Investigating the claim that TELAH was given “the majority” of the possessions of the Heaven’s Gate group

In a post on reddit an individual who is apparently a relative of either Mark or Sarah King of TELAH has claimed that “the majority” of the possessions of the Class (Heaven’s Gate) were given to the Kings. A careful examination of the letters that the class left behind and what actually happened after the Class left will reveal this claim to be completely and utterly false.

In regard to the vehicles (automobiles), the Kings chose not to go to San Diego to retrieve them. As per RKK’s (aka Chuck Humphrey’s) manuscript, “MRC and SRF handed over all of their paperwork they got from the class along with two sets of keys to all of the cars and trucks the class had parked in a San Diego airport parking lot”. In the letter to the Kings the class stated, “It’s up to you how the vehicles are distributed but the following suggestions were ok’d by Links (Do)”. As was stated previously the Kings chose NOT to be involved in “how the vehicles are distributed” as they gave all the keys and paperwork from the class to RKK. Furthermore, the class suggested that, “The white Lincoln Continental (LC-car) to RKK” and “The silver Mazda van (M-van) and tan Oldsmobile (O-car) to OSC”.

It was suggested that the Kings get the “White Ford van (X-van) and dark blue Mercury Sable (S-car)”. Also, “The large yellow moving truck can be found at our storage place. Again, perhaps you could get some help from RKK or OSC in handling the truck and storage”. In reference to the “I-van (white handicap van) the class stated, “Maybe OSC or RKK could help you with its disposition”.

So, of the seven vehicles that the class left behind two went to OSC (only one was retrieved), one went to RKK and two went to the Kings which were never retrieved. So, yes, these vehicles were all left to the Kings but the class wanted RKK and OSC to have half of these autos and they suggested that the I-van “could be sold for something” and they suggested that “RKK and OSC” could help with it as well as the “large yellow moving truck”.

One, the Kings chose to turn over all responsibility for these vehicles to RKK. Two, only RKK and OSC went to San Diego to retrieve two of the vehicles, to my knowledge the County of San Diego seized the remaining vehicles. Technically we could say that since four of the seven vehicles were left to the Kings that would constitute a “majority”  but considering that the Kings chose to give all the keys and paperwork to RKK it would appear that in 1997 the Kings didn’t want any of these vehicles left to them. They chose to stay in Phoenix rather than travel to San Diego to retrieve these items that they now so proudly claim were all “left” to their care.

I’ve already pointed out how only RKK (and a Romanian ISP) were sent the disks with the Earth Exit Statements and Final Press Release on them. Also, RKK was sent the masters of the Exit videos. JHNODY was sent the masters to the Beyond Human Series and OSC was “asked to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress”. Furthermore, in the letter to the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property the class stated, “As far as we’re concerned we would like for you to have what is left in the house if the authorities allow it”. Interestingly, the Kings filed a lawsuit against San Diego County to try to take possession of these items even though the class specifically mentioned in their letter to the Kings in regards to the landlord, “…since he owns the house, that he could have whatever valuables are there”.

The above is an article about the property dispute. To me the most interesting item in the article is the following,

“In February, the Kings–who left the celibate cult 20 years ago so they could marry–produced letters from cult members, along with a map and a pass code to an Escondido storage locker, to show that the group had intended the couple to take possession of the property”.

Apparently the part of the letter mentioning how the landlord could have the items in the house was not included which opens up a larger mystery ;  what “letters” did the Kings show San Diego County when they gave all of their letters and paperwork to RKK in March of 1997? According to the letter to the Kings they “attached a map” to the paperwork that “pinpoints” where the storage lockers were. I haven’t seen the map and I don’t remember if RKK had a copy or not. I am highly doubtful that the Kings showed the real letter from the class to San Diego County in light if the fact that the real letter had the aforementioned statement about the landlord which would have nullified their claim that the class wanted them to have everything in the house. Also, they gave all their letters to RKK.

As far as the map and pass code to the storage lockers, OSC did accompany RKK to the lockers. Several possibilities emerge here as OSC did seem to ally himself with the Kings in their conflicts with RKK. OSC may have had a copy of the map and the Kings paperwork or maybe he had written down the pass codes or maybe even remembered them or maybe they just made up some numbers. In any case he had been to the storage facility and I strongly feel that it was information that he had that the Kings used in their lawsuit to claim that “the group had intended  the couple to take possession of the property”.  These supposed “letters” from the class have never been produced for the public and the Kings have never explained how I came to be in possession of the letters that the class sent them. I have been transparent and placed these letters online along with RKK’s story about what actually happened after the class left.

