Here is the link to the audio tapes that are available. Ask TELAH at rep@heavensgate.com for the remaining tapes. Mark King of TELAH promised RKK in 1997 that they would be made available.

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The Gate to Heaven

RKK and I wrote this back in 1997 and I feel that it is just as appropriate now as it was then. Perhaps Sawyer will again accuse me of wanting attention and recognition because we dared to write something ourselves (while he was too busy with his family to help us distribute Ti and Do’s information) just like he accused RKK and I of for having short bios of ourselves on rkkody.com in 1997. Apparently Sawyer feels that a less than one page piece of writing is the same as making 240 videos, writing hundreds of blog entries and a book and bringing up dozens of times our “19 years of fully dedicated service” and “experience”.

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”.

The above statement was part of a press release to be issued to the news media by Do, 3/22/97.

When Do said, “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us” we don’t feel that this is limited only to former class members and to the best of our knowledge He did not assign anyone the task of announcing when that gate was closed. None of us are qualified to determine how long that this brief window exists.

When we have our Older Member with us, we are not assigned tasks by having a little voice come into our heads saying, “I think I have this task to do”. We learned very early not to trust any thoughts that would come into our heads or listen to little voices telling us we should do this or do that. Ti and Do did not ask anyone to leave the class because They felt an individual might have another Next Level mission outside of the classroom, however, some were asked to separate from the class in order to work on their overcoming at a distance.

Those who chose to leave the class left entirely because they chose NOT to continue serving their Older Member.

We learned by experience that when an Older Member is present on the planet, any communication from the Next Level is directed through Their Representative. It is considered very inappropriate to make suggestions to this Representative (Ti and Do) for tasks we may want to do. If the Next Level wanted us to do a task They would assign it through our Older Member directly (verbally), not by mental telepathy or little voices in our heads. We are not aware that Do assigned anyone the task of announcing when the “brief window” is closed. No one can say with certainty that this “brief window” is closed. Only am Older Member from the Next Level would be in a position to state when that gate is closed. And we are not aware of any Older Members here now”.

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Student Exit Statements, March 1997

Note: (missing Stlody, Gldody & Sngody due to technical problems but they’ll be done shortly)

Student exit statements 1997.

Camera: We’re going to begin our session today with Srrody. How long have you been in this classroom circumstance?

Srrody: I’ve been here since Valentines day 21 years ago.

Camera: Okay and is there anything in particular you’d like to say?

Srrody: what would I like to say? Oh goodness there’s so much I could say to you but just about anything that would be of any significance to you is already on Heavens Gate I mean this is kinda, in words it’s kinda silly but I would really strongly recommend if you could find Heavens Gate the book or the website go there study it, read it, it would do you a lot of good.
But maybe on more of a personal note: There’s a number of you out there that have probably been in contact with me personally a number of the classmates that you’ll be seeing on this tape and remember how you felt when we were there? Remember what it was like to work with us and be with us and you’d probably be better trusting that rather than information you run across on the TV. I’m sure there’s gonna be stuff come out about this that can’t give the perspective that you would have so trust your own feeling rather than what you hear from someone else, that would be my primary advice to give.
The other thing, and I hope this is okay but Pastor Murray, just because you’ve had a contact with someone from an extraterrestrial circumstance doesn’t mean there any more trustworthy than someone who hasn’t. The Mormons supposedly, John Smith had the same sort of contact and a space alien doesn’t mean he’s from the Kingdom Of God so you would do well to do some research as well in this same regard.
I hope I’m not going overboard by naming these people but Kenneth Copeland, Jen and Paul Krouch— Kenneth Copeland in particular, Ken and Gloria for a while we really thought that you were picking up on Next Level information you were being a good instrument and then you go off into this thing—this was some time ago— go off into this thing where you were telling people that if they want to get wealthy then they need to give more money to people, they need to (?) more I mean come on, where’d you get this stuff? Your focus is wrong I mean.. I don’t know, I’m probably stepping out of line here… Paul and Jen Krouch you sat there and you pleaded to be the emissaries  for the Second Coming when it arise you wanted to be the ones that had everything, all the infrastructure all set up and ready to go and be prepared for His return and don’t you know we were in your prayer groups for a while? We actually did some of your accounting for a while? I mean, we were right there and you’ve had ample opportunity we even sent you a tape of the Beyond Human series and what we got back in return was warning about cults. I mean, TI and DO have tried and tried to give all you all a shot who say you’ve been looking for this but you’re looking in all the wrong places… Anyway, I didn’t mean to go on and on I didn’t mean to make such a— and I’m not singling just you out but you’re one’s we actually took interest in for a while and then got disappointed so hopefully this is— this is not to criticize, this is hopefully to help from someone who’s heard some of this stuff

Camera: Okay before we move on to Qstody, one more question how do you feel about what is ahead for us?

Srrody: Oh this is the happiest day of my life, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. Some would probably sit here and someone on the other side of this camera, watching this tape would probably say: what’s going on? Or you all must not have a life or you’re deluded or you’re brainwashed or whatever the thinking might be, it’s hard to tune into. From our perspective, from my perspective this is God sent, this is the answer to everything these flesh vehicles— I mean, if you use the analogy of a car and people may keep their cars for a long time before they finally wear out and the clonk out and they die on em then they go get another car or some people say well here’s a newer model, it’s much nicer and this one doesn’t quite perform the way I could and I’d like to move into this new car, get rid of the old one get a new one this is just about all we’re talking about it’s not a big deal. I’m talking too long so I’ll pass up.. The

Caera: no its been 5 minutes, so sorry.

Srrody: This isn’t a troubling circumstance don’t take it as that its just a gateway, just a doorway.

Camera: Okay thank you and Qstody I guess you’re next

Qstody: Im not sure how I’m gonna follow that up

Camera: You know anything particular you’d like to say?

Qstody: Well, a few days ago I been in the class for 3 days just 3, 4 days ago and I don’t know I just feel like I’ve learned so much about the Next Level and the kingdom of God kingdom of heaven and on how best to cut all ties, attachments, additions to self and this world and this is my prepared statement, it’s very simple and I don’t know I think my constant asking long before I entered the class was key the constant begging for the real facts, the real truth as how to get out of this world and grow beyond it and rise above it, leave it behind, both self and this world. Ti and DO are my Older Members and they’re from the Next Level and they’ve shown me by their example and the Next Level ways, behavior and conduct for a beginner in the Next Level and I just never fort that my free will and options and choices allow me to either continue to look up to the Next Level and my Older members or Older Members chain of mind or to look away which results to separation and death similar to cutting leaf from a tree and as long as I look to my Older Members in the Next Level I will have unlimited growth and I look greatly forward to being of unlimited service in my new Kingdom level, we’re all creation originates, also in my new Next Level vehicle or body, suit of clothes, whatever you wanna call it. I also want to thank my Father DO and TI and prove my loyalty and for them helping me and nurturing my Next Level mind and I feel the utmost respect and honor for the price they paid to endure for my sake and my classmates sake’s for entering into such a world as this one has become and I don’t think words basically would do it at all I don’t know.
All I can say is what’s next and I that I love TI and DO and the Next Level.

Srrody: Just before we break and what Qstody said sounds a lot better than what I said.. We don’t know what going to happen after we leave, we don’t know how much longer this civilization is even going to continue on and so all this may be mute but whatever time it’s worth, that’s why we’re saying these things..

Camera: Okay well thank you both very much.
Srrody: Thank you.

Okay we have Jnnody and Lvvody with us today Lvvody on the left, Jnnody on the right. How long have the two of you been in this classroom circumstance?

Lvvody: Well Jnnody and I, both these vehicles ended up being a couple that were in Oregon in 1975 and we took these two vehicles, you probably heard of the news media story in 75′ about a bunch of people disappearing from Waldport, Oregon well we’re still here, not for long. We’re very happy and proud to have been members of Ti and Dos class and couldn’t be happier about what we’re about to do and doubt was never an issue certainly at times temptations of the vehicle or dumb influences might turn our heads for this reason or that but there’s always a deep down knowing that from the moment of seeing ti and DO that is is why I’m here to take this vehicle and do this task and always knew that I knew Ti and Do from before this time that there was strong recognition and Jnnody felt the same way. Do you want to talk a little bit?

Jnnody: Only thing I can think is that you know it probably seems like the ones that the blame will be pointed at will be TI and Do and we’ve always had free reign to come and go and believe or not believe or as since day one in the fact more times than not TI and DO would put effort into pushing anybody out of the class that wouldn’t wanna be here it wasn’t just full steam ahead with what they knew truth of  Next Level to be and the fun  thing is that we all came, just human vehicles with minds entering those vehicles that had to take them over and crazy the way  it works is the more we put into practice the teachings , behavior and guidelines that TI and DO taught us, the proof of the truth that they held becomes more apparent and behavior and discipline and ways of thinking that we had held all of our human vehicles had become so distasteful and something that was beneath us so I have to say the same as Lvvody that the last thing that I would’ve thought on September 13th 1975 was that in a week I would find myself apart of a group and leaving behind my human life and starting on this but there was just a knowing and recognition, i think recognition is probably the better word, knowing that TI and do were someone that o had known and respected prior to this incarnation so I’m we’re looking forward to this we’re happy and excited, I can’t wait

Jnnody: It’s probably old programming but I can’t  help guy think in the Bible when Jesus says:  “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me”
He was saying I’m here, I’m sent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand I am the only way that you can reach the Next Level, Kingdom of Heaven and now its the end of the age its the same thing happening again TI and DO are the way and the truth and the only source of life and without our connection to TI and DO we have nothing so Christians miss it when they read the Bible and they just don’t get it because the atmosphere is just so filled with misinformation but its so plain and simple and real and true for us and we know it, you may not know it which us okay, we have no fear we’re  proud and looking forward to what’s ahead and we feel all the classmates feel the same way.

Lvvody: Actually you all couldn’t really know it unless you’ve done what we have done and been through what we have been through but I think you can trust our judgment in this.

Camera: Okay well thank you both very much.

Camera: Okay we have Dstody with us and Dstody how long have you been in this classroom circumstance?

Dstody: Since March of 76′ that’d be 21 years.

Camera: Okay and you met Ti and Do at that time or did you attend a meeting, how did you find out about that?

Dstody: Well that’s a long story but suffice to say that when I heard the information, I was overwhelmed I individually searched for TI and Do because I didn’t make a meeting and after about a month I found them and I’ve been with them ever since. Boy that opens up a big door. You’ve probably heard from very one, quite a few people before me and they’ve all expressed what the class has meant to them and what they’ve learned in the class but it’s hard to express I human language what we know to what we feel from what we’ve learned in the classroom and I’m no exception I’m having very difficult time and I’ll try to express exactly the way I feel TI and DO we’re two individuals that were known to or were said to have come for the Next Level with information for humans on how to get out of this kingdom level, into their kingdom level.
Overwhelmed was a word that I used to express what went on with my psychic with my physical body with everything just hearing that it’s something that I felt very close to, very dear to and very important and it answered a lot of things I was asking consciously and subconsciously which were things like: what’s next for me?, what’s life about? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Since I’ve been in the class I’ve learned the answer to all of those and my Older Members Ti and Do which are Members of the Next Level, have been the best teachers to give that information and as a result do that I’m here and I’m very, very happy here. I don’t know what I did to deserve to be here and I’m embarrassed that I can’t express, without getting emotional how good I feel about what I’m doing and how good I feel about being here and being given this opportunity to go to the Next Level and just the opportunity is the gift is just overwhelming is the only word I can come up with.

Camera: Well, I guess that answers any other questions that we were gonna ask, Dstody.

Dstody: I didn’t know I was gonna talk so much

Camera: No that was very clear.

Dstody: Like I said we’re all very emotional about the gift that we’ve been given. I’m the happiest person in the world.

Camera: Okay, thank you very much.

Okay Slvody, you’ve been in the classroom for a number of years now, would you like to tell us about that?

Slvody: Yes, I joined with Ti and do in September 1 1975 after the meeting they held in LA Quinate in the San Francisco Bay area and that’s when I began at that time.

Camera: Okay and is there anything particular you’d like to say about your time in the classroom?

Slvody: Well when I knew I’d be given the opportunity to speak to any who might be interested in what we have to say, try to zero in on what I thought might be helpful to you and as DO mentioned I’m one who left the class after having been in it for 6 years and returned into the world.
From my experience both in and out and of the classroom and from my experience with th being cared for, nurtured and guided by the Next Level I feel I could recommend that if you recognize the Next Level information as true now or in the future the best thing you could do it’s pursue it with every ounce of energy you have and continue to cling to the Next Level Representative with your whole strength so that they can call you faithful and it’s up to each individual to prove to the Next Level that the Next Level is all that they want and there’s nothing in the human kingdom to call them here, it’s up to us to show the Next level. It’s up to us to show the Next Level, not the Next Level to show us. Next Level is very generous and fair and the five each individual many chances I think how the Bible said that said it was something lik 70 times 7 which is a number representing a lot and as long as you show with your sincerity that you want a clean slate they do it for you repeatedly if you can convince them that you were sincere in what you want that would be to serve them and those who might have recognized the Next Level but turned away from it for one reason or another in a meeting or with us who may need to plea repeatedly like I did over a long period of time to show that they’re sincere but if you knock on the door and continue to ask the Next Level they won’t forsake you.
I’m so glad that TI guided me back to DO and I’m so glad that well be going to in the Next Level really soon and I really feel— which was your last question how do I feel about it?— I feel very honored and very lucky that I wasn’t stuck back in the world where I chose to  make the mistake of going for a while.

Camera: Alright, thank you.

Camera: Okay we have Strody and Glnody with us now how long she you been in this classroom circumstance Strody?

Stridy: I was fortunate enough, I am fortunate enough to have been in the class for 22 yeas I had a lot lessons I needed to learn compared to the others I was one of the lucky ones that prepared to con in Los Angeles when I heard, I couldn’t deny it i had to come, thats all there is to it

Camera: and Glnody?

Glnody: First of all I want to apologize for my appearance, I slept on my hair wrong last night and as you can see it’s just a mess.
I’ve been in the class also since 1975 and I’ve never left and I never would leave and this is just the greatest thing, it’s the only thing there is

Camera: Okay, is the anything in particular you’d like to share about your experiences in the classroom? Either one of you?

Glnody: Well I just think I wanted to try to express in the same way that everybody in the world isn’t 32 years old, their souls and spirits are different ages and just like the person who’s in his doctoral degree studying quantum mechanics he can’t explain to the second grader what he’s learned and what he’s doing but the seventh grader can say well in learning addition and subtraction this week and the older student can say oh I kind of remember back when I was doing that but the seventh grader there’s no way can tune into what college students so there is no way for us to explain to the people probably watching this tape what’s going on, they’re probably not going to understand and we understand that

Strody: Well they’re like me they can try their very very best and I’m sure that’ll be good enough to the Next Level just do the very best you can that’s all they expect you to do and we do have a book out that they can learn all the things from he was very very — Glnody has been very prominent in helping to that book out on the computer that’s where he is all the time, in front of the computer and

Glnody: Well, I’d just like to clarify that basically the whole book was written by our Older Member DO and I did some work on the computer to put it together but it’s mostly TI and DO and not me and I was just very glad to have the opportunity to work on it.

Strody: both of us were very lucky and fortunate to be with TI and DO when TI was in body here on this earth, is that correct?

Glnody: That’s very correct and there’s just no way describing how great it’s been, how much we’re looking forward to what ahead of us now because it’s just what we’ve been working for all these years it’s just the answer to all our prayers.

Strody: I couldn’t have had a better life I’ve had these 21 years and if good here I know it’s going to be twice as good when we get up there and we’re looking forward to it and it’s been fun all the way, it’ll be fun going.

Glnody: I do want to recommend on our website we have a picture of what we feel the Member of the Next Level might look like because the next level isn’t just non-physical, they do have bodies even though their physical characteristics are different than what are here but we don’t know if it’s entirely accurate but we feel like because of the way DO helped bring that picture about and that he feels so good about it that it must be very close to what we’re looking forward to being in, our Next Level bodies.

Camera: Okay thank you very much.

Okay I have Anlody and Dmmody with us and if I remember correctly you both came in May of 1976 after you knew that TI had announced the harvest was closed, is that true?

Anlody: Well it’s true in my case I remember when I came in the group that in the meeting that I attended kept trying to tell me to go away and I wouldn’t get out of their (?) I stayed in. I kind of got in by default I didn’t really meet TI and DO until almost 2 months after I came in

Camera: In this vehicle.

Anlody: In this vehicle.

Dmmody: That’s about the same that happened here in fact Ollody you were one of the ones that were in Portland, Maine where I met you all, I never even attended a meeting I saw a poster at the (?) state college when I was leaving the dark room one day and said this is something I have to do and all of a sudden a light went off in my body and I searched for 3 days, I went to the university in New Hampshire looking for you all then I went to Portland, Maine and that’s where I found everybody and I never attended a meeting and the meetings closed out and from there we went to Wyoming and I saw TI and DO and all of a sudden I just said wow there they are… And I hadn’t seen them for so long…

Anlody: I didn’t know if it would be appropriate but a little explain my name because my name I got from my Older Member I originally had the name of omega and because when we first joined the class in the very beginning you try to separate yourself from the vehicle so you take another name so you’re not being called by what the vehicle was called my first name was Megan then I switched it to Ann because omega seemed a little too highfalutin for me then we got the ody names and I became Annody and I spent those few years from 1988 to 1994 away from the class because I felt that if been taking the class for granted and that if I was put out in the world circumstance I would grow to appreciate it when I had more it was a silly gamble because the class could have left but they didn’t and I was able to come back it at that time my Older Member changed my name from Annody to Anlody because anneal is a word for a process used to strengthen steel and so I was really glad that they hadn’t left before I came back

Camera: Dmmody did you want to say anything about your return to the class?

Dmmody: The same kind of process happened to me I left at approximately later post of 1981 after being in the class 6 approximately
I just I was overcome thinking I wanted to see the vehicle’s family and things like that and didn’t leave a note or anything because I knew who my real family was but I just had a feeling I had to go back into the world per say to see why it was like and to see what might be there but I knew in my heart I’d always reconnect and always be back and I didn’t know how it would transpire but it just seems like I had instructions to leave at the time, I didn’t understand it at the time I’m just so happy to be back.. Excuse me…

Camera: Well we’re all happy to see you come back Dmmody, we know what a struggle it was being out there but I can speak for everyone else in the class that we’ve been especially impressed with Dmmodys positive attitude and willingness to help with everything that needed to happen, and Anlody too.

Anlody: Well I for one am very much aware of the limitations now of this human vehicle that I have and I’m anxious to be of more service to the Next Level without it so..

Dmmody: I’ll be happy to get this suit of clothes off and put on a brand new fresh set with new vibrations and be in a new atmosphere and just so nice and clean this place has become so corrupt, ungodly, polluted and just totally something that is so far beneath the Next Level for TI and Do to endure what they’ve endured for 22 years it’s just unimaginable they’d go through that for us…

Camera: Okay, well we appreciate your time the both of you and unless there’s something more you wanted to say?

