Allegiance to Ti and Do is NOT based on listening to Sawyer or any former members of the group known as Heaven’s Gate

Rio Diangelo, Mark and Sarah King of TELAH and Sawyer have all presented themselves to the public as being individuals who should be listened to when it comes to the group known as the Heaven’s Gate cult. Both Rio and Sawyer have pushed their own books onto the public. Mark and Sarah King have given interviews in which they claim that they are the surviving members of the group.

Over twenty-two years after the group has gone and TELAH is still suppressing the majority of the audio tapes produced by the group. Sawyer is still claiming that Ti and Do gave him a “task” in a dream and he continues to attract followers who insist that he is “acting on the mind of Ti and Do”. Rio still hasn’t retracted his claims that he was the “sole surviving member” or that he was left behind to “clarify” Ti and Do’s information.

These individuals have demonstrated time and again that they are more interested in having themselves heard than they are in distributing the class’ information. Neither TELAH nor Rio have ever shown ANY proof from the class themselves to back up any of their claims. Sawyer constantly touts his “experience” and often mentions it in the same sentence as Ti and Do’s information.

Ironically, these individuals who have claimed that they are here on some sort of special “task” for Ti and Do and the Next Level are actually being used to suppress, distort, dilute and corrupt Ti and Do’s information. Sawyer has attracted followers who have confused defending Ti, Do and the class with defending Sawyer. They have fallen for Sawyer’s claim that he is an “active student” of Ti and Do. I had said nothing but nice words of thanks to an individual who had transcribed some of the audio tapes made by the class but she decided to find fault with me for daring to question all of Sawyer’s numerous claims.  Many of these individuals are focusing on Sawyer and falling for his claims that his livestreams, book and on and on are in “service” to Ti and Do.


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a former student of Ti and Do
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