Again, in the letter mentioning the storage lockers the class stated, “we suspect RKK and OSC would likely be a big help”. How interesting that the class mentioned RKK and OSC three times  as being  a “help” with all of this (and RKK is again specifically mentioned a fourth time as “a good choice to retrieve” the “yellow truck”) and lo and behold the only ones who went to San Diego to retrieve the class’ property were RKK and OSC. As a further point, the class stated that “there is some exercise equipment which belongs to out landlord Sam” in the storage locker and yet if the Kings were giving supposed letters from the class to the court in San Diego this would again contradict their claims that everything in the house and storage lockers belonged to them.

Finally, I’ve already pointed out that immediately after describing how to access the storage lockers the class stated, “It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”. And it just so happened that several boxes of audio tapes produced from 1982-97 were stacked up right next to the door and it just so happens that those were the only items retrieved from the lockers before the authorities placed an additional lock and eventually confiscated the remaining items which RKK described as “camping equipment and some household items”.

Based on the above it is quite clear that the Kings were not left the “majority” of the Class’ property and considering that the Kings initially turned over their paperwork and car keys to RKK a strong case can be made that they reneged any claims to ANYTHING that the class left behind. As has been detailed already, only after the Kings met with a lawyer and Mark stated, “there can be 10’s of millions at stake” did they want to be involved. To date TELAH is still suppressing the MAJORITY of the audio tapes produced by Ti, Do and the class. TELAH had nothing to do with the retrieval, copying, digitization or distribution of the audio tapes.

Mark and Sara were told by the class, “You can do with those items whatever feels right to you”. What “felt right” to them was to turn over everything to RKK. RKK only gave Mark the audio tapes on the condition that they be made available and Mark assured him that they would be distributed. Sawyer has faulted RKK for taking Mark at his word and giving him the tapes even though RKK had decided that he was leaving the world to follow Do while Sawyer was busy with his partner having a baby. Apparently stating, “If I were RKK…” with the benefit of twenty years of hindsight and then going on to claim that you would have made a better choice than him is “in no way” an attempt to “find fault” with RKK?!

Since I know for a fact that TELAH gave their letters, keys and paperwork from the class away we have to ask ourselves what did they show to San Diego County to justify their ridiculous lawsuit? They still have not shown ANY proof from the class to justify anything that they have claimed. They only give e-mail interviews and refuse to identify themselves. They have never mentioned RKK or OSC once in any of the interviews where they can’t stop praising themselves. Mark has lied by omission repeatedly about why he left the class (Do had to ask him to leave).

Since it’s been almost twenty-three years I’ll put this out there in the interest in transparency (all of this can be found in the pictured letters in a previous post).

“The storage units are #241(use key 798 for this unit) and #147 (key 591), located at Private Storage Systems, 2421 Barham, Escondido, CA. The passcode to get through the *21484#” and “California Self Storage located at 5206 Eastgate Mall, San Diego CA 92121-2809. The unit number is F 258 and the access code is *351-3046”.

TELAH has kept the hg website up all these years and it sounds like they still do give away video tapes upon request. However, they have copyrighted all of the materials which they never received any instruction from the class to do so. They have used lies and manipulation to paint themselves as the tireless martyrs for Heaven’s Gate and they are going directly against the “desire” of the class by continuing to suppress the audio tapes. If the class wanted only them to have their “property” then how did I get the address for the storage lockers as well as the unit and key numbers and passcode?

Of course TELAH could claim I’m just making this all up and yet they have not provided one shred of evidence beyond their own claims to support anything that they state. What did TELAH show to San Diego County to bolster their claims that all the HG property belonged to them? Since they gave their letters and paperwork to RKK the letter provided to San Diego County would have been a forgery. If I had money for lawyers I would have gone after TELAH long ago and who knows if the only thing I want from them-the release of the audio tapes-would ever happen even with legal help. I know that Ti, Do, RKK, OSC and the Next Level knows what has happened here.

TELAH could come clean at any time and admit their lies and release the tapes but they would rather give interviews talking about what an “honor” it is for them to talk themselves up. Their behavior and sheer arrogance makes me want to puke.


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What would Do say about all of Sawyer’s talk of “signs” from the Next Level?