Dmmody: Probably could write a few books but I don’t have time for that, we’re leaving in the next couple of days..

Anlody: Just thank you TI and DO.

Dmmody: Yes just thank you TI and DO for everything you’ve done.

Camara: Okay, thank you.

Okay we have Brnody and Smmody with us now and how long you been in this classroom? I guess we’ll take Brnody first

IBrnody: I’ve been in the classroom since January of 76 I was very fortunate to be able to spend some time with TI and Do before I came into the class and though I had a brief  period of about six years where I was on a special task outside of the class because of having the vehicle that I am  wearing I’m leaning how to be completely independent with this vehicle and in a circumstance outside the class and I think a thing that I would like to say about that is that I learned the values so much of what this class teaches and who I was, and who my teachers are that during that six years while I was outside of the class, I followed every procedure and instructions in the little apartment circumstance I had and every one of them proved more valuable to me than you could imagine and that’s what I’d really like to say and then when I was able to rejoin the class of course that was a great, joyous day for me

Camera: Okay, Smmody?

Smmody: Well I’d like to let people know out there that this was the only thing I can do and when I came in 76 of January I hadn’t met TI and Do before then but I heard about them and when I heard about them I knew tat they were what I was looking for and I had been searching for years and years why was I even here? What was I doing here? Then I met TI and Do and I knew that they were my Older Members.
I had to go with them because I knew that this was what I had to do and there all there is and this place is just like a hologram, it’s a training ground for individuals that come from the next level to inherit a new vehicle, a refined vehicle and that’s what my task is to work on my control and my restraint and learn the ways of the Next Level and my teachers are here to teach me that and I’m glad they came to this hideous place to do that.

Camera: So you feel like you might know them before you took this vehicle.
Smmody: Oh I knew TI and DO right away when I saw them.
Camera: You recognized them

Smmody: I knew when I heard their words and heard what they had to say, it was there. They were the answer and there’s not any answers here, there’s no human that can answer anything that TI and Do, they cannot give you anything the humans here don’t know how to get to the Next Level they need a representative, they need someone to lead them out of here.

Camera: is there anything else you’d like to say, Brnody?

Brnody: Well yes I’d like to ask about to and do when I met to and do I knew who to and do were, I had no doubt I didn’t believe who they were, I didn’t believe the might be, I knew. I knew that I had had a past association with them and I knew that I had a task to do to take over this vehicle and gain control of it and learn Next Level ways and the whole thing is about service to the Next Level.
I had no doubt and I’m very happy  and this is a very joyous time for the class to be able to be returning home.

Camera: Okay we have Prsody with us now and we understand you have something you’d like to say.

Prsody: yes I do I prepared a little statement for anyone in the world who might be interested in why I’m ready to go to the Next Level and I hope that this will explain what it means to me.
Fkrstkf all I consider myself extremely fortunate to be chosen for this class and to have been in the keeping and care of two Older Members from the Next Level for the past 22 years.
In 1975 I received a statement entitled “Human individual metamorphosis” and even before I finished reading the message I knew I was heading the Lord, my Shepard’s voice.
After meeting TI and Do I instinctively knew who they were and where they came from there was no doubt. It’s like a knowing inside you can’t deny. The information they brought us about the Next Level and their ways and their ways and conduct were not human ways and it because more clearly evident the more I was with them that I wanted to become like them.
Their consistent caring and conduct was evidence to me that they were from a world I wanted to be apart of, over the years that desire has never changed. Now the time has come for us to leave this world and return to the Level above human as new beginners, as new beginners in the Next Level.
By dropping these bodies we will receive the inheritance we have been promised of eternal life and the physical Next Level body to be in service to the Chief of Chiefs.
It is my choice to lay down my own physical body to prove to the Next Level my love and the trust I have in my Older Members of what they have shown me the example of what I can become.
My thoughts in these last hours are only of joy and wonder at the thought of going home to my Older Members and being in TI’s house at last.

Camera: okay we have Mllody with us now and Mllody would you like to tell us how long you’ve been in the classroom and that experience?

Mllody: Sure I’ve been in the classroom since April or may of 1975, I guess it’s been almost 22 years and it’s been the best 22 years I’ve ever experienced. There was a couple of questions I wanted to address, well hope to I tried to but I can pull enough from my Next Level mind that my answers to that question would be appropriate there ware a couple of things I suspected a number of individuals would like to ask us if they had the chance and one of those questions people I thought would wanna ask is: How can you, so many of you have so many capabilities and talents when you could’ve done so much, threw all of that away to go off with some cult and just lose your life.
Okay, in response to that one thing you have to consider is what we as individuals wanted to become.
I think everyone in this class wanted something more than the human world had to offer they were seeking some type of goodness, some type of rightness that they didn’t feel in this world that’s one thing you have to consider what we wanted. To us we weren’t throwing away anything that was of any value to us.
The other thing that you may not realize if you’re truly have some goodness in you I think you will come to realize, and that is that the idea that you can become something in this world and make a difference is an illusion. Anyone who’s seeks to make a difference in this world and to out and do something is going to viciously come to the realization that the underpinnings of this world are so corrupt that you really cannot succeed unless you’re willing to compromise what you know in your heart isn’t really right. You’re going to be faced with that but inside you you’re gonna have to give up something that is of value in order to make a difference in the world. So you really can’t accomplish that and hopefully if that is the road/path you’ve taken where you’re trying to make a difference when you come up to that point where you have to make a lesser decision that you’ll take the option of failure and do some soul seeking and ask why is this happening? Is there really a God? What did he have in mind for me? Is there something more and as a result of asking those questions you’ll come to the realization that there is a higher evolutionary level above human that you can attain to and go after and you do not have to be satisfied with what’s in this world.
The second question that I thought people might wanna ask and that is: do you really hate our mothers fathers sisters and brothers? Do we really feel that way?
I think one thing you have to realize, each of us in order to succeed in this task has to know Next Level mind in this vehicle we have to totally identify as a child of the Next Level, see ourselves as part of that family and know that’s who we are that everything that was the vehicle is behind us and it isn’t us. The attachments that each of these vehicles had were very real. For each of us  they were things that we cared about individuals that the vehicle respected and loved  and cared for very much and in making the decision that we made to do this we know that we broke hearts, we know that we hurt people and we don’t take that lightly we didn’t want to hurt anyone. Unfortunately it’s the individuals that these vehicles cared for the most that are actually the greatest threat to us and as a Next Level mind with an allegiance to an Older Member this task we had to be very aware that influences would take out vulnerabilities, those things that we cared about and use them against us. They would take the programming of the vehicle and if they could they would make us look backyards and forget where we were going and that happened to a lot of classmates. We’re sorry to say that there’s many that were with us that would give up an eternity with their creator, a closeness and opportunity to reach the fullest potential their creator imagined for them and gave it up for a few months or years for closeness to another human and we’ve prayed for the strength that we wouldn’t do the same thing we prayed to reach the portneyoal (sic)? we wanted to know what the creator hoped we might be and to our Older Members we ask that we gain strength and discipline and we’ve learned a lot and in doing that we had to recognize that programming those attachments we had to hate the things that would pull us back and be our enemies so we do hate the things that would pull us backwards and we don’t want to fail we wanted to succeed, we wanted to be close to our creator we wanted to be what we could become and this might not be something that any of you can recognize at this point but the love that an Older Member has for a younger member is a type of love that a human cannot experience there’s a selflessness and a purity that goes beyond anything humans feels for each other its not a love based on satisfying mutual needs which is really what all human relationships are they’re satisfying some mutual addiction and with an Older Member it’s based on a shared desire to grow and serve the Older Members who created them and to please them and I can wish for nothing more that you may one day experience that as well. That’s all I have to say.

Camera: Thank you very much.

Mllody: You’re welcome.

Okay well we have Jwnody with us and we understand you have something you’d like to share.

Jwnody: Well yes kind of, it’s going to be a bit extemporaneous because I’ve bee working on slot of things the last few days and Ive only had about 22 years to figure out what I have to say here but I’m going to make this a little less serious than some because I have written several papers that are in the Heavens Gate book that express a little bit more what’s close to my heart but this is for out clients, and you may ask well who are our clients? Well as a quote ‘monastery’ we’ve had a little business we call Higher Source from which we earned our income so we could consume while we’re on this planet and we always were self supporting which a lot of entities that are in our position might not be but we would like those individuals that worked with us to remember how they felt about us, what kind of work we did for them and to try not to be influenced by what the media might say because we suspect, knowing the track record of the media that it might not be all too favorable or objective so you’ve had a unique opportunity to work with us directly and there had been more than one client that suspected that there’s a little something unusual about us. One particular individual came up to us one day and said something like: “I’m halfway expecting one of these days that you’re going to come through the door and say something like ‘The big guy upstairs sent us to work with you’ ” and we kind of sat on our hands an held our tongue at the time because we were trying to be a little bit restrained in our identify so that we could earn some “sticks” as we call them but to that individual I’d like to say at this time that God did have a message for you, but it was a bit premature when asked and we’d like to let you know that he’s had an eye on you and we want to let you know that you might need to get someone else to finish up your website right now.. And that we may see you all again, then we might not but we hope that you’ll remember us as we were and not how other people are gonna try to tell you that we are.
And one last thing we’d like to say is: 39 to beam up.
Thank you.

Okay we have Nrrody and Chkody with us now Nrrody on the left, Chkody on the right.

Nrrody: No that’s Nrrody and I’m Chkody.

Camera: And that’s Nrrody on the left and Chkody on the right incase you’re confused by the humor…
Chkody: It depends on what side you’re sitting on
Camera: Trying to be light.

We know that both of you have a lot to say about your experiences with TI and Do since you took these vehicles and were just gonna let it go whatever direction you decide to take it so Nrrody would you like to go first?

Nrrody: Chkody asked me to go first because she was nervous and I’m really nervous is but I want to say that Nrrody is of sound mind and although what’s inhabiting this vehicle is not I am inhabiting the vehicle and I’m really glad that I’m going to be losing this vehicle, shedding it of my own volition because I’m really tired of this world and what it has become I feel no bitterness I feel extreme ftartite(sic)? and thankfulness to my Older Members TI and DO… And… Can you talk for a second?

Chkody: Sure, we’ll for me I just wish people could understand how it was instant recognition for me when I met TI and DO in Waldport 21 years ago and there was never a doubt in my mid and I know that for some I may have caused some suffering or this choice that I made may have caused some suffering because the only suffering really is caused by individuals accepting the misunderstandings and misinformation that’s out there about an individual choosing to become a member of the Kingdom of Heaven and TI and DO are definitely members of the Kingdom of Heaven, they have shown through their example and everything that they’ve done that they’re not of this world they do not have mammalian behavior they do not react the same way we do to things, they have a higher standard and I’ve been its been a joyful experience to me to be here and to have been with them and I wish I could  express the gratitude I have towards all the effort and patience they’ve given me and my classmates and I know that’s where Nrrody gets choked up..

Nrrody: yeah I get chocked up

Chkody: but I just wish that people out there could understand how much we feel and know this is real, this is not a fantasy we may be giving up these vehicles but we knew wee were going to be giving up these vehicles anyway because we didn’t really want them
We know that vehicles in the Next Level are not like these they’re not reproducing they’re not mammalian however your brain can understand that and we’re going to a world that does not live the same way they do in the human kingdom.
Of course Heavens Gate the book and the website can explain that a lot better then I can that was the main thing I wanted people to know how much joy I have felt and the only separation that has ever been toward me or anyone else has been the disbelief and if only you could’ve believed even that far. I know I didn’t have to believe I knew when I saw TI and DO but

Nrrody: Me too, the moment I saw them. I think at first the vehicle was frightened but the mind that  was coming into this vehicle recognized them without a shadow of a doubt knew what I had to do and I know that to the ones in the world that might recognize this vehicle they may think they know me but I am not this vehicle and I know that can be very confusing but even this vehicle that has learned from the mind that has occupied it for the last 21 plus years doesn’t like it here anymore and I know that because there isn’t the conflict that used to be there where the vehicle wanted to do one thing or feel one thing and the mind wanted to do something opposite. The vehicle itself has learned how corrupt and polluted, I know all these words have been said before but  it’s true it’s just a painful experience to recognize the hideousness has become the norm and people accept it out of ignorance because they’ve been programmed and a loft of it is not their fault but it is their choice. Each person has a choice to make and I’ve made mine and I’m very happy that I was given the opportunity to have this choice and I feel very very excited about this time and we’ll finally be able to leave as a class, together we’ve all worked very hard and we’ve all tried to prove to our Older Members that we’re worthy of their effort and the sacrifice they made.

Chkody: Thank you and that’s all we have to say.

We have three of our classmates here, Jmmody, Dvvody, Ollody. They all felt like they’d like to say something to the world before we leave. Ollody something you’d like to say?

Ollody: Okay I’ll go first, I know you’ve already heard of stories talk about restraint and that’s because every member of the Next Level is restrained, some of course are more restrained than other but that’s because they’re older and have had a longer chance to grow taller.
Naturally, our Older Members have encouraged us to grow as tall as we possibly could while we are here because in the Heavens we’ll all be wearing midget vehicles and if we can’t see over the spaceship console, we’re going to miss out on a lot of spectacular scenery..
You may have noticed that there’s some in this class that may have taken greater advantage of this opportunity than others.
Green is not our favorite color, just mine, and I’ve worked long and hard to overcome that.. Without much luck as you can see.
*Hands Jmmody hat*, you mind holding that?
But I do feel very lucky, we all do and that is what I’d like to talk to you about. We saw ‘Hook’ recently on TV and in the movie Tinkerbell warns Peter Pan that every time people stops believing in little people like her, a little person dies.
When this vehicle was young it read a book about elves and fairies and the like, and that book said the same thing so I held onto that belief, even as an adult vehicle. In fact, the vehicle had plans to go to Ireland some day to track down the truth about the little people then one day in Oregon am article showed up in the campus paper, the headline said: “That little green man might be your cousin.” the article described a Florida professors presentation about Aztec New Mexico crash and the bodies inside. Autopsy showed the beings had brains capable of super human intelligence. It said they appeared to have no digestive or reproductive organs, I showed the article to Jnnody—this was before we joined the class— and we thought: Wow, this is going to be a big story, this is going to be big news. But there was a total blackout of it, even when we called the newspaper they said they had no more information. Some months later, Chkody and this vehicles cousin showed up for an unexpected visit. Downtown we saw a poster that said UFOs why they are here, who they have come for and when they would leave. It talked about reps from the evolutionary level above human. We went to Waldport, Oregon on September 14th 1975 and we heard Ti and DO speak a few days later we were all in training for the Next Levels Away Team. Now this vehicle knew it didn’t fit in this world but after I met my Older Members, saw them through these eyes, heard them through these ears I knew where I belonged. I recognized them, there was something familiar about them. The little people I had been looking for had come to take me home. You can think this is all fantasy and that’s your choice, there’s a lot of illusions in this world and it’s hard to sift out the truth but this is no illusion and some of you will know it after we go. A few years ago we received instructions to write a movie about the Next Level. Ti knew that just as truths about the Kingdom of Heaven could be delivered to humans through fairytales, so could these truths be more easily accepted by humans in the form of science fiction. This is a copy of the cover from the last version of that script effort. *Holds out poster*
Maybe one of you could hold this?
*Dvvody agrees*
The name of the movie was Beyond Human: Return of the Next Level. Recently this script received serious attention for conversion into a TV series by a major network but at the last minute they got cold feet and decided it was too far fetched. An individual who helped us with this project recently left the class in hopes of seeing it through. Even if he succeeds we must warn you that our story line contains both fact and fiction so do not trust it as a historical record. We would be very surprised if any of the hardcore truths it contains about the Next Level actually receive public airing anyhow. If you want more information about us, and lower forces don’t interfere you can find it on our site on the internet: www.heavensgate.com.
One last thing, if you don’t believe in us we won’t die, though we may appear dead to you if you do believe in us and the ones we have worked so hard to represent. Our Older Members, Ti and do who are from the Next Level then you can be sure the Next Level is watching because by your belief you allow them a chance to save the part of you that may become a child in our Father’s house too, at a later time, if that is where you want to be. Thank you listening and good luck.


Okay and Jmmody. How long have you been in the class?

Jmmody: I’ve been in the class since 1975, guess it’s about a little over 21 years and there’s not much I really have to say except I just wanted people are watching this to know this is something that I have been thinking about and this is something I’m doing in my own free will and nobody is forcing me to do this, it’s something that I know deep inside is right for me and I feel like that’s important. The Next Level gives everybody their rights, they’re very rights conscientious and they give everybody the right to do what they want and I feel this is part of the freedom they have given us and the choice they have given us and I am very excited about going, I can hardly wait and I’m ready to go!

Camera: Dvvody, how long have you been in the class?

Dvvody: I’ve been in the class, it’ll be six months (on) Sunday. I think I may be the last one up to this point to have come to be with TI and DO at this time, I’m very happy to be here.

Camera: Do you have any thoughts about what’s next for us?

Dvvody: The only thoughts that I have is the preparation that I have made to separate from the vehicle, leave it all behind, there’s nothing here for me. I want to look forward, keep my eye on TI and DO, that’s my path.

Camera: *Talking to all three students* anything further?

Jmmody: Well I just wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to say to you that TI and DO, I recognize them I mean it does feel like when I met them I knew what they said was true its not something they said something that I knew inside me, I felt it was like I had know this the material they were talking about and it was like a recognition and they have so much care for all of us.
They think more of me than I have thought of myself for all these years and it’s what has kept me going there’s nobody on this planet that has cared for me more than they have and all my love goes to them and I just hope that I can be with them forever.

Ollody: Ditto.

Okay we have Drrody and Tddody with us now and Tddody I believe you have a statement you’d like to make?

Tddody: I have a few paragraphs I just wanted to read just things that I wrote down
I have a few words about why I’m here with the class’s about to take this final step and the ami(sic)? thing is that there’s nothing okay I’m no longer satisfied by any human pursuit, indulgence or activity. I’ve been on many paths I’ve been on the top and the bottom of this world I’ve tried it all and there’s nothing on this planet that is worthwhile or of any interest to me.
The information given to me by my teachers, TI and DO is the only thing that makes any sense to me.
TI and DO have helped me become more restrained and refined in my actions, speech and thoughts. They taught me the true meaning of kindness goodness, compassion and caring. They’ve done this not by lecturing to me but by there example they’ve always been perfect role models, never wavering wanting to be of service to the Kingdom of Heaven, the evolutionary level above human. I know that I have the freedom to do anything I choose and I’ve made the conscious choice to wilifuly exit this vehicle, or body that I’m wearing, I’m fully swatee(sic)? that to stay here to reject the choice of the next level to separate from the kingdom of God is suicide.
I’ve only one regret: I regret the time wasted spent outside this classroom walking down paths that were dead ends, missing the opportunity to be here with TI and DO. i can’t deny what come to know through them and I know I’d be a fool to stay here for me this is the only logical next step and it’s simply time to move on. That’s all I have to say

Camera: Okay thank you Tddody, Drrody?

