Sawyer cannot stop equating what he’s doing with Ti and Do’s Information

From Sawyer’s most recent livestream,

“I wish everybody that wants all Ti and Do’s information could have it, in all forms, like the way I’m doing it right now, right now I’m going through the records, the history of the Next Level’s interactions with the human kingdom, even though it’s archaic and outdated it still shows the characteristics of what Ti and Do were teaching”.

This most recent livetstream was 4.5 hours of Sawyer talking. I listened to a couple of minutes of it around the three hour mark to hear the preceding. The class included several Bible quotes in the HG Book. Do recommended that individuals read the red letter editions of the four gospels that highlight what Jesus actually said. When I was in the class TRSODY told me that the Book of James was one that the class liked if I’m remembering it correctly. Individuals can read these things on their own and don’t need to hear someone talk about the Bible for four and a half hours. I don’t remember us ever even talking about Revelation but I could be wrong and I was only in the class for three months.

Again in the preceding Sawyer mentions what “I’m doing right now” right after he mentions Ti and Do’s information. Sawyer’s livestreams are NOT Ti and Do’s information, they are Sawyer’s information. Ti and Do’s information is-as I’ve exhaustively demonstrated-contained in the audio tapes, the HG Book and the video tapes that the class very specifically and deliberately left behind. Sawyer’s livestreams are NOT a “form” of Ti and Do’s information despite what he claims. Previously he has described the suppressed audio tapes as being information that we don’t “need” because Sawyer has appointed himself the arbiter of all things related to Heaven’s Gate due to his “19 years of fully dedicated service”. Sawyer has demonstrated time and again that his primary interest is in having individuals listen to him and his “experience” about being in the class. He has repeatedly equated that “experience” with the actual teachings of Ti and Do.

Read the transcripts of the Beyond Human series if you want to hear “Ti and Do’s information”. Listen to the audio tapes of Ti and Do instructing the students of the class. Read the HG Book. Go to Does Sawyer really want “all Ti and Do’s information” to be available? If he did then why did he claim that we “have all the information we need” in regards to the twelve years of suppressed audio tapes made by the class? Why are individuals religiously listening to an individual who habitually contradicts himself and who talks about penis sizes on his livestreams? Why are individuals so naive as to think that Sawyer was given a “task” by Ti and Do in his dreams? Why are individuals so naive as to think that what he is doing is even worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as “Ti and Do’s information”?

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