In numerous of his blog entries Sawyer talks about things going on in space and how he thinks that these are “proofs”(sic) and “signs” from Ti and Do and the Next Level. He has been saying these things for many years and has cited numerous phenomena in space including comets and meteors and his most recent livestreams have a lot to say about these objects in space. So, what would Do say about all of these supposed “proofs”(sic) that Sawyer is always bringing up.

From Beyond Human Session 7, “We can get into theorizing about things that might go on in the heavens that really have nothing to do with our overcoming”. Do follows this up by stating, “And we can play the game of exploring a little bit, but it opens the door to possibly listening to other voices or letting self come in, and/or playing the game of “what if” or guessing what it might be”.

From Sawyer’s most recent livestream description,

“On December 5, 2019 the livestream on the Int’l Space Station recorded video of a large number of objects appearing and moving at the same rate of speed as they spread out. The objects had all kinds of shapes and sizes and operation displays and brightness and some different colors of green and red. Reasoning of the origin of these objects that showed some similarity to the recent objects filmed by ISS in November 2019 that also suddenly appeared and moved in a different direction from this time and as they moved and changed their configuration with a similar kind of strangeness. Were these all space junk as NASA usually surmises? Or is it cgi images done in an earth studio or is it space aliens or human technology or was it generated by TI and Do’s Next Level Crew”

The title of the livestream is Signs in Sun, Moon and Stars. Sawyer here is clearly speculating that these objects were “generated by Ti and Do’s Next Level Crew”. Do goes on in BH Session 7 to say, “We feel like it really isn’t important; it’s of no issue here to your overcoming. What is shared is so limited-we know so little of that Kingdom”. Also, in the same session, “As we relate to the Kingdom of Heaven, they don’t let us know about them ON THE BASIS OF WHAT THEY SHOW US”(emphasis mine). And, “you can’t get closer to our Father on the basis of what you’ve seen. Our Father does not give you proof”.

In the HG Book JWNODY stated the following, “the Next Level does not always let us in on the overview of their strategy. “Next steps,” timetables, and even conceptual understandings are given to us only on a need to know basis”. I’ve already pointed out what Do thought of the Book of Revelation and biblical prophecies (Beyond Human, Session 11). We have to ask ourselves would objects in space and biblical prophecies be something that we on planet earth “need to know” about from a Next Level perspective? I’ve heard Do speaking on an audio tape about individuals wanting to see some “miracles” from the class and his response was that, “they shall be given none except the sign of Jonah”.

From the ’88 Update, “In our overcoming, no “proof” that would ever satisfy the scientific community was offered (no spacecraft landed in our backyard). But, through the nurturing of faith, we came to know the reality of the Next Level and that Ti and Do are our Older Members”.

One can go through the materials that the class left behind and NOWHERE do they say anything about the Next Level providing “proof” or “Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars”. Nowhere does it say anything about the “proof” of who Ti and Do are being provided by Biblical prophecies. If Sawyer is going to claim that all that he does online is a “task” for Ti and Do then he needs to provide proof from the actual words of Ti and Do to back up this claim. Just because some have claimed that Sawyer is “acting on the mind of Ti and Do” does not make it so. Look through the materials that the class left behind and see what they say about “proof” and “signs” from the Next Level. Sawyer claims that he has “contacts” with the Next Level in dreams. Prove it. I want Sawyer and his followers to cite something specific that Ti and Do said that legitimizes this claim. I want someone to show me where Do said anything that would lend credence to Sawyer’s claims about his self-appointed “mission” and “task” coming to him in a dream. I have asked for this proof several times and none has been offered. I have the proof from the actual words of Do as far as what he thought of Biblical prophecies and “things that go on in the heavens”. Sawyer and his followers only have Sawyer’s claims to back up their false belief that Sawyer is on a task for Ti and Do.


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Sawyer thinks that his experience is as important as the information that was left behind by the class (Heaven’s Gate)

I am fairly certain that Sawyer will deny the claim that I make in the title of this post. However, Sawyer has yet ( as far as I have observed) to qualify what he states about Ti, Do, the class and the Next Level by explaining that the most accurate information about all of these things is contained in the volumes of writings and audio tapes that were left behind by the group with very specific instructions to “disseminate” them. I’ve already pointed out how Sawyer has downplayed that the bulk of the audio tapes are being suppressed by TELAH by claiming (as if he is somehow the authority here) that “we have all the information that we need”. And I’ve also pointed out that in that context then Sawyer must think that his book, blog posts and litany of livestreams are more important and information that “we need” as he continues to put them out there with his claim that all that he does is “in service” to Ti, Do and the Next Level.

