Sawyer’s claims that he is an “active student” of Ti and Do

As I’ve already pointed out on more than one occasion Sawyer has described himself as an “active student” of Ti and Do. He is doing this because there is a line in the HG Book that talks about connecting with an “active student” of Ti and Do. This was written in 1996 when there were dozens of active students of Do still on the planet.

I’ve also already pointed out how only one individual was described as being a “current” classroom member in the letters that the class sent to former members of the class. That person was OSC. Rio Diangelo and Mark and Sarah King of TELAH were specifically described as “former classmembers” who had “left” the class for “personal reasons”. Rio called himself the “sole surviving member” and TELAH has claimed in interviews that there are four “surviving” members of the group left including themselves.

I see little difference between Rio and TELAH’s claims and Sawyer’s statements about how he is an “active student” and that all that he does (the blog, livestreams etc.) is in “service” to Ti and Do and the Next Level. All of these individuals have repeatedly demonstrated that their primary focus is getting recognition for the things that they claim that they are doing for Ti and Do. In his livestreams Sawyer will repeatedly direct people to his blog for Ti and Do’s information. An individual asked him about a Ti and Do quote and instead of directing them to, where the ’88 Update that the quote was taken from has been online for over twenty two years, Sawyer directs them to his personal blog. When individuals have asked him about the audio tapes made by Ti, Do and the class Sawyer directs them to his livestreams of Ti and Do’s audio. These livestreams are often more than half-filled with Sawyer talking for hours before he even plays the audios made by the class. Instead of directing individuals to a file sharing site where the audio tapes have been for well over a decade he tells people to e-mail him personally so he can send them the files. As I’ve stated repeatedly Sawyer did nothing to preserve the audio tapes even though RKK asked him for help and Sawyer has claimed that the remaining majority of the tapes that are being suppressed by TELAH are not “information that we need”. And yes, I’ve pointed out that if he feels that way then by his own actions his blog, book, livestreams etc. are information that we “need” because he keeps telling us that it’s all “in service” to Ti and Do and in fact his book may even be easier “to digest” than the book that the class wrote.

Sawyer may again accuse me of “making up lies” or taking this “out of context”. He seems to be very good at making up very long-winded justifications for everything that he’s doing as being part of his “mission” and “service” for Ti and Do.

I’ve also pointed out how Sawyer faulted RKK for giving the tapes to Mark and claimed that if he “were RKKODY” he would have done it differently. Except Sawyer was busy with his partner and baby while RKKODY was attempting to leave this world to follow Do so I do believe that Sawyer is a disgusting and cowardly hypocrite for questioning what RKK did over twenty years ago, especially when RKK isn’t even here to defend himself.

RKK spent some of his own money and he and I both spent a fair amount of time on preserving the audio tapes. I am NOT saying this because I want some kind of recognition for this. I’m saying this because we didn’t preserve and distribute the class’ materials ( as was their desire ) so Sawyer could come along twenty years later and add hours of personal commentary when he plays the tapes during his livestreams.

TELAH, Rio and Sawyer seem to me to be most interested in praising themselves and wanting recognition for all the things that they claim that they are doing for Ti and Do. Rio has dropped out of the public eye for over a decade so perhaps he has changed his egotistical attitude. There is NOTHING in ANY of the materials that the class left behind to support TELAH’s claims that they are the “surviving” members of the class. There is NOTHING in anything that the class left behind that supports Sawyer’s claims that he is here on a “task” for Ti and Do. I have repeatedly asked for proof from the actual words of the class to support TELAH’s and Sawyer’s claims. Sawyer has claimed that his “task” was given to him in a dream. His dreams are his dreams, they are NOT the information that the class left behind.

I have nothing to prove. Like I’ve said before, most of this blog shouldn’t exist. TELAH should have released all of the tapes over twenty years ago. The HG Book should not have been copyrighted. Sawyer should stop deluding his followers with his garbage about how his book is so important that it’s mentioned in Revelation. Sawyer has accused me of being self-righteous and yet he is the one who repeatedly brings up his “19 years of fully dedicated service”, this exact phrase has appeared dozens and dozens of times in the things that he writes. He claims all that he does is in the name of Ti and Do. How can he be so sure of this and why are individuals looking to him for Ti and Do’s information?

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9 Responses to Sawyer’s claims that he is an “active student” of Ti and Do

  1. Andres says:

    Hello Crlody, I hope you’re well. Dumb question… Why shouldn’t have the HG book been copyrighted? Thanks in advance for your reply!

  2. David says:

    The only people in the class apart from TI and DO that could serve in a teaching position would be those who who followed DO out of this world and transitioned into the Next Level. DO never mentioned any former members of the class as having authority to “explain things” or “clarify information”. No incarnate rep most likely means that misinformation is going to be ramped up as the luciferians would not miss an opportunity to influence those who think they are doing “Gods” work. I belive DO spoke about this briefly in Beyond Human.

    Regarding Sawyer (and this is totally my opinion), it’s occured to me that he may have felt regret for not remaining with the class and couldn’t accept the fact that there was no more classroom after they left. This could have sparked the need to continue a pseudo-classroom with whoever was willing to listen to him in order to maintain that attachment. Sadly, this all-too-readily displays the characteristics of influences. Again, just my two cents.

    • Andres says:

      Greetings David,

      I disagree; I don’t think all of those who exited their vehicles in ’97 are in such position because some of them were in the Class for such as short period of time. If I’m not mistaken, Do said on the Exit tape that some of the Students must return. I guess it makes sense. I understand everyone is different and the “genetic package” of some vehicles are harder to overcome than others, but I’m confident Students who were in the Class since the 70’s had much more experience than those that entered in 1996, for example. Also, with no Older Members present, it’s not a matter of “if” but rather a matter of “when” the lower forces will begin to distort the material left behind by the Class. From the looks of it, a lot of the former members are either not aware that the lower forces have taken a grasp of them or are not aware that it has happened. I cringe every time I’m reminded of Rio’s statement about how the Class taught how to create a soul or something like that (The LA Weekly interview).