Drrody: I didn’t have a chance to prepare anything but I do have a couple things if like to say and first you’re probably wondering what does Drrody mean? That’s kind of a funny name. Well Drrody is a name that was given to me by my Older Members and simply it was a name meaning durable for a number of time that I a sent out of task with a number of others being separate from the class and being able to survive that experience and get back to the class, they chose that name for me and I appreciate it very much.
I would like to say that first I’d like to express my deepest appreciation to my Older Members for coming here and going through all these years all the trials and test of taking a class on this experience and teaching us all the ways of the Next Level teaching us the ways to perform and function in that level I feel like I’ve tried to be a good member like many of the others the lessons that we get and the influences that we’re subjected to while we’re part of the class has caused me to stumble and fall alof (sic)?the road many times but my Older Members have always been there to lend a helping hand and pick me up brush me off and help me see and understand things with so much depth and such a compassion and caring that he’s always been whee for me it just for me the true love of the Next Level, the way that can be expressed like anything else is just seeing my Older Members coming here, having sacrificed everything they had in the Next Level their bodies, their existence to come here and train a class of children to know the ways of the Next Level to become like them and graduate into that level if we so desired. Worlds can’t really express what I’m feeling I just feel so fortunate, so happy and so humble to be part of that and I so look forward to the time when we can be back together with TI very shortly and joining her and being all together in the Next Level and experiencing in our new vehicles and our new bodies all the things and the lessons and the growth opportunities and the fun ways we have in the Next Level.
I feel like I also want to express that my Older members have shown me more than anything else by their example what the Next Level is all about seeing their care and concern for us, their wisdom understanding, their knowledge of what was right and what wasn’t right what was occurring on the planet at times their vitality, their energy, their control of their vehicles their focus everything’s gout them has shown me that they’re clearly from the Next Level and that’s where I want to go. Most importantly when TI left and when back to the Next Level and DO continued and did everything he could by us efforts and his thirst and his desire to pull in Ti’s mind and all the way through TI up to God the chief of chiefs the real true God of everything exists by his desperate desire to do that I’ve seen TI work through him and the mind of the Next Level come through.
I’m so grateful to be here and I so long for the day we’ll be back with TI and be part of the class under their guidance.
There’s so many things I could go to express but I feel like I said words can’t describe it.
One thing that does come to mind is when we leave I know the media will treat this unless we leave in a craft and no vehicles, no bodies are left behind its some sort of weird bizarre cult, a suicide cult, whatever you want to call it but look deeper than the words look at what we’ve taught people and the message we’ve left behind because we know that it’s difficult to understand but the Next Level requires commitment the final ingredient of leaving the body  and giving it up until you can actually graduate into the Next level it’s difficult to know that for those that ever left behind were going on to something greater and better and that we hope that someday you will understand that and you will join us
I want to thank all my classmates who’ve helped me along the way, my teachers, TI and everyone of the Next Level that have seen us through this. Thank you.

Tddody: I’d just like to also say if I could, I really appreciate all that DO has done and I just want to say thanks to TI for giving us DO. I don’t know where any of us would be without em.

Camera: Amen.

Stmody and Snnody: how long have you been in this classroom circumstance?

Snnody: well I’m very happy to say that next Saturday a week from tomorrow, the 29th March will be 22 years since I first met Ti and Do and I just can’t say how happy I am to be here to have this chance to talk to you all.
I hope that what I say will be something that will be pleasing to to and do because they’re just not from this world they’re from they’ve come here to bring what y’all call Holy Spirit they brought us mind that’s real and made us into something real when we were just not very real not very worth anything but I know that y’all can get the impression that there’s some kind of charismatic people that may have had a strong influence on a lot of weak minded people well there are a few people out there that we’ve worked with over the years that might be able to push through that misconception but I just wanted to say that this particular vehicle that I’m using I know it had a deposit in it because at the time when it was just a little kid it looked around and observed what it was seeing around it and it felt like something was missing and it grew up in a situation that was perfect that a little kid could ask for anywhere in this world everything was just great but it felt like there was nothing significant to what it saw the adults doing and lives it saw going on around it. So this vehicle  just waited, then it took off and looked as hard as it could to find something worth living for and it looked a long time and became very hardened and cynical and I started to say sarcastic and I think I might as well say sarcastic because it was but what I meant was skeptical because when I sat down the first time with TI and Do I had this vehicle there and it was as skeptical as anything could be and it didn’t feel like TI and DO were special except TI and DO Said they had a formula to get out of the human kingdom to a level above human and I said to myself that’s what I want, that’s what I’ve been looking for I don’t care if this is— maybe they’re crazy but I don’t have a choice buy to go for it because I’ve been on this 21 years and there’s nothing here for me and they were saying to the person I was with that the last final ingredient would be for the vehicles to be dead what humans call dead and I said to myself, great. If that what it takes that’s better than being around here with absolutely nothing to do and I don’t feel there’s any way that anybody could say that I was influenced by some bodies strong personality.
The second time I sat with TI and DO it felt absolutely, these people, there’s no lie in them there’s truth and goodness beyond anything I’ve ever seen they didn’t sell anything to me because I didn’t talk to them in words in these little meetings they didn’t say a word to me they were simply talking to the person I was with and I was just observing and listening and shortly after that I found myself in the campground sitting around the fire. TI and DO were talking trying to teach us a little bit and then I remembered I had been here with this person before. I knew that was the same person that was Jesus. Nobody ever told me that it just came to me as clear as a bell and I so want to say I’ve been in this classroom with a bunch of classmates and each one of them is so wonderful you have no idea, these guys are just the bravest strongest most purest people. We put up with so many demons of this planet you have no idea how the demons of this planet are because you haven’t been in a position of trying to fight em. They’ll be pretty good to you when you’re working with them, when you decide  you don’t want them around you have no idea how mean they are. I just want everybody to know even if they’ve been in the classroom even if they had to leave for some reason and aren’t with us now I really thank each one of them for being wonderful and the help each one has given TI and DO my classmates have been telling you a lot about them so I don’t want to take up any more time and let my partner talk, thank you.

Stmody: I couldn’t agree more with what she said I tired hard to think of something that might have some meaning might help you certainly not for our sake’s, we know what we’re doing and we feel very happy about it
I guess I first heard about this about 22 years ago this vehicle was in Santa Fe, New Mexico and read an article I don’t Time or Newsweek some magazine  how these space age messiahs were gonna leave on a ufo and take everybody to heaven and people in this small town in Oregon were leaving their families, leaving their possessions and hitting the road and I remember this particular vehicle I’ve taken over here was from New York it grew up cynical, skeptical, thought it’d seen every scam, that checked out western religion, Eastern religion, pop psychology thought it knew  how everything worked and it wasn’t real susceptible of this but it said oh well I’ll go to a meeting because Jesus really did come again I remember saying well I’d sure go with him in a minute so a meeting came a few weeks later in Santa Fe, I went to the meeting and I sat there just dumbfounded instead of asking a real brilliant cynical questions of sarcasm that this vehicle enjoyed doing it just sat there listening, everyone else got done asking questions only thing I remember saying was “Gee where do we go next”? So I knew right away that everything made sense and this was it. It was just that simple. And I know that I didn’t arrive to that intellectually it was a knowing, I can’t explain it I knew it. Id been there before. Everything in there has borne that out, the proof for me every group I was connected with, this vehicle checked out in the world the people is what turned it off. Either the guru or the master, the preacher whatever and the people that went there to the group you would see them and id say this isn’t what I’m looking for this isn’t my family then… So hard not to get choked up when you talk about this but I met the people that are here, I met my teachers TI and DO and I knew that I knew all of em and that they were my family and I’ve been happy ever since I mean it’s been tough anybody who’s been honest like she said you get hit with everything  trying to turn you away but it’s been wonderful, it’s been very exciting and we know that the spin doctors the people that make a profession of debunking everybody, putting down everybody are gonna attack us like they attacked solar temple and Waco and what have you they’re going to say well these people were crazy, they were mesmerized whatever. And we know it didn’t true but how can you know that and the only thing I can say is that to us this step of laying down these human bodies we borrowed for this task is just as simple like we watch a lot of Star Trek, a lot of Star Wars its just to us like going on a holodeck. We been on a holodeck, we’ve been in the training astronaut training program we figured out a day equals a 1000 years, worked it out mathematically it’s roughly 30 minutes we been training on a holodeck for 30 minutes, now it’s time to stop the games over its time to put into practice what we’ve learned so we take off the virtual reality helmet we take off the vehicle we used for this task, we just set it aside go back out of the holodeck to reality to be with the other Members in the craft, in the heavens. Call it another dimension, call it another reality who know we don’t know what it is we were kept blind ignorance here which is probably with these vehicles the best we can do and it’s that’s simple and we’re all looking forward to it and if you could just see  it that way and see how simple it is to us because we don’t identify with these bodies we know they’re not us. I don’t know if that helps you any bit but if you could just get into our head space a little bit and see how happy we are and how strong willed we are about doing this, and committed to this.
I’m nothing without my members TI and DO I just can’t wait to get up there with him, I don’t have much else to say.

Snnody: Thank you very much.

Okay we have Trsody here with us and I believe you chose that name because of your thirst for Next Level knowledge, is that right?

Trsody: That’s right. This vehicle that I’m wearing is pretty nervous, pretty scared guess I’m not sure what I’m going to say what I wanted to maybe address more is how I feel about this step I’m taking and some may say well boy that’s quite an irreversible step and I just wanted to say that I’m familiar with irreversible steps and I’ll tell you what, I don’t know if you remember DO talking about that some students had chosen, had proven to him that they desired to have their vehicles neutered and I’m one of those students that did that and I can’t tell you how free that has made me feel.
I’ve been here long enough from that time I had that operation to know the freedom that it offers me and I’m just so thankful for that opportunity and in all reality I can’t see that this next step that I’m prepared to take and looking forward to taking is anything more than a clinical operation and having seen the benefit that the neutering has had for my consciousness for my ability to grow and be closer to my Older Member I can’t see any other way than to fully expect that laying down this vehicle is gonna be anything but great for me and individuals think of mind control or whatever and I was in the class for 5 or 6 years and through my own ignorance and being attacked by influences felt like well maybe I wasn’t developed enough, maybe I wasn’t strong enough student to continue. Well, being out of the world— being out in the class, excuse me— proved to me this  was the only thing for me and for the number of years I was out there I would’ve been deprogrammed easily being out there in the would because you’re bombarded so steadily by everything of the world and I know that one thing I may have gained being out of the class is commitment and I just want to express my commitment to my Older Member and TI and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be back in the class and take this next step and also want to say how wonderful all my classmates are and what a great inspiration they were for me to find out there was still a class flung on after the hunger of tears if been out and the fact that they’ve stuck through it all its so hard you have to be totally on top of things to be in the class so it’s not like you’re captured here. If you’re not doing your homework and pleasing the Next Level you’re not gonna be here
And I guess that’s all I wanna say, thanks.

Camera: Thank you.

Okay we have Wndody  with us and Wndody I believe you were one of the first ones to become part of the class in this vehicle, is that correct?

Yes it is and id like to really tell everyone out there that there is no greater gift that has been given to the world than what we and the Next Level have brought to you and its there for you if you seek it out, we all have our own expressions on what this has meant to us and I probably can’t say, of course, any better than anyone has already said it and of c I r  we all feel very emotional at this time and we would really like to than our Older members, the Next Level for everything that they have given to us. We feel so— we are an away team, we came down here to do a task and what they have given to us to take back, to take on new vehicles that are viable in that Next Level.
You have to realize that because we’re becoming in service with that Next Level how much more after graduating here and learning what we have learned from them in order to be a part of the service of the Next Level means that for future human existence how much of service that we can be to you by going through what we’ve gone through if you can just forget the negative, think of the positive because like everyone have expressed the lower forces, the media will take this  and try do something else with it but know that we are happy in what we have done , what we have grown to, we’re going home so that we can be in service to future civilizations for all of you and this is what we strive for and in my last words I’d like that to say to my Older Members and all my classmates of how much I truly appreciate all their help, their caring, their trust their understanding and patience with all the growth we’ve had to through and there’s no words again to express that so thank you very much.

Okay we have Alxody and Vrnody with us and I guess Alxody is gonna wing it first.

Alxody: I’ve tried to think long and hard of what I’m want to say and I know there’s probably not a lot  of time so I’ll try to say briefly I know that I was sent here for a task and I’m not talking about this vehicle, I know that this vehicle was picked and prepped with my assistance and with TI and Dos ad was given a deposit and that deposit in that vehicle saw and searched for the truth and then my mind came in and started in the carnation back in 1975 in October when it first heard this information about TI and DO and once I heard that information it answered all my questions and I could say all the things that my class mates have said on this tape before me because I couldn’t agree more but I just want to say I don’t identify with this flesh vehicle, this flesh body and those of you that see this tape I’m not sure who you will be but some of you may have worked with me, I may have met you when we have been in the world in service to the Next Level doing various tasks and like Jwnody said I wanted to tell you who we were and what we’re about and now I can tell you and I know that we are sat the end and I look very very forward to this next major step of ours where we’re going to be shedding these creatures, these primitive creatures that we used for our ground and that we’re going to be moving on to the next evolutionary level beyond human and taking on our brand new vehicles that we’re gonna be using in the Next Level.

Camera: *Talking to Vrnody* you have anything else you wanna add?

Vrnody: Yes, I wanted to thank DO and TI for helping me and taking me under their wings and all my classmates have been so great to me and all the problems I’ve caused and I’m just very thankful for that and I’m trying not to be too serous here or emotional here so id also like to say this is, what we’re about to do of my own volition and I know this is what I want to do and that no matter what happens that decision is entirely up to me and that’s the way the Next Level is, its my choice to do what I feel right and led to do and I plan on follow my Older Member no matter where he goes or what it is that’s what I want to do as that’s what I have to do and I’m very thankful for the design of that and that’s all.

Alxody: I also wanna thank TI and DO and the members of the Next Level who have been extremely more than fair, more than patient with may of us, including myself who have genetic packages that tend to be so difficult to try and control and I’m just very very thankful that this part of the task is over.

Camera: Okay we have Lggody and Tllody with us and I guess Tllody has something he would like to say

Tllody: Well, Id just like to say that I’m about to take an act that probably this world would consider the most awful thing that any person could do and I can understand their point if view because their life is banked on the physical body and the desires that physical body has in it and that’s perfectly understandable from their point of view however in 20 years,  21 years that I have been in this classroom I have learned to deny this physical body and gain strength of the Next Level mind which is a much finer, different type of matter what I’m doing to do it I’m going to shed this husk its worthless, it’s useless to me just like a caterpillar in the chrysalis is over with he’s a new creature there’s no point in sitting there going oh my goodness that chrysalis is over there and I’m still attached to it, that’s ridiculous, what I’m about do is no different than that, not one iota.
What I’m going to do is I’m going to put this chrysalis down and I’m going to emerge into another kingdom level that humans have no knowledge of and interpret along religious lines which is basically misinformation but bottom line is I’m doing this of my own free will, I have chosen to do it. It’s not something that  somebody brainwashed me into or convinced me of or did a con job of something that I have grown to understand and of my own will have chosen to do and if anybody feels bad about that, that’s their problem it’s my choice because of the kind of society that we have in this world especially in this western country you have a problem with they don’t let you do what you want to do with your life so we’re choosing to do this, you’ll see this tape after I’m out this physical body down and that’s the way it is, so we have no choice about it.
If for the record if people want to know why we’re choosing to do this, I think this planet has become a very very hideous place, they take control of you from the cradle to the grave, you have no choices expect when the Next Level offers you some choices and most of the time you’re herded around like animals you have no choices, what they put it in front of you are your choices, I don’t like what they’ve put in front of me I’m making the final choice here, the choice is out of their hands what I’m going to do from here on that’s the way I’d like to leave it, goodbye.

Lggody: if you can see by the age of this container that I’m wearing that it’s not a youngster, and I’ve been in this classroom for almost 22 years now and the Older Member that Do talked about in the initial tape, his older member well Ti and Do are the Older Members to this classroom.
Do is my Older Member and TI is his Older Member and so the chain goes up the command all the way to the chief of chiefs but if it wasn’t for our Older Member we would be in the same boat that you’re in, that we wouldn’t know anything about the Kingdom of God or what it’s about its someplace that all religions talk about, it’s someplace that you want to go but through the course of misinformation it’s unfortunate that we were the ones that took this opportunity, left the world behind and here we are.
Now I’ve known my Older Member before this journey and I knew him 2000 years ago I was in his classroom then.
It was a short classroom and we didn’t learn very much. It was an agonizing experience to have to then rattle around the human world for so many years before we eventually drop these vehicles on the particular pursuit of the tasks that we were given so we were told that we were going to come back again which we’ve done this time and I was in this container was in the human world to the extent that it was part of the quote “establishment” and I could’ve left this class at any time and we were always encouraged to do so if there was anything out there in the world that attracted us. If I didn’t consider myself someone that was foolish and that I was just jumping off the deep end and doing something without (??) every step of the way and it’s always proved itself out, all I can say is that this is the most exciting time for us because this is the end of the class. This is everything that we’ve waited for this is the end of the civilization that we talked about not only 2000 years ago  but in prior times when we had association with members of the next level that came and tried to move up the civilization we were a part of those classes also so here we are, it’s been a long 6000 years and Next Level or the Kingdom of God is not something that you join and get to over a little 6 weeks course it takes a long time but it’s prove it to them, they’ve never had anything to prove to us its always been well if you seek us then by learning the lessons you will know afterwards proof is in the pudding.
So, TI and DO we owe everything to them, we’re going to lay these vehicles down here shortly and we’re going to what we’re doing is we’re going home. We’re going home to those individuals who sent us here to do his task and this is the most joyous and happiest thing that you could possibly imagine were going home, we’ve got a place to go to and you’re going to find this old, crummy vehicle in a bunk someplace and I’ll probably be watching when you check it out and observe your responses and reactions when you look at these vehicles and they are nothing but containers that we’ve used and borne for the short amount of time. So we have nothing but gratitude and joy and thankfulness for of Older Member for giving us this opportunity and we’re going to be able to help this civilization for a much greater and taller perspective then you could possibly imagine.
So with that we’re going to say goodbye and we may be talking to you again, you never know.

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Inverness tape part one, 5.23.94

DO: I don’t want to approach a meeting as casually as we approached this one. As far as noise and yikkidy yak and so forth. And we feel that it’s more appropriate for you to find your seats and make some order and be quiet for a few minutes and try to quiet your brain a little so that when we start to talk you’re in a little more receptive frame of Mind rather than my having to talk about it like we’re doing now. So let’s try make a habit of that so when we meet we try get our shuffling done before we meet.