I’ve also pointed out how Sawyer has claimed that the book put out by the class may be too hard to “digest” so thankfully we have his book. I am not making any of this up. And I don’t feel that I’m taking any of this out of context. If Sawyer doesn’t want to be held accountable for the numerous things that he can’t keep his ever-flapping mouth shut about then maybe he should think a little bit more before he opens his yap. He can’t even state that “it all came from Ti and Do” without saying in the same sentence, “but I also got from experience”.

Compare Sawyer equating his “experience” to what “came from Ti and Do” to STM’s writing in the HG Book,  “From experience, I have realized that this vehicle’s objectivity is not “worth a toot” and that trusting its judgment, opinion, or memory doesn’t work (isn’t accurate). My Older Members taught me everything worth knowing, including how to remain open and flexible. I am totally dependent on them for everything and am better off because of it. I am lost without them”

Nowhere does STMODY equate his “experience” with what he was taught by Ti and Do. In fact, he is saying that his “experience” has taught him that his experience “is not worth a toot”. And yet Sawyer can’t seem to stop tooting his experience. How many dozens of times has Sawyer brought up his “nineteen years of fully dedicated service” in the class? And why does he have to keep bringing it up? What’s more important, the information that the class left behind or Sawyer’s former “service” to the class?

How many times has Sawyer made plugs for his own book and blogs and livestreams in the same breath where he mentions Ti and Do’s information? How many times has Sawyer said that he is “lost without Ti and Do”? How many times has he said that the information left behind by the class is paramount?

As I’ve said innumerable times the onus is on Sawyer and his naive followers to prove (using the actual words of Ti and Do and the class) that Sawyer’s “experience” is as important as the information that Ti and Do left behind. The above quote from STMODY does not lend a shred of credibility to Sawyer’s claims about his “experience” being even worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as what Ti and Do taught.

For daring to point these things out Sawyer has accused me of having a “self-righteous vendetta” and he seems to act like any attack on what he is doing is somehow an attack on Ti, Do and the class. Once, many years ago I told Sawyer that I was done with him (yes, I am a hypocrite as I clearly was not done with him) and his response was something to the effect of, “don’t give up on Ti and Do’. The sheer ignorance and arrogance of what he said still astounds me. In his self-absorbed mind, since I was telling him I was tired of him, then apparently I must be tired of Ti and Do. He will probably deny this and tell me to “be specific” because he can’t seem ti remember at least half of what he says.

Sawyer and his followers have yet to offer one shred of proof from Ti, Do and the class to support Sawyer’s claims that what he is doing is in “service” to the Next Level. Sawyer’s dreams are not proof.

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Sawyer’s claims that he is an “active student” of Ti and Do

As I’ve already pointed out on more than one occasion Sawyer has described himself as an “active student” of Ti and Do. He is doing this because there is a line in the HG Book that talks about connecting with an “active student” of Ti and Do. This was written in 1996 when there were dozens of active students of Do still on the planet.

I’ve also already pointed out how only one individual was described as being a “current” classroom member in the letters that the class sent to former members of the class. That person was OSC. Rio Diangelo and Mark and Sarah King of TELAH were specifically described as “former classmembers” who had “left” the class for “personal reasons”. Rio called himself the “sole surviving member” and TELAH has claimed in interviews that there are four “surviving” members of the group left including themselves.

I see little difference between Rio and TELAH’s claims and Sawyer’s statements about how he is an “active student” and that all that he does (the blog, livestreams etc.) is in “service” to Ti and Do and the Next Level. All of these individuals have repeatedly demonstrated that their primary focus is getting recognition for the things that they claim that they are doing for Ti and Do. In his livestreams Sawyer will repeatedly direct people to his blog for Ti and Do’s information. An individual asked him about a Ti and Do quote and instead of directing them to, where the ’88 Update that the quote was taken from has been online for over twenty two years, Sawyer directs them to his personal blog. When individuals have asked him about the audio tapes made by Ti, Do and the class Sawyer directs them to his livestreams of Ti and Do’s audio. These livestreams are often more than half-filled with Sawyer talking for hours before he even plays the audios made by the class. Instead of directing individuals to a file sharing site where the audio tapes have been for well over a decade he tells people to e-mail him personally so he can send them the files. As I’ve stated repeatedly Sawyer did nothing to preserve the audio tapes even though RKK asked him for help and Sawyer has claimed that the remaining majority of the tapes that are being suppressed by TELAH are not “information that we need”. And yes, I’ve pointed out that if he feels that way then by his own actions his blog, book, livestreams etc. are information that we “need” because he keeps telling us that it’s all “in service” to Ti and Do and in fact his book may even be easier “to digest” than the book that the class wrote.

