The corruption of Ti and Do’s information began immediately after Do and the class left and continues to this day

As soon as the class left in March of ’97 the forces in opposition to the Next Level “dove in” to try to suppress, distort and corrupt the truth that Ti and Do brought into this world. We were warned by the class that this would happen:

“These Luciferians (space aliens) “jump in” immediately after Representatives from the Level Above Human leave. They fill the “patriarch (s)” of the resulting new religion with mixed truths and misinformation, which reinforces the fact that accurate knowledge concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while Representatives are incarnate”.

“If you have grown to hate your life in this world and would lose it for the sake of the Next Level, you will find true life with us-potentially forever. If you cling to this life-will you not lose it”?-“95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate

And as been mentioned previously contrast that with Mark King, “To leave is a fruitless act. Your task is to stay here and grow forward” and Sawyer, “How suicide (death) isn’t a ticket to heaven. How we need our vehicles…..”.

Do would agree that “suicide” isn’t a “ticket to heaven” but Do saw “suicide” as “separating from the Kingdom of God when the Kingdom of God has offered life to you”. Also, “The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered”.-Our Position Against Suicide, I’ve already pointed out that Do, the class and Sawyer are not even using the same definition of terms here and yet Sawyer continues to present himself as being on a “task” for Do and the class and has claimed that Do “approves” of what he’s doing. But how can Sawyer be so sure that Do approves of what he’s doing when he is saying things that are contradictory to what Do said?! Once again, I challenge anyone to find anywhere in the materials that the class left behind that justifies Sawyer’s statements in this regard.

“The requirements for entering the Kingdom of Heaven (and exiting the human level of existence) are always the same. Only servants of THE OPPOSITION (emphasis author) would dilute even one of these requirements”. -The Jews and Christians Promote Lies-Unknowingly

“the servants of the ungodly side LIKE THIS WORLD and want to EXTEND THEIR LIFE IN IT at any cost–while the servants of the Godly side HAVE GROWN TO DESPISE THIS WORLD AND WANT TO LEAVE IT, looking for someone or something to offer them a way out–though some may be fearful of the unknown–still trusting that whatever is BEYOND must be better than what they have found here”.-Time To Die For God?

I was recently accused of being “cruel” to Sawyer. I admit that I do get incredibly frustrated with him and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have often behaved in a manner that would not be pleasing to Ti and Do when I have been arguing with Sawyer. That being said I do not feel that I have told any lies about Sawyer as he has accused me of doing. I’ve already proven that my “lies” were in fact things that Sawyer actually said and he has yet to apologize to me for his lie that I was “making up lies” about him and that I “owe Ti and Do” for making up these supposed lies. His subsequent claim that the made up “lie” of mine was actually me “taking it out of context” when he realized it was something that he actually said was in essence, the last straw in my numerous years of arguing with Sawyer. In other words, after years of his arrogance, unsolicited input and distortion/corruption of Ti and Do’s information I am no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Back in 2001 or so when Sawyer first started telling the Internet about his special “task” for Ti and Do I immediately had a red flag go up in my mind when he claimed it was all coming from his dreams. Interestingly, in a recent livetsream he was asked about his dreams and how could he know if they were from the Next Level. He said at one point that it was “a fact” that Ti and Do would sometimes use dreams (the only mention I’ve found is on an audio tape in which Do told the students not to necessarily trust what came to them in a dream) and then he at one point suddenly said, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore”. Now, to his credit he did say that there’s no way to prove that the dreams are from the Next Level but then he followed it up with his “fact” comment about Ti and Do and dreams.

Of course what I found most interesting was how suddenly Sawyer didn’t want to talk about it. My experience with him has been that he is almost always physically incapable of keeping his opinions to himself on almost any subject but when it comes to the crux of his entire self-appointed “mission” he decides that he doesn’t “want to talk about it”. To me, Sawyer has behaved as if the world should accept that he is on a “task” for Ti and Do and we need to accept that this task was assigned to him in a dream. What I’ve heard so far is that Do told him, “to give your life” and Do said that He could “use” Sawyer and that he had a “task” for Sawyer. Beyond that, he’s told us that Do “approves” of his writing, his use of music and just about anything that he’s done. Apparently this approval comes mentally from Sawyer asking Ti and Do if They approve and conveniently he always seem to get his work “approved”.

All of this is conveniently vague. “Give your life” and “task” doesn’t tell us much but based on this Sawyer has decided that the Next Level wanted him to do all the things that he’s done. This reminds me a bit of Mark King telling RKK and I in an e-mail that the class “gave” them everything for a “reason” and they seem to interpret that “reason” to mean that the class felt that they could do no wrong. I’ve already exhaustively demonstrated that the information was spread out among various former members (and OSC the only “current” member at the time) and it was RKK and OSC who by far did the most to carry out the tasks that the class offered to them.

The commonalities between Sawyer, TELAH and Rio are fascinating to me. All of them have tried to re-interpret Do’s words, particularly in regards to “suicide”. All of them have claimed that they are doing Ti and Do’s will. All of them have attacked RKKODY. All of them have tried to present themselves as the authority on all things related to Heaven’s Gate while suppressing Their information or endorsing said suppression by stating that they “don’t care” about it.

Perhaps this has more to do with their individual egos and shortcomings than it has to do with being on a self-appointed “task” for the Next Level? Perhaps this has to do with their own personal desires rather than doing Ti and Do’s will? Perhaps this has to do with the fact that they are all being used by the Luciferians to suppress, distort and corrupt Ti and Do’s information because they are more interested in praising themselves than in adhering to Ti and Do’s will.

Oftentimes those individuals who are so sure that what they’re doing has been ordained by “God” are the ones who are the perfect servants of the opposition. The onus is not on the world to dis-prove the claims of these individuals. The onus is on them to prove what they have claimed. Materials from the class directly contradict most of Rio’s and TELAH’s claims. All that Sawyer has to back up his claims are his interpretations of some dreams that he had. Who are you going to trust? The actual words of Ti and Do or the words of their dropouts? This includes me, check out what Ti, Do and the class said and contrast it with what these individuals have said. I once again challenge anyone to find anything in what Ti and Do which will legitimize the ego-mania of these former members of the class.

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