In the night, I realized that there were a couple of things we started to talk about in our last meeting that we didn’t finish and I know you have full tummies and you didn’t get much rest last night and I don’t know if you had a chance for a nap today but I know that probably some of you didn’t get a chance, maybe some of you did? Did some of you get a little nap? Some wanted naps and some didn’t. Did you get a nap? (asking a student) well, I just really want you to do your best to be as alert as you can and as receptive as you can and I also want you to if a question comes to your mind, jot a little word or two down so that you remember the question, and ask it and I would welcome you.

I started telling you last night about TI and Do and their jail time and something happened and we got on something else and I thought well they could wonder all kinds of things about TI and Do and their jail time. Just to give you a little brief understanding of that.

One of our students — or the first person who came with us said wherever you go I want to go and we didn’t know what was happening we had just awakened.

But we had shared with this individual whose vehicle just happens to be a sister of one of the vehicles in the classroom now but we had shared with this individual what we were aware of during our clumsy period of trying to accept some Next Level Mind in and she said is there any way I could tag along? And for a while we said no, maybe we could meet you for a day or two from town to town we’ll let you know what direction we’re going and maybe we’ll meet you and then we’ll go our way and you go yours and we could meet you again.

So this went on for a while and she had a petroleum company credit card that she said this would help you some I know your needs are great I want you to feel free to use this credit card for gas money. And the funny thing is, I think we used the credit card two or three times and that’s all we used it and we kept feeling uncomfortable about using it.

On Christmas Eve, I don’t remember the year but it was the year of Kohoutek I do remember that. Anyone know what year that is? Sometime in the 70’s after 72 before 75 after 72 – somewhere there 73 or 74. TI and I found ourselves in a, you know, TI’s vehicle and this vehicle, the vehicles came from environments and backgrounds that were very comfortable, like many of you came from comfortable backgrounds but when this change was happening we were compelled to go with it and we had no concern for anything else and in the process, as I began to tell you, friends dropped away, family turned against us and I don’t know if some of you knew that this vehicle’s dad was a minister and this was extreme for a Presbyterian minister and this vehicle had become a Episcopalian and you know that really upset the minister to go to another denomination.

TI was a, which I think is extremely interesting symbolism because TI’s vehicle was a nurse in the nursery yet TI didn’t see the infants the way humans see infants. TI saw them completely different. What she would do is if she took a special interest in one of the infants she’d go do a horoscope on them. (class laughs)

And of course TI came from a very strong Baptist background but the more that she was beginning to awaken and her life was beginning to fall apart, one of the strange things that happened when TI and I met, when this vehicle was visiting someone in the hospital and TI came into the room to administer some prescription to the person in the hospital. So in addition to tending to the nursery she also tended to some of the patients in the room and that’s where this vehicle met TI was in the room while this vehicle was visiting someone sick in the hospital.

And from that day on it was madness because there was something that we had to do together and it was difficult to accept and I tried to stop it and TI would try to stop it and yet we were still compelled to do it and we didn’t know why we felt compelled to do it. I’m giving you just a real rushed – the older classmates have heard this in probably longer form.

And during that little time that we were working together and of course TI had family and this vehicle had already separated from family and children and had gone another direction and we opened a little place first called: Christian Arts Centre at the Unitarian church.

And in the Unitarian church we were studying everything people wanted to study, Eastern religions, metaphysics, Theosophy and the Unitarians thought it was great. And of course at the same time this vehicle was the head of the music at a large episcopal church and in that city an article had come out that we had opened this Christian Arts centre and we were teaching theosophy and study all of these crazy things and within a week the vehicle was fired from that task and people just very rapidly started turning away from us and wanting nothing to do with us.

The Christian Arts centre then moved way out in the country in order to get away from people and opened a place called “Know place” K-N-O-W. And at Know Place students came there and studied metaphysics and of course this vehicle was studying metaphysics as fast as it could study metaphysics because TI had a real running start and TI had to slow me down because I was so preoccupied with things the vehicle could read to try to catch up on that study – now all of this happened in a period of a very few months.

The Christian Arts centre had occurred in the summertime of whatever it was, 72,73 and by that December 31st or January 1st of that same year we had left that town altogether so we had Christian Art centre and Know Place that taught all these students and when we were out of town we said we can’t be relationship with – this vehicle was also teaching in a Catholic university and strange combination wasn’t it but because of what we were into and the grapevine was getting around and even though it was a large town – oh and also because TI said to me “we’ve got to live under the same roof” and I said, well what’s your husband going to say? and TI just, she didn’t see any problem! (class laughs)

I couldn’t understand how she could not see a problem with that and I said well I see how there could be a problem with that and she said oh no he’ll understand! And because he was the first one to make a major contribution to the Christian Arts centre and Know Place and then she went and announced to him that we were going to be in this separate place and I don’t know why but the Next Level just blinded her and she thought he was going to accept it and of course he didn’t.

And he thought that I wanted to steal TI from him because of human interest in her and all the people that or most of the people who knew us all this vehicles relationships and friends had thought I had been bewitched by this witch and I’m not saying TI would ever consider herself a witch, certainly not. But felt that I was under her spell and the same thing all of TI’s friends and relations had thought I was the demon that had come in and destroyed her marriage and her relationship with her children and all.

Well, this went at a very accelerated pace and the husband would stop me in the middle of intersection in town and try to pick a fist fight in the middle of the intersection with me because I was messing up his life and we had to get a court order to keep him from coming and tearing up things at Know Place and things were just madness.

And we didn’t know what was happening – all of a sudden the university job was going down the drain and work at the episcopal church was going down the drain and TI was working less and less at the hospital and we were spending more and more time at Know Place. And students were coming to Know Place and the girl I spoke of was a student at Know Place.

When we left at midnight of December 31st, it was strange that we left that town at midnight December 31st and 31 days… we left there and we went off to a – we rented a little ranch house in the hill country and we didn’t know why but we knew we had to be isolated and then things started happening very rapidly and TI said we can’t stay here and we have to make a living we can’t just stay here, we’re going to have to earn a living whatever it is we got to do or trying to do we’ve got to earn a living and I said we’re going to be taken care of and TI said well I don’t know who in the world you think is going to take care of us and so TI went and took a job at a nearby hospital for 3 days I think, until that was the end of that and after that we were just doing whatever we could to survive – which meant we were doing anything. We were janitoring at churches, we were painting rocks, anything to get by. With no concern at all of what we’d put in our tummies or what we would put on our backs or how long it was between laundry it was like all of a sudden nothing meant anything to us except what we were doing, whatever it was we just really didn’t know what we were doing.

And this individual when Kohoutek came we found ourselves in St. Louis in a snowstorm and first of all fast we went to Los Angeles in that hilltop area we lived on money we picked up out of the beach. Down on Hermosa Beach the waves would wash in coins. I mean literally wash in coins and we could make 5 or 6 dollars a day picking up coins that would wash up on the beach. That was all the Taco Bell and all the tostadas that we needed and then some! And we did that for a while the we migrated – all we had was a little sports car that was Do’s vehicles – just a little Fiat 2 seater sports car, two suitcases tied on the back of a little sport scar and we migrated to Las Vegas and stayed in a backroom of a metaphysical centre of a very dear friend (DO chokes up a bit) named Berta who still has a metaphysical centre there and when we had a group there that gave a meeting there years ago he stood up and said “These guys are for real. They were with me for so long a time and I believe everything They said”. And he gave a really good testimony at one of our meetings and then migrated up to Oregon and found ourselves in Portland, coming down the hill from Mt. Hood the engine blew on the little sports car and just died a death across the street from an Ananda Marga house so we spent the next two months in the Ananda Marga house sleeping on the floor of the Ananda Marga house. And they were very good to us and they were very interested in what was going on with us and we were regular attendants at the theosophical chapter in the town and whatever else that we could learn we spent hours just like we spent hours at this little chapel here we had a friend offered us a house to could stay for a couple weeks here in Inverness.

We told what we knew, which was bits and pieces, to a writer who lived in the house behind us who was the same writer who did the story for Jurassic Park. And he was very very interested in everything we had to say and he would come back and just want more of whatever we had to say and all of a sudden one day he was angry at us it was like we were demons and we were filling his head with stuff that would ruin his life and he didn’t want to hear another word, just very suddenly.

Well we had – after we were in the Ananda Marga house we moved while we were in one town somebody ran into the back of the sport car and an insurance claim came through for the damage that was done to the sport scar and it was 1600 dollars and boy were we rich all of a sudden, 1600 dollars. We bought an old jalopy in Portland and we put some decent tires on it – actually the money came through after we had bought the jalopy because we had gone to Gold Beach and we had no money at Gold Beach, Oregon and we were back on the Rogue river at the Hideaway Campground and all we could do was study the Bible and freeze to death bathing in that Rouge river and stayed in a little station wagon.

We had a cot in the back of the station wagon and one slept in the cot and one slept on the floor and we were there weeks and weeks by ourselves and we ate blackberries off the tree. We painted stones with astrological signs on them and sold them on the street on Gold Beach to make enough money to buy cream and sugar to put on the blackberries. And that’s all we had was blackberries with cream and sugar and we thought it was a feast, the blackberries were delicious and we never got tired of them. And then we just started lacing the country and we went though southern Canada a time or two just doing anything we could to get by – every kind of odd – We dug test tanks for septic tanks near Grants Pass… something rapids – Savage Rapids! And we dug these two six foot two foot wide things in this backyard for 20 dollars to buy us food.

I’m just telling you all the crazy things because we didn’t care what we did we did anything. And it didn’t matter, it really didn’t matter and we usually bathed in streams, with castile bars of soap that you can buy cheap and it was our shampoo and everything. These were vehicles that had been very particular and yet it meant nothing to us during this time nothing. Well we just laced the country doing anything and everything.

And that car we called Serpentine that old green station wagon that had served as our house died in St. Louis during a snowstorm on the night of the Kohoutek and – no that’s not quite right, it died in Charlotte North Carolina and we took a plane from Charlotte to St. Louis and I can’t remember why we did that but we took this plane but I had a credit card in my pocket that was still good and we had a lot of credit cards but didn’t want to use them but here was a credit card, still a good credit card and we had faith that if we used it’ll be okay to pay for it we didn’t have to worry about it – but anyhow we got to St. Louis at midnight and here we found ourselves at the airport and even we got off the plane there we were at a rental car place so we took the same credit card and said well we don’t have a car we don’t know what to do – let’s just rent a car until we know what we’re going to do so we rented this car and it was a Comet so it was a Mercury Comet, a brand new Mercury Comet and we rented that car and continued to lace the country and we’d go and talk to people, we’d talk to ministers anybody we could talk to and we were thrown out of place – out of place and archbishops would kick us out of the church and sometimes simple evangelists who had no education at all were frequently more interested in what we had to say but we visited – we went to Billy Graham’s home we went to Fallwell’s home in Lynchburg, Virginia and all these TV evangelists and tried to tell them what we wanted to tell them. Most of them wouldn’t see us – Oral Robert’s wouldn’t see us. I mean unless we had an appointment unless we were one of their followers, they didn’t care what we had to say.

Anyhow we rented this car and were oblivious to the fact that we had rented this car longer, it dawned on us that we had rented this car for longer than we originally intended to rent it for. So we wrote them a letter and said don’t worry about it we’ll pay you, we’re going to keep the car a little while longer and then I remember a little while longer we wrote a second letter and said ‘Don’t worry’ – this was to the company we rented the car from.

And then we were in Brownsville, Texas and we went to see this reporter and we told the reporter we had a story to tell him that was the most important story of his life and he said we’ll meet you somewhere because we said that we wanted to meet him in private and meet somewhere where we could talk to him long enough and we could really have a chance to tell our story to him.

Well we had no idea what this guy thought and this reporter thought we were going to tell him about illegal drugs coming across the Mexican border and so he had placed policeman and undercover police around the motel and all and we saw all these people standing around obvious that something strange was going on because they were watching us and here we went in to talk to him and said what are all these men halfway up the stairs down at the bottom of the stairs and in the door? And he said I don’t know maybe it’s because of your story and we got frightened. We left the motel and we took off running and immediately they thought uh-oh something’s wrong we were running from police, even though they hadn’t identified themselves as police but since we were running then they chased us and we went and got into our little Comet and started driving away from there as fast as we could go scared to death not knowing what was happening and next thing you know a helicopter came down with a loud speaker and cars coming from all directions and they were saying “Stop this car!” and the helicopter landed right in front of us, it was better than the movies and we were scared to death.

They didn’t know why they had stopped us because we were running and as they were doing a check on the car, on the licence of the car, the car had come back stolen and they put us in jail and we asked what the chargers were and he said “Stolen automobile” and I said what charges for TI? and they said, “Stolen credit card” – “petroleum credit card”.

Because the girl that had offered us the credit card did not know that her husband reported his card stolen to prevent anybody from using them so anyhow we were thrown into the Brownsville jail. I mean the Brownsville jail was like the living end. Might was well been in Mexican jail. I’m not talking about any prejudice against Mexicans I’m just talking about these being hard jails. There wasn’t English spoken we were thrown in — well at least I was thrown into a small room half the size of this with 40 criminals that couldn’t speak English with double bunks you know you couldn’t crawl between them with one shower in the middle of the room and that was it. TI was a little luckier because the female ward wasn’t that full. It was funny because there was a girl in there that everyone thought was a looney tunes but the minute TI went in she said “Boy, you’ve got antennas!” (class laughs) “I’ve never seen anybody with antennas before”.

When TI and I were at Know Place and doing the things we were doing we had gone through the care to get scarab rings that meant something to us because while we were awakening we were studying Egyptology and all these things and when I went in the jail I didn’t realize I had it on and here’s this fellah in the cell that immediately saw it and immediately wanted it. And he offers to protect me if I gave him that ring, which I very quickly did. (class laughs) He was in for murder he had – there were several in the cell that were in for murder and there were some real looney tunes in the cell as well. Plus they would shoot up at night until they were just out of their minds and the behavior in the middle of the night was just unbelievable and I was glad I had some protection because this guy would go around fanning his hands with razor blades to keep anybody away from me and away from him. I had given him that gold scarab ring and so he was protecting me. I hated to give up that ring and I really really hated to give up that ring but I got protection.

Well the car rental company immediately dropped charges had no problem when it was reported to them that the car had been found but the district attorneys office in St. Louis where the car was rented decided that he was going to make some political points so he said he was going to follow through on the crime so I was extradited to St. Louis.

TI was moved to a jail in Houston and TI spent all together 30 days in jail and the charges were dropped on the credit card because the girl had had her husband drop the chargers so there’s no record on TI’s case but I had a little public defender in my case that kept saying: listen this is a Mickey mouse case, nothing to it. I’ll take care of it. And I kept staying and waiting and in the meantime while I was trying to get out of jail she was working as a nurse in the hospital trying to pay a lawyer to try to help me get out of jail and finally the public defender said if you would just plead guilty there would be no question about it because you would just get time served because your case is taking so long to get on the docket. I didn’t even bother thinking of the ramifications of pleading guilty, I was interested in getting out. So I plead guilty. And that’s what got me in the courtroom to finally get my case on the docket.

Anyhow, I used to read these Dell horoscope magazines in jail and I picked February 13th. On February the 7th I read the 13th – whatever it said for the horoscope for this vehicle and I said that’s the day I was going to see the judge that was the day I went to see the judge and I was released that day from the court and got a sentence of 4 months and I’d already served 6, so like I’ve said, they owe me two.

But I am a convicted felon in the eyes of the law. Now, you could say oh isn’t that awful – this vehicle’s family members visited that little Brownsville jail and they could not believe that I had lost my sanity and let this woman that we call TI lead me into whatever it was, Satanism, you know, bewitched, under her spell. And of course her friends and family thought the same of me. I watched the ones who had saw this vehicle as the shining star of the family you know the one who got more education, did all these things that they always wanted someone they could be proud of who ended up going nutty.

The point I’m making here is that the biggest favor the Next Level could do in having us move at an accelerated place was to have events occur in a way that our credibility was lost in a hurry. We were so naive that we would write long letters about what we were receiving to individuals that we still thought were individually our friends in the world. Trying to tell them about what was true, and that ended their relationship with us because we were then looney tunes in everybody’s eyes.

A strange thing happened. The mother of TI’s vehicle never once turned against us. (DO chokes up some) And that was extraordinary. She didn’t understand but she trusted us – she never once even said we even know that she never even said anything off color to any of the relatives in TI’s family. Her position was I don’t understand what’s going on but I trust they believe what they’re doing. Even though she had seen her daughter leave her husband and her children in a matter of months – life turned in a completely other direction. I feel that was remarkable, very special that she was capable of doing that.

Now I’m not saying that it’s necessarily true that every individual who wants to move in an accelerated pace in their overcoming of your worldliness has to lose all credibility in the world but it did us a great favor – I mean we both left all kinds of debts behind and left the vehicles loved ones behind – we ended up jailbirds I mean everything was blackened as far as our credibility was concerned which really helped because all we had was this pursuit and each other doing this pursuit.

So when you read what Jesus said to his disciples about you’ll be hated by all men and they’ll say all manner of evil falsely against you for my sake, that’s true, that’s true, and I know you all have experienced that. If you haven’t you may yet have it to experience. Some of you have experienced it more than once, a number of times. Well, I felt that it was important that you really understand that I felt the Next Level did us a favor to give us an accelerated ruination of credibility in the human world.

Also in the night I felt that TI was saying that I didn’t quite carry the analogy that we were talking about as far as using the little analogy of horses and how man goes out to find horses and the thought that was given to me that if you would even think of the vehicles that you’re occupying in that same analogy.

Think of these as those horses that got picked. And that you are not the horse, you’re the rider. And you have to break the horse. You have to break the horse. I don’t know if you’ve ever broken a horse, this vehicle has broken horses and I imagine some of you have broken horses but when you break a horse it means that the horse resists – it doesn’t want to give up its wildness didn’t want to be controlled it does not want to do what the rider on it is telling it to do. It wants to throw the rider off but the rider stays on until the horse quits fighting and says you’re going to do what I tell you to do and nothing else. Some horses can’t be broken. Either that or the riders aren’t persistent enough in breaking it.

Now as I said to you that I don’t believe the Next Level ever put a deposit in a vehicle that was incapable of being broken by a strong willed driver or rider. And the vehicle that you’re wearing and it’s programming – it’s genetic programming it’s educational programming it’s parentage all of its programming is part of the package that has to be broken. Listen you are occupying a living animal that has responses that even shock you at times the way it responds. I’ve experienced that many times. I would think that all of you would realize that your vehicle has responded at times that would shock your mind. What you want to work toward is not my seeing a vehicle that the rider is trying to get a hold of but you want to see how fast, you have so much control of that, that when I look at that vehicle I see the Rider and not the horse. Because the rider has so much control of the horse that it’s the rider that then is projecting. The horse isn’t saying: ‘I’m sleepy, I’m hungry, I’m tired of listening to this or that or I don’t agree with that or what’s he doing that for?, what’s she doing that for? All these crazy things that are emanations of this animal that you’re wearing. You think I’m talking theory now but you have to come in and take over that vehicle.

