Rio’s Statement in L.A. Weekly

One of the most egregious examples of ego-mania and the corruption of Ti and Do’s information came in Rio’s Statement which was published in L.A. Weekly in 2007. Here’s some of the gems: “I have discovered something so extraordinarily important to the world that it needs to be passed on to you in its most true and accurate form from ME”(emphasis Rio’s).

I’m not going to bother pointing out how ridiculous this statement is. Once again, look at the information that the class left behind. I can guarantee that there is NOTHING that Ti and Do said that gives ANY legitimacy to what Rio claimed in the above. In fact, I could provide quote after quote from Do that completely destroys Rio’s claim. Look for yourself, they’re not hard to find.

When discussing the lessons from a NL Rep Rio claims that, “These important lessons enable you to know how to create a Soul”. You can look through all of the information that the class left behind and you will not see a single reference to a “Soul” as something that one learns “how to create”. By contrast you will find innumerable references to the Soul being a gift from the Next Level that ONLY the Next Level can create or destroy.

“If there’s one sin that Luci participates in-and all of his followers-more than anything else, it’s wrong usage of terms”. Hmmm, sort of like Sawyer using suicide to mean willful separation from the vehicle and the above from Rio.

“I know everything worth knowing about them”. Yeah, no comment here except for WHAT ABOUT THE INFORMATION THAT THEY LEFT BEHIND!? If Rio can’t even define a Soul the way that Ti and Do did then it is impossible for him to “know everything worth knowing about them”. If Rio is making the above statement then he does not know Ti and Do at all as far as I’m concerned because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the arrogance in his words would disgust them.

“I am here to bring you the truth and to clarify information for you to examine. Also, to help with understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming,” Whose truth? Ti and Do’s truth or the truth according to Rio. And “clarify information”?! The class spent a lot of time and energy on leaving their information behind with instructions to “disseminate” it. Nowhere in any of their final letters did they ask anyone to stay behind to “clarify” their information. Like I’ve mentioned before Rio wouldn’t show anyone his letter (according to RKK) but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that nowhere in that letter did they ask Rio to stay behind to “clarify” what they stated. Nor did they task him to “put it on the Internet” as he claimed on Art Bell. Nor did they task him with suggesting that RKK’s failed Exit attempt “may have been for profit”

“Understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming”. And what has Rio done in the past ten years to help all of us mere mortals “understand the next steps”? How does he know what these “next steps” are? The guy who says things that are in direct contradiction to the Older Member who came here to teach us how to get out of here is going to help us understand what to do now that the Older Member is gone?! Nah, that’s ok Rio, I’ll put my faith and trust in the Older Members, not a dropout who can’t even get over himself enough to admit that he left the class because he was afraid to Exit when they left.

To me it seems like one area where the Luciferians have conned former class members is to convince them that they have some kind of special “task” for the Next Level and these made-up tasks all conveniently legitimize their decisions to continue to remain in this world long after the Older Member has left. As I’ve stated before I’m only here by my own choice.

The Next Level will recycle this civilization. When this will happen is on Their time-table, not ours.  Do never said that it would happen by a certain date. It makes no sense to me that the Next Level is going to let us in on Their plans for said recycling. Personally, I am often shocked that it hasn’t happened yet but that gives all of us further opportunities to demonstrate where our allegiance lies. The Next Level does not need to prove itself to us. We all still have the “unique opportunity” to catch Their eye.

“The Next Level…is not interested in creating phenomena (signs) or impressive trickery”-Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human



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9 Responses to Rio’s Statement in L.A. Weekly

  1. Bridge says:

    I could be wrong but I recall someone saying that Rio is now distancing himself completely from the class. XF may be on a similar course – I was disappointed to see that his youtube channel is gone – slightly higher quality versions of ‘Beyond Human’ were available there.

    I revisited the Exit videos for the anniversary, and Do seems to be emphasizing to anyone watching in the future that suicide is not a way to get closer to the Next Level. That point seemed important enough that after recording on 3/19 They recorded again on 3/20 and started with that emphasis. But what is true for me in this vehicle, which never personally met any of Away Team and was only 9 in 1997 – is not necessarily true for you, Sawyer, or any others who had a personal relationship.

    In the exit tapes Do gives an estimate that recycling is a 1000 year process, which maps to about 1 day in the Next Level. I have a read on events to frame this as the beginning of judgement day for this civilization, but going into detail on that is irrelevant here.

    The Star Trek series “Deep Space Nine” seems loaded with NL illustrations, and I know it was on the Curriculum because in one on the tapes I have there is discussion about the episode “Shadowplay”. Rio was certainly incorrect to say one “creates” a soul – a clearer illustration that occurs to me and was on my mind before I saw this post is the character Dax on Deep Space Nine. A soul is like the “trill symbiote” that is implanted into a humanoid and develops an amalgamation of many lifetimes. The symbiote has to be managed by doctors and there are methods of evaluating and selecting hosts (which would be work going on in TELAH). That series also had an episode “Past Tense” which seems to accurately predict what 2024 will look like. This vehicle first saw that episode while attending the Occupy Wall Street protests; that coincidence was something.

