we need”.

Maybe it was all a test for former members. Maybe we’re still being tested. TELAH could release those tapes at any time, they’ve all been digitized.

RKK and I felt it was pretty obvious that the class wanted those tapes distributed. If they didn’t then they would have destroyed them instead of placing them in a storage locker with instructions to retrieve them. If Sawyer thinks that they’re not as important as his book and livestreams that is his choice but he doesn’t have to expect me to buy it. Which is part of the crux of my issues with Sawyer, he seems to expect the world to believe in his self-appointed “mission” for Ti and Do and he seems to confuse criticism of what he is doing with criticism of the teachings of Ti and Do. TELAH has displayed a somewhat similar attitude with their claims that the class gave them all the “responsibility for the items in storage” for a “reason” with the “reason” apparently being that they can do no wrong. Even though it was RKK and OSC who took the risk of actually going to the storage locker and getting the tapes. Sawyer has made the ridiculous claim that the Kings were to be the “primaries” for distributing the information with no proof at all other than his own arrogant and ill-informed opinion.

Note: Marc had to be asked to leave the class because he wouldn’t accept an instruction from Do to switch check partners. In other words, Marc couldn’t accept that he could be wrong about something.

I “need” that information on those tapes a lot more than I need to read Sawyer’s book or listen to his livestreams. If one wants to learn what Ti and Do taught they should go to the source. They didn’t ask anyone to stay behind for twenty-four years and be a “messenger to their teachings”. I don’t doubt that Sawyer believes in what he is doing. But I don’t believe that he is a “messenger” of Ti and Do’s teachings as he is not qualified to be anything but a messenger for himself. Ti and Do are and always will be this civilization’s messengers of the Next Level. What Sawyer has to say about the Next Level will always pale by comparison. Is Sawyer “defending” Ti and Do? Or is he actually defending himself and his “mission” much of the time?

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Why does Sawyer keep bringing up “suicide”?

This is from a tweet by Sawyer just a few days ago,

“I’m not talking about “suicide” as we need our vehicles to both build our Minds more and to serve TI and DO by Standing in Their Defense”.

If he isn’t “talking about suicide” then why is he….talking about “suicide”? Again. Is he afraid that if he doesn’t keep doing these PSAs about “suicide” that the anti-suicide police are going to come and arrest him? As I’ve mentioned many times it’s awful convenient that Sawyer has said that he “doesn’t look forward” to leaving this world and that he keeps insisting that we “need our vehicles….(to) stand in Their Defense”. Maybe Sawyer has decided for himself that that is what he needs to do but that doesn’t mean that it came from Ti and Do or that it applies to everyone who believes in Them. There is NOTHING in any of the information that the class left behind about staying behind for twenty-three years to “serve Ti and Do”.

How do we “serve Ti and Do” now that They’re gone? It’s kind of the sixty-four thousand question for those who have some kind of belief in Them. The class told us to “disseminate” their information and to “study” it. As far as “standing in their defense” goes they never said that one has to stay here until their vehicle expires of old age to “stand” for them.

I’m going to be blunt here, why should we listen to Sawyer when it comes to “serving” Ti and Do? The only reason that I have ever come up with is because Sawyer himself is telling us to do so, he has apparently appointed himself as the arbiter of what it is or isn’t to “stand” for Ti and Do. And yet Sawyer doesn’t even use the same language as they did. What he calls “suicide” they called,

“the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith”

And just what is a “sacrifice and demonstration of faith”? Is it not a “stand”? Perhaps it is the ultimate “stand” for Ti and Do?

So, just to make sure that the anti-suicide police don’t come for me here’s my anti-suicide PSA which is actually from the class,

 “To get into a discarnate condition just by disconnecting from your body doesn’t mean that you are going to go anywhere, whether that loss of body is “premature” or not. When we step out of our “vehicle,” we have to know where and who our “tour guide” (our Shepherd) is — for what’s next. We have to know we can connect with a Shepherd whom we trust, and that we have decided, “If that Shepherd will have me, I want to continue to be a sheep — and I will do everything I can to please that Shepherd.”

A dropout of Ti and Do’s classroom is not qualified to tell one how they should take a stand for Ti, Do and the Next Level. We shouldn’t be looking to individuals on planet earth for guidance from the Next Level as the NL Reps are gone. They very methodically left behind a lot of information which unfortunately some of their former students have stolen and hidden away. They didn’t ask anyone here to carry on their teachings. Sawyer does not represent the class or Ti and Do. His book is not a continuation of their teachings.