Sawyer may again accuse me of “making up lies” or taking this “out of context”. He seems to be very good at making up very long-winded justifications for everything that he’s doing as being part of his “mission” and “service” for Ti and Do.

I’ve also pointed out how Sawyer faulted RKK for giving the tapes to Mark and claimed that if he “were RKKODY” he would have done it differently. Except Sawyer was busy with his partner and baby while RKKODY was attempting to leave this world to follow Do so I do believe that Sawyer is a disgusting and cowardly hypocrite for questioning what RKK did over twenty years ago, especially when RKK isn’t even here to defend himself.

RKK spent some of his own money and he and I both spent a fair amount of time on preserving the audio tapes. I am NOT saying this because I want some kind of recognition for this. I’m saying this because we didn’t preserve and distribute the class’ materials ( as was their desire ) so Sawyer could come along twenty years later and add hours of personal commentary when he plays the tapes during his livestreams.

TELAH, Rio and Sawyer seem to me to be most interested in praising themselves and wanting recognition for all the things that they claim that they are doing for Ti and Do. Rio has dropped out of the public eye for over a decade so perhaps he has changed his egotistical attitude. There is NOTHING in ANY of the materials that the class left behind to support TELAH’s claims that they are the “surviving” members of the class. There is NOTHING in anything that the class left behind that supports Sawyer’s claims that he is here on a “task” for Ti and Do. I have repeatedly asked for proof from the actual words of the class to support TELAH’s and Sawyer’s claims. Sawyer has claimed that his “task” was given to him in a dream. His dreams are his dreams, they are NOT the information that the class left behind.

I have nothing to prove. Like I’ve said before, most of this blog shouldn’t exist. TELAH should have released all of the tapes over twenty years ago. The HG Book should not have been copyrighted. Sawyer should stop deluding his followers with his garbage about how his book is so important that it’s mentioned in Revelation. Sawyer has accused me of being self-righteous and yet he is the one who repeatedly brings up his “19 years of fully dedicated service”, this exact phrase has appeared dozens and dozens of times in the things that he writes. He claims all that he does is in the name of Ti and Do. How can he be so sure of this and why are individuals looking to him for Ti and Do’s information?

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Allegiance to Ti and Do is NOT based on listening to Sawyer or any former members of the group known as Heaven’s Gate

Rio Diangelo, Mark and Sarah King of TELAH and Sawyer have all presented themselves to the public as being individuals who should be listened to when it comes to the group known as the Heaven’s Gate cult. Both Rio and Sawyer have pushed their own books onto the public. Mark and Sarah King have given interviews in which they claim that they are the surviving members of the group.

Over twenty-two years after the group has gone and TELAH is still suppressing the majority of the audio tapes produced by the group. Sawyer is still claiming that Ti and Do gave him a “task” in a dream and he continues to attract followers who insist that he is “acting on the mind of Ti and Do”. Rio still hasn’t retracted his claims that he was the “sole surviving member” or that he was left behind to “clarify” Ti and Do’s information.

These individuals have demonstrated time and again that they are more interested in having themselves heard than they are in distributing the class’ information. Neither TELAH nor Rio have ever shown ANY proof from the class themselves to back up any of their claims. Sawyer constantly touts his “experience” and often mentions it in the same sentence as Ti and Do’s information.

Ironically, these individuals who have claimed that they are here on some sort of special “task” for Ti and Do and the Next Level are actually being used to suppress, distort, dilute and corrupt Ti and Do’s information. Sawyer has attracted followers who have confused defending Ti, Do and the class with defending Sawyer. They have fallen for Sawyer’s claim that he is an “active student” of Ti and Do. I had said nothing but nice words of thanks to an individual who had transcribed some of the audio tapes made by the class but she decided to find fault with me for daring to question all of Sawyer’s numerous claims.  Many of these individuals are focusing on Sawyer and falling for his claims that his livestreams, book and on and on are in “service” to Ti and Do.


