Investigating the claim that TELAH was given “the majority” of the possessions of the Heaven’s Gate group

In a post on reddit an individual who is apparently a relative of either Mark or Sarah King of TELAH has claimed that “the majority” of the possessions of the Class (Heaven’s Gate) were given to the Kings. A careful examination of the letters that the class left behind and what actually happened after the Class left will reveal this claim to be completely and utterly false.

In regard to the vehicles (automobiles), the Kings chose not to go to San Diego to retrieve them. As per RKK’s (aka Chuck Humphrey’s) manuscript, “MRC and SRF handed over all of their paperwork they got from the class along with two sets of keys to all of the cars and trucks the class had parked in a San Diego airport parking lot”. In the letter to the Kings the class stated, “It’s up to you how the vehicles are distributed but the following suggestions were ok’d by Links (Do)”. As was stated previously the Kings chose NOT to be involved in “how the vehicles are distributed” as they gave all the keys and paperwork from the class to RKK. Furthermore, the class suggested that, “The white Lincoln Continental (LC-car) to RKK” and “The silver Mazda van (M-van) and tan Oldsmobile (O-car) to OSC”.

It was suggested that the Kings get the “White Ford van (X-van) and dark blue Mercury Sable (S-car)”. Also, “The large yellow moving truck can be found at our storage place. Again, perhaps you could get some help from RKK or OSC in handling the truck and storage”. In reference to the “I-van (white handicap van) the class stated, “Maybe OSC or RKK could help you with its disposition”.

So, of the seven vehicles that the class left behind two went to OSC (only one was retrieved), one went to RKK and two went to the Kings which were never retrieved. So, yes, these vehicles were all left to the Kings but the class wanted RKK and OSC to have half of these autos and they suggested that the I-van “could be sold for something” and they suggested that “RKK and OSC” could help with it as well as the “large yellow moving truck”.

One, the Kings chose to turn over all responsibility for these vehicles to RKK. Two, only RKK and OSC went to San Diego to retrieve two of the vehicles, to my knowledge the County of San Diego seized the remaining vehicles. Technically we could say that since four of the seven vehicles were left to the Kings that would constitute a “majority”  but considering that the Kings chose to give all the keys and paperwork to RKK it would appear that in 1997 the Kings didn’t want any of these vehicles left to them. They chose to stay in Phoenix rather than travel to San Diego to retrieve these items that they now so proudly claim were all “left” to their care.

I’ve already pointed out how only RKK (and a Romanian ISP) were sent the disks with the Earth Exit Statements and Final Press Release on them. Also, RKK was sent the masters of the Exit videos. JHNODY was sent the masters to the Beyond Human Series and OSC was “asked to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress”. Furthermore, in the letter to the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property the class stated, “As far as we’re concerned we would like for you to have what is left in the house if the authorities allow it”. Interestingly, the Kings filed a lawsuit against San Diego County to try to take possession of these items even though the class specifically mentioned in their letter to the Kings in regards to the landlord, “…since he owns the house, that he could have whatever valuables are there”.

The above is an article about the property dispute. To me the most interesting item in the article is the following,

“In February, the Kings–who left the celibate cult 20 years ago so they could marry–produced letters from cult members, along with a map and a pass code to an Escondido storage locker, to show that the group had intended the couple to take possession of the property”.

Apparently the part of the letter mentioning how the landlord could have the items in the house was not included which opens up a larger mystery ;  what “letters” did the Kings show San Diego County when they gave all of their letters and paperwork to RKK in March of 1997? According to the letter to the Kings they “attached a map” to the paperwork that “pinpoints” where the storage lockers were. I haven’t seen the map and I don’t remember if RKK had a copy or not. I am highly doubtful that the Kings showed the real letter from the class to San Diego County in light if the fact that the real letter had the aforementioned statement about the landlord which would have nullified their claim that the class wanted them to have everything in the house. Also, they gave all their letters to RKK.

