Misinformation from Sawyer and the problematic nature of his having followers

The following is from Sawyer about the individual I found online in 2006 who was pretending to be several individuals. He was calling his group “God’s Gates” and that had come out of a previous “group” he was trying to hoax the Internet with called The Gates of Fox Mulder. As I’ve stated before I made a fatal flaw in thinking that anyone ascribing to the beliefs of the group now called Heaven’s Gate must be genuine considering how extensive the negative media about the group was at the time. This individual exploited my and Sawyer’s belief in Ti and Do for their own purposes, namely to get attention and recognition.

“As it turned out most of these new believers – perhaps 6 were a fabricated creation by one semi-new believer who wanted to show people that there were new believers even though he wasn’t all that sure about what he believed. As it ended up, to date this same individual seems to be a believer in Ti and Do now.

He owned up to his fabrication”.

Austin, the individual in Canada who perpetuated the God’s Gates hoax for nearly three years, did everything that he could to keep the hoax going as long as possible. With Dave Goetzinger’s help I was finally able to wake up from my naive ignorance that I was somehow serving the Next Level by catering to this hoaxer. When I confronted Austin about the hoax he attacked me and Do and said he couldn’t believe that he was so stupid to fall for the teachings of Heaven’s Gate and he told me to send him “a postcard from hell”. He only “owned up” several months later and when I didn’t respond to him he lashed out at me. He has claimed numerous times that he did it all to counter negative media portrayals of HG. He also claimed that he had got caught up in his own game and seemed to act as if he was a victim of himself. He once asked me what I knew about ISP’s and only later did I realize that was because he was concerned that he was going to get found out.

The fact that he was so quick to lash out at me after I wouldn’t respond to him demonstrates to me that he wasn’t “owning up” to his lies because he genuinely regretted them, it was because he wanted attention again and when he didn’t get what he wanted he went on the attack. He expected to be forgiven and in my mind was not contrite at all but was the same old Austin. This wasn’t one lie, this was almost three years of lies and exploitation of my belief in Ti and Do. In my mind an individual who abuses someone like this doesn’t get to be upset if the person they abused doesn’t want anything to do with them. And his claims that he did it to counter negative media about the class is just a despicable excuse in my book. “I lied to you for almost three years because I was doing it with good intentions” is essentially what he was saying and I won’t accept that.

I began to investigate him after his hoax was exposed as I felt like he was a highly unstable (and possibly dangerous) individual and he had my address so I contacted a person in Canada who I know had worked with Austin on film projects. When Austin found out about this he claimed that a “flurry of legal charges” were coming my way. Austin would often threaten individuals when he was upset with them. He once threatened TELAH with “going to the IRS” after reading a blog entry of mine about how TELAH was suppressing the audio tapes. I took the post down because of this.

Once again, an individual who starts threatening “legal charges” against someone who dares to investigate them after they’ve willfully and deliberately lied to them for nearly three years probably isn’t very remorseful in my book.

I certainly have not handled myself well in dealing with this individual over the years and I’ve definitely lowered myself to perpetuate the conflict with him. I have made judgments. Sawyer decided to forgive him and would encourage him in his HG related endeavors. Austin, emulating Sawyer, made a lot of videos that apparently tried to explain some of the HG teachings. He would often make an Internet spectacle of his being an “HG believer” or “sympathizer” and to me he would use his supposed belief in HG to self-righteously attack others.

Sawyer would tell him that he would “make a fine classmate” and that he could see “Do smiling” because of Austin’s efforts. I’m not saying Austin wouldn’t have been allowed in the class (that would have been Ti and Do’s decision) but I certainly wouldn’t say that he would have been either and I’m not going to presume that Do would “smile” at what Austin has done. Not too long ago I called Austin out about his claims about “true blue believers” in HG and he has now disappeared from the Internet yet again. I really do hope it’s for good this time as I do feel that he cannot be trusted and is quite toxic.

Austin very well could have a deposit from the NL, that’s not something that I am qualified to speak about. All I can speak to is his behavior and that his “owning up” to his fabrication did not feel at all genuine to me. I don’t do him any favors by accepting his b.s. that he did it to counter all of the negative media about HG. He did it all for himself and the attention that he got online.

“The two individuals who are continueing (sic) to maintain the Heavensgate.com site were given the task by Do before they exited. They were also left with the book for publishing”-Sawyer

Sawyer fails to mention that the Internet acct. info was also given to RKK and OSC and that ONLY RKK was tasked with uploading their final statements. The FedEx packs didn’t arrive until AFTER the class exited so his claim that they were “given the task by Do before they exited” is false. He also fails to mention that they asked RKK to take the TELAH address off of HG.com and that they gave all of their “tasks” and documents from the class to RKK in that parking lot in Phoenix shortly after the exit of the class. His claim that they were “left with the book for publishing” is also false.

From the letter to Mark and Sarah King, “We also asked OSC to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress”. There’s nothing in any of the three letters that I have that were sent to the Kings that states that they were “left with the book for publishing”. From what RKK told me it sounds like the 3rd edition of the HG book was given to OSC and he eventually gave it to the Kings and that’s the book that they had copyrighted by the TELAH Foundation even though there were no instructions to copyright it in any of the correspondence from the class. The 1st edition, which is only missing one item that was in the 3rd edition (along with a few updating editing changes), had the Common Law Copyright.