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Sawyer cannot stop equating what he’s doing with Ti and Do’s Information

From Sawyer’s most recent livestream,

“I wish everybody that wants all Ti and Do’s information could have it, in all forms, like the way I’m doing it right now, right now I’m going through the records, the history of the Next Level’s interactions with the human kingdom, even though it’s archaic and outdated it still shows the characteristics of what Ti and Do were teaching”.

This most recent livetstream was 4.5 hours of Sawyer talking. I listened to a couple of minutes of it around the three hour mark to hear the preceding. The class included several Bible quotes in the HG Book. Do recommended that individuals read the red letter editions of the four gospels that highlight what Jesus actually said. When I was in the class TRSODY told me that the Book of James was one that the class liked if I’m remembering it correctly. Individuals can read these things on their own and don’t need to hear someone talk about the Bible for four and a half hours. I don’t remember us ever even talking about Revelation but I could be wrong and I was only in the class for three months.

Again in the preceding Sawyer mentions what “I’m doing right now” right after he mentions Ti and Do’s information. Sawyer’s livestreams are NOT Ti and Do’s information, they are Sawyer’s information. Ti and Do’s information is-as I’ve exhaustively demonstrated-contained in the audio tapes, the HG Book and the video tapes that the class very specifically and deliberately left behind. Sawyer’s livestreams are NOT a “form” of Ti and Do’s information despite what he claims. Previously he has described the suppressed audio tapes as being information that we don’t “need” because Sawyer has appointed himself the arbiter of all things related to Heaven’s Gate due to his “19 years of fully dedicated service”. Sawyer has demonstrated time and again that his primary interest is in having individuals listen to him and his “experience” about being in the class. He has repeatedly equated that “experience” with the actual teachings of Ti and Do.

Read the transcripts of the Beyond Human series if you want to hear “Ti and Do’s information”. Listen to the audio tapes of Ti and Do instructing the students of the class. Read the HG Book. Go to Does Sawyer really want “all Ti and Do’s information” to be available? If he did then why did he claim that we “have all the information we need” in regards to the twelve years of suppressed audio tapes made by the class? Why are individuals religiously listening to an individual who habitually contradicts himself and who talks about penis sizes on his livestreams? Why are individuals so naive as to think that Sawyer was given a “task” by Ti and Do in his dreams? Why are individuals so naive as to think that what he is doing is even worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as “Ti and Do’s information”?

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Sawyer’s Followers are NOT following Ti and Do

Keep going! We need to learn what your teachers passed down lol

JayThere is absolutely no one else doing what you’re doing and there’s a decent group of us that watch every time you live stream (plus the others who miss it and catch up on your post-stream)
The above are from another of Sawyer’s followers. Apparently this individual is confused as to what has been “passed down” by Ti and Do. They very purposefully and deliberately “passed down” Their information in the form of a book, video tapes, audio tapes and other materials that were produced while the class was here. Interestingly, Rio Diangelo once claimed in Rio’s Statement in LA Weekly that the information “needed to be passed down in it’s most true and acccurate form by ME” (emphasis Rio’s). There is NOTHING in any of the information that the class left behind that states that Ti and Do were “pass(ing) down” Their information through one of Their dropouts. And before I again get accused of thinking that I’m “superior” I am also a dropout as are Rio Diangelo, TELAH and anyone else still here who was in HG.
By claiming that “no one (is) doing what you’re doing” this individual seems to be echoing another person who once called Sawyer the “best former member” of the group as if there is some kind of competition going on between former members of the group known as HG. Maybe instead of kissing up to Sawyer we should be focusing on how Ti, Do and the class did things that no one else has done in this civilization. Maybe instead of Sawyer’s livestreams let’s focus on the fact that had RKK and OSC not had the courage to go to the storage locker in San Diego we probably wouldn’t have any of the audio tapes of Ti and Do to listen to nor would Sawyer be able to play them for his audience while offering his seemingly never-ending commentaries.
Sawyer is largely responsible for the ignorance of his followers as he encourages them to follow him with his numerous claims that he is on a “task” for Ti and Do and that his book is easier to “digest” than the book that the class wrote and that his book is the “little book” mentioned in Revelation and on and on.
The burden is on Sawyer and his followers to prove, using the actual words of Ti, Do and the class, that They are passing down Their information through individuals who have chosen to stay here for individual reasons. Things that Sawyer claims that he is getting in “dreams and premonitions” from Ti and Do are not proof.
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