Even if you — if you the mind, now wait a minute. Where is that mind? That mind that’s filling that soul is Next Level mind therefore it is not perishable mind – it’s days are not numbered it experiences no pain it has no handicaps that Mind is free it has no age at all it has no limitations it’s only the house that has limitations. So when the Mind is running the house its no different – then suddenly just a piece of machinery suddenly playing out if the machinery played out.

You follow what I’m saying? But you’re still – you have not and this is in varying degrees from individual to individual you have not identified with the amount of Mind that is now in your soul that has been given to you from the Next Level – that Mind has to increase so fast that you identify only with that Mind. Not the vehicle not with the old mind not the mind of the creature you are wearing. That creature has a mind of its own just like the horse in the corral has a mind of it’s own and you’ve got to put it in its place you’ve got to train it so that the slightest hand on those reigns makes the horse go this way and he’s just waiting for that signal from you as to whether he’s to back up, go left right, forward or which kind of canter it is exactly so that you’re so sensitive – he is getting his joy manifesting your desires – that vehicle you are wearing can even find a type of pride in serving you if you get control enough of that vehicle you’re wearing.

It can even be pleased it can become refined for the first time it can begin to act more like the Mind, within limits. You have to at least have enough control that the vehicle never does any behavior both mental or physical that can make a fool of you or pitch you on the ground or run you into the fence or whatever else it might do and that not making a fool of you has to be around the clock it can’t just be when you’re in meetings or when you’re with classmates or other times it has its ways and suddenly you wake up and say ugh I let the vehicle have its way, I’m not going to let that happen again and then it does it again and you say oh I let the vehicle have its way. That’s not breaking the horse. That’s the mind taking over. You have to experience enough abstinence of animal behavior in order to receive enough of that Next Level Mind for that Mind to begin to take over. Without experiencing enough abstinence of human thinking and behavior you’re not opening the door for that mind to begin to take over. It’s that same analogy we used last night that the higher octane that is Next Level Mind cannot come in if there’s still lower octane mind in there or if it begins to creep back in or you permit it to come back in, it will go right out – you have to work twice as hard to get it back in because it’s not convinced you want it in because you just made a fool of yourself and made a liar of your intentions.

Now we all go through periods of difficulty in breaking the horse. But the Next Level is like the Marine Corp it just wants a few good men and that means strong men, and I’m not talking male I’m talking individuals we don’t get service in the Next Level by loving the Next Level and thinking this is just a real sweet trip. It’s hard work there is no task on this planet to compare to the work that it takes to keep your head free of doubt and judgment and human thoughts and human behavior or all the things that will stand in your way. Don’t forget TI still sets you up in order to develop your strength because the Next Level wants a few good servants they don’t need masses. They don’t need any of us. They don’t need me. I need Them. Without Them I am nothing but TI does not need me, TI could drop me like that because TI’s allegiance is to TI’s Older Members.

*** end of tape – it continues onto tape two of this meeting ***

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Mt. Cross tape, part 2

Do: You need to go BC?
Student: No no, 600BC
Do: Oh, I’m simple, practical minded. I hear BC and I think, oh someone needs to go pee. (class laughs).
Do: Okay is the tape going?
Student: I hope so.
Do: Okay (laughs). We’ll talk about another kind of BC.
Student: that’s what we meant, remind you of that.

Do: Yes, I do not know – I have no idea how many times the Next Level might choose to have souls that it is still pleased with, return to a human environment in order to develop more. There is no better environment than a human environment – environment than when the human environment is its most rotten. I mean the condition of the world today is the perfect environment for us. There is no restraint at all in openly pushing everything that is against the Next Level – no restraint at all. Even you could go into Muslim countries, Islam and find considerable more restraint and care about certain elements that are against the Next Level and this nation that we’re in is probably the least retrained in areas that are even seen as destructive areas. Now I’m going to touch on some toes, certainly of influences and this is a tough one and I’m warning you about it because it’s hard to make the adjustment that there’s truth to this.

The two elements that probably grow to be the greatest social enemies of the Next Level are those elements that are held in place by space aliens that are not working for our Father’s Kingdom that bind people to the family. The family and religion are the worst drugs there are and they elevate them together. You go to your religion to get married. I mean they go hand in hand. If you want to insure a good tight nit family, it’s one that worships together and does their religious ritual together and believes and practices to the best of their ability their religious belief.

Religion is not of the Next Level. It is the distortion of truth from those who are against The Next Level. Those who are against the Next Level have taken the truth and the words and the concepts that relate humans to the Next Level and twist them just enough and put them back into the heads and call them religion and it becomes impossible to get change.

There’s only one way you can get into the Next Level and that’s as an individual. As long as the Next Level is pleased with you as a student, as an individual. You can’t take someone else with you, it’s an impossibility. Therefore, you have to be an individual. Now, there’s some in the classroom that had once relationships with others that were in the classroom and yet they’ve lost that consciousness altogether of that relationship.

The Next Level has the distinct characteristic of being non-sexual, non-sexual. When you read about the aliens or any of these space groups or space aliens that have identity of female or male, you know at the outset that they are not from the Next Level. That does not mean the Next Level does not use them for certain things they want to accomplish,  any more than the Next Level uses evil influences to come and attack you in order to give you strength but they are not of the Next Level.

There is not the youngest member of the Next Level who is still male or female and you can even find that in the good book if you chose to pay attention to it. You can even find in the good book that unless you leave all behind all ties, attachments of this world and come and follow me, and who is my family? These are my family, and yet does religion acknowledge that? They can’t possibly acknowledge that.

The only way that the Luciferians insure ignorance is to keep you drunk on, or keep humans drunk on reproductive activity and religion. And the ones who are the most righteous in that behavior are the ones least likely to ever have their eyes open to receive a deposit or recognize the truth.

Very frequently the ones who have the deposit are the ones who the Next Level, by their little meters can see, that that individual, or that soul and I’m saying individual because we don’t know when you received a deposit – if you received a deposit a long time ago and that soul has come back several times then as we said earlier it could be a very young vehicle but be a very old soul because it has so much control already developed and has already rid itself of so many self concerns.

But Souls are vehicles as we see them, well when Ti and I began to awaken right before these vehicles began to receive a little bit more Next Level Mind in order to try to you know do things to our heads the lives that we were in just fell apart and lives that were just months prior to that were productive in every way suddenly they were just falling apart.

People who just months before would have complimented us and were proud of us suddenly were against us, criticizing us and telling everyone how bad we were. Is that bad?, No. It might be bad for the world but it wasn’t bad for us, it helped us separate from the world it helped us in our accelerated growth. You might know from the history of Ti and Do that we both spent time in jail. Ti was in jail for a month, this vehicle was in jail for 6 months it finally received a sentence of 4, so they owe me 2!

What happened is that we were so taken with our — when this Mind was coming in and our becoming something else was happening that we were out of it and we were like two crazy individuals who were crazy in the same way simultaneously, not knowing what was going on.

And as the Mind came in we could not function, we had trouble driving cars. I was telling Helpers that we had to learn everything that this vehicle knew how to do and relearn them. It’s like these creatures came in from the Next Level and had to relearn human things all over again and I remember the first time we drove into a city after this mental change and we were scared of the traffic. And yet the vehicles grew up in cities where the traffic was insane! so I’m just telling you the changes that took place.

I don’t know if this is entirely accurate but it serves the purpose as far as we’re concerned when the one who was called Jesus was beginning to receive a significant amount of Mind — humans called it because that’s the vernacular of the writers of religious history, called it Holy Spirit – pure, more pure Mind than human mind.
And at the time that he had received enough Mind that he could start doing a task was symbolically, whether it’s accurate or not I don’t know, was the time with John the Baptist right before he began to minister. Well Ti and I received that Mind just before we began to minister. When we first began to minister we didn’t know what we were doing, we were scared, we were going around, we were so confused. We read the Bible, read the Bible, read the Bible, then we threw the Bible away, we read anything we could get our hands on of Madame Blavatsky and the Ascended Masters and we threw them away then finally we knew we couldn’t read anything that offered anything to us.

And when there was question among us there was something with TI that I recognized that Ti had a relationship with Ti’s Older Member that was closer than I had with that Older Member. We considered ourselves, and still consider ourselves a partnership. But Ti is clearly an Older Member than Do. Now, ‘older’ is measured by development, but you know whats funny? I can count on Ti’s pace on the race track and I doubt if I’ll ever catch her. It’s our development of change and of service and ridding ourselves of self and increasing our Minds that comes from our Older Member from the Next Level through our Older Members that moves up the ladder. It cannot be measured by time the funny thing is time is measured by effort you can actually move out, of physically and scientifically move out of your time consciousness if your effort is applied enough toward your change. You will move into a different perception of time all together, if you stay down in what your old perception of time was your will retard your development.

You have to let these clumsy changes take place as you receive more Next Level Mind and abort human mind and you go through periods of clumsiness and you go through periods of saying I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know what this is all about can you help me? And since Ti and I have experienced that we’re so pleased when someone reaches that point of saying I don’t know who I am anymore I’m just desperate and they couldn’t be in a better place then when they’re desperate to move forward.

You know, I could be wrong but I have to stop right there since I said that because there’s nothing more important than learning to put into your vocabulary and your vernacular the qualifying statements that indicate your awareness of your ignorance. If you think you’re right on most of the statements you make its because you do not perceive your inaccuracies. Its like all the people that are observing the elephant and they are all standing in different places and one sees this and one sees that everything you make a different judgment of what you’re seeing whether it’s your classmates behavior, your seeing it from your perspective based upon your background your knowledge, your genetic package your education all that and you’re only seeing one facet. So if you’re stupid enough to say with some authority I saw so and so and so and so were doing that and your making judgment of others you simply haven’t learned that we don’t have the capacity to make judgments. I mean the more I grow the more I know about how little judgment I have so one of the very basic elements in our classroom is qualifying your statements.

If you do it falsely: “Oh, I may be wrong or I could be wrong” learning these phrases you tack on in the beginning but then you tack them on with confidence what it was that you were about to say, it’s a mockery and you haven’t actually learned that you’re only seeing one facet of it and that facet cannot be trusted.

Okay, what I was starting to say when I said I could be wrong, I feel that we — because of you, because of these new ones, because of this ‘second wave’ if you want to play the prophecy game of the human religious or charismatics as far as I’m concerned you are now being lifted out of the world according to their little fun games of prophecy the second rapture is taking place because you’re literally being lifted out of the world, the world will not know how to find you literally not know how to find you – you will have left it you would have been elevated out of it.

Now, I feel that this second wave or this going out and holding meeting for these that we’re holding meetings for is a very strong indication of the completion of this task and influence will hammer at my head and say: “Do, how could you think that? you have these new students that need training and they need this and need to overcome this and that and look at those others they had 18 years off in someplace and they learned all these things”.

The Next Level knows what they’re doing. Some of the first will be last, some of last will be first. You can climb mountains overnight if your desire is sting enough. You can change overnight if your desire is strong enough. Some have been in the classroom since the classroom started may be very slow to change in certain ways and very slow to apply effort and so what comes in? An influence comes in to have them jealous of someone who’s new to the class and has so much change. Why does the Next Level permit that? Because that is a perfect opportunity for them to exert more effort and not listening to that jealousy and doing something about it. Changing.

Getting rid of that rebellion and getting rid of that resistance to letting go of your old way, you know the Next Level is very very refined. It makes me sick when I hear again and again and again, about the essence of dignity was Jacqueline Onassis. (Class laughs) and yet I know that I’ve never known anything to touch the dignity of my Older Member, and yet I also know that most of the class was incapable of recognizing the dignity that my Older Member had because of your youth and lack of perception.

The more you learn the more restrained you are, the more control you have the more quick you are to tune in to what your Older Member’s Mind is instead of wanting your Older Member to tune in to where your mind is. We’ve covered a lot of territory in our little time tonight and I want you to think on these things and if you haven’t anything to ask, I’ve got a whole pocket of things I was going to bring up and a lot of these I haven’t touched on because of the way our meeting has gone and yet I almost feel like if we don’t stop, anything else we say will have gone beyond the point of saturation. Can I assist you with any questions? Strody?

Strody: (asks question)

Do: I’ll get back to whatever you’d like to

Strody: Can we get back to the soul?

Do: I think that we covered that, what was meant by that as a soul, I may be wrong on this but I do not think— let’s say a soul returned theoretically one soul returned to this civilization six times or three times, 2 times, once. I do not think it requires so may returns I think it depends on the effort applied by that individual and it’s thirst for nourishment and the application of that nourishment that determines how many times a return is made. I don’t think we can judge areas of change by what you deal with. This is a very important thing for you to understand, just because you deal with certain things doesn’t mean you’re going to have to come back and conquer that thing.

Dealing with something can be keeping it in check. You know the Easterns believe you pay for something by karma and it’s true but karma can happen very very quickly but what you got into you have to get out of and to the same degree that you got into it its gonna take that degree to get out of it. Now how fast that happens is determined on how thirsty you are – how close you stay to the source of your nourishment and the application of that nourishment. It can happen very quickly, that change can occur quickly. And we don’t have the capacity to measure, I don’t have the capacity to measure if a spacecraft came down right now and we all marched aboard and I may think in my Mind that well I wonder what the Next Level is going to do with this student or that student because I’m not aware that they’ve overcome this, that or the other. I am doing my tasks to the best of my ability and I have been proven many times to assess someone’s development wrongly. And all I can do is ask my Older Member how can I help this one more? But I cannot offer you help if you are not asking for it.

When you come to meetings like we’re having right now everyone gets help even if you didn’t ask for it, you get nourishment. It isn’t going to do you any good if you aren’t hungry when you come here. If you’re not hungry and thirsty it won’t do you any good. If you sit and listen and say “boy this sounds great, this is really good stuff and no change takes place it doesn’t get anywhere. Now, I cannot build the fire of thirst in you, you can build it. If you say, well how can I build it? Ask. If the answer doesn’t come, ask again. Until you convince Ti that you need it and Ti will send you the help to increase that thirst. There is nothing that you can ask that cannot be supplied if you really want it. A lot of you ask for things because you want them 18 hours a day but you don’t want them those other 6. I’m not kidding. It’s like when you’re off in your bunk in the night or you have this time to yourself and you’re just having at it or going at things in your head that are totally contrary to what you asked for.

Are you participating in certain things? Mentally. Our mental participation has already set the stage for our physical participation. If we were permissive of what went on in our heads the damage has already been done we might as well have done the physical. Because our system has been poisoned. I told you that you have to abort human mind in order to take in Next Level Mind. The same thing happens in reverse you begin to abort Next Level Mind as you insist on taking back in human mind. They don’t occupy the same space. There’s certain level of Next Level Mind that can co-habitate with certain level of human mind. Higher level human mind cannot come into your pillow case unless you get rid of and show your commitment to staying rid of it if you bring it back Next Level Mind will be pulled from you to the degree that you brought it back and then you’ll have to convince Next Level that you want it back because they’ll say you asked for it and I gave it to you. What did you do with it? You brought things in that caused it to be aborted.

How could you not believe me when I say they cannot coexist? I can’t count the times that students have said I’m going to lift this. I want none of this its hideous and yet certain hours of the day or certain hours of the week they’ll go participate in the very thing that they said they will let themselves be blinded they’ll move into another head-space because they’d refuse to withdraw the DTs.

When you’re withdrawing from an addiction, to concepts and activity of the human world you have to stay committed around the clock to the abortion of those things that poison Next Level Mind or cannot coexist with Next Level Mind. I’m telling you the truth. You can bank on it. I don’t believe I should say ‘I could be wrong’ because I know from experience they cannot coexist. I know my Older Member pulls away from me when I do things that do not please my Older Member and I can sit there and say while my throat is dry: How can I get closer to my Older Member? Yet I continue to do the things that my Older Member does not want to be in my presence and you can say: Well how does my Older Member even know that I’m doing them? Listen, we reek of what we thing, we reek of what we do. I wish at times I did not know what was on your minds, what thoughts you participate in. I have to work at not knowing because I don’t want to invade you and I can’t tell you what you should be doing, you have choice of what you want to do yet I can’t help but be aware of what you’re dealing with by choice.

Initially when it comes to you it was not by choice, it comes to you because you asked for growth. That difficulty came to you because you asked for growth. What are you supposed to do? You’re supposed to abort it. You’ve got to learn to control the mechanism of the brain you’ve go to learn to be quiet you’ve got to learn when to not have thoughts you should be, you know I’ll hand it to some of these who mediate and meditate if they really know how to clear and stay clear and stay clear. But you can’t have your balloon filled up with dead clear. I mean that’s not going to get you anywhere either.

If you want to progress you have to be in a mode of taking in. When I’m asking and I’m receiving nourishment and I am asking for situations that will help me conquer and they are sent to me and let’s say it took me 15 rounds in the ring with that fellow and he still licked me what am I going to do quit? Say I’m no good? Or say if he’s the guy that you want me to fight with, I’m going to prove to you that I can lick him. It’s not for you to decide who you need to fight  with, its for the Next Level to decide who you fight with. It’s your job to win the battle, win the rounds, win the rounds. The same guy that comes to you—if you had a weakness there, the Next Level will use that weakness from here on out to strengthen you, to strengthen you. So that when he comes what used to be 15 rounds becomes 14, and it was 16 it becomes 13 and 17 becomes 11 and then 14 becomes 7 and it starts going up and then might fall back and starts going up until you have that guy you can handle him in the first round and then you have that guy that you thought was insurmountable and you have him by the first blow. Because you used to be in the whole first round with him before you realized you were even fighting. (class laughs) I’m serious!, and you know that I’m serious that’s the reason you’re laughing because you know, you would fight that guy a whole round before you even recognized what was going on. And then soon you learn what going on and you say I’m not going to go 3 minutes with this guy I’m going to shorten it and shorten it, your effort shortens your time. Shortens increases your development, gets you moving faster on the track. Actually the track becomes slower for you, time becomes slower for you.

Student: When you really begin to have it in your control, it slows down?

Do: That’s right. Time slows down.

Student: You mean.., like a week will feel like a month?

Do: No, a month will feel like a day. And to me it hasn’t sped up it has slowed down.. You follow what I’m saying?

Student: Yes I do.

Do: it’s gone just the reverse where the time has meant nothing to me and even this little idea – once you get into the vehicle that’s not designed to perish and decay like a human vehicle. If the AMA learned everything that there was to learn about every disease — of course everything that they call a disease is not a disease its part of a design to recycle that vehicle I mean it’s not deigned to go on and go on and go on. By Next Level standards it was nothing but a plant and a container from the offset. There was not life in it, there was no soul until Next Level put a deposit in it. Once there’s a deposit in it that has life in it for the first time but even the possessor of that life has to do something about it in order to keep life there and make it grow. If the life grows and grows and becomes bigger and strong then time all but stands still. The way it stands still is like a day, you can get 1000 years work done in a day. No decay is taking place, there is no destruction taking place its— and this sounds crazy, it’s hard to get this in your head and it’s irrelevant to us at this point but it is what is meant by next level vehicles, physical containers for your souls when you are a Member of the Next Level its not designed to go out on you.