      Anyways, I could be completely wrong about all this. Hope you’re having a great day!

  3. David says:

    Hello Andre,

    Yes, you are absolutely correct! I get a little ahead of myself sometimes. Some of those who were in the class will need to return at some point to complete their overcoming, as DO said. I’m sure this was understood by the newer students.

    I just re-read that interview and it is shocking how Rio could portray himself as such an important individual from his opening paragraph, going on to make claims about soul creation and the class being in the spirit world. CRL has mentioned this in the past, I think. It’s these subtle, seemingly harmless statements that sow the seeds of deception. While I cannot speak for anyone who was in the class, it makes sense that they could be targeted to either discredit the reps or muddy the waters.

    The Kings present their own dodgy statement. To paraphrase, “there is no heaven or hell, just endless reincarnation”. There also seems to be the growing suggestion that TI and DO didn’t really believe what they were teaching, breaking their own rules in the process and making it up as they went along. It’s about as valid as saying Yahusha (Jesus) was a schizophrenic. This is purely the work of the lower forces, and I hope no-one will fall for it.

    Thank you for your thoughts, it is good to hear from other followers who are interested in Next Level truth!

    • Andres says:

      Hello there!

      Firstly, I’d like to correct myself; noticed a repetition when I wrote the following: “From the looks of it, a lot of the former members are either not aware that the lower forces have taken a grasp of them or are not aware that it has happened.” I meant that a lot of the former members are not aware the the lower forces have taken a grasp of them or ARE OKAY WITH THE FACT that it has happened. My mistake.

      It’s interesting how Ti & Do’s teachings have been distorted by former members themselves, who still believe in the The Two. Although I dislike the way the media portrays the Class, in a way I understand them ’cause, after all, they were never in the Class. The media has a perception that’s most likely never going to change. But Rio, the Kings, Sawyer… They don’t seem to help in any way. They just make things worse. Instead of feeding the media with BS, why don’t they, for instance, inform people to read the book by the Class? Why don’t the Kings make the existence of the video tapes known? If they really wanted to be of service to Ti & Do, I feel that all they need to do is come out that the Class was so much more than the way they exited their vehicles and that if someone wants to learn more, they can read the book, watch the videos and listen to the tapes. But it seems they’re all too blind to do that. But hey, who am I to judge? I was never in the Class nor anything.

      I don’t mean to sound like I’m putting CRL in a pedestal nor anything, but I admire the fact that he’s not following the others’ path. He insists that one should look to the Class’s information and no one else’s.

      Anyways, sorry if my message sounded rant-ish! Enjoy your evening! πŸ™‚

      • David says:

        All good, I didn’t notice! Yes, and if not aware then in denial. It seems really simple though. If these individuals really do care about the information, they should have no problem presenting it as it is and putting ALL of it out there. I feel that much of the media portrayal beyond the exits is due to what former members have said and done. We can’t forget that the media is pretty much controlled by the Luciferians at the end of this age, but it really shows how quickly things can deteriorate when the reps are gone. I doubt that most who are “into” Heaven’s Gate care for the hard requirements presented in the information. Again, my opinion.

        I agree wholeheartedly. It is good that at least one person is still in touch with reality. The book is available online, as is the Beyond Human series and a collection of audio tapes. My only regret is that I wasn’t around to obtain an authentic Away Team patch when RKK was still here, but that’s just me.

        Thanks, have a good one πŸ™‚

  4. Andres says:

    Great point about them possibly being in denial. Didn’t think of that. And I totally agree about how much of the portrayal is based on what former members have said (or, in some instances, what former members haven’t denied, for instance the whole “the Kings are the sole surviving members”. You and I know that’s not the case). It’s interesting and kind of scary how quickly things deteriorate after the Older Members leave. I feel and fear this also applies to many if not all other aspects of life.

    The situation with the audio tapes is a particular one. I respectfully disagree with CRL when he says that the Kings are repressing the audio tapes; I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I’ve asked the Kings for the tapes and they’ve been kindly sending them over to me. The problem, I think, is the fact that they don’t openly promote their existence. They’ve held numerous interviews where they could’ve said they have the tapes. They could update the site. I don’t know, they seem to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with the tapes. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this blog that I learned of them. Also, although they sent me the link for the videos on Vimeo, I noticed the Exit videos aren’t there, just the Beyond Human ones… They should upload them as well. I’m just curious to know why they don’t do that…

    It’d be interesting to get a hold of one of them patches! I doubt they still exist, though. It also would’ve been impossible to get my hands on one anyways since I was only 6 when the Class exited their vehicles.

    • David says:

      This is why I believe that getting as close to the source is absolutely vital. It is frustrating that it’s come to this. I hate to be judging people but this whole fiasco surrounding former members is just too much at this point. To describe onesself as “sole surviving” is strange as it either sounds like an attention-grab or presents the class and teachings in a negative light.

      I’m intrigued by the Kings sending the tapes to you. Are these the ones which are available online? Or are they the ones which, as CRL says, have never been made public? Maybe there is a hint of elitism associated with witholding the unreleased materials. My understanding is that the exit tapes aren’t available so that no-one can point the finger at the Kings in case it inspires copycats. Seems reasonable.. from a human perspective!

      I think RKK had a bunch of Heaven’s Gate stuff made that was available on the old right to know webpage. It might explain why some (meaning very few) people have the real deal. If you’d like to discuss anything more in-depth my email is – dav992b AT hotmail DOT com.

      Best of luck in your overcoming!

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