Sawyer’s Followers are NOT following Ti and Do

Keep going! We need to learn what your teachers passed down lol

JayThere is absolutely no one else doing what you’re doing and there’s a decent group of us that watch every time you live stream (plus the others who miss it and catch up on your post-stream)
The above are from another of Sawyer’s followers. Apparently this individual is confused as to what has been “passed down” by Ti and Do. They very purposefully and deliberately “passed down” Their information in the form of a book, video tapes, audio tapes and other materials that were produced while the class was here. Interestingly, Rio Diangelo once claimed in Rio’s Statement in LA Weekly that the information “needed to be passed down in it’s most true and acccurate form by ME” (emphasis Rio’s). There is NOTHING in any of the information that the class left behind that states that Ti and Do were “pass(ing) down” Their information through one of Their dropouts. And before I again get accused of thinking that I’m “superior” I am also a dropout as are Rio Diangelo, TELAH and anyone else still here who was in HG.
By claiming that “no one (is) doing what you’re doing” this individual seems to be echoing another person who once called Sawyer the “best former member” of the group as if there is some kind of competition going on between former members of the group known as HG. Maybe instead of kissing up to Sawyer we should be focusing on how Ti, Do and the class did things that no one else has done in this civilization. Maybe instead of Sawyer’s livestreams let’s focus on the fact that had RKK and OSC not had the courage to go to the storage locker in San Diego we probably wouldn’t have any of the audio tapes of Ti and Do to listen to nor would Sawyer be able to play them for his audience while offering his seemingly never-ending commentaries.
Sawyer is largely responsible for the ignorance of his followers as he encourages them to follow him with his numerous claims that he is on a “task” for Ti and Do and that his book is easier to “digest” than the book that the class wrote and that his book is the “little book” mentioned in Revelation and on and on.
The burden is on Sawyer and his followers to prove, using the actual words of Ti, Do and the class, that They are passing down Their information through individuals who have chosen to stay here for individual reasons. Things that Sawyer claims that he is getting in “dreams and premonitions” from Ti and Do are not proof.

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3 Responses to Sawyer’s Followers are NOT following Ti and Do

  1. David says:

    1. The Truth comes into the world by the rep sent 2000 years ago
    2. The lie called ‘Christianity’ emerges when the lower forces send their own ‘rep’ called Paul
    3. The Truth comes again in the 1970’s by Ti and Do, the reps from the Level Above Human
    4. The lie is ‘resurrected’ and affirmed once more by another who claims to come in the names of the reps, while covertly introducing his own teachings to dilute the truth

    Wake up, people. Read the book left by the class and you will avoid deceptions like these.

    • crlody says:

      I find it interesting that initially Rio claimed that he was the “sole surviving member” and that he was left behind to “clarify” the class’ information. He also wrote a book and then decided to stop saying anything at roughly the same time that Sawyer began to go public with his self-appointed mission. They both have spent more time and energy drawing attention to themselves and what they have to say about Ti, Do and the class rather than the information that was left behind and they both found fault with RKK’s efforts to distribute the information. They also both have denied saying things that I know they said. Perhaps the same things that influenced Rio have influenced Sawyer.

      • crlody says:

        In fact, Sawyer just again equated what he is doing with Ti and Do’s information in his livestream. So yet again I will be addressing in another post how he can’t seem to mention Ti and Do’s information without bringing up what he is doing in the same sentence. Also, individuals are asking him about the audio tapes and instead of mentioning the file sharing site where they’ve been for over a decade he tells them to e-mail him so he can send them the files. I’m going to get another anonymous e-mail acct. and make a new post offering the CD-ROMs (and only respond to requests for the CDs and not get drawn into exchanges)and draw attention to the 4shared site and I’m going to apologize for having a link up for years that, unbeknownst to me, was requiring individuals to register and pay $ to 4shared. I made a big mistake in that.

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