They may have you go to the wardrobe and take a vehicle that was designed to go out for a period of time. But you would take it off like you would take off a suit of clothes and not lose any conscientiousness, there would be no shock, no change you’d be like whoa time to get rid of that suit because this suit was designed to go out after a period of time. There’s other suits that are designed imperishable. But what’s more important is what’s in the suit that becomes imperishable, because the less of you that is in it, the more you are simply the container for Next Level Mind the more imperishable it is, you cannot be gotten rid of. You are still that soul, that container that mechanism of choice that says more, more, I’m thirsty I want more, I want to get rid of this. That is you. That is all that is you but as that advances you become not concerned for you but concerned for your unit or concerned for your place as a spoke in a wheel. That’s not a put down, its glorious its so much more important than what an individual can become, its ridiculous. Any individual that can become anything as an individual instead of how the creator designed it is very short lived. Until it is no more. (Do whispers) there with that yawn.
(Class laughs)

Do: These little plants as they hear this kind of stuff they’re just like (yawns) and they yawn.

Student: Should we ask the Next Level for less yawns?

Do: Yes, you can.

Student: Next Level, I would like less yawns.

(Class laughs)

Do: when you feel, that you’re getting— you need to keep aware of your vehicles condition when you’re getting sluggish which you can easily get when we’re talking about this information you can easily almost receive so much nourishment in this manner that you forget to feed oxygen into the vehicle and so the vehicle is going like this (does motion) and you’re like Hey, I wanted to listen, what’s happening? And you have to make an effort to get alert again and take in enough air systematically to keep it active. Listen, when my Older Member is speaking through me it’s such a joy to me to give it away I’m afraid at times I can even drain energy from whoever is close in order to deliver that information.

I’ve experienced that happen too many times, when Ti and I would sit next to each other at meetings and it was really going and it was really strong and the other one was going like this and we’d have to systematically bring it back to life, it’s like a battery that’s lending itself. If I was speaking and Ti was listening very carefully and trying to feed to me and trying to help me when I go a little astray or in any way, that energy that Ti would be feeding me while I was speaking, it would cause Ti to get erect again and take in more air in order to keep the vehicle from collapsing and I know when I get excited when I’m being used in that way that I can easily without realizing it draw whatever energy that is available to tap in order to assist in the delivery of that information. It’s just part of the mechanism. Okay, what time is it?

Student: 9:20(pm)

DO: you have to be out of here by 8 in the morning. Okay we’re going to call it quits for the night so let’s talk for a minute— Turn the tape off.

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Mt. Cross classroom tape, part 1

The following transcript is from an audio tape recorded in California in 1994. Thanks again for all the work done by the transcriber.

DO: We’re still waiting to hear from Snnody and from Gbbody on their way down from Eugene but they are trying to get here tonight.

I’m going to address our conversations to the ‘new ones’ and when I say the new ones I mean new ones in the past few months or since we began to hold meetings and to returnees because we have several return students and since I saw some of those students we’ve had a lot of updates in our information. It’s very interesting how our information… we don’t ever get any absolute information, we don’t ever get anything that’s true but we get some that’s true for the moment. It’s always updated. We always find after we get something that we’re excited about understanding then a short time later we get something new and it out-dates that and makes it obsolete. But what we’re so excited about is the new information that is true for the time that it’s true. So some of the students that were with Me and TI for years will find that we’ve had quite a number of updates.

I’m going to ask that you good little students sit up straight and don’t cross your legs and don’t slouch and don’t do your hands like this (motion) because we don’t have any techniques as far as how to hold our hands when receiving information.

(*talking about where certain students are*)

For starters I want the new ones in particular to have no hesitation about asking me questions. Raise your hands and as soon as I get to a moment when I can stop I’ll acknowledge your question. Don’t worry about whether your question seems stupid or insignificant or if you just want to hear whatever DO has to say I’m very interested in what you’re asking and where your questions are because that helps me out a lot to know out where we can interface and how I can help you.

Now, it takes a long time in this classroom, and some students that have been in the classroom a long time still have difficulty in listening because to Me and to TI, listening means that you don’t let your wheels turn while you’re listening you’re just receiving. Instead of every time you receive something if you then listen to the assimilation of that and how that thought affects all your other programming for the time you’re listening to that you’re not listening to me. So it’s hard to get into a mode where you’re simply just receiving and trying not to let the assimilation of your computer hinder your further listening.

We’re going to talk about things that humans don’t know how to talk about and they not only don’t talk about but there’s no structure in their logic to understand some of the things that we’re going to talk about. Human logic is to the Next Level like an elementary school is to high-school and there’s some things that we simply don’t understand like.. Let me give you an example: the Next Level does things that at times really challenge our understanding of fairness. Because they know how to judge what They do in ways we would really question the fairness of.. Let me give you an example.. Well maybe that’s too big of an example.. Some of you have — goodness I don’t know where to start!

Let’s go to the little thought of reincarnation and get rid of it so we can move on to some of the things that will have you understanding a little more of some of the things that we’re going to talk about.

For years and years TI and I thought that reincarnation applied to every Soul and that Souls even came up from domesticated animals and if those Souls only wanted to be with human beings and didn’t like being with their pack anymore. Let’s say if a dog was in a human family and the dog didn’t like the other dogs and considered himself a human and only liked to please his human masters then we thought: well that soul might move right up to the human family and take a human vehicle and stand in line for it.

Now I have a different understanding of that now and I’m still adjusting to the new understanding of it because it has so many implications and this new understanding is, a soul, what we call a soul what we’re going to use the term ‘soul’ for is something that happens to an individual that has received a little chip or little deposit from the Next Level that begins then to form a different container for information than a vehicle had before.

A human vehicle its mechanism its genetic background its environment when the vehicle expresses its genetic background, it’s education then what it is expressing is an audible manifestation of the spirit of the vehicle. Now I’m using spirit in the term that you’re probably accustomed to hearing (the word) Soul used. And believe it or not I’m trying to use the word spirit in a term that isn’t spiritual and that’s kinda funny to play with but let’s just redefine the term ‘spirit’ and I find is the most accurate definition of ‘spirit’ is that my spirit or your spirit is the manifestation of what my package is.

In other words my genetic background, what I’ve learned in my environment the education that I’ve been through that there’s an invisible kind of plasma, and I don’t want to get spiritual here but there’s an invisible manifestation of me that forms, that is actual substance though we can’t discern it scientifically only because of human limitations. I’m sure the Next Level can easily discern it scientifically but that spirit then when a human body or vehicle dies that spirit then leaves that body and that spirit is the sum total of information and judgment and whatever that individual was at the time the vehicle left or the vehicle collapsed and then that spirit can be in what we call the ‘discarnate world’ and that spirit can then invade other vehicles if other vehicles will permit it to invade it will invade other vehicles. And in that sense even theoretically that possibility exists that spirits of animals which would be the invisible manifestation of what they were, their intelligence, their judgment those spirits also leave those animals so the invisible is filled with spirits.

Now let’s say that the Next Level has a garden and they start the garden clean and there are no vehicles and therefore no vehicles have died and there are no spirits so when vehicles then collapse or can no longer function then a spirit begins to associate in the spirit world. And depending upon the relationship it might have with a vehicle or the desire that was in that spirit will depend upon whether that spirit will time share with a vehicle whether it be a human vehicle or any other animal type vehicle.

Now at a given time in history then the Next Level comes and they can wipe out the vehicles, eliminate the spirits. I’m sure if they wanted to could come even while the vehicles are running all over the planet and take masses of spirits away if they chose to eliminate some of the unseen world, this surpasses human logic but these spirits of their own volition will do things that the Next Level has it designed that they’re doing those things – permits us an opportunity for growth.

Now, let’s say an example and this is just hypothetical: let’s say one of your vehicles recently lost what the vehicle would’ve considered a loved one and that loved one of the vehicle was lost and so that individual went into the spirit world. Now what happens to that one individual when it goes into the spirit world is dependent on what that individual thinks is going to happen to it when it goes into the spirit world. Like if it believed in Ekankar and its going to create its own Ekankar then it goes with other Ekankars and they find their Ekankar and they do their Ekankar and that’s what it wants.

If they consider that they were going to Heaven or they were going to serve as guardian angel or whatever — to what degree they are permitted — I think some spirits are actually shocked when they get into the discarnate world because they find it, they thought they would go to some place else and that it would be some kind of environment that, whatever they thought, whether it was harps on clouds or meeting all the Saints from past history or whatever they anticipated and I think some are shocked and have to adjust to being here on this planet and in the spirit world and why wouldn’t they be because the spirit is always attached to what the spirit was attracted to while it was in a vehicle. Whatever it’s cravings were, whatever it’s ties were it stays with those craving and stays with those ties.

If you take the near death experiences that I’m sure many of you have read about when people believe their body or spirits leave their body in a hospital surgery circumstance and they will go through what they imagined to be a tunnel of light and meet other members of their family waiting for them. And I suspect that’s very true and those members of the family will help them adjust to what it is that they have gone to. Now if they left those vehicles tied to those members of their family and those members of the family also still felt ties to them they will hang around there.

Just like some individual was very tied to his homestead and he loses his vehicle, his vehicle is going to hang around that homestead and he might hang around with his great grandfather and great great grandfather until the Next Level comes along with a vacuum and vacuums up the spirits and does what it does with them depending on their level of development and what they deserve. Now, ‘spirit’ is a term that we’re now using for the invisible being that exits a vehicle when the vehicle drops.

Except there’s another whole category and that category is when the workers of the Next Level are assigned a task, periodically to choose certain human vehicles and they will then give them physically some little chip or deposit — now I don’t pretend to be able to describe what it is that they give to them, I wouldn’t assume to know that. I’m not meant to know that. Well, if I am I’ve failed because I certainly don’t understand it. And this little thing that they were given makes them have a little recognition for someone else who has that object and they feel a kinship with someone else who has that chip.

When they feel or when they hear an expression of Next Level information then they have a recognition they say ‘goodness I’ve heard this before’ or ‘I’ve know this all my life!’ or whatever their way of expressing that they recognize that because that little gift was given to them. Now here are a bunch of people sitting out here that I’m assuming all have that little chip of recognition or you wouldn’t be sitting here unless you’re just sitting here because you’re on an adventure, trying to find out what this cult really believes and I’m trying to make my way from one cult to another to really see what they do.

Okay, now what I started off to tell you about was the Next Level’s idea of fairness why is it that some person may receive that little chip of recognition and they may find their overcoming of their human ways, their addictions and the destruction of human ways that interfere with their change and with accepting Next Level’s ways – one vehicle may find that a fairly simple change a fairly easy change another one just works and works and works, well at least they think they’re working and they don’t seem to make much progress in this area or that area and they can look at one of their classmates and say you know ‘what’s it with so and so who found it so easy to make this transition?’ Why am I having such a hard time. And it could easily be thought of as unfair. Now I do not know the criteria that the Next Level would use in giving that chip of recognition to vehicles. And it’s not up to me to question that criteria because that’s not my task. My task is to come and work with those who have that chip. And help them in their change.

Now what TI and I have always felt the truth was that the Next Level — now I say that I felt that this way and I have not yet seen evidence that makes me feel differently but TI and I always felt that the Next Level did not give someone a chip of recognition who was incapable of change – incapable of making the transition from human to Next Level.

And we also thought when it was very difficult for someone to make that change in overcoming the addictions of their brain patterns or their likes for this or their dislikes for having to do what someone else says instead of what they would like to do with whatever impulses they might have – that the difficulty they deal with in overcoming humanism builds strength which the Next Level finds a very important characteristic of service, building strength.

So in order to change and become a yielding putty in the hands of the Next Level does not mean watery weak putty that falls through the hands. It means putty that’s very strong but pliable in other words strength is developed because you had to work and work like crazy. Now one other aspect I must mention is that some Souls now when you have received that chip then that chip has with it the capacity of starting what we’ll call a container for Next Level mind in other words something can be built in the area of that vehicle and that spirit that is Next Level mind and something is being built and we’ll call the container that is present after the Next Level has given the chip, we’ll call that the Soul. And then the Soul is receiving Next Level information. Now when scripture says, Christian scripture says that you’re going to become a new creature that is not symbolism that is a fact as far as I can tell and what is meant by a new creature is that you drop all of the characteristics that were your old identity.

And that’s tough, that’s difficult and its hard to let go of them. And you might find it easy to let go of some of those characteristics like maybe 1 through 117 was easy to let go of then you get to 118 and it was tough. And you’re feeling when you’re faced with 118 you say like ‘I don’t even know who I am anymore’ I don’t even have — I just can’t even – I don’t know who I am and that of course is when you’re at a very critical excellent place to be because you are losing your old identity.

In other words what is going to fill your spirit your and that spirit is in that Soul is the Mind of the Next Level. Now the Mind of the Next Level came from the Next Level. I mean it is present in the Next Level. Those individuals who are in the Next Level possess varying amounts and degrees of Next Level mind. My Older Member possesses more of that than I possess. My Older Member and my Older Member’s Older Member must feel that I possess enough of it to help you to possess more of it. Now the more of it that you possess is like this container you have can only hold so much stuff so I have to abort programming, abort the essence of what I was, my genetic emanation, manifestation my learned Mind. I have to abort it piece by piece in order to accept more Next Level mind in.

That means that the more you accept Next Level mind in then the more you’re going to sound like your Older Member. You’re going to use the same vocabulary – your thoughts are going to be structured more and more the same way. You can have an influence with you that doesn’t want to make that change or feel that it’s invasive some how or another not proper. Listen, I feel honored to accept it because it is the very Mind of my Creator that has been channeled down through levels and generations from Older Members to Younger Members it is the Mind of the Creator now I have a little bit of it compared to some that are Older Members in the Next Level. Now, any resistance you have to give up your human mind you’re going to have to face that quickly and decide whether or not you’re willing to let go of it. Giving up your human mind gets down to practical aspects of giving up your human mind that means giving up your likes and dislikes your habits your ways what you respect – what you like as far as use of vernacular is concerned or how you like the way your brain works or you like to spend so many hours walking or so much time in the bathtub or to consume certain things. Invariably the very things that are hard for you to let go of will be spotlighted and be seen as major issues to you.

You have to give up your judgment it’s like that little tiny hole in the hour glass that when you have lost your humanness enough and when you begin to receive Next Level mind and you’re in that little tiny hole in that hourglass it’s like ‘I don’t know who I am, I have finally become wise enough to know I have no judgment’. And the only judgment that I’m going to have or want is the judgment that is passed down to me from the Next Level from my Older Member.

Now that sounds real pretty to talk about but in application it’s tough it’s plain old hard work. Any time you have resistance from change – an influence or any resistance that doesn’t want to let go of certain likes or dislikes or assessment, you are at that moment receiving and hosting an influence which is a gift from the Next Level and that sounds like ‘The Next Level sends me the bad guys?’ that’s right. Actually the bad guys go after you to defeat you because that’s the way that the Creator designed it and the Creator says I have designed it this way and if you want Me, if you want My world as I let those bad guys go to pursue you they can be the very instrument of your strength – your change, your battle to win against change. Any rebellion I have is an influence that is trying to challenge me – trying to have me not accomplish this change and it was permitted to come to me and in a sense is sent to me.

Now, My Older Member, TI has not gone back to some distant place and is involved totally with other tasks, even though I feel TI does other tasks other than helping you and me. But I feel sometimes if I can instantly say like I said to Arrody when Arrody said ‘when I got to New Mexico—’ he said ‘all these new influences just started ganging up on me and up until I got to New Mexico I felt so great – I felt so free’, and I said Arrody, TI sent you those influences. Because TI was challenging his commitment, testing him seeing whether or not he wanted to make that change.

DO: Do you think we’re having some visitors? Can we stop the tape.

Move on further, because nobody’s hand has gone up and I’m sure I’ve sailed past some things that — the danger of not talking to you like this is it can so easily sound like highfalutin theoretic religious or spiritual information and yet that is what I am trying to prohibit it from sounding that way. I’m trying to make it practical, real application of real stuff.

Jwnody: a deposit… (asks question)

DO: okay yes I’m glad you brought that back in, finish your question.

Jwnody: And once the deposit is made, do we have the soul beginning?

DO: Yes, the beginning. You have a little soul that has the capacity to grow because the Soul is going to contain Next Level mind so the more it grows—its like you have two containers happening here or you’ve got the spirit of this individual that’s trying to abort in order to make room for the soul to contain more Next Level mind. Okay let’s say the Next Level goes to earth in the year 600BC or 4000BC and the Next Level visited with someone and gave them a deposit and sent a Member of the Next Level to relate to that one and nourish that deposit and humanism began to be aborted by the effort, hard work effort of the individual.

Every individual — you know this old thing of Christians debating all the time over ‘once saved always saved’. You’re saved as long as you’re saved. What are you saved from? You’re saved from being separated from the Next Level – being separated from the Kingdom of God. But you’re only saved as long as you pursue with your effort, growth and development and service getting rid of selfish desires and as long as you please the Next Level.
Here’s another thing that may not seem fair to a lot of spiritual people is that Next Level doesn’t mind giving you the boot. And a lot of times they give you service by giving you the boot. They’ll give you the boot and if you’re made of anything you’ll come back and say ‘Please don’t give me the boot!’. What does it take for me to prove to You that I don’t want the boot? and The Next Level says, well I think I’ve heard you say that before so I think you better go on your way. And they’ll go their way and a week later, six weeks later and say I don’t want this I want to go to the Next Level so they come back and say ‘Next Level?, Is there any way you can open your door to me again?’ and the Next Level then says, whoever it is that’s dealing with that individual, says up to the chain of command to their Older Member, ‘what do you say? Give this person another chance?’ and they say ‘OK, you can give him another chance.’ you always — you cannot get rid of your free will – you cannot, even when you’re in the Kingdom of Heaven an Older Member has the free will to go awry. Anytime an Older Member thinks he’s not dependent on his Older Member he is on the threshold of going awry. Now get that again any time any individual in the Next Level in the Kingdom of Heaven thinks they’re not totally dependent on the one that is assigned to nourish them, they’re on the threshold of going awry. When they think that they have gotten so big that they can do something on their own and they can go and create – the higher you go in the Next Level the easier that is to do. It’s our understanding, and it may be wrong but those who we call Luciferians – they weren’t humans – they were ones who had been brought into the Next Level and learned a lot of Next Level knowledge and Next Level skills and Next Level ways that to humans would seem utterly phenomenal, just beyond belief and yet as they chose to not acknowledge their necessary total need for their Older Member, only looking to their Older Member – only seeking to please their Older Member, but once self comes back in — as long as you’ve got free will you’ve always got that possibility of ‘self’ coming right back in and saying: I’m tired of looking to someone else or I’ve leaned a lot of this – I can – I have a contribution to make and your Older Member says well if that’s what you want to do, have at it. And your Older Member will say that. Many times in the classroom people will tell me what they want to do. Students will tell me what they want to do and I’ll say ‘have at it’ and they’ll learn a little while later ‘why did you say have at it?’ and I’ll say because I wasn’t about to tell you no you couldn’t do it because I sense that what you  wanted to do was do that. And I knew that if you’re made of good stuff that you would do it a little while and think that’s not the right thing to do, what should I be doing? I don’t want or to do this but you always have free will – you cannot get rid of it and the higher you go the more you’re tested with the easy access to going separate.