“the task we all have is to disseminate everything Ti and Do gave us and part of that entails the insights to decipher some of the records in the bible”.-Sawyer

There is NOTHING in any of the last instructions from the class about “decipher (ing) some of the records in the bible”. The class included a section titled Relevant Bible Quotes in their book. The only source for the above claim from Sawyer is Sawyer himself. He needs to prove, using the information that the class left behind, that the “task we all have” is to “decipher some of the records in the bible”.

For daring to question Sawyer’s claims his followers have gone on the attack. I’ve been accused by one of Sawyer’s followers of thinking that I’m “superior” and others “inferior”. I’ve always maintained that we’re all inferior to the information that was left behind by the class. I’ve called myself a dropout and a Heaven’s Gate hypocrite. I’ve been called a Luciferian in the past by someone who followed Sawyer. Austin claimed that I thought that I was the “moral authority” on Heaven’s Gate. I challenge any of these individuals to back up their accusations with anything that I’ve said that legitimizes their claims. I’ve repeatedly stated that I am not a good example of Next Level ways, behavior and thinking. I’ve stated many times that I wish that this blog didn’t exist. I wish that all of the audio tapes were available. I wish that Sawyer would stop mentioning his “experience” in the same sentence as the information of Ti and Do.

It’s sad and ridiculous that we’ve gotten to the point where Sawyer discusses the penis sizes of his and DST’s vehicle’s on his livestream, the same livestreams that he claims are in “service” to Ti and Do. It’s ridiculous that Sawyer would find fault with what RKK did with the audio tapes over twenty years ago and then claim that he “did no such thing”. It’s ridiculous that Sawyer accused me of “making up lies” about him for pointing out that he has claimed to have had “contacts” with Ti, Do and the class and that I “owed Ti and Do” for this. And after claiming that I was confusing something that he said with something that Rio said it’s even more ridiculous that when he realized that he actually did say it that he claimed that it was “taken out of context”. Consider that he has said,

“I asked questions & received dream inperson answers from Do, from Ti, from several students”.

And this, “I feel Ti did want me to write (in a dream she came to me to tell me once)”

And this, “I did have dream visits by Ti (2x’s) and Do(3 x’s directly and a couple indirectly) and some students who answered my questions and helped me with my personal attempts to be re-employed by Ti and Do’s crew”.

And this, “With this dream, as I have been inquiring to Do how he was to “use me”, as he said in a recent dream he felt he could”

And this, “The dream I believe was in response to another dream previous to it, where Do told me “I can use you”, which followed a dream with two classmates telling me it was time for me to leave”

And this doesn’t even include the post where he used the word “contacts”. But it doesn’t matter. I can cite thing after thing that he’s said and he will always have a long-winded explanation to justify what he’s doing as a “mission” and “task” for Ti and Do. He will keep on bringing up his “19 years of fully dedicated service”. And he will keep on attracting followers who confuse defending him with defending Ti and Do.

It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. My continuing to fence with Sawyer is a form of insanity. It doesn’t matter how many specific things I bring up to him, he’s going to stay the course that he’s been on ever since he claimed that Ti woke him up to show him two spirits.

In fencing with him I’ve stated that I believe that he wants recognition as he continuously brings up how long he was in the class and his supposed “contacts” with Ti, Do and the class. He has retaliated by going back over twenty years and claiming that because RKK and I had short blurbs about ourselves on rkkody.com that we were seeking attention and recognition. I initially had reservations about putting anything about ourselves on the site but I stand by what we did. I feel that all we were doing was letting people know who they were getting the information from and that we had been in the class. I find it highly petty of Sawyer to criticize us for what we were doing twenty years ago to disseminate the class’ information especially considering that he didn’t want to help. Just like his questioning of what RKK did with the audio tapes. Also, is it really fair to compare a couple of paragraphs that I wrote declaring my allegiance to Ti and Do and the class and the task of disseminating their information to the twelve plus years of Sawyer’s blogs, blogtalk radio, a book, and  hundreds of videos? Austin also claimed that I was seeking attention by pointing out the hypocrisy of his claiming to be a “true blue believer”. Perhaps the real motivation for trying to turn my criticisms back on me is because somewhere inside themselves (largely unconscious) they know that they have used HG to draw attention to themselves but their egos and sense of righteousness won’t allow them to see it. They are choosing to be blind.

I’ve said numerous times that I wish that these posts about TELAH, Rio, Sawyer and his followers didn’t exist. No one should be listening to what any of us dropouts have to say. No one is an “active student” in the class. Like GLNODY said, “our classroom is over”. He didn’t say, “except for the active student Sawyer who we will give instructions to through dreams and premonitions”. The only reason these conflicts are happening is because many of these former class members are interpreting, suppressing, distorting, diluting and corrupting the information that the class left behind.

We are all here because we are unwilling to do the ultimate demonstration of faith. If any of us 100% believed in Ti and Do we wouldn’t be here. Sawyer claiming that he is supporting Ti and Do with “all of my heart and soul” is just empty words that his followers are naive enough to believe because some of them like the feeling of superiority that they get from following someone who they mistakenly believe has contact with Members of the Next Level. If Sawyer has stated that he was “still a supporter” of his human family when he started his supposed “task” for the Next Level then he is admitting that he is not dedicated to Ti and Do with all of his heart and soul. Like I said, it’s just a bunch of empty words on the Internet. It’s very easy to sit behind a computer and make all of these hyperbolic declarations about doing an important mission for the Next Level.

I’ve made many mistakes during the years in interacting with Sawyer and his followers. I have issues with perpetuating conflicts and slipping into being self-righteous. I have issues with focusing on the faults of others and ignoring my own. I’m admitting this to the Internet in the hope that I can gain some control in these areas. I have a great many flaws. I am superior to no one.


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