As far as the map and pass code to the storage lockers, OSC did accompany RKK to the lockers. Several possibilities emerge here as OSC did seem to ally himself with the Kings in their conflicts with RKK. OSC may have had a copy of the map and the Kings paperwork or maybe he had written down the pass codes or maybe even remembered them or maybe they just made up some numbers. In any case he had been to the storage facility and I strongly feel that it was information that he had that the Kings used in their lawsuit to claim that “the group had intended  the couple to take possession of the property”.  These supposed “letters” from the class have never been produced for the public and the Kings have never explained how I came to be in possession of the letters that the class sent them. I have been transparent and placed these letters online along with RKK’s story about what actually happened after the class left.

Again, in the letter mentioning the storage lockers the class stated, “we suspect RKK and OSC would likely be a big help”. How interesting that the class mentioned RKK and OSC three times  as being  a “help” with all of this (and RKK is again specifically mentioned a fourth time as “a good choice to retrieve” the “yellow truck”) and lo and behold the only ones who went to San Diego to retrieve the class’ property were RKK and OSC. As a further point, the class stated that “there is some exercise equipment which belongs to out landlord Sam” in the storage locker and yet if the Kings were giving supposed letters from the class to the court in San Diego this would again contradict their claims that everything in the house and storage lockers belonged to them.

Finally, I’ve already pointed out that immediately after describing how to access the storage lockers the class stated, “It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”. And it just so happened that several boxes of audio tapes produced from 1982-97 were stacked up right next to the door and it just so happens that those were the only items retrieved from the lockers before the authorities placed an additional lock and eventually confiscated the remaining items which RKK described as “camping equipment and some household items”.

Based on the above it is quite clear that the Kings were not left the “majority” of the Class’ property and considering that the Kings initially turned over their paperwork and car keys to RKK a strong case can be made that they reneged any claims to ANYTHING that the class left behind. As has been detailed already, only after the Kings met with a lawyer and Mark stated, “there can be 10’s of millions at stake” did they want to be involved. To date TELAH is still suppressing the MAJORITY of the audio tapes produced by Ti, Do and the class. TELAH had nothing to do with the retrieval, copying, digitization or distribution of the audio tapes.

Mark and Sara were told by the class, “You can do with those items whatever feels right to you”. What “felt right” to them was to turn over everything to RKK. RKK only gave Mark the audio tapes on the condition that they be made available and Mark assured him that they would be distributed. Sawyer has faulted RKK for taking Mark at his word and giving him the tapes even though RKK had decided that he was leaving the world to follow Do while Sawyer was busy with his partner having a baby. Apparently stating, “If I were RKK…” with the benefit of twenty years of hindsight and then going on to claim that you would have made a better choice than him is “in no way” an attempt to “find fault” with RKK?!

Since I know for a fact that TELAH gave their letters, keys and paperwork from the class away we have to ask ourselves what did they show to San Diego County to justify their ridiculous lawsuit? They still have not shown ANY proof from the class to justify anything that they have claimed. They only give e-mail interviews and refuse to identify themselves. They have never mentioned RKK or OSC once in any of the interviews where they can’t stop praising themselves. Mark has lied by omission repeatedly about why he left the class (Do had to ask him to leave).

Since it’s been almost twenty-three years I’ll put this out there in the interest in transparency (all of this can be found in the pictured letters in a previous post).

“The storage units are #241(use key 798 for this unit) and #147 (key 591), located at Private Storage Systems, 2421 Barham, Escondido, CA. The passcode to get through the *21484#” and “California Self Storage located at 5206 Eastgate Mall, San Diego CA 92121-2809. The unit number is F 258 and the access code is *351-3046”.

TELAH has kept the hg website up all these years and it sounds like they still do give away video tapes upon request. However, they have copyrighted all of the materials which they never received any instruction from the class to do so. They have used lies and manipulation to paint themselves as the tireless martyrs for Heaven’s Gate and they are going directly against the “desire” of the class by continuing to suppress the audio tapes. If the class wanted only them to have their “property” then how did I get the address for the storage lockers as well as the unit and key numbers and passcode?