What if you’re in a relationship with your Older Member and you see your Older Member very very seldom? Actually seeing physically your Older Member very seldom and your mental relationship with your Older Member becomes some what ‘artificial’ or ‘spiritual’ or religious rather than real? Separation has come. And there are students in the class that still think that they can talk to me and get answers from me and from TI when they’re separated from us and again and again I’ve seen that the answers they got are not real.

Now there are ways you can ask for things – you can ask for help in this or you can ask to be stronger in overcoming this – you can ask to get past this rebellion. All these things that you can ask and if your asking was really sincere and strong the answers to that asking will be fulfilled, and that you can do when you’re separate from your Older Member – you can do that asking. But if you’re asking is somewhat etheric or somewhat less than real or some dream or some thought comes and answers that you’ll check immediately with your partner and those in your group and your Older Member before you act on that – what you thought was an answer. Because 9 times out of 10 it will not be right. Now the Next Level, I’m going to repeat, will present you with answers to your requests if your requests are answers for your advancement and getting closer to the Next Level. If you’re asking is mechanical they won’t pay attention to it they have to feel like you’re asking has ‘oomph’ behind it.

It’s like when TI, before TI began to awaken She liked doing horoscopes for people. But when TI would do a horoscope for someone it wasn’t an ordinary horoscope. It wasn’t something you could get out of Allen Leo’s book or some other. It was magic when I saw the – I never took horoscopes seriously, than when I met TI and I asked TI for a horoscope. I was in the same category as anyone else and TI wouldn’t do a horoscope for anybody unless they asked her 3 times. And she’d never let anyone know that she’d only give them one if they asked at least 3 times. So I mean she had to know that they really wanted it. After they had asked at least 3 times then she might share with them that she won’t do it if they hadn’t asked her 3 times.

But and this is the way the Next Level is, a lot of times if you’re asking seems shallow or systematic like ‘oh I just go through my little routine of asking’ it doesn’t get you anywhere. If you’re asking because you’re hurting, because you’re craving to get out of your deadlock of lack of progress and you want control in areas you don’t have control or you want beyond rebellion or you want restraint or you’re talking too much or not expressing yourself enough whatever it is and you are doing it because it’s holding you back you’ll get answers and you’ll get them fast and they come strong.

And most of the time when you get answers you’ll think well that wasn’t what I was expecting I didn’t want that kind of answer but you’ll be presented with the circumstance that will be the perfect situation for the change which you asked for. Frequently your meter goes up and your whole horizon about the subject that you thought you were asking on becomes significantly increased because you realized the one you were asking on was one tiny aspect of that subject and really didn’t hold as much significance as you thought it did until the answer of your request came. But, Members of the Next Level that TI has supervision over as far as I’m concerned, in relationship to this class, they have the ability to read the degree of your asking.

Now I have fussed at, in the groups that were out holding meetings, I have fussed at some of the overseers and others in the classroom for not paying enough attention to their patients. Just for fun I’m considering.. Well not just for fun, it’s applicable as an analogy – new ones are the patients and patients, if you sit in your ward, if you sit in your hospital room and sit in your ward – new students and you don’t when you have a need or you want to improve and the nurse is not tending you, you’ve got to push the buzzer! Or knock on the door or go down the hall and hunt out that nurse and ask for help and also in the same token for some of you who have some experience in the ways that the new ones are working you have to without any confidence — you know the nurse that thinks she is the doctor is the one that is always going to give the wrong remedy. But the one who merely goes to the doctors order and fills the prescription or calls the doctor, well you know Gene Scott says: ‘The doctors in’. Well as far as I’m concerned you’re in the classroom and the doctors in. As long as I’m here, I’m your doctor. TI is my doctor, I’m your doctor. Those in the classroom are your nurses and you are the patient. In that sense, all of you are patients. And the oldest ones of you I am your nurse. Now, age is determined by development how much you have developed not by certainly the age of your vehicle.

Now, Jwnody asked: ‘what about this vehicle that received an implant. A little chip that gave it recognition of information and recognition of other individuals who were carrying Next Level information. What if someone way back BC some significant time had a visit from someone from The Next Level and got a Chip, had a relationship with an Older Member, learned some things and lost the vehicle. Well, according to the theory we just went through since that individual had an encounter first it received a deposit once it started a pillowcase – a container for Next Level mind once it has Next Level mind in it then we have a soul with mass. And then the Next Level can take that Soul at the time that the vehicle collapses and do what it wants with it. We usually use the term that it ‘puts it on ice’ until it’s time for it to have a chance to pick up where it left off with another representative of the Next Level to continue with its lessons.

You might find a vehicle in this classroom that is 20 years old as far as the age of the vehicle is concerned and yet it may have had more association and exerted more effort of change to get closer to the Next Level, than that Soul might have, so that others around it could be jealous of how easy that individual had it as far as making change and not having all this resistance and all this change. If that individual has really received much Next Level mind it’s going to be more restrained. It’s not going to have its feathers easily flustered and it’s not going to be self concerned – it’s going to be more concerned in how it can serve. It’s going to be quicker to use “we” talking about its partnership or it’s crew than “me” and my needs and my concerns – it’s going to, even though it wants service it’s also going to be wise enough to know when I want service too badly I usually need to go through a period of seeming no service because I can learn a great deal during times of wanting service and not being aware that I have the opportunity for significant service.

Now that doesn’t make sense in human logic either. And yet a lot of times the Next Level prepares us for service by giving us lengthy periods of very little service to test us to see what are we going to do? If we don’t have service by  point X are we going to say well, you’ve had it Next Level. I was your gem and yet you didn’t give me service when I wanted it so I don’t want you anymore. That can happen. We have experienced that happening in this classroom. Some didn’t climb the ladder the way they wanted to climb the ladder. Here’s another thing that isn’t human logic, you could think that overseers are those who are more advanced… Not necessarily so. A person might— *end of tape*

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Denver classroom tape from 1994

The following is a transcription of an audio tape of Do speaking to the students. A recent correspondent did the work of transcribing this and I am very thankful for her efforts. Sawyer had added his commentary-what he calls editing-to this transcript and I have removed it as I will remove all of his commentary from any other transcripts that are put online. RKK and I didn’t preserve these materials so Sawyer could add his comments to them over twenty years later.

Do: Humans are in such a habit of having no restraint at all about having critical or judgment thoughts about others. lit’s very difficult to break that habit and I know one of the hardest things we have to deal with in this classroom is when the new ones hear about this information and it sounds so right and they think these are overcomers and they see that ones that have been in the classroom for 18 years plus years still make mistakes and still do things that are wrong and still do all kinds of things that it would be very easy for them to find fault with. That’s a real test that a real open door for influences to turn you around. And I dare say, that many of the students that have been in the classroom since the beginning have never been so attacked with influences that have them make wrong choices and make mistake and have more to deal with in this particular circumstance than ever before. Because, influences are using them to turn others away and using them to turn against each other I mean this is the climax of our whole purpose for being here and that climax is really causing a stir. And all these influences are doing everything  they can to turn classmate against classmate, New ones against old ones, old ones again new ones.Now old ones have to be against new ones in ways they have instruction to be they have to be against the influences. They will come on so hard against those influences that all the new ones will be like: ‘How can you be bringing this to my attention when I see you doing this and that and the other’. Well if you’re looking for an excuse to stop in your overcoming process, there’s always a dozen handy, immediately available as an excuse to stop in the overcoming . There’s nothing as difficult as this task there’s not a door that influences haven’t tried or if they haven’t they will still find those doors to try against every single one of us sitting here to have you not succeed, to have your partner, to have new ones not succeed, anything that they can.
Now and the Next Level permits that so this is the time for us all to really show our strength and our wisdom by being restraint about how we respond to others so that we don’t do it hastily and that we respond with a great deal of care and caution so that we don’t hurt their possibilities. We’re going talk about being a lot more direct about who we are but if we go out in a meeting and say that like such gang busters ‘this is who we are and take it or leave it’ you’re not helping someone who is already overcome with influences that are having them sitting there hunting for some reason as you talk to say ‘you’re not what I’m looking for’ and if you don’t have the empathy for the soul that wants to take that vehicle enough that you’re handling them very very carefully like the nurse or the doctor in the hospital that is trying to get the disease under control knowing that even the attitude of the patient can suddenly turn everything in a negative direction and they lose the vehicle, the same thing is happening here. The soul that wants to take that vehicle can very quickly find it impossible to take that vehicle because of the vehicles acceptance of negativity from us.. And so we’ve got to find that soul, speak to that soul and do it in a way that the vehicle will give that soul as little problem as possible until they can have a little strength to start their own battle against that vehicle and its  genetic package and influences that would use that. This is a time to be keen, this is mainly to the new ones because the old ones have dealt over so many years, doubt and have won over doubt or they wouldn’t still be here.
New ones are going to have to deal, mostly new ones will deal with doubt more certainly than old ones because that’s where you’re vulnerable and influences can come in and say ‘Oh come on you’re new at this are you sure you want to be like these guys? You know they don’t have girlfriends, they don’t have kids, they don’t have a house, they don’t have a car, they can’t go dance, they can’t drink booze, they can’t do any of the fun things’  whatever your vehicle combined with the mind emission of that vehicle found pleasure in the world it can very quickly say is this really worth sacrificing all that for? And it’s very easy to be dealt with now if you really want to overcome doubt you can overcome it there’s even a couple of prescriptions I can give you that’d make it a lot easier. But, the prescriptions if a wrong attitude toward the prescription, the prescription can do nothing more for you than a placebo once the patient finds out that it was a placebo. The prescription is if you really ask the Next Level to make you keener and wiser to what it is that you are willing to drop.
Let me explain what I mean by ‘willing to drop’ one thing that Ti and I could never understand is how someone received this to be true and then they could turn and go the other way. Because in Ti’s Mind and my Mind, hopefully the same mind we couldn’t understand how someone could take a chance on ‘what if this is true’ I mean if this is true and this is my only route to life then I would have to hang in there and hang in there and hang in there until I felt convinced this was not true.
I couldn’t arrive at an early decision that this wasn’t true because I don’t know but then you know it gets down to the old proof thing and you find people are going to come and say well show me some proof, give me some miracles. And they said that to Jesus all the time and Jesus said there’s only sign that is available to you know and it’s the same sign that came from the beginning, the sign of Jonah well what in the world is the sign of Jonah. Jonah was in the whale, Jonah came out of the whale. Nobody saw it but Jonah. But Jonah experienced it, he went through it he knew he survived it.
Now the proof is something that happens in you. That no one else can prove to you, no phenomena. If Next Level would let me stand here and produce all kinds of phenomena for you for proof then a week later that proof would mean no beans to you. You’d wonder where I learned it, which magician I learned it from and you would be right back where you were before instead of asking for phenomena you’d be asking for some other justification for not doing this, that’s the name of the game.
Now, can you take a chance on, do you care so little about having a life and existing beyond the vehicles life and are you so willing to let go of the possibility of moving into an Evolutionary Level above Human.
When Ti and I, even before we had a classroom, before any classroom and the boogers crowded up on top of us with all their might and we would get to the bottom where we would doubt everything and we were finally just beat to death and we’d finally say well, we can’t do anything else, this is the only thing we can do. We can’t turn back we have no desire for the things that we left. This is the only thing that means anything to us. So even if the next level doesn’t prove to us that it is real then we have to go forward with it and of course time and time and time again the Next Level did prove to us that it was real but when an influence comes to doubt that proof just fades like a— what do they say in the Bible? like a fades mist, like a mist. They use that example so often in the Bible when something disappears and say ‘your love for me is like morning mist. It’s here one day and gone tomorrow.
James uses an interesting— In the book of James says your life is nothing but a mist it’ll be gone as soon as the mist is gone and You know we’re going to talk about this more but if you are battling influences of doubt, if you would ask the Next Level and Ti and Do to give you the strength and the methods and the keys, the praises whatever it takes to rid yourself of doubt, we’ll listen to you when we know you mean it. If you ask that and it is not rooted because you really want to rid yourself of doubt, it’s pointless.
If you want to rid yourself of doubt and you  ask that and you ask that you will be rid of doubt I guarantee you. But this is like who you have to turn to, it’s like a catch 22, I’m doubting Ti and Do and the Next Level and yet you’re saying the only way I can get rid of doubt is I have to turn to Ti and Do and the Next Level and ask for help in getting rid of doubt? I tell you, I guarantee you, if you turn to anyone else that would (?) your doubt. If you turn to the Highest Source there always some guy on the other side who’ll come in and say ‘I’m the higher source, I’m here, can’t you feel me presence? Go light your candle, sit in your yoga position, touch your fingernails I’ll do it for you.’
But the reason that we have to put in your computers little identifying terms like: ‘Next level, TI, Do’ , is because that gives you focus.
When groups are holding meetings before and during their meeting if the ones that are holding the meetings will they ask with all their might: ‘ Next Level. Ti and Do fill me with your Mind in this meeting, don’t let me speak, you speak through me’ when they really do that and sustain that throughout the meeting I turn emotionless I am worthless during the period of time that meeting is going on because I can feel that they’re drained. Now I like it, don’t get me wrong it’s something that I know that happens, it’s something that when it does happen even though I feel like I can’t even get up out of the chair during the time that it happens, I feel great because I know what’s going on I know that someone is seriously—you know this is where Jesus got in trouble with his disciples and alot of them left Him when he said you know if you don’t eat my flesh and drink my blood you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven and they say ‘oh what do you say that for’? And he kept saying it over and over and it was like he didn’t pay a bit of attention when they kept asking Him to stop saying it and a whole bunch of his followers all left on that one point because they couldn’t understand how he could insist on using that analogy ‘unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood’ in other words, your desire for nourishment has to be focused at your Older Member. You have to take that nourishment from your Older Member. That nourishment is going to weaken me, I don’t care. That’s part of the game that’s the way its designed. The reason I’m bringing it up is I don’t get enough I can’t recognize enough drain from your craving of Next Level nourishment through me. And I feel that Ti is telling me that maybe at times you all are looking too much to Ti and Ti’s helpers because of  the things we said before and I’m being reminded that Ti is saying a lot of the times, in many circumstances, I’m not the one doing anything for them because they’re bypassing you, I mean you’re their teacher you’re the one that is still there, you’re the one that still has a physical vehicle to use as a tool.
So you have to go through me for that nourishment. You can’t get to Ti without going through me for that nourishment. And it is your identity of this ugly face that gives you that door I mean when you hold that image in front of you as you ask and you seek and you want that information some kind of design of the Next Level works and permits you to receive what it is that you’re asking there are times even when I can tell what is coming through is that it’s Brnody that is suffering or its someone else that is outside the classroom or doing this or doing that or they’re in trouble somewhere because the got stranded and things are traumatic for them they turn their asking and put my face in their head and they’re screaming for help and all of a sudden— but my first signal is oh why do I feel so terrible why am I just so wrenched of my energy and then I start realizing, somebody needs help somebody is drawing upon that energy. And then sometimes because of the quality of the draw I can determine what the source of the draw is. It’s not important that I determine what the source of the draw is. The draw takes place, I can’t stop it if it’s a genuine draw  and that is what you want to do and i don’t feel it happens enough with new ones, old ones, anybody it doesn’t happen enough. You still look to our procedures or your relationship with your partnership or trying to talk to it out like a human does in order to have your partner resolve it and you forget in your head bone your getting to the Next Level through your Older Member. Now you have to count on my responsible position is you’ve got to count on my valves being open and active and my craving of nourishment from my Older Member because that’s the way it works and if I lose sight of that and get into a state of not asking or taking that nourishment from my Older Member then we’re all in trouble because that’s the way it works. Well, I want you to remember all these little facets that we’re talking about and I want you to particularly remember that the Next Level judges you. Ti judges, Ti has the right to say to me Do I want food with such and such a class member or prospective student, they’re more of a liability than an asset. They have not put any effort out. They are just a medium for influences that would simply cause us trouble and Ti has the right to do that, I know Ti has the right to do that. And I know that to has given me the right to do that and I know that I have had to exercise that. But beyond the Next Levels judgments in that way and beyond Ti’s judgment and beyond Dos judgment I take the brunt of this. But you do not have the right to judge your fellow classmates you do not know what they’re dealing with, if you see them performing in ways that you question whether or not are not is Next Level ways then get on their side at that point, realize that if they knew they were doing it they wouldn’t be responding that way they’ve been caught off guard they don’t know what they’re doing. And if you can be helpful to them in seeing that you might be wrong in how you’re observing this but what I’m seeing here doesn’t you know it may be something in me that finds fault with you but to the best of my ability what I’m observing here  is not what I think Ti and Do would have us do or what I have witnessed from Them. Now you can’t do that with saying those words but really meaning ‘I’ve had about what I can take off of you’ you cannot judge their circumstances, if you do you will find yourself slipping being judged by the Next Level because you’re judging. There’s not an element of wrong action that you can have, including sensuality that is any more out of place in your position of someone one trying to inherit a Next Level vehicle that it can sustain it so it doesn’t have to come back to a human condition again judging others wrongly is a number one offense that we can have. We’ve listed it on our list of offenses but I’m not sure we should’ve put a red star where it is listed because I still see it happening I still see it in Group 4 I still see Alxody and Drrody trying to be helpful to Lggody but without knowing it, judging him. The same thing with Prsody I see Lggody turn and judge them, I see Wndody caught in the middle not knowing what to do because she wants to be on her partners side and help him someone take up for the others and yet I still see judgment going there.
Now judgments can take on different forms. Like for example, Prsody,  I wasn’t there and this might not be an accurate appraisal of this circumstance but in a note I got from Prsody she indicated that one evening that she and her partner were asked to go out and get gas for the vehicle and it was 8.30 or something like that in the evening and according to her, Wndody response was ‘well its obvious you don’t want to do it’ . Which I think is a poor response, because she probably didn’t want to do it but she might have the right of not wanting to do it.
I have tried to indicated to the Groups that as close to the time that we were in the craft of when we did not go out and do tasks we tried to stay on that schedule. Now we would have out of crafter come in at 6 6.15 or 6.30 and sometimes it would be 7 o’clock before we got our experiment then we would have a meeting half 7 in the night now let’s transfer that to our present circumstance.
Our present circumstance means that you would try even when you’re moving from town to town if possible be in your room having gotten your complimentary rooms if you could having filled up your tanks if you could having had your experiment out of the way if you could by 7pm at night. If you weren’t able to do all that then maybe you brought your sandwiches in and you consumed in your rooms during that time. Or maybe you’ve done everything but your consuming and one reason is Links is likely to call somewhere between 7 in your time and Links does not like to show up in a meeting with a bunch of the craft not there. Same thing to me if Links calls somewhere between 7 and the whole group is not present it’s like Links showing up at a meeting and a bunch of them aren’t there.
‘Well so and so’s out doing such and such’, that is not an excuse. When Links has a meeting its for everybody. When I’m on the telephone with you if i’m doing nothing but joking with you or we have nothing to say to each other to me it’s just as important time that we’re touching base with each other I even like to hear a little bit of each of you saying (?) Ti said you’re supposed to say ‘Yes, thank you’ we want to hear a sound. He wants to hear a sound. Just a sound. Because he can tell from that sound what’s going on. It’s just like taking of your pulse just for a moment. Even if I only hear Jmsody’ laughter for a moment during that telephone conversation I get the pulse of him. Just from that moment of hearing his voice or someone tells me just a phrase or couple of words well I don’t want to get that in crazy context I don’t want you to think it’s like that kind of reading. But to me that time of Links being on the phone with you is like a scheduled meeting and you want to try to not force Links to adjust the schedule to your schedule. That’s the reason for procedure so when that when you’re starting as early at 4pm if necessary or to try to find lodging, whatever it takes.
There’s nothing you can do if it gets to 7 o’clock and everyone in your group is out hunting for lodging and you’ve found nothing, that might be a time to put your heads together and say what have we got in our purse. Is this not a time that  Links would justify us getting a decent discount on this room? can we go ahead and spend that and maybe make it up another time. You follow what I’m saying?

