The class has been gone for longer than they were here and TELAH is still suppressing their information

As we approach the twenty-second anniversary of the Exit of Do and the class very little has changed as far as accessibility to their information. Before I go further I need to state that I think it’s great that TELAH has kept up the website all these years and that they do provide video tapes to those who request them. However, this does not excuse their continued suppression of the audio tapes, their corruption and distortion of the information with their comments in interviews and the copyrighting of all the materials in direct contravention of the Common Law Copyright that the class put on the HG Book.

TELAH has at least admitted to the existence of the tapes but they have not offered them to the public nor has Mark King admitted that RKK gave them to him under the condition that they be made available. Nor has Mark rescinded any of the following statements that he made on the Art Bell show in August of 1997:

  1. “The door is closed. To leave is a fruitless act. Your task is to stay here and grow forward”. Since making this statement both RKK and OSC have left their vehicles voluntarily. Is Mark King ready to stand in front of Ti and Do and state that RKK and OSC’s actions were a “fruitless act”? I challenge anyone to find anywhere in the materials that the class left behind where they describe leaving one’s vehicle for the sake of the Next Level as “a fruitless act”. In fact here’s what Do had to say about it in Do’s Final Exit; “There might not possibly be some of you who are watching this tape who know that we’re telling the truth and you can say, wait a minute you’re leaving and I’ve never heard of you, why are you leaving and I’m hearing about you for the first time”? Do followed this shortly by stating, “If you’re viewing this right now and you’re hearing what I’m saying and you might after hearing this you might go read the information and then you might say goodness, that’s me and they’ve gone, if you act quickly and you leave this world of your own choice”.  Mark’s co-star in the self-aggrandizing interview was Rio Diangelo who claimed, in a response to a question from Art, that the invitation to leave “was targeted to former class members”. Compare that to Do stating “I’m hearing about you for the first time”. Whoops, Do’s own words directly contradict both Mark and Rio and to this day neither of them have admitted this. Do described exiting the vehicle (in Do’s Final Exit) as “a very significant step to be taken” and Mark stated that it was “a fruitless act”. Who should we be listening to”? Sawyer insisted on using the word suicide and said it was not “a ticket to Heaven”.  Who told him that? It doesn’t sound like what his Older Member had to say about it. Not at all.
  2. According to Mark, “you can never leave this info” and “Once you know it, you can never leave it” Again, whoops, the Older Member that Mark claims to be serving does not share Mark’s sentiments. From Beyond Human Session Two, ‘You can’t lose the option of rejecting the truth. That option always stays with you, even in the Kingdom of Heaven”.
  3. “We feel it’s important to get the info. out. Period”. Apparently that doesn’t include the audio tapes that RKK gave to Mark. And apparently that means that only TELAH can “get the info. out. Period”, since they copyrighted everything because a lawyer, not Ti and Do, told them to do so. Mark King should have a fun time explaining to Ti and Do why he said all of these things that are in direct contradiction to what Do said.

It is my position that the lower forces targeted former class members as soon as the class left. They preyed on the fear and arrogance of Rio and the Kings and used them to discourage others from following Ti and Do all while claiming that everything that they’ve done was in Their name. The influences have made fools of Rio and the Kings and they have had over twenty years to make amends and none of them have made any attempt to do so. They owe RKK and they owe Ti and Do for the lies and distortions that they told and continue to tell in TELAH’s case.  I’ve said it multiple time and I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they try to explain all of this to Ti and Do.

Do has stated, “I am quite capable of giving you misinformation” and “we feel like we’re off in our information significantly, bot not so significantly as to be lost”. I could be wrong but I have not heard similar statements from TELAH, Rio or Sawyer. It’s interesting to me that the Older Member stated more than once that He could give out misinformation and yet several dropouts of His class seem to feel that they are qualified to interpret (I would call it to distort or corrupt) His statements while not qualifying them with, “I’m capable of giving you misinformation”.

From Beyond Human Session Seven, “Don’t forget that Luci (Lucifer) is so close to the truth in the things of his counterfeit. I mean, they’re almost believable”. It’s my position that Rio, Mark King and Sawyer have been used to be the mouthpieces for this “counterfeit” truth. None of them have expressed any interest in leaving this “corrupt” world and they have all been used by the forces in opposition to the Next Level to discourage others from doing so. Rio lied and claimed he was the “sole surviving member” of the class and he used that lie and the ersatz authority that it gave him to try to discourage others from following Do. Mark King has claimed that he, his wife, Rio and JHN are “members” of the class (even though the class described them all as former members) and he has used that position to also discourage others from following Do. Sawyer has used his “nineteen years of fully dedicated service” to present himself as the authority on all things related to the class and he has abused that self-appointed authority by also discouraging others from following Do.

“Those who are misinformation, they do not know that they are misinformation, they do not that they are misinformation. But they usually have bought an easier out that required less of them”-Beyond Human, Session Two.

I would like to thank Ti, Do and the class for leaving behind the information that they did. It is the most valuable information on the planet and yet those who claim that they are serving the Next Level are actively suppressing, distorting and corrupting the information. This happened 2,000 years when the Luciferian influenced one known as Paul tried to corrupt and distort the Older Member’s teachings with his watered down christianity (I refuse to capitalize the name of a corrupt religion) and now it has happened again but this time rather than an “outsider” the lower forces found former members of the class to be their mouthpieces.

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