Instead of looking to dropouts of Ti and Do’s class individuals should be,

“directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance”.


“only through a REP, or information left behind by a REP, can an individual learn what it takes to become a new creature that is acceptable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

The bottom line, Sawyer is not a Rep of the Next Level and he’s in no position to tell others what they should be doing to “take a stand” for Ti and Do. The members of the class took their stand. As did four former members and one individual who had never been in the group. I don’t need Sawyer’s permission or even advice on how I am to take my stand for Ti and Do. That’s between the Next Level and me and it has nothing to do with Sawyer and his fear of leaving this world.

PSA: Don’t commit suicide because as Do said, “suicide is separating from the Kingdom of God when the KOG has offered life to you”. The members of the class and the five others did not commit suicide. End of story.

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The claim that Do was “dying” when the class left

“Applewhite told his followers that he was very sick, that his body was “disintegrating,” and there were rumors that he had only six months to live”.

The above is from a Newsweek article dated April 6, 1997. If Do supposedly “told his followers that he was very sick” then which of these “followers” told the person who was writing the article that Do said this? When did Do supposedly say this? Since many of the members were gone when this article was written then it must have been someone who had left the class who had told this journalist that Do claimed that he was “very sick”.  

Or maybe it was Lee Schargel who was the source of this. Remember the guy who claimed that Do “lifted up his shirt” to show him that he was sick? Here’s an article about Shargel and his supposed connections with the class,

Here’s some of the better gems from the article,

“Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven’s Gate cult anointed Shargel as his successor before the group committed mass suicide. That Applewhite gave him a sort of hieroglyphic treasure map showing where $500,000 was hidden”.

“[Applewhite) seemed to think I had been given a wonderful gift,” Shargel said, “a gift of prophecy, and that my prophecy was outlined in the book.”

“Shargel says he wants nothing to do with the cult. But the connection catapulted him into the national spotlight overnight. The television appearances haven’t hurt sales of Voice in the Mirror, which is expected to enter its third printing soon. Before Heaven’s Gate, the 46-year-old New York native was relegated to hyping his book before alien abductees and other assorted truth-seekers on the UFO convention circuit”.

“On March 15, Shargel says, he was the last person outside Heaven’s Gate to see Applewhite alive. Shargel was in Southern California for a book-signing and lecture at Heaven On Earth, a metaphysical bookstore in Encinitas, near the cult’s rented mansion in Rancho Santa Fe.

According to Shargel, a sickly Applewhite attended, accompanied by a dozen other members. Before leaving, the cult leader gave Shargel a page of Egyptian and Hopi hieroglyphics, a picture of an alien and a tubular chime in a wooden case.

“We never saw any of those people in our store,” said Cheryl Phibbs, the bookstore’s owner.

After learning of the suicides, Shargel called the television networks and told his story. Hours later, he was on Nightline, telling a nationwide audience that Applewhite was dying of liver cancer. News of a possible reason for the suicides spread like wildfire.

Three days later, Applewhite’s autopsy revealed no trace of cancer. But Shargel was in greater demand than ever”.

I remember RKK stating that Shargel was filling the media with “lies”. There is not ONE mention of Shargel in any of the information that the class left behind. There is no mention of him in any of the letters that the class sent to former members. How interesting that he seems to be the only source of this claim that Do was “dying”.

Here’s a quote from a March 11, 1997 article,

“As far as the criticism is concerned, Shargel says bad publicity still is publicity.

“As long as they get the spelling right, S-H-A-R-G-E-L, that’s all I care about,” he said. “Maybe I’ll prove Andy Warhol wrong and keep that fame for a little longer than 15 minutes.”

In the article, which was dated shortly before the class left he makes no mention of them. Based on the above quotes it’s pretty obvious to me that Shargel cares about one thing, SHARGEL, and he used the class’ Exit to try to increase his fame and book sales. He is the only person I’ve seen quoted who claimed that Do was “dying” and yet that narrative has been repeated many times over the years, “Do was dying and so to justify and glorify that he was dying he convinced all the members to commit suicide”.

Shargel is clearly a lying charlatan and no one can verify any of his claims about his supposed association with the class and since they were all gone no one could dispute them either. Perhaps Rio could address some of Shargel’s claims.

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