Okay, now I hear reports on Lggody and I’m gonna sit on Lggody because I still hear reports on Lggody about Lggody using terms in relation to you wouldn’t ever hear Ti or Do say like somebody said you said: ‘Your partnership stinks’. I don’t know if Lggody knows that he said that to somebody, somebody told me that you said that and if he didn’t say it—(speaking to Lggody) Did you say that?

Lggody: I did.

Do: Why would you say such a thing?

Lggody: (unintelligible)

Do: No, it also makes me begin to wonder maybe you’re not handling your position well. That you shouldn’t be an Overseer.
One reason Lggody maybe shouldn’t be an overseer at this point is on the other hand properly motivated. In other words Lggody is so contentious about trying to get things moving and get things going that he does em them wrong. And he says wrong things and he loses his cool. And this can even happen in a meeting. He’s so — its so like in the world, like a human in the world who is so concerned that the rest of the staff isn’t going to get the job done and he’s at least going to get the job done because he’s concerned the rest of the staff won’t get the job done. Not realizing that as long as he has the frame of mind that the crew or staff staff won’t get the job then they don’t stand a chance of getting it done as long as that is what he’s thinking. If I am speaking at a meeting and I feel the Next Level coming through me and I really feel like what is coming I’ve heard come out of Ti and Dos mouth and I feel the power of it should I think I should go with this until it goes out?
No. I should assume that the presence is there for my classmates to use as well as for me. The presence is there for them to use as well as me. And I should certainly be cautious not to feel that I am the one being filled here instead of thinking the Next Level is present here, it’s not just in me. Now, all of you have been with Nrrody and Srrody enough to know that they too tend to have the same thing that I’m pressing Lggody about and have talked to Alxody about and that’s trailbossing like the guy that wants to be so responsible that he’s going to crack the whip and everyone’s going to fall in line and do it the way they want to do it.
None of these want to be trailbosses. They work against being trailbosses. Genetically they must have some pretty good genes in their trailbossing because it comes pretty easily and they’ll trailboss even when they doing even know they’re trailbossing and it’s hard to stop it when you’re contentious and responsible and you don’t want you Older Member to find out that things aren’t happening the way you would want them to happen. So we see things so wrong like Lggody might be tuned in to ‘Things aren’t happening fast enough’ and say ‘Well, why aren’t you doing this and why isn’t it faster?’ without realizing that tomorrow or at the same time he might—
*tape cuts*
When people are dealing with influences of trailblazing. Well I mentioned that Nrrody has to deal with that, Srrody has to deal with that and Srrody and Nrrody are partners. And Nrrody tends to be so contentious that boy she can get really serious about are you doing this the way Ti and Do would have you do it? And Srrody dislikes heavy so much that he will stay so light that he’ll just skim over things in order to not get heavy and try to do things in a way that can avoid that that heaviness well its a peferct partnership, it’s a perfect partnership! His over-lightness which can even be flippant at times can now be muted and brought back into scale more and Nrrodys tendency to get heavy can learn to lighten up. Srrody  could move so fast that half the people wouldn’t even see him when he went by and would have even missed the words of Srrody and Nrrody tends to go slow not realizing that she’s slow at all because by her standards she thinks she’s moving right along.
So can you see what a good partnership it can be? Because it creates such a good circumstance that both of them can grow from. And this is what happens if we are surfacing for the older students here things that were very difficult to surface in a craft circumstance that went unattended to for a certain degree and this going out and having a project is a perfect opportunity that the Next Level is grabbing to bring up some of these things that were difficult to focus on before that didn’t really show up before plus influences will use this circumstance to make us all make fools of ourselves. To try to interfere with the project as a whole, try to interfere with our relationship with our crew and interfere with the new ones that would like to look to us as examples yet we can do things when we realize what a lousy example that we are.
If you know this is the truth, if you have connected with the Next Level through Ti and Do and it means everything to you and nothing else then you are also committed to helping everyone else who is committed to that and being on their side under every circumstance even when they stumble and fall and be helpful to them. This doesn’t mean lowering your standards, it means that you can help them be better if you’re more understanding than if you just go back and create conflict between the two of you because they have lost control.
Some of you being judgmental has already lost control, or else he wouldn’t be judgmental. Those who can help the most with our corrections are those who don’t like to correct. But all the merit that so many times those who don’t like to correct they keep putting off correcting. Thinking ‘Well I’ll wait until it’s an easier time. I’ll wait till the person is in the right frame of mind.’ doesn’t work, that time doesn’t come around and when it does the issues already stale and Wndody needs to increase her putting into motion of correcting things that need that. Jwnody has to work very hard on that. The ones who get along with everybody really well all the time are those who keep a really smiley face and don’t help anybody with corrections. When we solicite correction we have to want. We have to be slow to give it but we have to give it with caution when the medicine is needed not when the symptom has gone away.
Okay, I didn’t come here to talk to you about these things I came here to talk about something else but I haven’t been able to get there yet.
Okay, let me explain to you and this is a complicated issue. One of my helpers, Jwnody, take this from me and keep your eye on it and make reference to it as I ask you to if you would.
I feel no longer can we take the position when someone says: ‘Oh I can identify with what you’re saying and I see so much truth and b that I’m just not ready for it’ . And then we turn to them and say well maybe you’re just a 7th grader or something and that time might come to you at another time. I feel guilty that we have even permitted you to do that and now that I realize more and more that you are doing that because you’re trying to skirt around fatalistic or doomsday positions that it is so unfair to that person to say that. it is unfair to that person to say that. If you say to me, if I’m saying I know what you’re doing is true and right and I know what you’re saying is true but I just can’t do that and you say to me: That’s okay. this might be too soon for you maybe your time will come. If you say that to me you have contributed to my not taking the opportunity — you have helped justify my position you have made it easier for me not to act when I should act. It’s didn’t mean that you’re going to say:, ‘your soul is condemned to hell you so and so, you fool’
you’re not gonna do that.
But you cannot contribute to their listening to influences. I just cannot comprehend, there is no place in my computer for it, there’s no place in Ti’s computer for it for someone to say ‘I believe every word you say its all true but I can’t do it’ and we have to say that does not make sense, that does not add up. The reason you’re saying you can’t do it is because of the difficulty that it requires, for you to leave all and come and follow me. If you don’t leave all and come and follow me you’re not going to get anywhere and this is the last chance in this civilization and there is no promise, much less a guarantee that there’ll be another civilization for you to get that opportunity.
I hate to tell you what my present concept of that is because it’s even more fatalistic that anything we’ve ever had before.
It’s like when this vehicle used to work with the Unitarians and Unitarians would take the point of view of actually believing that when their physical life ended that was the end of their life and they would go out and do the best they could for humanity trying to promote good causes and really be strong humanitarians and root for the underdog and yet I couldn’t understand how they could awaken in the morning with the belief that when my life is over, my life it’s over and if there’s any extension to that life its merely the flesh that has come from this flesh that is walking out there called Janie and Bobby. And yet now I believe that’s the case. I’m not saying that this has to be addressed at your meetings but we cannot talk about the possible futures of the soul in the vehicle. If there is something in that can speak through that vehicle that says this is true then there is that chance for that soul that the Next Level is bringing back to compete what it started to grab that vehicle and help do it but if you buy the song and dance of vehicle then suddenly saying: ‘I can’t do it.’ you have helped that soul miss its chance of taking that vehicle and doing it.
I see the vehicles as nothing but plants I see them as very advanced plants. I see all the stuff, as far as in relationship to minerals or plant life or fish or praying mantis’ you get on up and get
But I see a lot of humans who’s behavior is worse than the praying mantis’ or the puppy dog or the nanny goat. So I won’t say we’re all advanced because some humans are  simply have gone genetically, and every other way so awry that they’re absolutely worthless. Now it’s true that as the genetic procreation of those plants goes on and this family is an inquisitive family and a curious family and wants to know what thoughts and likes to examine things and their children increase that gene and they examine more and examine more and their heads are more open and they’re not willing to settle for stuffing their faces and getting into bed and getting up in the morning going to work so they can stuff their faces and get in bed and just simply tend to their passions so it’s true that the Next Level is likely to be attracted to those vehicles that have some openness that are looking and haven’t found. If they found that’s like a dead end, like no outlet when going down the street if they realize even subconsciously that they haven’t found.
Now, the symptoms of ‘haven’t found’ may be a drug addict. It may be an alcoholic it might be somebody who is a sexaholic or drug addict and alcoholic and a sexaholic, because they’re so overcome with ‘Is this all there is’? Which means they were looking for something they couldn’t find so that vehicle can be a really good vehicle to take over because once that genetic package realizes that there is possibly something more it can even access the soul, the mind to take it over the package itself had the programming of looking and searching and had not found that ‘no outlet’ had not said this is it, I don’t need to learn anymore on this topic or this topic I found what I wanted to find. You’ll run into people, the Helpers and I went out to crafts town went into one of the Eastern religion monastery there and went into some I guess some remnants of catholic monastery there and there are lots of groups there but they have, for the most part when you can isolate yourself like that you’re willing to say the you have found you’re not really looking you’re not still thirsty. Someone who is still thirsty usually doesn’t even have the symptoms of being a ‘seeker’ they have the symptoms, by human standards, of being some ‘worthless individual’ , who is just wandering lost he won’t really get with it he never finished school he won’t get down to business and get a family his career ambition is so weak and puny and he won’t even find a religion that he can lock hold of and hold his life in line.
Well, I still feel that the vehicles themselves and even all the emissions that come out of those vehicle that is the expression that’s the invisible part. If you can produce a computer it’s physical  matter that you can produce the computer but you can design the computer to make all kinds of noises, all kinds of sounds. You can make it talk. Everything that you can put into its program it can verbally talk. It can say all of those things and that then, is the spirit of that computer whatever comes out is the emission, the expression of the plant of the vehicle is then the spirit of that plant. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other spirits who in the discarnate world that can’t timeshare in that vehicle they’ll certainly like to do that and try to do that and will do that if that vehicle permits it to happen. You’ve got to see that that new soul —i’m sorry wrong word — that new spirit is being born as that new plant is being born and it has in it all of the background of the parentage all of the experiences it had during his lifetime here he keeps adding to the computer and when a vehicle is cut down then that expression is still the invisible it is still there, its a living thing its a spirit. And it was designed for it to be there and remain in the spirit until the Next Level decides to eliminate the spirits wrong with the vehicles because the garden needs to be replanted. People bring up at your meeting sometimes: ‘Are you saying that you’re the Second Coming?’ and we’re no longer going to say (does motion) or kind of skirt around it letting them know that you think you are but you’re not going to say it. We’re not going to be cad we’re not going to be coy,  we’re going to just say:’ Yeah we are.’ The reason we’re not calling our meeting and heading the title of our posters ‘The Second Coming’  that nobody will come to the meeting. The Christians have warned what they’re looking for, they’re looking for someone to come floating down on a cloud looking like some artist drawing of Jesus. The ones that aren’t Christians are not interested in the Second Coming. You follow what I’m saying? So we’re not going to say that’s what we are. But, a part of our information now is still going to have to be that when Jesus was here it was the Next Levels first massive evangelism about overcoming the first in this civilization, it was the Next Levels first evangelism in a public way. It’s likely that Jesus was a participant in a singing group there and this singing group that he was likely a participant in disowned him when he went out and started telling what he was telling because they were a secret organisation. They were a little religious group they could sit there and ask die and go in spirit and there you go or they are just more advanced than the Christians and something else but the spirit that was in Jesus chose the vehicle that had that background and took that vehicle out and said My father runs this place, made this place. And you can’t get him except through me and he’s the only one that can give you life therefore there is no life in you until you take that life from me. If you believe what I say then that life becomes nourishment to you and you can then become apart if my family. You can even take a Membership in the Kingdom of Heaven. This world down here with these humans they are all dead, there is nothing here and these guys that are instruments of the lower forces that we call Luciferians or Satan and his Angels they are here to number one purpose is to keep you from finding me when I come or buying what I have to say so that you won’t get a chance to get what they lost. They lost, they got the boot because of their independence and because of their coming into feeling that they don’t need the Next Level and they were tired of being subjects to the Kingdom. Heard a little preacher the other night telling how the book of the First and Second Kings and the Old Testament was really all about telling how the structure of the Kingdom of Heaven . That it is a Kingdom not like plants, animals or human it is a Kingdom with a King and everything under the King are subjects. And they have to like the King, they have to look to the King for everything the King has to mean everything to them, they have to live to serve the King.
Of course it was this concept that caused Pilate to say when they brought Jesus out: ‘You say you’re the king of the Jews’? And he said Well if you say I am. But it showed that Jesus he knew that those who should be the Jews had been tended by His Father. Had been tended under the leadership of his Father that even the name ‘Jew’ meant what?  ‘believer’ it may mean ‘overcomer’ too, I don’t know but it means those who were ‘the believers’, the ‘chosen ones’ those who are the children of God I mean even though he turned on them because in spite of his having direct Members of the Kingdom Of Heaven over their camp above their tents and space crafts and all of that phenomena they still did as they darn well pleased and they made him so mad again and again that he finally said to heck with all of you. I’m not even going to give you what I’ve been promising all this time because you don’t want any of it. You have turned against me. You have listened to these opposing forces out here. I’m not going to force my Kingdom on you and so he did that. But then Jesus realized that he wasn’t going to find the ones that he was looking for among the Jews or the ones that were under the Jewish religion They should been found in the same way that now we think the ones that should be heirs of this, the inheritors of this will be finding themselves among the Christians. That’s not where it’s going to be found. In the same way the Luciferians turned the Christian religion religion into 180° degrees to what it was initially the same thing happened to Jews at that time and it was a shock it was hard for Jesus to make the adjustment that he wasn’t going to be able to find the souls that he wanted among these who had been nurtured, the very genetic strains that had been nurtured by Representatives of His Father.
Now you know same thing is true today and it’s a hard thing to swallow, to finally accept that the Christians are perched with everything they could possibly be perched with to condemn us. But your know what the Next Level also takes the bandage of the worst thing that the Luciferians can do and even when the Luciferians would pounce on you, if it becomes knowledge, common knowledge that we’re saying that we are the Second Coming that the same Mind that was in the one called Jesus is sitting here in Do. But the book of Revelations was the hope foretelling of our mission here and that it was received by someone who didn’t know how to decode all it had in it and it became gargled and its not that we don’t design our mission on the Book of Revelations it is that we have recognized that the Revelations contains within it all of the events that have occurred, everything that we have recognized we have realized what the rapture or the lifting out or the taking away we realized what a resurrection is when people are brought from dead and back to life because spirits that were alive took that dead thing and resurrected it, took it from the dead and brought into life and that one resurrection took place in 75′, 76′ and somewhere else another resurrection is taking place today and this is the second and last resurrection. As far as I’m concerned, and you could say: ‘Do you’re crazy ‘ and maybe I am and this may be an improper interpretation of it but as far as I’m concerned even the 1000 years when Lucy was locked up was all those years that Ti and Do had their class in protection where those voices could not get to you and tended to you. And that was equal to 1000 years in any humans life I mean it was equal to at least that and after that passed and now we’re not hidden we’re out among those that were in Lucy’s territory now and we’re pulling all the tricks that Lucy doesn’t like because we’re not playing by any of his rules. His rules say ‘Take a job’ ‘Join an established religion’ do all the things ‘go make babies’ do all these things, we’re not doing any of those things but we’re not hidden, we’re out among them we’re telling those that he has worked so hard to keep in his hold we’re telling them how— (class talks, unintelligible)
What it means is the hard to take bottom line, I can’t deny who I am, I can’t deny who my father is and I’m not going to deny that any longer.
I’m not going to deny the history that I have had with Him nor the history I’ve had with you, that history is unimportant, what is important is today. If people start talking about history and they bring it up I’m not going to deny my Father’s authority in this world and the role that my Father has asked me to play in this world or in the past. Now names don’t mean anything we’ve talked about that. I don’t know if I talked to you on the telephone about that. It’s just like if people when said: ‘Well are you saying that Jesus is back?’ If you talking about the Mind that was in that vehicle, then yes. That was a name given to the combination of that mind and vehicle that was worn there. So that Mind has taken the vehicle that has another name and to tell you that the names are worthless they mean nothing. Some of these Christians have so much stake in ‘I know the name of God its (?) or its (?)
they got all these terms of what the name of God is and if that was ever the name of Ti if that was ever the name of my father, it’s long since been changed. Anytime time humans know enough about it that they start to call it, it’s changed, I guarantee it. And as far as the names we took we took them for fun it kind of a symbolism it’s not heavy duty symbolism it doesn’t mean anything. As far as I’m concerned you’ve got Do here and at the top of that octave the last note before the next octave is Ti.
I can relate to Ti, to Ti or Do up here it would be out of reach its as far as you can go and still be in relationship or in my relationship and I don’t like to be emotional because I don’t want to have influences have you be baited in that way but I can’t help but be emotional because it means that this is the only thing that means anything to me if it’s all baloney, it still is the only thing that means anything to me if it’s all but this it’s the only thing that means anything to me. I believe it. I believe that it is true I also believe that most things that other believe are true, come true.

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