A Bible quote from the HG Final Press Release versus a statement of Sawyer’s

Sawyer claims that the book he wrote is the “little scroll” mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The class used a quote from Revelation at the end of the Final Press Release, arguably the last thing left behind by them.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. REVELATION 14:13

According to Sawyer in the description of one of his livestreams, “How suicide (death) isn’t a ticket to “heaven”.

“Suicide is separating from the Kingdom of God when the Kingdom of God has offered life to you”-Do’s Final Exit.

In the description of one of his other livestreams Sawyer was asked what one can do to “help” the Next Level. His response was “When the Older Member is no longer incarnate, we can only rely on staying on their track by adhering to the behaviors and ways they taught that we know came from them. Even what I write is not as reliable unless we can hear/read the same ideas in their book and other media, the audio tapes, etc”.

So, “even” what he writes is not as reliable “UNLESS (emphasis mine) we can hear/read the same ideas in their book and other media, the audio tapes, etc.”. So, if we “hear” the “same ideas” from Sawyer that are in the materials that were left behind then what Sawyer has to say is “reliable”, according to Sawyer.

In that context how “reliable” is the above statement from Sawyer about “suicide”? Sawyer is quite clearly NOT using the term suicide the way that Do was using it so right there we are not seeing the “same ideas” coming from Sawyer that came from Do. Therefore, by Sawyer’s own statement his “ideas” are not reliable in this case. In how many other cases has Sawyer’s information not been “reliable”? Why would he claim here that the audio tapes are “reliable” as a source of information when he himself has stated that he “does not care” that the majority of them are being suppressed and that “we have all the information we need” in reference to said suppressed tapes? How can we check if Sawyer’s ideas are “reliable” when we don’t have all the information that Do and the class left behind? In light of the fact that Sawyer isn’t even using the same definition of terms that Do was using why would Sawyer want to continue to risk giving unreliable information?

“Even what I write is not as reliable unless….”. I believe that here again we see what Sawyer’s true motivation has been from the beginning of this “task” that he assigned himself based on Do supposedly telling him so in a dream. Why use the word “even” as in “even what I write”? Yes, “even” what the guy who spent “19 years of fully dedicated service” says could be unreliable?! Wow, “even” you Sawyer, the most “outspoken supporter” of the class could be giving us “unreliable” information? That is, UNLESS we can hear it in the information that the class left behind.

But why do we need to “hear” it at all from Sawyer when Ti, Do and the class already said it, said it much more accurately and they repeatedly asked that what they had to say be “disseminated”? And much of what they had to say is still being hidden away and much of that is information that Sawyer himself has not heard, but wait, “we have all the information we need”  according to Sawyer so now I’m really confused.

It seems to me that Sawyer knows that he is giving us reliable info simply on his say so. He has stated more than once that he “checks” with the NL and they always seem to “approve” of his writing and his music and just about anything that he does in their name.

Someone who claims that they are on a “task for Do” but who”does not care” that nearly twelve years of lessons in the ways, thinking and behavior of the Next Level that Do taught to the students are being suppressed is someone who is suffering from cognitive dissonance. Someone who tries to interpret for us what Do and the class said because we’re all too stupid to decide about it for ourselves is NOT serving them, they are serving themselves.

So, why bother listening to Sawyer’s “ideas” at all?????????????? Because he tells us to?! Because he claims that all that he is doing is a “task” for the Next Level?! Two Older Members and their students already left behind the most accurate information that there is about the Next Level and what it takes to get there.

Rio Diangelo was not qualified to “clarify” that information as he claimed and he attacked RKK for daring to carry out the tasks that Do and the class assigned to him. Sawyer attacked RKK for how he handled the audio tapes and Sawyer’s actions have clearly demonstrated to me that his primary interest is in his promoting and publicizing of his “ideas” and he uses the class to generate interest in his ideas. Rio did something similar with his self-aggrandizing book.

It’s interesting how both of these former class members who wrote their own books about what Ti and Do taught attacked an individual who demonstrated far more dedication to those whom they claim that they are on a “task” for. In less than a year RKK did more to distribute Ti and Do’s info than Sawyer has in the past seventeen years when he decided to seek out the world’s attention by announcing that he had a self-appointed mission for Ti and Do. Sawyer is a coward for attacking RKK’s efforts and he is a liar for claiming his petty attack-while hiding behind his computer-was “nothing of the sort”. Maybe if Sawyer kept his ever-running mouth shut once in awhile he might actually be able to keep track of what he says instead of repeatedly denying that he said them as seems to be his default setting when he is held accountable for what he says.

And this is the guy that a bunch of individuals seem to  think is in contact with the Next Level?! Sawyer is being used as a Luciferian trap to discourage individuals from following Do out of here. I challenge anyone to find anything in the info that the class left behind that disputes any of this.



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