    On the subject of NL illustrations I also wanted to share something with you – a Japanese science fiction series called “Legend of Galactic Heroes”. The ideas and characters seem like something Ti & Do would approve of – and the author started putting pen to paper in the early 80’s while they were both incarnate. There is an animated adaption of the books that completed production in 1997. The novels only started getting published in english in 2016, so it is hard to imagine the Class had any contact or knowledge of this series – but I could be wrong and perhaps you’d know.

    • crlody says:

      Thanks for your comment

    • crlody says:

      I will have to address this in installments as you have brought up many interesting ideas. Yes, Do did come back a day later on 3/20 to address the issue of “suicide”. I should watch the video again to get the exact wording but what I gathered from it was that He was saying that simply ending the vehicle’s does not mean that one will be connected to the NL but rather that, “they go according to what they know”. Subsequent to this they put out the Final Press Release which contained the invitation to “follow” Do and the class out of here.

      I still agree with all of this and yes, absolutely, simply ending the life of the vehicle doesn’t mean that one will be in the keeping of the Next Level. All we know is that they left, they invited others to leave with them “for a brief window of time” and we don’t know how long that “brief window” is and I don’t feel that anyone on earth is in a position to speculate on that “brief window of time”.

      I’ll address more of this soon.

    • crlody says:

      Actually Do stated that it “could take 1,000 years”, he didn’t definitively state that it would be that long. It’s from one of the Recycled videos but I couldn’t find the exact quote right now.

      There’s a Brazilian movie called Man Facing Southeast that the class liked. I haven’t watched it yet but it should still be on youtube with the translation from Portuguese. It’s rumored that the movie K-Pax ripped off the plot but the maker of K-Pax claims that he’d never heard of Man Facing Souheast. I could be wrong but K-Pax felt like a movie with NL info in it.

      • Bridge says:

        This vehicle saw ‘Man Facing Southeast’ as a college freshman, the lecturer chose to show it in a class on morality in politics. KPAX is basically the same movie, yes.

        When Do gives that 1000 year figure he also mentions that he is “in-between” Earth and NL time so his sense of urgency and what he meant by “brief” could be on a long timeline from human perspective. He says that coming events will be “too disturbing” for the Class and it seems to me that the events of 9/11 and social impact it had would have been very upsetting if they had been here – and might have turned into active persecution from the authorities. This would also be the “big surprise” where humans expected the year 2000 to bring Jesus, Space Brothers, or whoever to being a New Age – and instead got an escalating global jihad. That word itself just means “struggle/conflict” and could be synonymous with personal overcoming – but the lower forces have twisted it and the NL makes that work in the spading process.

    • crlody says:

      You could hold me responsible for XF taking down his youtube channel. I have a long history with him, in fact I’m the one who “found” him in that in 2006 or so I discovered a “group” online calling itself God’ Gates that seemed to hold a lot of stock in the class’ info. I began a dialogue with “members” of the group and sent “them” a lot of information. I was blinded by my pride in thinking that I was serving the Next Level by helping the “group”. The entire thing was an elaborate hoax by one individual, Austin (XF) and I was so full of the idea that I was serving the NL that it made me completely obtuse to what was happening. I’ve told the story in a previous blog entry but in all likelihood I’m going to be removing the post in the near future as well as most of the posts about much of what has happened since the class left as I feel it only detracts from Ti and Do’s truth.

      XF and I have been at odds since he perpetrated the hoax, I called him out on it (another individual had to tell me something was fishy) and Austin attacked me (told me to send him “a postcard from hell”) when his hoax fell apart and he attacked Do and the class. The whole experience has made me much more cautious when dealing with individuals who purport to have an interest in the information.

      Not too long ago I called him out again for things that he was saying and he seemed to take down his yt channel in response to that. I’m going to be blunt here, it’s my position that xf has been used by the lower forces from the get go and I do not trust him in the least, he lied to me for almost three years and then tried to gloss it over by claiming that he perpetrated the hoax to try to “counter negative media coverage” of the class or some such “noble ” rationalization. I don’t expect others to share my viewpoint and I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to convince you of anything.

      I don’t know about the Legend of Galactic Heroes but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      P.S. I am NOT a good example of Next Level conduct or behavior. I left the class because of my own weaknesses. I make mistakes all the time. For some reason the NL still allows me to recognize the Truth that Ti and Do bore and for that I am eternally grateful.

  2. crlody says:

    Yes, you got it. What I gathered is that He was saying that the actual time table is ultimately irrelevant in that what matters is where is our allegiance when the recycling happens. Fear of the impending recycling should not be our motivation.
    That being said I don’t see this human civilization lasting beyond this vehicle’s life span but what I think is irrelevant.
    Do you have a 1st edition HG Book? I thought that I was out of them but it looks like I have one extra one left.

    • Bridge says:

      I don’t have a hard copy of the HG book, if you’re able to see my email through here feel free to send me a message. I was able to get copies of “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” and “The Transfiguration Diet” so I would appreciate adding the Purple Book to the shelf as I only have digital copies otherwise.


  3. crlody says:

    Thanks for your thoughts

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