Of course TELAH could claim I’m just making this all up and yet they have not provided one shred of evidence beyond their own claims to support anything that they state. What did TELAH show to San Diego County to bolster their claims that all the HG property belonged to them? Since they gave their letters and paperwork to RKK the letter provided to San Diego County would have been a forgery. If I had money for lawyers I would have gone after TELAH long ago and who knows if the only thing I want from them-the release of the audio tapes-would ever happen even with legal help. I know that Ti, Do, RKK, OSC and the Next Level knows what has happened here.

TELAH could come clean at any time and admit their lies and release the tapes but they would rather give interviews talking about what an “honor” it is for them to talk themselves up. Their behavior and sheer arrogance makes me want to puke.


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8 Responses to Investigating the claim that TELAH was given “the majority” of the possessions of the Heaven’s Gate group

  1. Sean says:

    I guess I’m a little unclear about something I hope you can clear up. I have been to the 4share site, the file upload site you refer to elsewhere on this blog & I was able to access the audio from 1983-1985. Some of those recordings esp. the early ones, are unintelligible. There are many however that I have been able to listen to (thank you BTW). The audiotapes that haven’t been released by the Kings: Are these the ones on 4share? Or are there others? Thanks for this blog.

    • crlody says:

      Yes, many of those tapes on 4shared are of bad audio quality as we were working with the oldest analog originals. The tapes on 4shared are those that RKK had made copies of, largely from 1982-85 with a few from 1994. All the remaining tapes from 1985-97 are being suppressed by the Kings. I know that they’ve been digitized but the Kings still refuse to release them.

  2. David says:

    Perhaps we should all direct our asking to the Next Level on this matter? I have an idea of why the remaining tapes are not being released, but I don’t want to speculate publicly on this matter. Suffice it to say, that the potential machination is about as human as it gets.

    • crlody says:

      RKK had speculated that the Kings were ashamed of what was on some of those tapes. I’m guessing that any tapes to do with Mark getting kicked out of the class have been destroyed. Also, the tape that dealt with “MRC/SRF’s bitterness” (as per the tape log) is probably gone too. The tapes are never going to be released, Mark lied to RKK and myself and assured us that they would be “when the right decision is arrived at” but it’s just lies upon lies. TELAH has been working for the side in opposition to the Next Level since 1997. It’s never been about putting the information out and all about Mark’s personal issues and agendas. It seems to be a common theme where former class members assume that their personal desires are Ti and Do’s desires. This is all part of the choices being offered. They could make a different choice at any moment but I think it’s like Yoda said, “once you start on the path towards the darkside, forever will it dominate your destiny”. Paraphrasing.

  3. Andres says:

    I think what frightens me the most is that Mark and Sarah are approaching the end of their human lives… If they pass within the next 20 earth years, what’s going to happen to all the information that’s on their possession, both what they have shared and, more importantly, what they haven’t? Anyways, just a thought, I reckon…

    • crlody says:

      Yes, that is a very good point. RKK and I were assured over twenty-two years ago that the tapes would be released, “when the right decision is arrived at”. I knew it was B.S. at the time. It’s like that joke about lawyers except applied to TELAH, “how do you know when they’re lying”? Answer, their lips are moving.

      • Andres says:

        Going to state the seemingly obvious, but maybe they really believe that they’re awaiting for the “right decision”, wanting or expecting a message from the Next Level, but in reality they’re serving lower forces, perhaps without their awareness. I’m feeling pretty pessimistic, to be honest. I really think that, once their vehicles pass, a lot of information will remain “buried” forever and those who have been touched by the Next Level are going to have to work with what they got…

      • crlody says:

        Unfortunately I share your pessimissm. It’s so sad that tapes made up until they left are being hoarded by TELAH. And also sad that no former members of the group care. I trust that all is well with you Andres.

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